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Note: This blog is my journal. I've no interest in persuading anyone to adopt my views. What I write is whatever happens to interest me when I start pounding the keys.

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December 24, 2017 at 9:32am
December 24, 2017 at 9:32am
Last night on Fox TV, Waters showed the sound and video bite that has been running for the past four days. It is a video of a Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) over the Pacific Ocean that was filmed through a gun camera of a modern fighter aircraft. In addition the pilots have been allowed to come forward and describe the incident. They report that the object had been under surveillance for several weeks appearing and disappearing and reappearing again. Upon arriving at the scene they saw the UFO hovering low over the water. When they attempted to get closer the craft mimicked their movements and then accelerated in a climb that put it out of sight in two seconds. Asked by Waters if they believed it was an aliens craft, one said, "Its Possible" and the other expressed a greater degree of certainty.

Every time this clip is shown there is more information being revealed. In last nights clip it was said that the UFO had been observed, on and off in the area, for a period of weeks. This is an interesting comment in that it begs the "How" question. It has often been reported over the years that UFOs have an intense dislike for "Radar." It has been leaked that the reason for the Roswell crashes was they encountered a powerful stream of sound waves. This disrupted the navigation and control system of the Alien craft which were vulnerable to sound resonance, and contributed to the crash. It has further been revealed that a protocol exists where Radars are shut down when physical contacts with a UFOs are being arranged. After almost three quarters of a century it would seem reasonable that alien UFOs would have been retrofitted with protective countermeasures that would alert them to Radar tracking. Thus, is does not make sense that the craft would have hung around for two weeks after realizing that their presence was compromised. (Note: A task force of ships that include an aircraft carrier has the most sophisticated array of technology on the planet.... they need this capability to have any hope of surviving attack against a modern conventional threat... This fleet of ships has an electronic signature that is extremely hard to conceal.)

So the point to note is that it must have been a passive system that tracked the UFO. I'm not aware of any such system but it appears that something more powerful than the human eyeball has been developed that does not have a "Bong, bong, bonging" sound resonance. If conventional means had been used to detect and track the UFO it is not likely it would have hung around. Obviously the report is true and opens the door to further revelations about UFOs. Since the UFO coverup is so epic and longterm, one has to wonder why Department of Defense (DOD)is allowing these videos and pilot testimonials to air on Fox News. In the past, such videos would have been stifled at all costs and any pilot who reported UFO incidents would have been subjected to ridicule and administrative sanctions. Why the sudden religion? I think I know the answer.
December 23, 2017 at 9:05am
December 23, 2017 at 9:05am
Yesterday I said that the ETs have been visiting and inhabiting Earth for a long time.

The evidence is compelling. If you search monolithic stones, Lebanon, Temple of Apollo you will see numerous examples of carved stones weighing many tons that have been set on foundations high in the air. Don't tell me a tribe of hunter gathers shaped, drilled and hefted these stones without some advanced technology beyond what even exists today. Look at the circle of modern cranes trying to lift one of these off the ground.

Throughout the world are examples of stone work, particularly in Cusco that are totally alien to the way that human beings make walls. Not only are the stones quite large but the manner in which they are shaped and joined is like nothing a human mind would think or attempt to produce. (Search stone work cusco.)

The pyramids at Gaza in Egypt, one of the wonders of the ancient world are still unexplained. Not only in how they were constructed but in the function they were expected to perform. Recent investigation suggests they generated power in ways not yet fully explained. Interestingly, while they have huge vaults and long passages, there is no soot on the wall, or hieroglyphics. Neither were they ever intended as tombs for the Pharaohs.

I could provide many more examples. Architectural examples are like UFO sightings. They are numerous and have been surfacing in an unending stream. The most recent archeological sensation is at Gobeklitepe. On a hill in Turkey, built over 12,000 years ago, is the worlds oldest temple. What is being discovered can only be described as "Spectacular." Only the upper levels have been unearthed and it could be that there is some artifact underneath the location. Interestingly the evidence shows that the site was deliberately buried.

The point is that what we are seeing in modern day UFOs is being confirmed by evidence that historically they not only flew about the earth but settled and built stone architectural structures the remains of which can be seen today. So the question becomes, what were they looking for and why come from across the galaxy to set up shop on Planet Earth... There are some intriguing possibilities based upon evidence that is leaking out.
December 22, 2017 at 9:42am
December 22, 2017 at 9:42am
In yesterday's blog I talked about unintended consequences. I didn't explain that very well and will do so in a broader context of the UFO question.

These Extraterritorials have been operating in and around or Solar System for an extremely long time.
That they established a presence on the Planet Earth, in the distant past, is a certainty the United States Government chooses to deny. They deny this because our Government is reaping benefits from our clandestine relationship with the ETs that have pushed us far beyond the wildest imaginings of our competitors. Maintaining this monopoly that has been so beneficial that it has become a cornerstone to our national interests and foreign policy.

In covering up this secret there has been many downsides. These include:

1. Establishing a Deep State suppletmental extension to our government to manage our interactions with the Extraterrestrials and coordinate the Civil/Military Industrial complex with a goal towards developing a capability to rival our ET neighbors. Considerable progress has been made under the cloak of National Security and Strategic Defense initiatives. One of our foremost aerospace developers has been quoted as saying that we are fifty years beyond what anyone can imagine. The downside is that if a lie is repeated often enough many ultimately accept it as truth. On the other hand the more a government lies to its people the more skeptical, jaded and cynical they become until they begin to question everything the government says.

2. So much progress has been made that many of the UFO sightings reported today are not ET craft but technology breakthroughs that have propelled us far ahead of other countries. The idea that North Korea, with their remedial nuclear and ballistic missiles, constitute a threat is laughable. Humankind can rest easy that no North Korean ICBM, that leaves the earth's atmosphere is ever going to reenter. President Clinton must have seen how effectively the secrecy surrounding the Secret Space Program (SSP) had become. It answers only to itself. It has no effective oversight. It has become a self perpetuating cancer in the body of our Republic. Early on it must have occurred to him... if the the SSP can hold itself above the law and hide behind a never ending litany of lies then why can't a Political Administration do the same thing? So pervasive did this attitude become during the Obama Regime that the commonly held view was.., what good is having political power if it can't be exercised for political purposes? What Presidents Clinton and Obama saw was how effectively the wool could be pulled over the eyes of the American People and must have concluded that if the SSP could get away with it why couldn't they? One has to only look at all the dirty and sordid secrets now unfolding to see how the malaise has spread across all levels of our Government.

