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April 17, 2017 at 9:03pm
April 17, 2017 at 9:03pm
The list of names that constituted the original MJ-12 would appear to have had the credentials to manage the task of determining the best way to deal with the alien presence. The passage of time has show that the selection of these individuals was an exercise in poor judgement. This should never have become "Son of the Manhattan Project." It is one thing to have a policy that says, "We Won't Talk About It." and quite another to allow the program to take on life of its own that has spanned the past seventy-five years.

What this group did was wrap the problem in a shroud of secrecy that all but insured stagnation, under a mushroom off incompetence.

Corso, in his book, the Day after Roswell explains that the artifacts he seeded with industry sat in a filing cabinet for the next ten years. Only when his boss, General Trudeau, realized that nobody any longer remembered where they'd been sent, did the two begin seeding the items with those who were best suited to develop the technological potential of these artifacts.

So what did the other Armed Services do with with the actual saucers? One story told by Corso Jr. is that the Aliens came and took them away from the Air Force. This is hard to believe but when you are assailed by lies and coverups for seventy-five years it's easy for imaginations to go astray.

Another story is that in working with a group of aliens to back engineer some of the technology there was a shoot-out that lead to the deaths of sixty-six special operations soldiers... Again a bit of a stretch but the government has nobody to blame but itself when these types of rumors begin to circulate. Instead of smearing the reputations of good Americans who had the courage to speak out a more prudent, common sense disclosure program could have been instituted years ago.

This is what I mean when saying the program has not been in good hands. These are not my words, they are the words of President Eisenhower and when he warns us to fear the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) he is using a euphemism for The Secret Space Program(SSP).

President Eisenhower never really got his arms around did get this MIC/SSP. By the time he took office the SSP had left the orbit of traditional government control and entered the COSMOS as an entity that answered only to itself.

Obviously there was some success taking place and some of that back engineering led to President Regan's championing the technology sometimes referred to as Star Wars. I suspect that much of what we learned was provided by a cooperative partnership with an ongoing alien presence. This would have been the anthesis of what Gen Trudeau and LTC Corso set out to do with their file cabinet full of artifacts.

the Navy and Air Force seem to have taken a different tract. They were bogged down and suffocating under the sheer weight of the classification system they had imposed upon themselves. When an alien craft was recovered after crashing..., as a result of lightning, radar interference or some other fluke, the craft were taken to a secure location and a report sent up the chain of command. When it reached the top an Admiral, General or maybe someone in MJ-12 would examine the evidence, scratch their heads and render the Polish Salute. That was about as far as reconciliation ever went. There was no effective mechanism in place to exploit the windfall that had dropped into their laps. A feeble attempt was made to hire smart people to try and figure out the technology but was never really all that effective. The problem was that the security blanket insulated the alien hardware from ever being exposed to those with the top tier intellects capable of figuring out how it worked. Only those who had the required clearances were given access and while these no doubt included some smart guys and gals, they first had had to satisfy the trustworthiness criteria... a proven ability to keep their mouths shut.

If it can be believed that one of the aliens survived the Roswell crash and through this survivor a means was found to make contact with the Ebens, then the rest of the Military was saved from having to do what Trudeau and Corso did. Instead of finding the answers for themselves they let the Aliens try and explain how the technology worked.

It was the path of least resistance, however, it came with a cost. What was the quid pro quo? The quid was they help us with the hard science and we give them a carte blanch to pursue their interest in the soft science. In other words they shared the physical science of space vehicle technology while we looked the other way when it came to medical science which included cloning, hybridization, human abductions and cattle mutilations.

In essence the back engineering approach taken by the Air Force and Navy involved getting the aliens to explain how things worked while the Army worked with industry to figure it out for ourselves.

I'm going to let this sink in. There are some real issues that arose from all this secrecy and putting power into the wrong hands, the least of which involves Aliens and the most of which involves the dangers all these lies and secrecy have done to imperil the future of the United States of America.

April 15, 2017 at 9:54am
April 15, 2017 at 9:54am
I recently got to hear a U-tube video of Col Corso's son, Phil. I don't go along with everything he says and tends to put his father on a higher pedastal then I think SR merits... then again sons are to be given latitude where their fathers are concerned.

What resonated with me was his dismissal of solid fuel rocketry as the leading edge of space travel technology. He emphatically reinforced a truth many have suspected for some time.

What was back engineered after Roswell were craft that use a drive based upon entirely different principles of design, guidance and propulsion.

In LTC Corso's book he talks at great length of preparations made in the 1960's to establish bases on the Moon and Mars. After laying out the plans for these undertakings in painstaking detail, he suddenly stops discussing the matter, saying words to the effect.... unfortunately none of this ever got funded or took place. That was over fifty years ago. We are expected to believe that just because NASA hasn't done it it never happened.

There is plenty in Corso's book The Day After Roswell, that doesn't resonate. Welcome to the murky world of UFOlogy. What started at the end of World War 2 with a government policy of "We Won't Talk about it..." Grew into a giant conspiracy of lies, half truths, and omissions. Sprinkled liberally on top was a whole lot of intimidation, character assassination, and missinformation. There is nothing on the topic that escapes the taint of world class deception. No wonder nobody believes what the government says... This is where the whole sordid coverup has taken us. UFO investigators are forced into making assumptions when the facts are being covered up. It is a perversion of the scientific method.

The Greeks who invented it, believed that the optimal solution was not a truth just because somebody in power says it is. They developed a rational process for discovering what truth actually was. The process was never designed to be carried out in an atmosphere of lies and deceit. That is where our science exists today. To obtain a government grant scientists will say or do anything to get the necessary funding.

I hope the rational is a legitimate fear of an alien menace. Anything less is a flagrant abuse of the special trust and confidence bestowed on our elected leaders. I should say once bestowed... as that trust and confidence is steadily being eroded as the assault on our Constitution continues unabated. The wisdom of our founding fathers is the only remaining firewall that protects the middle class and keeps our Republic from being dismantled. The elites would like nothing better than a return to feudalism, with a class of nobles and everyone else dumbed down and wretchedly poor. This is where all this secrecy is leading and It was never worth the price... Is it really predicated on a legitimate threat or has it become a smokescreen for effecting fundamental changes in the way we are governed? "Oh the tangled webs we weave..."

If the secrecy stems for a deep seated embarrassment over a coverup that got out of control and took on a life of its own, then it's time to admit wrongdoing and swallow the bitter pill. After three quarters of a century we seem no further along than a moon walk... way back when... and some robotic devices landed on Mars at benign locations, with a low probability of discovering anything of any significance.

Announcements by NASA of planets in some off world Goldilocks zone or water flowing on Mars is an insult to the people's trust. After listening to absolute bull for the last seventy-five years the average American deserves the truth and not the daily fare of crap, lies and misinformation.

We know NASA is a front for some kind of a Secret Space Program because at the first sign of an alien presence they pan the cameras away. It's worse than an altercation between players on Monday Night Football.

A NASA astronaut upon seeing our bases and space craft on the moon reportedly became incensed and threatened to "Punch Out" the Director for sending him to the Moon on a "Bicycle" while the Defense Department's Secret Space Program were operating "Ferraris."

When the "Face on Mars" imagery came to light, in proximity to pyramid like structures... the denials rose to unprecedented hights. The Jet Propulsion Labratories (JPL) went to absurd lengths to obscure the imagery and play down the importance of what could well be the archiological discover of the century. The outrage at JPL's manipulation of the imagery led Dr. Brandenburg to recommendation they be banned from further participation in the NASA charade.

When the Rover's were about to become inoperable because of dust building up on their solar panels the dust miraculously vanished, magically wiped clean by an invisible cloth and cosmic bottle of windex.... "Solar winds" was the explanation given by NASA. Unfortunately for that explanation, the the lady with eyeshades and airbrush gun failed to erase the shadow of a technician doing the cleanup. A NASA whistle blower reported seeing two figures in space suits walking towards one of the Rovers.

There is no logical explanation for covering up the archeological evidence. Here on earth we have figures drawn on the ground that can only be understood from above. In Egypt there are The Pyramids at Giza as well as the Spinx. Elsewhere there are huge blocks of stone in the walls of megalithic edifices that could not have been raised without antigravity devices... devices back engineered and currently used in Stealth Aircraft. Why all the coverup? NASA is acting like the Jesuits covering up the Dead Sea Scrolls. What's the big deal? Why is NASA afraid of revealing the presence of anomolies that suggest the existence off intelligence in the distant past?

This mollycoddling by our government is not going to end any time soon. To the bureaucrats, knowledge is power. They release a drib here and a dab there, and call that "Disclosure." To come clean will take a monumental event that cannot be swept under the rug... like a saucer landing on the White House Lawn, or an all out attack by hostile aliens. By then it will be too late. The pin-heads who hoard the technology under a veil of secrecy, will have frittered away all the response time and squandered a window of opportunity.

This is the greatest down side. Our best minds are kept out of the loop. Ineptitude has hampered our ability to to distribute the technology acquired from crashed space craft into the hands of those who can do the most to understand and apply it. The bureaucracy of security clearances is so ponderous that the process insures that only mediocre minds that fit the security pyridine get to see it. For years it has gathered dust, undeveloped by third string caretakers who are clueless. Their weak attempts at back engineering are usually characterized by an explosion or crash landing. After a while the residue of artifacts are gathered up and shipped off to some obscure warehouse to never again see the light of day. Research and Development is suffocating in a shroud of paranoia. Where are the LTC Corsos when we need them most?
April 14, 2017 at 5:25pm
April 14, 2017 at 5:25pm
Non Declaration 14: Cattle Mutiliations, The Smoking Gun.

The smoking gun that Aliens are present is evidenced by cattle mutilations. You can reach out and touch a dead cow that has been harvested for organs and dropped back to earth. This is tangible. It is like going to Egypt and touching a pyramid. Hypnosis and Remote Viewing might be dismissed as voodoo science and using anti gravity to lift thousand ton rocks, as conjecture, but there is no dismissing a cadaver dissected by the aliens.

Linda Moulton Howe is largely responsible for getting the word out on cattle mutilations. For those who are unaware, it's closely related to the human abduction phenomenon. The difference is that humans are usually returned alive. In the case of animals, once selected parts are removed, what's left of their body is unceremoniously dropped to the ground below.

Early in her investigative work Howe interviewed a local sheriff. Asked what he thought was going on the sheriff pointed to the sky and told her it was extraterrestrials. She was shocked and taken aback. " It's true," the sheriff said, "but don't quote me on it."

Despite her skepticism, his view was given support by a local veterinarian who was summoned to the scene to examine one of the dead animals. The Vet related that he had no explanation based upon his training and experience. The precision of the incisions, and absence of blood were not work of any science he was aware of. He went on to say that he did not want to be called in the future when these incidents were reported. The mutations happened regularly during the early 50s to the 90s and numbered in the thousands.

So common did the practice become that local ranchers, began accepting them as a cost of doing business. In 1980, Howe's boss began to lose interest and the whole matter might have dropped off the radar but for an unexpected break. A witness, Judy Dorary saw an animal abduction taking place. While her recollection was unclear, she began to experience sever migraine headaches. Under hypnosis she related her experience.

Seeing a bright light over a pasture, she stopped and got out of the car. A calve was being lifted into a hovering craft. Her recollection faded but under hypnosis the details became clear once more. She and her daughter were also abducted and taken up into the craft. There Judy witnessed the dissection.

Two small humanoids about three feet tall stood near her in a laboratory like setting. She was informed that they were conducting tests. The pair said they were stationed here on earth and were doing work, the purpose of which was the "...betterment of mankind." The concern of the aliens was pollution that was finding its way into animals and human via toxins in the water. It was just a matter of time before people started dying, they informed her.

Doray felt the aliens were "...talking down to her." she asked about God and was told, "He's the same to us as he is to you."

While she watched the pair dissected the calf... they were particularly interested in the reproductive organs saying.... "...in each generation the toxins are more pronounced."

When finished with the calf they laughed and let it drop to the ground below. They told Judy she would not remember any of this...

Suddenly Dorary saw her daughter on an examining table in an adjacent room. She freaked out thinking they were about to do to her child what she had just witnessed with the calf. She became hysterical and began to scream.

She watched helplessly as tissue samples were swabbed from inside her daughter's mouth.

the next thing Judy remembers is back at the car with her daughter. None of the other passengers remembered anything.

Howe is convinced there is some connection between the government and the human and animal abductions.

Reference: Alien Agenda, page 267-268
April 13, 2017 at 5:42pm
April 13, 2017 at 5:42pm
One of the reasons I haven't written lately is because Linda and I went to Toledo Ohio.

The "Weak Signals" model airplane club hosts annually the biggest RC trade show in the Central United States.The show actually has two parts. The first part is a swap meet that is free to the patrons. The vendors are charged for their tables and the visitors get in free. The same is not the case with the trade show. There the price of admission is $10 per day. The show ran from Friday to Sunday.