3. The cost of all the Hush Hush secrecy is that the Government keeps getting caught and has to go into the denial mode. Nobody believes anything our Government tells us any more. A great example is the "Face on Mars." We have been on Mars for some time and were aware of anomalies and archeological evidence of a past civilization. When early imagery leaked out showing the "Face" NASA went into overdrive to cover it up. The reason was that our presence on Mars was already mining the sites for technological artifacts. The gyrations that NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory went through to walk back the revelation are classic. Imagine seeing faces like those on MT Rushmore and being told in no uncertain terms, by our shadow government, to stifle them. What should have been the discovery of the century and a source of AWE for everyone was stolen and hidden under a blanket of filtered imagery and denial. Only in the last couple of years have leading scientists provided irrefutable evidence that the face is real as are the surrounding pyramids and other architectural evidence... While these have faced the ravages of time the ruins are irrefutable. The game goes on and on. Have you ever wondered why the Mars Rover images are clear until something interesting appears and suddenly gets blurred by software, airbrushed over or explained away in terms that are disingenuous and insulting? Another great example is the solar panels on the various Mars Rovers. Over time it becomes obvious that the panels are being covered by dust and that the service life of the rovers are being severely degraded.... when suddenly the panels are wiped clean in the very "Solar Winds" that clogged them up to begin with. A recent photo of a rover shows the shadow of an astronaut performing some periodic maintenance. Solar Wind....Get real.
December 21, 2017 at 8:54pm
December 21, 2017 at 8:54pm
For the past several days Fox News has shown gun camera video of US Jets encountering an unidentified flying Object over the Pacific Ocean. Last night the pilot was asked to describe the encounter and did so saying that what he saw was nothing in the military arsenal of any nation on the planet. He went on to say that in his view (shared by other pilots) this was an alien craft.

There was nothing remarkable in the report itself... these sightings are commonplace and been confirmed, photographed and reported many thousands of times since the end of WW2. What is remarkable is that this one got aired on a nationally televised network that happens to be the most viewed in the country. As someone who has followed the UFO phenomena for many years, this is the best media coverage I've seen yet, coverage that is long overdue.

That an alien presence is common throughout the Solar System, is so obvious, that anybody taking the time to look, has only to examine the evidence. When something persists for over fifty years in the face of repeated government denials that should send up a red flag. For example

1. The Roswell incident is only one of hundreds of such incidents that have been reported in the last half century. Two alien saucers collided over the New Mexico desert in an event that yielded debris, nearly intact space vehicles, dead aliens, human body parts and one living Alien named Extraterrestrial Bbiological Entity (EBE) 1. This was the encounter of the Century and led to contacts with the alien race the crashed saucers belonged to.

2. An exchange followed very similar to what was portrayed in Stephen Spielberg's film First Encounters of the third kind. Two teams of Air Force Astronauts were taken somewhere and returned about a decade later. Where exactly they went is open to speculation... the cover story about being taken to a Planet in another galaxy called Serpo, is science fiction, concocted should the exchange ever leak out. It is likely they were taken to establish a base on the Moon and Mars. An alien ambassador was left behind which led to further exchanges and the development of underground bases in Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico.

3. President Truman established a group called MJ 12, consisting of the nation's top Military, Scientific and Aeronautical Experts. Their mandate was to determine if the aliens were hostile or benevolent. The answer to that.... you guessed it... was both. In the history of our solar system some bad things have happened. For example the "Flood" reported in the bible was a real event. A comet hit the planet Earth creating a catastrophe that resulted in rising sea levels. It appears that a planet "exploded" sometime in the distant past and a huge chunk of the crust of Mars shows the evidence of another huge cosmic collision. Thus it is reasonable to assume that our new alien friends had some tales to tell which no doubt scared the living poop out of MJ 12. Imagine coming out of WW2 and thinking the United States is the premier force on the planet Earth only to discover we are ignorant and backward beyond belief compared with the Extraterrestrials who have been operating in and around our solar system from the time when our ancestors were primates swinging from tree to tree.

4. If this wasn't enough, in the aftermath of WW2 Admiral Byrd led a large military force to Antarctica to locate the German base at New Schaubstein. This base was established before the war and supplied by U-boats throughout the war. There is evidence that the Nazi's had already made contact with the aliens and were involved in a technology exchange throughout the war. So as a part of tying up some loose ends, the Byrd Expedition set forth from New York. Imagine the surprise of Admiral Byrd when saucers arose from the waters around Antartica and engaged his task force, sinking a destroyer and shooting down aircraft. The fleet beat a hasty retreat and in the years that followed, Antartica, except for some research stations was declared off limits.

5. Meanwhile things were happening in the Wester Desert of the United States. There were human abductions taking place and cattle mutilations became common. Since MJ 12 felt powerless to stop these activities they negotiated with the aliens to permit them in exchange for advanced aerospace technologies. The deal was that US citizens not be harmed and were to be returned once the examinations were complete. New facilities were rushed to completion which soon saw US and Aliens working together on joint projects. This new era of cooperation with the ETs was not without mishap. It has been leaked that a confrontation took place when US team members realized that some of the abductees were being subjected to medical procedures that went far beyond the scope of the tacit agreement. A conflict broke out that only ended when the aliens departed in haste leaving behind eighty-eight dead special operating force soldiers. It took a couple of years before MJ 12 could put this "Unfortunate" incident behind them and resume the close collaboration on unlocking the secrets of off the universe.

6. As progress was made, back engineering the amazing technologies both with and without the help of the ETs , progress was being made on our acknowledged and unacknowledged space initiatives. As related above we didn't have to go to Mars and the Moon to begin with, as we were taken there and assisted in establishing bases by our new found alien friends. However, MJ 12 wanted us to have our own capability without having to rely exclusively on the EBEs. Clealy a public front program was needed and as a consequence NASA came into being. In order to get to the moon anti-gravity technologies were used, concealed by rocket technologies that were already obsolete. This would cause retrospective problems casting doubt on the truth of what took place. What was not revealed however, was that members of our Secret Space Program stood at the crater edge watching the historic show.

December 16, 2017 at 9:37am
December 16, 2017 at 9:37am
It often happens that my aptitudes and passions are not in synchronized. For example I love flying model airplanes and I have little aptitude for the hobby. I'm not talented when it comes to building radio controlled model airplanes nor gifted when it comes to flying them. I can say the same about art. Going to a museum or exhibit fills me with a sense of awe however, picking up a pencil or paintbrush soon reveals that my artistic talents are remedial at best. Still, I find that in artwork and my hobby of RC model airplanes, I can achieve a modicum of skill if I work at it.

On the other hand I've always been able to write and express myself through the use of language. So I'm not complaining that my creator did not deal me some high cards, only that they are not the cards that always correlate with areas that fill me with a sense of wide-eyed wonder.