On Thursday we put the dogs in the kennel and headed out. A friend told me to avoid Chicago even though the detour might add an extra forty miles. We took his advice and that was the longest forty extra miles I can ever remember driving. We would have been better off timing our departure to get around the Chicago traffic. That is what we did coming home and had no problem. We spent the night in Shipshewanna, which has an Amish/Mennonite community, crafts, furniture and good food. I say good in the sense that it tasted great even though it gave me some serious heartburn.

The Swap Meet: On Friday, about noon we got to the Seagate Center. First off I took in the Swap Meet. As a hobby Radio Controlled model airplanes are on the decline, so there are always plenty of great buys. This show was no exception. I saw a nearly completed model of a Hawker Hurricane that caught my interest but they wanted too much. Just before we left I went back and made the dealer an offer of $50. He took me up on it and we had to figure out how we were ever going to get it into the car.

The Trade Show: First let me say that the Trade Show filled me with a sense of awe. All the top vendors in the country were there with their first teams to answer any questions the viewing public might have. I bought a foamy, twin engined war bird suitable for indoor flying. In addition there were models and electronic components galore. Also featured this year was First Person View (FPV) quadcopter racing. While I have some quads and fly them indoors in the winter, that is not where my interest in the hobby really lays. I like long range FPV model airplanes and that is not where the commercial market has gone. Still, I bought a gas tank for carrying my gas/oil mix fuel, some latches and other odds and ends. Now that I'm home I wish I had gotten some high end servos, electric motors and extensions. Buyers remorse in reverse is what I call it and more often then I care to recount I pass on things I should have purchased.

The trip home was uneventful and the dogs were glad to see us.

On Monday Linda had to go in for her physical. On Tuesday I tried to get a walk-in appointment for my hearing aids but the lady that handles them was on sick leave. On Wednesday I had breakfast with my friends and participated in Field Maintenance Day. Today we went back to the VA and the repair lady was still not back.
April 3, 2017 at 10:21pm
April 3, 2017 at 10:21pm
There is a shadow government operating that pulls the strings behind the scenes, which includes industry, banking and technology.

This technology has developed since WW2 faster than our society can keep pace. It has been aided by off world alien components that began turning up after Roswell and were integrated into the Military/Industrial complex for back engineering. Read Col Corso's book, The Day After Roswell. Since that time the coverup has expanded to where we've spent trillions on coming up to speed on cosmic technology while being assisted by an off world presence with a focus on bio-technology.

Ironically it seems that Antartica is about to reveal more on the off this alien presence... not from somewhere in orbit but right in our back yard.

Many see socialism as the key to a new world order that will unite the planet into a single government. This Order represents the greatest threat to our Republic. The Democrats have bought totally into this idea and the Republicans are not far behind. Both are controlled by outside interests. A glimmer of hope lies in the resiliency of the American People and their ability to realize that a socialist revolution will require the elimination of the middle class. We are not going to be able to change how these global interest groups think and operate but can only try our best to maintain our constitution and protect the vitality of our middle class. If we lose this fight we are on a downward spiral back into feudalism. The British are already starting to wake up.
March 29, 2017 at 9:51pm
March 29, 2017 at 9:51pm
To determine who was behind the leaking of DNC emails to WIKI-LEAKS

FACTS bearing on the Problem

1. The emails were written by Principles and staffers of the Democratic National Committee. They were not written by the Russians, the Isrealies, or any other outside source. These emails showed the Democrat's contempt for the American middle class. The disclosure of these emails, regardless of the source only portrayed the truth behind the hidden agenda of the Democrats.

2. The E-mails found their way into the possession Julian Assange who released them.

3. Seth Rich, a DNC computer expert, was murdered on the eve of the election.

3.. Dr. Steve Pieczenik - A former CIA operative admits he was a conduit and takes credit for his part in the disclosure.

4. The same "ASSET" used to surveil unmask and discredit General Flynn was in place and operational under Obama White House.

ASSUMPTIONS bearing on the problem.

1. Any suspicions arising from the murder of Seth Rich would be directed away from the Democrats and their supporters.

2. The false narrative would advocate the least threatening of the possibilities.


1. The State of Isreal

2. The Russians:

3. Seth Rich:

4. Dr. Steve Pieczenik:

Discussion of Possibilities

1. The State of Isreal: If anyone had a strong motive for seeing the Obama Democrats replace by a Republican Administration it was the Jews... and who could blame them. Under Obama, operatives were sent to Israel to influence their elections. The whole idea that foreign interests trying to influence a democratic process being "unprecedented " is laughable. There are so many cases of the CIA trying to influence foreign elections where it served US interests that the total must number in the hundreds. But worse than that the United States threatened the Vital Security Interests of the State of Israel in the secret deal that Obama made with Iran. If anyone had a motive and the means to hack the DNC computer it was Isreal. The very thought of eight more years of a liberal Democratic regime headed by a weak leader with new world order socialist sympathies must have filled them with dread. So why hasn't it been suggested they were involved? The reasons are the Obama intervention is the Isreali elections and the fact that the Jewish lobby has always been a big part of Hillary Clinton's success.

2. The Russians: Assuage did say it wasn't the Russians who were the providers of the emails. Assange has a history of telling the truth. Beyond his reputation is the fact that electing a Republican was not in their National Interests. Under the Obama administration they had a weak American President with a foreign policy of appeasement. US presence and power has declined under Obama. Ms. Clinton offered a continuation of that decline the soviets have taken advantage of. Why would they prefer a capitalist President who promised to become a strong leader. The Cold War ended as a result of the economic strength of the United States. The very thought that Trump might reignite our failing economy must have filled them with dread. Why would they have preferred, who they perceived as a weak woman over a strong man? It makes no sense from a standpoint of National Interests and anybody who has studied the Soviets knows how pragmatic they are when it comes to that.

3. The killers of Seth Rich have not been found. Police investigators have offered that it might have been a robbery attempt, however nothing was missing from his body. His wallet, containing plenty of cash, cell phone and jewelry were not taken. There was evidence of a scuffle and a broken watch band. He was shot twice through the back and medical authorities did not initially feel his wounds were mortal. Internet pictures of Seth show him wearing clothing made from American Flag symbols, not an image one would expect from an employee of the DNC.

4. Dr Steve Pieczenik had this to say: "We initiated a counter-coup through Julian Assange, who's been very brave and really quite formidable in his ability to come forth and provide all the necessary emails that we gave to him to undermine Hillary and Bill Clinton. " White Hats" in the intelligence community provided the emails to save America from the Clinton cabal of Neocon globalists."

March 27, 2017 at 9:32am
March 27, 2017 at 9:32am
There has probably been more written about pyramids than any other structure built in ancient times. Archeological evidence of these can be found across the earth. The most famous are at Giza in Egypt. Building one involved a stupendous amount of effort and technological skill that in retrospect appears beyond the means of primitive humans. These pyramids appear to have been built much further back than current thinking has them dated. Excavations around the Spinx show water erosion that dates to before the Great Flood, or eight to ten thousand years ago. A working hypothesis is that they were built by a preadamic civilization that visited Earth as mankind was emerging from the hunter gatherer stage of historical development.

There is, in addition to the pyramids, evidence of megalithic buildings with stones weighing well over twenty tons. Cutting these huge blocks, getting them to a building site and raising them hundreds of feet into the air is even today a marvel of engineering. So the question becomes what was the real purpose of these structures... specifically the underlying attraction to building pyramids?

To help answer this allow me an opportunity to define the problem. I can't answer it but at least I can define it.

PROBLEM: Determine the reason why megalithic civilization went to all the trouble of building pyramids.


1. Evidence of Pyramids are found around the world and beyond.

2. These historical relics tend to be enormous in size.

3. They are often oriented towards specific star clusters.

4. They are laid out to linear specifications of astonishing exactitude.

5. There is no soot on the walls.

6. There are no hieroglyphics on the walls.

7. The architectural internal design is of a complexity requiring sophisticated blueprints.

8. The effort would have required a large workforce.


1. Moving the materials into place required a cutting, transport and lifting technology beyond the means of primitive hunter gatherer societies.

2. Once constructed an operational and maintenance presence would have been required.

3. There was a functional motive behind the construction that provided a capability sought by the builders.


1. An edifice of astrological importance.

2. A means of generating power.

3. A monument to evidence achievement.

4. A marker establishing a territorial claim.

5. A symbol to inspire awe.

6. A facility to process unknown technology.





March 26, 2017 at 10:56am
March 26, 2017 at 10:56am
Speaker Ryan pulled the plug on the Republican Bill designed to fix the ailing Affordable Healthcare Act.

This means the American People are stuck once more with Obamacare.

Obamacare was the Democrat's flagship legislation over the past eight years. It is becoming less and less affordable. Premiums are skyrocketing and middle class americans are finding it harder and harder to get coverage.

Speaker Ryan was five votes short of getting phase 1 of his replacement bill passed. The Republicans, while they have a majority, were split and none of the Democrats wanted to have anything to do with it. They would have voted lockstep in opposition if it had come to the floor.

As the Democrats gloat over the situation they gather in the salon of the Titanic congratulating one another. The flagship of the Liberal Left settles further in the water. The cries of frightened citizens can be heard from their lockdown in steerage.

The "Do Nothing" option means premiums will continue to escalate and more and more insurance companies will pull out of participating.

The Democrats are as incapable of legislating as they are of governing. They vote "Lockstep" at the direction of their party. This is the Smoking Gun of their incompetence. Regardless of the promises they make to their constituents their vote is a rubber stamp. They vote like they're are told and that is the end of that. Even when what they are told to vote for is stupid they still vote for it. They are a herd of donkeys incapable of thinking for themselves. They don't want to make The United States of America great, but instead want to make the Democratic Party all powerful. You can see where it's gotten them the past three elections. From having it all they lost the House, then the Senate and finally the Presidency.

The reason I say they are "Stupid" is that by allowing the vote to be withdrawn, the Democratic Logo remains on the worst piece of legislation in American Political History. "Oh! We didn't force the Republicans to pull their bill back, they decided to do it on their own." This is true as far as it goes, but what they still don't get is the ball is back, smack dab, in the middle of their court. That is the stupidity of what they allowed to happen.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi should have seen the Republicans about to step into the quagmire and handed them a plank. She should have gone to Speaker Ryan and told him. "How many votes are you short and I'll provide them." That would've allowed ownership for healthcare to pass from the Democrats to the Republicans. This way the Democrats could have reclined back in the peanut gallery and criticize everything the Republicans are trying to do. That is the only game they are competent to play. Healthcare is so badly messed up the term "Disaster" is an understatement. Once the Republicans own it they will face a tsumani of bad press trying to make it right. In a sense they deserve it.

I say "Deserve" because they have sat back and waved the "Repeal" flag for almost eight years without any clear idea of a strategy to replace it with.

The republicans were split, to their credit, over a roadmap of how to proceed. Speaker Ryan wanted to do it in phases, fixing the most broken parts of Obamacare first. To use an automotive analogy, they wanted to fix the engine first, then the transmission and then breaks and rotors. Other Republicans wanted to fix everything at once... repeal Obamacare and fix everything at the same time. The problem was that Obamacare was like a Yugo... it was so bad, that incrementally fixing it, a part at a time was doomed to failure and if successful the result would still be a Yugo. The other Republicans wanted to rip out everything at once and strew parts all over the shop, without any clear understanding of how to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

To their credit the Republicans are not a herd of Rhinos. They can actually think and reason and have a chance of ultimately getting to a solution. For the goose-stepping Democrats, such thinking is impossible... Everything for the Democrats is fixed in advance by the special interests they serve. Ever think about who wrote the Affordable Health Care Act? It was college professors and insurance company lobbyists. Their contempt for the people is a matter of record. Nancy Pelosi said. "We have to pass this bill in order to know what's in it."

Fortunately for the Republicans, the bill never reached the floor. Like I say some Republicans can still think for themselves and realize the dangers of orchestrated mob behavior.

So now the rose is back pinned squarely, once again, on the nose of the Democrats. As the screws tighten and the middle class cries out in anguish... the Democrats still have to answer... The same ones who conceived this legislative abomination to begin with and crammed it down everybody's throat.

March 25, 2017 at 9:20am
March 25, 2017 at 9:20am
Which end was leaking and how much?

So, following up on yesterday's blog, the question is which end of the conduit was leaking? Was it the White House end or the Intelligence Community end.

We know the Spooks failed to redact the name of General Flynn. This was used to destroy him. The first question the becomes which end leaked.

Was it some analyst or supervisor at one of the Agencies or was it some minion at the White House?

Further it is known that EX President Obama quietly signed a last Executive Order, in his final days in office, that sought to retrospectively extend an appropriate access classification to those who never had it to begin with. In other words the White House staff had been given access to materials from a source so sensitive that it was probably for EYEs Only, the President of the United States. Somebody, probably the Chief of Staff, allowed these materials to be shown to staffers, stuff they were never supposed to see to begin with. Suddenly the possibility of being prosecuted for miss-handling documents became a worrisome possibility. Somehow this Executive Order was supposed to retrospectively make everything OK.