December 11, 2017 at 8:35am
December 11, 2017 at 8:35am
As I noted yesterday there are sixteen U-tube videos produced by Horizon Hobby that show how to program their AR 636 AS3X 2.4 GHz DSMX Receiver. You can find the site by searching AS3X Spectrum Receiver Programming u-tube videos.

I decided to program my unprogrammed receiver following the guidelines in the Videos. The first problem I encountered was that the adapter I bought at Wall Mart for the video cable did not work with my Smart Phone. It did however work with my wife's which had an internal jack allowing the cable to be plugged directly into it. This was the first of what I expect to be many frustrations with the programming process.

Video #1: This video explains what Transmitters are compatible with the AR 636 AS3X receiver. Most but not all Spectrum transmitters are. I will be using the DX9 which is the one they use in the videos. The main point of the video is that the settings for the control surfaces must remain in the default setting in the transmitter. They recommend going to a new model (acro). If you use a slot that was used in the past you need to clear it before proceeding.

Video #2: This video explains...

1. Wether or not to use a supplemental antenna plugged into the AR 636. My receiver did not come with one but I intend to install one even if it isn't really necessary. If the aircraft is a gasser or is made of carbon fiber, you need an auxiliary antenna.

2. The importance of insuring that the orientation of the receiver inside the model airplane is level and parallel to the axis of the fuselage was stressed. It must be faced forwards or backwards along the axis and placed up, down, left or right. There are eight possibilities. It can not be faced perpendicular. It must be level and installed securely.

Video #3: This Video explains how to "Bind" the receiver to the transmitter. This was pretty straight forward and easily accomplished as follows.

1. Place the bind plug into the programming port of the receiver.

2. Place a battery into any of the other empty ports.

3. When the light begins to flash, make sure the throttle is in lowest position, hold down the bind button on the receiver and turn it on. Hold until the voice announces that "Binding is Complete."

Video #4: This video tells how to install the Installation Application (APP)

1. Read the Quick Start sheet that came with the AR636.

2. Take your IOS device (Smart Phone/Computer) and scan the "Square." This talks you through downloading the App.

Video #5: Connecting to the APP menu.

1. Connect the cable to the ASX3 as shown next.

2. The servo connector end goes in the Bind/PRG slot on the receiver.

3. Power up by plugging in a battery.

4. Open the APP. by plugging the jack on the cable into the audio port of the IOS device

5. Turn the volume to full.

6. Synch

By following these steps I was able to get the programming APP up and running. I considered this Phase 1 of the process and the one that had me the most worried about accomplishing. The Application is quite well done and everything seems to be working. Stay tuned as I wade through the programming process.

December 10, 2017 at 9:23am
December 10, 2017 at 9:23am
As most who read my blog probably know, I'm a Radio Control, model airplane enthusiast.

In the past few years there've been developments that are revolutionizing the hobby. One of these is called "Stabilization" which makes it easier to fly a model in windy, gusty, and turbulent conditions. I hadn't realized how amazing this development was until I bought a Cessna 150 airplane (model) from Horizon Hobby. Learning to fly has not been an easy process for me and my record with a model airplane was dismal standing at twenty flights. With the Cessna I have gotten over one hundred eighty flights and the aircraft is still going strong.

Imagine trying to fly when the model is being buffeted around and threatens to crash at any instant. Imagine being a seventy-two year old man (who carries around a magnifying glass) trying to stay in the air and return the model to earth one piece. Imagine being able to flip a switch and having the plane stop pitching, bobbing and weaving and settle suddenly into a steady, predictable flight attitude as it settles in for a landing... instead of being jerked all over the place.

So how does this amazing technology work? Quite simply there is a small boxlike receiver that has gyros inside that correct for Yaw, Pitch and Roll. If the nose dips the elevator corrects instantly, if the wing takes a gust the other wing compensates. If the wind blows the nose off course the rudder makes an adjustment.

In Old School Flying, where I'm standing on the edge of the flying field, when I see a deviation I have to make a manual correction. This takes time and it's easy to over compensate. With AS3X Stabilization corrections are made automatically and many times more frequently than I am able to manage with my fading reflexes and eyesight. So it is not hard to understand why I like this new technology.

Recently I purchased at a Swap meet two large models. One was a Telemaster and the other was a Stinger. It embarrasses me to tell you how cheaply I acquired them. It's a buyer's market in the RC airplane hobby. However, flying them kept me on the ragged edge between landing smoothly and slamming down onto the field. So I went on line and searched, "RC model airplane ASX3 Spectrum." I thought I would buy a couple of these fandango new receivers and watching a U-Tube video would show me how to install them. Was I ever in for a surprise.

What I saw was a series of sixteen Videos, made by the the head tech guru at Horizon Hobby showing how the installation and programming must be accomplished. It was mind boggling and I initially concluded...."Forget this... I'll just buy another foamy model with this stabilization technology already installed... like I had with the Cessna 150. Anyway I decided, for purposes of "Professional Development," to follow along as one video led to the next and learn how to install one of these Stabilization Receivers.

The first thing that became apparent was that I needed a computer or smart phone to do the programming. "No problemo" I thought, my wife bought me a new Apple Smeart phone last year and I'll use that. So I ordered an ASX3 unprogrammed receiver and the chord that connects it from the receiver to my cell phone. Not so fast! This high speed phone of mine didn't have a hole to plug the audio jack into. DRAT! I had to go to Wall Mart to buy an adapter that plugs into the charging port of my IOS device...That's right an IOS device.... don't ask me what that stands for but it means a computer, phone or some other means of getting a video screen that will read the APP that needed to first be downloaded.

OMG! I thought as I opened the receiver box and looked at the "Quick and Easy" Fast Start up Sheet. In one corner was this "Square" that I was supposed to scan with my camera. It looked like the transmission digram for a piece of alien technology. You've got to be kidding me!

Stay tuned for installment two. This is turning into a huge goat rope.
December 6, 2017 at 12:02pm
December 6, 2017 at 12:02pm
If you saw Hannity and Engel on Fox news he last few nights you have a glimmer of how the Obama Liberals "Weaponized" the the machinery of the United States Government and turned it on their political rivals, the Republicans.

I have to believe that General Flynn was overheard fishing for a bribe with the Turkish Government and the Security Apparatus, while having a transcript of the conversation were loath to go further in prosecuting him since they broke every law on record when his name was redacted and Democratic Operatives leaked the information.

So we know the Spooks have this fandango high tech box that allows them to listen in on virtually any telephone conversation taking place world wide. So not only was there the legal question regarding how they spy on Americans, but also a dread of having it revealed how the Box works.