Imagine the Chief of Staff looking at the order and shaking his head... "Better than nothing," he must have whispered under this breath.... "I never thought this day would come. I should have ripped that conduit right out of the wall once I realized we'd lost the election... but no, like a moron I left it in place and one of my staff idiots let the cat out of the bag by leaking a morsel to the press. Woe is me!"

The situation above is quite different than if the leaker was someone on the Intelligence side. We know they erred in allowing General Flynn's name to be shown in the clear, but that pales in comparison to having an ultra-secret collection program, placed on the verge of exposure by a White House Staffer.

As long as the President was a Democrate they must have felt they were covered. Imagine their shock when Donald Trump won the election and the cold realization began to dawn that soon an administration of Republicans would get their hands of the levers they had cavalierly abused the last eight years.

There is definitely a smoking gun. It is that General Flynn's name was passed in the clear and the document was leaked to the press. There is no denying that!

I'm sure the intelligence agencies are aghast! Better in their minds to protect their asset than prosecute some pipsqueak staffer. For that reason you can expect this all to quietly go away.

March 24, 2017 at 11:59am
March 24, 2017 at 11:59am
"It all depends on what your definition of "Is" is.

Director Comey testified time and again. "...there was no "Wiretapping."
Rep Nunez HIC told the news, over and over, "...there was no "Wiretapping""

Duh! Does wiretapping mean a technician has to actually splice wires into a communications cable?

If this is the definition it begs the question, not what wiretapping is, but what it isn't."

Look at it this way.... I have a cylindrical shaped device called "Alexa." If I want to convert centimeters to inches I say..."Alexa, how many inches are there in 1000 centimeters?" Alexa answers 392.7 inches. Now hold that thought.

In Surveillance, the object is to define the whereabouts of a Person of Interest (POI). The FBI can surveil someone without a warrant from a FISA court. With this "box" they can also hear conversations between the POI and anybody he/she talks to. Getting a court order is no longer really necessary, however, because everybody is still thinking inside the box the old rules provide some cover. This new technology is outside the box and is not by strict definition "Wiretapping." It is more along the lines of a surveillance enhancement devise. Are you beginning to get a picture of what "Is" is?

For discussion purposes say the CIA, DIA, and FBI all have this "Box." The results of the whereabouts and conversations of POIs go into a central data base somewhere.

Consider the the latest political scandal on President Trump's claim that he was "wiretapped." The story definitely gets more and more interesting as it goes along.

It appears that there is a technology out there that might be termed "Wireless" tapping. Apparently wirelessly tapping doesn't require approval of the FISA court. What I'm saying is there isn't a telephone guy twisting wires to a listening device. This device is something that uses a whole new type of black box. However it works it works and is being used to surveil/moniitor/ listen into the activities of anybody out there.

This is not a brand new technology.... past intelligence chiefs have indirectly made reference to in in comments like.... "If the truth of theses technologies get out the United States will be a less safe place.

If an analyst wants to know, "Where was Joe Blow on 1 July 2016, he/she punches in Joe Blow, SSAN... or says "Nelli-Bell where was JB on 1 July 2016? the information flashes up on a screen.

"Joe Blow was at the following locations, grid, grid, grid and grid. (Exactly like GPS grids on a Google Map) On the date in question the POI met with the following individuals, entity A,B,C.D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,O,P..... It the analyst sees the name of another POI, he/she asks,

"Neli-Bell, play back their conversation." Suppose something about the exchange perks the analyst's interest ...

."Neli-bell, print all after the words.... JB said to entity L." The printer begins to chatter and the analyst has a written records of the conversation.

On the Desk of the Chief of Staff (to the President of the United States) is a communications device linked to the FBI, DIA and CIA, or whoever is the custodian of the central file described above.

Suppose the President of the United States wants to know about the activities of one or more POIs. He asks his Chief,

"What was Joe Blow doing on 1 July 2016?

The Chief inclines his head towards Neli-bell and says,

"What was Joe Blow was up to on 1 July 2016."

An analyst on the other end of the conduit calls up the data and sends it over to the Chief on a secure printer. The Chief hands the print-out to the President who reads it.

"Fancy that," says the President.

Now this is all legal because the information was not obtained by a "Wiretap." As long as the information is used in the interests of the State this is legally and morally correct. The problem comes when it is used for political purposes. Carry this thinking forward.

Say this system has been in place for the past ten years. Say the person who is the custodian of the Ultra-Secret data base thinks this information he is passing is for "Eyes only, President and Chief of Staff." There will be certain protocols in place for example redacting the names of those conversing especially if they are US citizens. However, after a while all this censored stuff starts to grate and the Chief of Staff decides he wants those names "Unredacted," because reading all those censored and marked up e-mails is a pain in the ....."

"Neil-Bell, tell those idiots on the other end, that THE PRESIDENT wants the names shown in the clear." After some hand wringing the watch officer agrees to show the names in the clear.

The next problem the Chief of Staff faces is being able to process all this information he is receiving through the Neli-Bell conduit. So, he has a staffer set up a routing box, so he can farm it out for action to say sixteen (16) trusted minions. "No sense bothering the president with all this information.... only about ten percent is of any real presidential interest.... It will give the President deniability while we go on a fishing expedition. I'll let my staff run the actions and tell them to keep a lid on it... you Know, Top Secret and all that.

Over time the users of this intelligence become desensitized to its importance. What started off as a valuable tool to do the nation's business becomes old hat. Then someone gets the bright idea..."What good is having information of potential political importance when you can't use it for political purposes... One of the more particular devious minions, decides that if it can't be used directly why not leak it to the New York time or Washington Post to thereby discredit our political opponents? Why not start with General Flynn the upcoming National Security Advisor.

Despite what Representative Nunez says he will probably never get to the bottom of all this. Neil-Bell is a double edged sword capable of both serving this nation and abusing the trust and confidence of the people.
March 23, 2017 at 8:33am
March 23, 2017 at 8:33am
The hardest part for me is getting started on an Overwhelming "A." For those who are not aware there ar are four (4) categories of projects. "A", ""B", "C", and Overwhelming "A"

We spend most of our day on "C" projects: These are little tasks that can be accomplished quickly, like making the bed in the morning or brushing your teeth. Then there are the "B" Tasks. They take a little longer, like Making breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen. "A" tasks are of longer duration and often take up most of the day. For example doing the weekly grocery shopping. Then there are those dreaded Overwhelming "As." The tendency is to keep putting those off by doing the A,B and Cs.