The Uraniuium 1 deal is another travesty of how the Obama Administration allowed twenty percent of our Uranium to be turned over to the Soviet Union. Here again this doesn't make a whole lot of sense. the Soviets have more than enough Uranium and don't need more from the United States. Suggesting they are going it to the Iranians or the North Koreans is malarky. So where is it going?

As the investigation led by Muller goes deeper all kinds of unanticipated things are beginning to pop up. The Democrats opened Pandora's box on the Russia Gate, collusion allegations that are coming back to haunt them. If anybody colluded with the Russians it was President Obama, the Democrats and the Deep State Liverals who are hell bent on a one world order. So where did the Yellow Cake go....? It went off world to support bases that have been established on the Moon, Mars and who knows where else throughout the Solar System. We are dangerously close to having the lid blow off the entire nefarious affair regarding our interactions with Aliens. .
December 5, 2017 at 9:18am
December 5, 2017 at 9:18am
The revelations coming out that show how Director Comey of the FBI turned the Bureau into a political arm of the Democratic Party are shocking. I shouldn't be surprised after all the shenanigans we saw Federal Agencies pulling during the Obama Administration. Lois Lerner, Benghazi, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton The Internal Revenue Service and the list goes on an on. The "Deep Space" in our Government is aptly named. At the root of all this is the secret of the Century which is seeding the rot, eating away at our most venerated institutions.

It's too late for the Government to come clean. The lies go too deep and have been continuing for too long. After the Saucer Crash at Roswell a coverup began that has become so cancerously entangling that to reveal it now would have unmanageable aftershocks. No I'm not referring to the Brookings Report.

If in the beginning the Government had simply said, we aren't going to talk about it, instead of the massive and unending coverup, people of the world would have become gradually desensitized to something that has been happening for a long time. The evidence regarding an Alein presence has been around for a long. James Forrestal, to his credit, tried to tell us and it got him tossed out of his hospital window where he had been locked up and sedated. Its a sad situation
November 30, 2017 at 9:57am
November 30, 2017 at 9:57am
Last month I went to a swap meet in Wausau. (I live in Wisconsin)

While there i got rid of some RC model airplanes and acquired some new ones. One was a Telemaster ($125) and the other was a stinger ($35). Both of these are quite large and would have taken me all winter to build. Both had holes in the covering and what I did was take packing tape and patch them. These repairs are a bit unsightly but only affect the aesthetic appearance.

The Telemaster had an old four stroke on it that I cut the mount out with a Saws-All and glued in a box with a sixty sized electric motor. The servos came with it so all I needed to add was a receiver. The stinger did not have a motor and so I will upgrade it like the Telemaster.

For those who are not familiar with how RC modeling works, the pilot stands on the side of a field with a transmitter that has a bunch of switches and two input gimbals (sticks). The transmitter sends a signal to the receiver in the airplane. The receiver takes the commands from the transmitter and sends them down electrical wires to servos which manage the control surfaces and throttle. The control surfaces, i.e. rudder, elevator and airlerons deflect telling the craft which way to move in flight and the throttle is like the gas pedal in a car. So we have a radio signal usually sent of 4.2 Gigahertz that goes from the ground to the airplane conveying the operator's (pilot's) commands.

In the transmitter is a battery that powers the signal to the aircraft. If the battery runs out of charge the airplane crashes. Inside the airplane is another battery that powers the receiver signals to the control surfaces. If that battery runs out of change the airplane crashes.

A modern innovation in recent years is First Person View (FPV). In addition to the above there is a camera mounted on the model. This provides another signal which int this case comes from the airplane and returns to the pilot as video image of what the camera is taking in. No longer is the pilot relying solely on what he sees from the edge of the filed but now has a view like a real airplane pilot would see from inside the cockpit. This signal commonly transmits on 5.8 Gigahertz. If this signal gets fuzzy and goes static, the model crashes.

So it should be evident that Signal Strength is very import in the hobby of Radio Controlled model airplane flying.

To deal with the Loss of a recent development is the Autopilot. If the aircraft loses signal, the this Autopilot is supposed to stabilize the aircraft, climb to a predetermined altitude and return to home, or in most cases the field where it was launched. The way it works is with a GPS that knows the launch point and where the aircraft is above the earth. Using telemetry such as airspeed and altitude a complex algorithm is activated and "Voila!" in a few minutes the model can be seen once more circling overhead... whereupon the relieved pilot can land it using conventional means.

Depending on its sophistication, the autopilot can take the model into the air, fly it to predesignated "Way Points" (usually taken off Google Earth), return it to home and land it. Many of the developments that enabled the development of this amazing capability came from developments in the RC helicopters and later Quadcopter advance in the Hobby. This is certainly the case with the "Stabilization" that now exists and makes flying RC Model Aircraft of all types much easier to learn.

I was a slow learner and it took me several years to learn how to fly an RC Airplane. I won't tell you how many I crashed and I made all the mistakes an aspiring pilot can make, from "Dumb-Thumbing" the input gimbals, to letting the batters run low, to losing orientation, to mistakes in construction and preflight errors. My record with an airplane was twenty flights. Finally I got the hang of it when I purchased a Cessna 150 from Horizon Hobby which had the most advanced stabilization technology installed.

On a windy day flying an RC model airplane can be a handful and flying skills are not easily learned. A strong headwind can cause the pilot to stall on the approach, or a sudden gust can deflect the wing causing bad things to happen. This became self evident yesterday at the flying field.

Like I said earlier I had this Telemaster I had converted to an electric motor. As I flew it the wind was really buffeting, causing it to soar, dip and climb unexpectedly. The airplane is a "Floater" and the turbulence was pushing my remedial skills to the limits. Finally I got it down. "Enough of this," I thought, and went back to my old stand-by, the Cessna 150. There is a switch on this model which activates the Stabilization, which can be deactivated if the pilot wants to fly "Old School." Unbeknownst to me the switch had gotten turned to the "Off" mode in transport. So when I took to the air the Cessna was thrown about and had to be flow in the traditional manner which meant it flew just like the Telemaster. I landed and got the Stabilization to working and took off again. What a difference.....with the stabilization activated the model settled down as the "box" inside started making continuous, small corrections to the control surfaces and the plane started flying like it was a calm day... facing a fifteen mph gusting headwind it landed practically "Hands Off." How cool is that?
November 27, 2017 at 9:54am
November 27, 2017 at 9:54am
One of the MUFON presenters I listened to the other night was a Concept Artist for the various aerospace industries, like Boeing, Northrup and McDonald Douglas, who related a lot of second hand information that resonated as true.

One of the stories he told, obtained by a friend in local law enforcement, was that when one of the companies rolled out a particularly sensitive and highly classified platform they would shroud it with canvas held by these hydraulic lift devices on wheels such as are often seen at construction sites. Around a dozen of these would emerge from the hanger draping the craft in a practiced choreography as it was brought outside.

Prior to the debute, the local sheriff and his deputies would be summoned to seal off roads surrounding the facility that might provide a particularly good vantage point for curiosity seekers. At the appointed hour, the huge doors would open and these twelve mobile hydraulic arms with operators holding lanyards attached to the canvas, would proceed outside in a coordinated movement that must have taken weeks to perfect.

Once in position on the takeoff/landing grid the drape would be whisked away and a signal given that it was safe to launch. In the presentation he described a light signal that flashed three times from the ground and was answered by three from the saucer. I can imagine the whole bizarre event taking place and find it amusing in a non-humerous sort of way.

Imagine if you will, the operators of this "Curtain of Concealment" being highly paid scientists and aircraft developers performing an additional duty, driving construction gurneys in a strangely orchestrated Security Dance. I wonder how that would read in their job description...To heck with what was underneath the canvas, I want to see the performance.
November 25, 2017 at 11:18am
November 25, 2017 at 11:18am
Tube videos run the gamut of believability. Some contain believable bits and pieces, others seem believable until the producer makes a comment like "The Earth is Flat." Others rehash old information in ways that are amaturish and hardly worth listening to. Still others seem sensational at first glance and really perk a viewer interest only to show a flaw that undermines its credibility. Finally there are those, usually a lecture by a credible sounding presenter, which resonates with authenticity.

Last night I listened to one by a science artist which was about as good as they get. While he got his knowledge standing on the fringe of portentous events he was totally believable. His premise was that we are much further along in our aviation technology, perhaps fifty years or more, than anybody in the "Know" is willing to admit. I read somewhere about this girl who said she had to kiss a great many frogs before one turned into a handsome prince. I feel that way about U-tube videos and my entertainment in the evening is watching them and hoping to learn something about matters I don't have a firm opinion about.

An example of sensational videos is the Mona Lisa video, that is similar to the Secret Manned Mars Probe video. At first glance these get one's attention even though the viewing raises plenty of healthy skepticism. In the Mona Lisa the claim is that there was a Apollo 20 mission that was sent to check out imagery on the moon's surface revealing a crashed space craft. The astronauts landed near some abandoned structures and went inside the craft. Purportedly they took the video that reveals some stark imagery of the body of a naked woman, claimed to be in suspended animation, allegedly found in the command module of the alien space craft. I won't dwell on these videos, you can search them on line using some of they words I've provided.

The big problem with the Mona Lisa Video comes when her body is transferred to the Lunar Module... and an autopsy is conducted. We see the body laying in state surrounded with authentic looking controls and switches that exist in a real space capsule. The big problem is that the body would have never been transferred and handled in the manner which is shown. There are strict protocols surrounding how foreign objects are treated that do not include exposing a dead corpse to the interior of a lunar lander. Not only would it stink the place up but there is the possibility of pathogens in the fluids that are alleged to have oozed from the cadaver's body cavities It is all but certain that had a body been found in an alien space craft it would have been photographed trying to capture as much of the vessel's interior imagery as possible and if a decision was made to move the cadaver to the module it would have been done in a sealed pouch of some sort and brought Earth-side for autopsy to the most biologically secure medical facilities on the planet. Interesting however, the Hoax has served another purpose. On one hand NASA and the Guardians of Secrecy have learned not to protest to loudly. However, in debunking the video they zero in on the surface of the Moon showing high image resolution that clearly demonstrates that the alleged spacecraft is a rock that that has the general shape of a space craft. Now if this is possible, to prove a particular point they wish to convey, then why is it that all other imagery we get from the Moon and Mars on objects of interest, is blurred almost beyond recognition, altered by filters and anything left of note, sprayed over using Photoshop software?
November 24, 2017 at 11:38am
November 24, 2017 at 11:38am
I watched a tube video produced by Russian television which was a documentary and interviews with prominent soviets on the UFO Question.

They showed the following:

1. Pictures of UFO's taken by Russian Intelligence documenting their existence.

2. A discussion of WW2 and the Germans use of mediums, the occult and extra terrestrials to advance their surge to develop Axis high technology weapons systems. The bell shaped saucers, well known to those interested in UFO's received special treatment.

3. Next they got into the the German antarctic base at New Schaubstein. They showed prewar footage of expeditions, and wartime films of submarines taking personnel and equipment to the base during WW2.

4. The next part showed the Admiral Byrd expedition sent after the war to make sure the base was destroyed. To the dismay of the task force bell shaped saucers emerged from the waters ambushing the American Task Force, wreaking havoc, shooting down aircraft and sinking s destroyer. The fleet retreated in haste and disarray returning to report the unexpected resistance to their mission.

5. The Russians believe that our base at Little American was subsequently established primarily as a CIA listening post keeping track of the comings and goings of UFOs.

6. The Soviets believe that one of their Mars probes was destroyed in the vicinity of Phoebus by a long cylindrical craft captured in the last photographs sent back by the ill fated craft.

There was nothing new in the Documentary other than it reinforces knowledge that has been out there for years.

Anybody who thinks the Aliens are not real and UFOs are a figment is mistaken. The video showed the Russians take the Alien presence seriously.

Symposiums are often held that bring together top US military leaders to review the latest developments happening in the extraterrestrial Drama. Pictures off the Sun show huge alien vessels drawing plasmas off the Sun's surface. Pictures of the surface of the Moon and Mars show evidence of ongoing or past mining, industry, support facilities and disks that appear to be huge satellite dishes. The extraterrestrials often show hostility to human probes and are claims are made they were behind the shuttle disasters. They are frequently observed shooting at one another.

November 22, 2017 at 12:59pm
November 22, 2017 at 12:59pm
The rules which have enabled the coverup of an Alien presence in recent years is that claims must meet the standard of scientific inquiry. Since most inquirers are not scientists anyone who is not a card carrying member of the scientific community is considered an idiot whose views are not worthy of serious consideration.

To the progenitors of the coverup, which are the security arms of the US intelligence agencies, this is all very convenient. Their modus operandi is to attack, ridicule, threaten and in some cases kill those who threaten their secret.

It is well known how the methods used by science can be manipulated to achieve any outcome or preconceived notion the establishment wishes to put forth. To pervert the scientific method the data can be faked or the values manipulated to provide any parochial outcome that might be desired and preordained. When it is convenient to do so, Science has become a farce and scientists will do virtually anything to get the government money to indulge their myopic interests.