This could be something like visiting the In Laws or finding a job. They aren't always all that bad but you keep putting them off until they grow into giant "Big-a-boos."

The best way to deal with an Overwhelming A is to simply get started. As you do the prep break the big task into smaller ones. I am working on a big RC Model Airplane called the Gemini 2. Much of the work I find enjoyable but hinging the control surfaces, is for some reason, a really loathsome task and I complete most of the rest of the model, working around this hurdle until there is no other choice but to take it on. The trick for me is to just quit mincing around and attack it head on! Once you get started and begin to show some progress, even this is doable. Getting started his the key.

So the next time you find yourself skirt around something you know needs doing then remember this blog and the advice of Percy Goodfellow. JUST GET STARTED DOING IT!
March 21, 2017 at 10:07am
March 21, 2017 at 10:07am
Yesterday I masked and painted the white on the control surfaces.

To make this work I had to have them attached to each of the wings. Not only does the top and bottom have to match, but the dowel holes have to align, the paint lines match and also where the servo rods attach the wing and control surface. These are too many variables to have to keep in mind and the only hope I have is to fit them perfectly and paint them while attached to the wing.

I'm sure that people more gifted than me can keep all the differences in mind and paint them individually while removed from the wing but I can't.

In addition to this the paint has to be reduced, and the inner parts of the spray gun kept immaculately clean. I use a product called MEK. It is hard to find because the Meth addicts use the stuff to make drugs.

It is the end of the winter and cold outside. My friend Matt showed me how to use a spray gun last month and it was the blind leading the blind. He hung up one of the wings and the paint ran. Luckily a shop rag dipped in MEK wiped it clean so I could start over. I understand now the saying, "Teaching an old dog new tricks." It is harder and harder as I grow older learning new processes. What was effortless when I was younger now requires twice the effort and concentration. I learned plenty of good from what Matt showed and also some things not to do... like not spraying something that is stood vertically. The gravity makes the paint run... like you didn't already know that.

I used to use "Rattle Cans" to paint my old automobiles and models. Using a spray gun does a much nicer job. I have to be careful to use a mask/ respirator and keep the shop properly ventilated.

You can buy a nice cheap spray gun at Harbor Freight for less than 20 dollars. An air regulator costs another six or seven. Then you need an air supply source which is usually some sort of compressor. Once the paint is mixed you pour it into the cup through a paper strainer. This can be tricky. I hang the gun with the trigger and handle on a plastic garbage can and use the air line supported on a cardboard box to get the orifice of the cup level. This allows me to have two hands free to hold the filter and pour. The cup I use is quite small. It is much larger than an airbrush bottle but much smaller than the "touch-up cup used on an automotive spray gun. You can see the full range at Harbor Freight which is half the cost of buying them anywhere else.

Before pouring the paint into the cup it is necessary to have the sprayer hooked to the airline. I also take a small drill and enlarge the air hole in the cap. If this gets clogged it won't work right and you'll wonder what's wrong. Make sure you read the instructions. Where the paint comes out of the nozzle is a raised linear metal surface that can be turned vertically or horizontally to adjust the spray pattern. At the top of the handle is a screw allowing adjustment of the amount of material flowing through the gun.

If you have used the gun before pour some MEK into the cup and test the pattern. This will help clean it out from the last time you used it, however it is no substitute for taking the gun apart and cleaning it after each use.

To take the gun apart unscrew the Cup and put it in a cleaning container. Now remove the strainer which is a small plastic mesh cylinder with a plastic tab protruding upward. Pull this out and put it in the container. Next unscrew the material flow adjustment screw at the top rear of the gun handle. Take out the spring inside. Put those in the can. Next take the pattern adjustment cap off the end of where the spray comes out. Using a small pliers unloosen the needle value nut inside. Behind it is a plastic ring with holes in it. Put them in the can. Now take out the metering needle. I press it gently agains a wood surface and slide it out the back side of the gun. Put the gun and needle valve into the container. Pour MEK inside and slosh it around wetting down all the surfaces. Then wipe everything dry and reassemble.

Make sure you wear those vitriol gloves. As a general rule I try and absorb as little of these chemicals through my hands and skin as possible.

When spraying it is better to layer than apply a thick coat. After the first layer gets tacky it will tend to run less and the paint can be applied thicker. Practice and decide what is best for you.

There! Now you know as much as I do. After a little practice you'll be ready to take on those rocker panels on your rusty car.
March 20, 2017 at 4:28pm
March 20, 2017 at 4:28pm
I bought this model at a swap meet many years ago. It was called "A Super Giant Big Stick." It was kitted by a Canadian company and was in excess of $300. The paint cost another $100. The motor was $350. All the electronics, receiver, servos (6), switch another couple of hundred. The guy who built it almost to completion, sold it to me for $300. It was the best buy I ever got at a swap meet. Now this model has been hanging from the ceiling until my friend, Ron, shamed me into completing it. Actually there wasn't much to do as most had already been done. What I had to do was paint it.

Painting required that I learn a skill I'd never acquired before and there was a huge learning curve necessary to overcome. Eventually I did and the results have surpassed my greatest expectations... that was until I got to painting the ailerons and flaps. There are four (4) of these control surfaces and they are exactly the same size and shape. The problem I faced was getting the paint lines to match up.

Let me describe the problem in a bit more detail. The Control Surfaces (CS) go behind the wings and like I said above there are 4 of these. The wing they go behind is about one third red, one third white and one third red again. At the root and at the tip the wing is red and in the center it has a white strip.

Attaching the CS to the wing are Robart hinges which look like plastic dowels with a hinge in the center. Holes are drilled in the CS and the trailing edge of the wing. Even though the original builder went to pains to make them exactly the same, they are not exactly the same. On the trailing edge of the wing the CS can only go on one way because even the slightest variation can cause the hinge to bind. The original builder meticulously fitted each surface to the one they had to be mated to.

So here I come along and paint each CS red on one side and white on the other and guess what? Nothing aligns worth a dittle-doo. To remediate the matter I have to spray paint another coat of white and red and this means masking and papering all over again. It is a big job and every step of the way I'm muttering expletives directed against myself for being so stupid the first time around.

This is one gorgeous airplane and even though it involved some extra work the result is worth the persistence and hard work.
March 19, 2017 at 8:48am
March 19, 2017 at 8:48am
Often we see cases where someone in a celebrity status is questioned about matters that have nothing to do with their narrow area of achievement. For some reason the public thinks that if a person is accomplished on one field of endeavor it follows that they must also be accomplished in others.