Sometimes this backfires. Forecasting techniques which have a valid scientific basis are effective tools in predicting future outcomes. They are popular tools used in forecasting political elections. There is a popular notion among the influence peddlers that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes accepted as truth. A corollary to this is that voters want to be on a winning team and if it appears a candidate is winning many will vote for him/her wanting to be associated with success. As a consequence pollsters, working for a candidate, will use every statistical slight of hand they can manage to portray their candidate as being ahead and about to win an election.

Science is not an openminded process of inquiry to discover the truth but rather a means for justifying a preconceived and scripted outcome where illusion and politically correctness is more important than openness and truth. What we are being bombarded with are the views of an elite few putting forth a warped notion of "Best," that raises more questions than answers. Science has been commandeered and become a vehicle used to explain and justify the lies being told to keep the masses in the dark as to what is really going on. THERE IS AN ALIEN PRESENCE operating in and around this planet and it's been here for a long time.... Once you realize this is happening, what you see begins to make more sense.

You'll come closer to the truth by viewing sensational utube videos than watching what the media chooses to report, reading misleading articles and journals, and listening to the lies of supposed experts, all of whom are trying to shape and make you believe that the firehose of reality playing out before your eyes is a figment of your imagination....that by questioning a droplet here and there, they convincingly explain that the spray is not water but pixy-dust.

These Utube videos are are often sensational, absurd and easy to discredit. The comments that follow run the gamut of believability and disbelief. Those who watch them have to use their own filters to separate what resonates with truth from that which is total nonsense. Still, if you want to embark on a journey to find the truth this is the milieu you must wade into. The system is so badly corrupted that as ill conceived as this approach seems, it is preferred to the carefully orchestrated deception that is being taught in our schools, shown by the media and reported by many of the highly placed liars who champion false narratives and a new world order.

A good example is "The Face on Mars." At first there was this small anomaly that turned up on an early flyover that appeared to have the features of a face. This caused a sensation demanding that NASA take a closer look. They told the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to do so, who in turn used their technology, NOT to shed further light on the image, but to OBFUSCATE it. The initial picture of the face has more resolution than all the imagery that followed. What JPL did was use photo editing software and every filtering device at their disposal to prove that the image of the face was not of intelligent origin but rather a play of light and shadows that appealed to the human propensity to see shapes in nature that resemble one thing but are really imaginary musings. They insisted the "Giraffe" was a "Frog," and in so doing, everyone in the world realized they were being lied to. NASA had finally ventured so far out onto the plank of deceit that it snapped in two. Believing that their virtual monopoly on information flowing from the Martin orbiters and rovers gave them license to manufacture the truth they dealt themselves a blow to credibility their administrators have yet to fully realize.

A closer examination by credible scientific sources who challenged the "Kings Nakedness" demonstrated with absolute certainty that the face was in fact of intelligent origin and an artifact such as would appear if an aerial photo were taken of the Sphinx or Mt. Rushmore. For unexplained reasons, some powerful insiders, felt that admitting this face was a real artifact, was something not in the security interests of the United States and put the kibosh on it. Now the government's fall back position, if ambivalence is jarred from slumber, will be that the Brookings Report was behind the policy decision to distort the truth. As I said earlier this is total malarky. The reality is that the United States wants to be the first to examine the archeology in hopes of finding useful technology such as what fell into our hands at Roswell following WW2. Chances are we already have boots on the ground and have been nosing about this site for the last quarter of a century.

However, I have digressed and need to get back to Utube videos. Social medial is a relatively new medium and not as controllable as the more commonly known means of dispensing information. This means that stuff finds it way onto the internet that will never see the light of day in classrooms, newspapers, magazines, TV, books or other traditional forms of information sharing. At its worst social media is absurd, misleading and fraught with abuse. At its best it allows thoughts and ideas that would otherwise never see the light of day, to be presented. The challenge is to separate the pepper from the rat poop and extract that which resonates with a ring of authenticity and pull a bit here and a nugget there from out of the milieu. That milieu is a murky brew indeed, however, a bright mind would be better off fishing for the truth in these waters than swallowing what is being ignored or carefully scripted by elitists who have the money and agenda to control the media and practice the "Mind Voodoo" that is permeating our culture.

November 21, 2017 at 10:49am
November 21, 2017 at 10:49am
I don't obsess about what I see happening in the world around me. I am beyond obsession... sure I hate it when people lie to me and hold back information that is rightly the property of the human race and not just a few self appointed custodians. My experience is that placing knowledge in the hands of a few, however capable they may seem, is a recipe for disaster. How do we know these individuals aren't leading down the wrong path? Actually it isn't a case of a benevolent few acting with the best interests of humanity, but rather a handful of shadowy characters who are acting in their own self interests.

For a long time NASA, MJ12 (Or whatever they morphed into) and our Government have been behind a massive coverup. What started in the 1940s grew into the card castle of deceit surrounding the Alien presence on this planet and throughout our solar system. The first real tangible evidence happened at Roswell, when two saucers collided after the unintended use of RADAR disrupted their guidance systems. The result was crash debris, dead bodies and a single survivor, EBE1 (Extra Biological Entity 1.) EB1 helped the US establish contact with an extraterrestrial race referred to as the "Greys." Since that time our relationship with the Greys has been less than harmonious but has worked after a fashion. In return for freedom to operate in and about the airspace of our planet they have aided in the transfer of advanced technology.

It would appear that the Greys and other Alien life forms want to keep a low profile. Apparently there is something out there that they fear and it isn't the US Military. I suspect the "Original Gardener of Eden" is lurking somewhere in the cosmos.These aliens, for all their advanced technology are little more than poachers, operating in a restricted area and afraid of being caught and facing the consequences. When a farmer finds pestilence is invading his crops he takes measures to expunge the infestation. Evidence is that they have been visiting Earth for a long time and gone to great lengths to construct facilities using stone as a basic building block rather than other more advanced materials that cannot be attributed to a local developing human presence.

After Roswell the United States took a more enlightened approach to establishing an outreach and instead of trying to shoot down the saucers, (as the Soviets did) decided to extend an olive branch. This was done because our government believed we had no choice and it was in our interests to do so. As a result contact was made and what took place is essentially that portrayed in the Stephen Speilburg film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. We returned the bodies of the dead EBEs and an arrangement was established. This exchange involved receiving bases on the Moon and Mars in return for allowing the EBEs to pursue their biological interests, sweetened by a transfer of off world technology. Hence we did not have to develop space craft to get to the Moon and Mars...but rather they handed us the keys to facilities that already existed. We reciprocated by providing facilities on Earth.

Essentially the United States became a clearing house or conduit between humanity and the Aliens and obtained a huge edge on every other nation on the planet. It is this special relationship that our government shares with their "Pale Skinned Pals" which is the "Huge Secret" and one we are loath to make public. NASA is a front for this coverup and the secrecy serves the interests of both the United States and our Alien parters. The idea that the Brookings Institute Report is the reason for all the deception is a bunch of malarkey.
November 20, 2017 at 10:05am
November 20, 2017 at 10:05am
There is so much going on in the world of UFOlogy that I scarcely know where to start.

For openers there is a growing body of knowledge surrounding the claim that our sending astronauts to the moon was a hoax. A study of the tapes showing the landing, the telemetry, and evidence contained in the films shows it simply didn't happen. Claims that some of the prelaunch footage made in the desert somehow got mixed in with the supposed actual footage, not to mention claims that it disappeared is jaw dropping. Why our government would be behind such a lie is not entirely clear but the photographic evidence that shows the landing pads free of dust, no landing crater caused by the thrust of the retro rockets and comments and events made since by NASA astronauts certainly puts the whole event under a huge cloud of suspicion. See the facial expressions on Buzz Aldrin as President Trump talks about revitalizing the American Space Program. His look of shock, rolling eyes and nervousness are the body language of a man in fear of where the President's words are leading and incredulity over what he is hearing when he knows the real truth behind the US Space Program.

Second, the face and pyramids on Mars that were claimed by NASA to be a trick of light and shadows has been debunked and the revelations made by prestigious scientists, with backgrounds in the US Space Program show beyond all doubt that the structures are relics of intelligent origin. In addition biological life in form of of trees, what appears to be writings of some sort, and obelisks, rising in arranged clusters are too obvious to ignore. Why did NASA and the JPL conspire to keep these findings from the public?

Third there are findings on our own planet that show megalithic stone work that is of an age that predates early man not to mention an ability to lift and shape massive stones with a precision of stone masonry, transport and erection that modern engineering would be hard pressed to replicate. Look at the evidence in Central and South America.

Forth the fossil record, after years of search fails to reveal a missing link between Primates and Modern Man. Modern man simply appears in a time frame that makes micro evolution completely implausible.

Fifth are the revelations of knowledgable scientists and engineers in Research and Development that are coming forward and admitting that a crash took place at Roswell in the 1950s, saucer technology was taken from the site, that these relics were back engineered and led to many of the technological breakthroughs of the twenty century. What Phillip Corso wrote in his book the "Day after Roswell is being confirmed by independent and credible sources who are coming forward in increasing numbers and affirming that not only crash wreckage, bodies of aliens and survivors, but also affirming that that these incidents led to physical contacts with the aliens, exchange programs and agreements to allow them to pursue interests in our solar system in return for transfers of technology.

Sixth, as the ice melts in Antartica every effort is being made to clamp a security lid on the findings that are taking place. Preserved under the ice are pristine remnants of a PreAdamic civilization that were flash frozen as a result of a cataclysmic events dating to the great flood.

All this is the secret of the Century and makes the Manhattan project appear trivial in comparison. Since World War 2 the United States has developed a Secret Space Program that has taken us to the Moon and Mars and beyond, where we have established bases and a physical presence. If you want to know where all that Yellow Cake went, it wasn't to Iran or North Korea... It was sent off world to run nuclear reactors at bases we operate throughout the solar system.

I could go on and on.... While we worry about Hillary and the NFL a shadow government is taking us in directions that only an elite few are controlling. It makes me nervous.
October 20, 2017 at 10:16am
October 20, 2017 at 10:16am
If you aren't a conspiracy theorist, you should be...

What the Clinton crime family has been up to in recent years defies the most bizarre of conspiracy theories. I mean that imaginative minds can't make up the shenanigans the Clinton's have been involved in.

This latest one, however, is the most unbelievable and traitorous of all. The Uranium 1 deal shows how deeply the cancer of corruption has gone into the bone marrow of American politics.

Imagine, a Presidential Candidate, betraying the people of the United States, putting us all in mortal danger, colliding with our enemies and funneling "Yellow Cake" a highly refined nuclear ingredient used in making thermonuclear weapons and giving it to the Soviets for a $150,000,000 contribution to the Clinton foundation.

Hillary and Bill Clinton's treachery makes the the Rosenburgs look like the Boy and Girl scouts.

What is even more amazing is the degree to which the coverup has taken place. It is mind boggling. The collusion of the media, even now, except for Fox News, are universally silent, on the scandal of the century. It makes the average citizen wonder who it is that really owns and controls the media. It does not appear to be anyone who has the interests of the United States of America at heart. I readily accept the label of "Conspiracy Theorist" used to discredit those in active search the truth. Think about it. Our country is under assault. Liberal College professors are brainwashing our youth, Overseas money from agitators, like George Sorros, are paying rioters to stir up racial divisions, the NFL controversy of players disrespecting the flag, and National Anthem, and ICONs of history, like George Washing and Thomas Jefferson reviled as slave holders. It all points to an orchestrated effort to destroy our democracy and way of life, from the inside out. Wake up America! The war started decades ago and continued while we slept through it.

Thank God Donald Trump came along. The Top Liberal Democrats have been colluding with the Soviets, taking bribes and kickbacks, and selling us out to our enemies. If this is the tip of the iceberg or does the corruption ruin deeper? Obama appointees in the Justice department, who remain today in power, were knowledgable of what was going on and remained silent or worse colluded in the coverup. Former FBI Director Comey has been thoroughly discredited for slow rolling the investigation into the Hillary Clinton Email scandal. Now, his old boss, and mentor, Robert Mueller, is heading up the investigation into a Trump/Russian conspiracy. Give me a break, the conspirators are not Trump supporters, who have come lately onto the scent but rather the Clintons who have been around forever. The Department of Justice and FBI were so compromised and tainted during the Obama Presidency, that their holdovers should not be involved in investigating anyone. Instead, they should be huddled with their lawyers. Mueller should not be asking questions... he should be answering them.

It is clear to me that our enemies, who are unable to overcome us from without, have invested heavily in destroying our government and way of life from within. What most Americans don't realize, is that the bullseye for destroying our republic is the American Middle Class. That goal is already well advanced and today this group is rapidly shrinking. Only lately did the middle class wake up at the eleventy hour and hand its new president an almost impossible mandate to accomplish.

Undercover investigators have been threatened and forced to sign non-disclosure agreements or face criminal charges by the Obama Justice Department. Maybe somebody will bring these informants in for questioning.