Now Joe the plumber is accomplished in the trade "Plumbing" and if I need that skill I will certainly pay attention to what he says. However, when he drifts into other areas, where his expertise does not qualify that is a different matter altogether. The reason I point this out is because everybody has an opinion on practically every aspect of life, but that opinion is not always based upon experience, long study and aptitude. So the saying that opinions are like A-Holes, everybody has one, hits the nail right on the head!

If you ever go to a tavern and listen to the patrons as they get revved up you'll know what I'm talking about. Not only about opinions but other things as well. I have never heard someone say over a beer that.... "The reason my life is so screwed up is because of the bad choices I've made." You simply will never hear this fundamental truth expressed. The "Reasons" always given are things like my wife, my boss, the church, and the list goes on and on. This goes to show that people don't use "Reason" in assessing the situations in which they find themselves. An "Excuse" is not a "Reason." Reason is a process for assessing facts and assumptions given a problem statement. The possibilities are then considered and the optimal choice selected and acted upon.

Sometimes when I go to an RC model swap meet, I'll see a model that sends a thrill through my being, or I marvel at the craftsmanship, feeling a sense of wonder. I want to buy it, wrap my arms around it and hustle my purchase out the door. When my friend, Ron, asks why I bought it I don't say.... "Because I lusted after it." I tell him some "Reason" because this connotes some kind of a rational thought process was behind the purchase rather than a glandular secretion.

I have no idea what the connection is between "Opinion" and "Desire." Perhaps somebody out there can make the connection.... I'm writing this because I need a blog entry for today and can't think of anything better to write about.

March 17, 2017 at 9:35am
March 17, 2017 at 9:35am
All wisdom is not reposed in a single mind. Mankind is a distributed rather than a centralized data base. We are not insects that evolved from some kind of a hive. Any small number of people trying to hide a big secret eventually have more and more difficulties dealing with it. Eventually the pressure gets so great in the cooker that the lid blows off.

Have you ever noticed in a bureaucratic organization that nobody ever raises the Red Flag until its too late? Managers in a hierarchy have responsibilities for certain aspects of a corporate mission and consider this their "turf" and exclusive domain. When things start going to hell they fear for their promotions and fear passing up the chain how bad things are starting to get. A situation hat might have been fixed if disclosed earlier goes viral exploding in everybody's face?

Sound like a common theme working here?

It is, so common in fact that anyone working in government has witnessed it over again. Often you will hear your boss say, "I hate surprises!" and all managers fear them like the plague.

This is what is happening in the Secret Space Program. By compartmentalizing a secret activity, only a small number of minds get to actually work the problem. Suddenly things start to happen that haven't been foreseen, or some part of what is being covered up takes on a mind of its own.

For example there was a situation that was reported by Lear where a group of Alien scientists and a group of Human scientists were working together when the interests of one group, horrified the sensibilities of the other and all hell broke loose. Before it could be stopped sixty-six Delta Force soldiers were killed trying to restore order.

This type of thing happening should have come as no surprise and could have been prevented if more minds had been working the problem. In my earlier blog I describe one of the cosmonauts in Operation Crystal Knight cursing one of the Ebans when he discovered what had been done to the body of a dead team member. The potential for a violent response when confronted with dead humans floating around in vats and being used for biological experimentation can be expected to grate on a human scientist and it should be no surprise if the venting of surpassed rage is a natural consequence. It doesn't take much for a spark to ignite the whole volatile mixture. When this happens between two different cosmic races of intelligent beings it is more portentous and the consequences more difficult to anticipate.

If this can happen in a Laboratory think of what can happen out there in a freewheeling universe. We are dealing with forces that can kill everybody on the planet. Moving a big chunk of rock out of the Asteroid Belt and chunking it at the earth is so easy a task for these Aliens would consider it child's play.

This is why allowing a small number of compartmentalized individuals operating alone in the sand box of solar system politics is FUBAR squared. These self-appointed guardians might be smart but they aren't that smart and are going to get us all killed if a greater diversity of intelligent minds are not brought into the picture.
March 16, 2017 at 9:06am
March 16, 2017 at 9:06am
What is the opposite of "Debunking a Fraud?"

The answer is "Bunking the Truth"

Who in the world, you might be wondering, would want to do that?

The answer is an Intelligence agency of the U.S. Government.

Why would the CIA or the DIA be so inclined?

The answer is to "Damage Control" a leak.

What Kind of Leak?

To explain, I 'll use an example for illustrative purposes. Suppose an astronaut hanging on a tether, took a picture, with an unauthorized camera of three other astronauts, suited up and working in the Space Shuttle's cargo bay. Say two of these astronauts were normal sized and one was nine feet tall. Further suppose that the someone snapping the photo leaked it and somehow the offending image got out onto the internet.

Now nobody is supposed to know that there are Aliens flying around out there, much less aliens working hand and hand with our Secret Space Program. So it's not too great of a stretch to understand why a coverup is in order. Since the "Gatekeepers" can't undo the honest image, then what is the next best thing? You got it...bunking the truth. So the disinformation machine is cranked up for the bizillionth time to preserve the myth that the only intelligent life form operating in our solar system is Human.

This is an example of how a "Truth" gets to be "Bunked."

If you go on line you will see a U-tube video entitled "Nine foot alien photographed in the cargo bay of the space shuttle. (Search UFO, space shuttle, nine foot alien.)

Sure enough, there you see the image. There are two little astronauts floating around and one extremely tall one. Note the title. Sounds to me like a headline from the National Inquirer. Then there is another image that follows which shows a Buck Rogers space craft hovering overhead. Finally we see a big fellow in a Hawaian shirt with a little guy standing next to him being used doer purposes of comparison.

One of these days a photo will be leaked of the moon that shows a radar dome sitting in the middle of a crater. What will the obfuscators do to discredit that photo? I know, in another nearby crater they'll show a pair of yellow McDonalds arches...or a tether of Disney Character balloons, stolen from the Macy's Day Parade.

Now, what is the cumulative effect on the viewer confronted with all this BS? First what he or she sees is something intriguing, that might support other claims that the United States is actually working with Aliens to back engineer off world technology. And then you note the title and see this image of something straight out of Marvel comics... that upon closer examination looks like an amateur playing with photo shop software.

What you conclude is exactly what you're being led to believe... that the picture is a hoax, perpertrated by some UFO loony who is messing with your mind... DARN!...And the photograph looked so real to begin with. I guess it must be the work of an asylum escapee.