August 10, 2017 at 8:04pm
August 10, 2017 at 8:04pm

Most people have forgotten that the war with North Korea, while never officially declared was never officially ended. The conflict has continued unabated, by furthered by other means. Today the North Koreans threaten Guam a territory that is part of the United States.

The following is a quick look at the problem, facts, assumptions and alternatives.

Problem Statement: Determine the best way to deal with the North Korean Threat.


1. A state of Continuing Conflict has existed between the United States and North Korea since the cessation of hostilities at the end of the Korean War.

2. The war has gone cold but has been continued by the North Koreans, using other means.

3. Efforts have been made to ease tensions and bring the conflict to a formal conclusion. An agreement was negotiated where the United States made a monetary settlement the terms of which have been ignored.

4. North Korea has ICBMs that can reach Guam.

5. North Korea has a nuclear warhead to sit atop their ICBMs.

6. North Korea has announced their intentions to launch a salvo of ICBMs at Guam.

7. It is hard to determine where an ICBM will touch down until well into its flight trajectory.

8. The Defensive capability of our Anti-Missile defense is untested in combat, and the consensus is that that such measures will not be 100% effective.


1. If we continue the "Do Nothing" option it is only a matter of time before matters worsen.

2. The Chinese enjoy the economic benefits of cooperating but resent that the economic powerhouses in the region are countries with long ties to the United States. Hence they secretly encourage North Korea to undermine the perception of strength and influence exercised by the US.

3. Any help they provide on the world stage is transitive and temporary.

4. Policies of "Appeasement" followed by Democratic administrations have failed. This has resulted in policies of kicking the can down the road and the predicament the US finds itself.

1. Do nothing: This has been tried and is another in a long string of failures by Presidents, Clinton and Obama. As time goes on our influence in the region is diminished as a result of the continuing support and encouragement provided by the Chinese. They don't want a war but but see little likelihood of that being a serious impediment to their strategic policies.

2. Exercise indirect pressure:

a. This is a great opportunity to institute a shift in policy with the Taiwan, Japan and South Korean. Explain to them how we view China's strategic goals which is domination of the Region and forcing the US out. If thy like this idea they can continue down the current path. Otherwise they need to dramatically increase spending on training and equipping their military forces. State that the reason for this change in policy is to counter the growing North Korean threat. When China sees the increasing military might of their neighbors they are not going to like the reason behind it.

b. Next Korea suffered a huge loss of face when the North Vietnamese succeeded in reunifying the two Vietnams. How is it that they succeeded and we have failed so miserably they must have asked. South Korea must understand that what lies at the root of all this posturing is a desire North Korea shares with their Chinese Patrons. This is reducing the presence and influence of the US in the Region. North Korea believes that with the US out of the picture they could easily win a conventional war and reunify the North and South under Communism. This would be a glorious accomplishment for the Communists. They have not chosen to be overly confrontational with their souther neighbor because they know the South is an economic powerhouse that could easily spend more on National Defense and become a much more formidable opponent. They don't want to make the war they plan to wage in the future any more difficult and destructive than it has to be.

c.Let the matter come to a head: Tell the American People that the North Koreans are determined to make the cold war a hot one. This is evidenced by their escalating hostilities and threats agains Guam. Their recent declaration is tantamount to a Declaration of War. That there is no need for additional empowerment, in that the powers have always existed in a state of abeyance, since the end of the Korean war. Take the following actions with a harder line on North Korea.

a. Announce there will be no further missile launches from North Korea. They threaten the vital interests of the US and will not be tolerated. Respond: Shoot down any lifting off and destroy their launch facilities using airpower.

b. Announce that the export of ICBM hardware, technology or parts is embargoed. Response: All ships leaving North Korean waters are boarded and searched. If resistance is encountered force will be used to the extent required and ships sunk if necessary. If cargo vessels are found carrying missiles then the harbor from whence they originated will be mined.

c. Announce that any build up two hundred miles from the southern boarder above current levels will not be tolerated allowed. Response: Violations will be met with air power which include any available type of non nuclear ordinace. This will include bunker busting bombs.

d. Embargo: Announce that any Nation State in a trade relationship with the US can expect sanctions for violating the embargo with the North Korea. Response: Nations found to be in violation will be fined and face a loss of foreign aid or alliance sanctions

e. Show of Force: Response: Conduct annual exercises where division sized forces are deployed to Korea and become operational within a two week period. Get our allies in the region to participate.

f. Provide state of the art equipment and training to ur allies. Response: Provide increased foreign aid.

July 27, 2017 at 4:08pm
July 27, 2017 at 4:08pm
I got bit by another one of those lime like disease ticks.

Anamasplosis or something like that is what I have again. It comes from a real small tick. The symptoms are washed out, nausea, vomiting, night sweats, fever and vivid nightmares.

My advice is "Don't Get Bit!" I say that and I've been bit twice this year where I came down with the crap. Probably got bit a time or two more and didn't. Had plenty crawling one that I felt and got rid of.

Actually this is serious stuff. There have been deaths in Wisconsin from Limes related tick maladies.

They have some great stuff for dogs but nothing preventative for people. Drat!
July 24, 2017 at 10:03pm
July 24, 2017 at 10:03pm
I'd been dreading today. There was so much on my plate that I despaired getting it all done.

First off I knew I had to get the tire patched on my riding lawnmower. The mowing team for the flying field I belong on cut today at 1300hrs. So I knew I'd have to find somebody to fix it on short notice. Usually when this happens I'm out of luck. Today however, I was in luck and Dan the tire guy was not all that busy and got it patched while I waited. Then I had to remount it on the lawnmower, no biggie.

At 1300hrs I was at the flying field and Bob O and myself cut it. Then I came home and took a nap and returned to the field and flew my Astro Hog, which is a chainsaw gas RC model airplane. It is a nice flying model and I got two flights in. On the second I almost lost sight of it as the wind was blowing it pretty hard....however, luck was with me and I brought it back.

Tomorrow we are going to Experimental Aircraft Association, (EAA) which is an annual event held in Oshkosh where there is this huge fly in. It is for airplanes (Real ones) what Iola is for classic cars. You walk all day and still don't see the half of it. The three must events I try to take in each year are Iola, EAA and the Model Airplane Symposium in Toledo Ohio.

Since we didn't want to leave the dogs alone in the house for an extended period Linda made arrangements at the Kennel (Spa) to put them under some supervised custodial care. It we drop them off by eight we should be at Oshkosh around 1000hrs. That gives us until 3 O'clock if we are going to pick up the dogs by 1700hrs.

It promises to be another busy day.

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