This sort of bunking has been going on forever, in an endless variety of forms. Those who practice it firmly believe that lies and deception serve the"Greater Good. For over seventy-five years those who have taken on the role of our National Security Mommie, have been protecting us low information citizens from the truth of extraterresterials... for our own good, mind you. Don't you find that reassuring?
March 13, 2017 at 3:20pm
March 13, 2017 at 3:20pm
Non Declaration 13: Just because an Alien Race operates a technology does not necessarily mean they can explain it in detail or make it it from scratch.

In reading Krasten's book, Secret Journey to Planet Serpo, part 2 Project Crystal Knight, the following events are related.

1. 308, Team pilot (2,) died in route of a pulmonary embolism. (Page 127)

2. The Ebans experimented with 308's body and developed it into a cloned being. (149)

3. Upon seeing 308's clone, 899 became extremely angry and cursed the Ebans. (150)

4. Team members were taken to a building used to create cloned beings. In tubs they saw creatures they described as "hideous.' When questioned about these "creatures" their guide said they wrere "animals, brought alive from other planets... Their Doctor guide made a specific distinction between "Animals" and "Intelligent Beings. He went on to explain that the Intelligent Beings were dead upon arrival.(154)

5. The team commander asked if 308's body was being used to create a "Being." He was answered in the affirmative and showed the group the "Being." It was explained that the Being was in the process of being "Lived." The Commander, 700 and 754 were "Shocked!" The lived version of 308 had human blood and cells, and looked like a large Eban, with hands and legs similar to humans. The Commander was amazed at the speed with which the process had occurred. (page 157)

I've provided the above references to make the point I've called Declaration 13.

The point is this. The body we inhabit is a relic from our distant past. The DNA replicates itself every generation and a new life form emerges. We operate this relic for what is called a "life span," die and return to the elements from whence we came. However, before we die and decompose, a new life form replaces the earlier version before it reaches the end of its service life.

Why am I boring you with the obvious? The reason is that we operate this artifact without really understanding how it was created and the mechanisms by which it works. All we really know is that it for a brief period, it functions. It would appear that the Ebans are not a whole lot more advanced in this understanding than we are.

What they "Life" is not much more than what Mary Shelly wrote about in her Book, Frankenstine. There would appear to be huge problems in mixing bio-components of different races in the cosmos. Just as there are in organ transplants among humans given the variations in blood type and rejection mechanisms. What is significant to note is that the importance to humans in this exchange is the transfer of physical or hardware technologies, the Ebans, conversely, are interested in a transfer of bio-technology presumably necessary to reverse the effects of "Deevolution" or some other form of degenerative disease.

As advanced as they are they do not appear to have succeeded in solving their dilemma. This raises an interesting question.

Do they really understand any more about the physical technologies they are promising than they do about the bio-technological techniques they are trying to develop?

"Of Course they do," one might counter, "they come from a solar system many light years away." Consider this... Reference is made to "A Great War." Many Ebans died. The Eban home world was destroyed. They warn us that several other Alien races in the galaxy are hostile and to be avoided." (Page 182)

My impression is that Serpo was not the home planet they claimed, but more of an outpost. It could have been a colony when the home planet was destroyed. Imagine the consequences of having the evolutionary home planet destroyed. To our thinking the loss of the Library at Alexandria was a serious planetary setback. This pales in comparison to losing an evolutionary home planet that was home to their genesis and teeming with a broad range of indigenous organisms.

If life continued on the colonies was this a substitute? I think not... the loss would involve more than a cultural or biological heritage... it would reverberated to the core of an intelligent species. What if much of the corporate memory of the Ebans was lost. Sure they would have space craft capable of interstellar travel but would they still have the deep and pervasive understanding of how to create and explain the technologies they still managed to copy and operate?

For example suppose we found an armored personnel carrier in a cave on Mars.... That after some experimention we learned how to drive it around the surface. Does that mean we could assemble the necessary elemental resources and actually build one? In a sense this is the challenge that Mankind faed in trying to understand how the saucers operated. In order to make one we had to understand not just what bolted to where but to understand the underlying physics of how the components worked in relationship with each other. Our backward engineering had to take us back to the source code, before we could work the principles forward. The Ebans in their biology have made amazing strides, but seem to have gotten no closer than some intermediate point in discovering the nuts and bolts of how the biology of life actually works. Simply stated their efforts at cloning fall far shot of the alien gods who planted the Garden of Eden. .

In the school that the cosmonauts set up on Serpo it was found that things could be explained to the Ebns about our science but it did not appear they had the same grasp of some of the basic fundamentals that we do. This is what I'm referring to in Declaration 13.
March 11, 2017 at 8:46pm
March 11, 2017 at 8:46pm
In reading Lear's "Working Hypothesis "Validation of Belief in UFOsI have to believe that most of what he says is true. It dovetails with the Anonymous Leaks and expands upon the basic question, are Aliens hostile?

He seems to think that those who did the negotiating on behalf of the American people were pretty naive. In exchange for technology our government accepted incursions into the United State's population, by the Eban's in return for authrorizing continued biological experimentation. The deal was that no permanent harm would be done to anyone and those taken would be returned alive and well when the "Testing" was completed. A list would be provided of those who were abducted so the agreement could be verified.

It turns out, according to Lear, that many thousands more were abducted than reported and many of those taken did not survive the medical procedures. Their body parts were used in the experimentations that the Grey's are becoming notorious for carrying out.

Apparently some of this experimentation was carried our at a base staffed by joint US/Eban scientists and once the full extent to what was happening became known, hostilities broke out between the two groups. The story was that Delta forces were sent in to restore order and sixty-six commandoes were killed in the clash. For two years there was a standoff before a settlement was negotiated.

There was a lot of gnashing of teeth and hair pulling that resulted, one fraction of MJ12 wanting to come clean with the public and the other favoring to patch up our differences with the Ebans and getting on with the technology transfers. The latter group prevailed, however, not without leaving a bad taste in the mouth of everyone involved. As president Trump stated in his assessment of the Obama Administration, with particular regard to the Iranian Deal "We have had some really stupid people doing our negotiating." Apparently a similar criticism could be applied to the policy of "Human Trafficing" in exchange for "Technology Transfers."

One insider made an interesting comment. "If the public knew what we've been up to the past sixty-years, they'd string the lot of us up."
March 9, 2017 at 9:13am
March 9, 2017 at 9:13am
"MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 12: A great amount of UFO/Alien information is now in the public domain. Countless books, videos and internet websites are devoted to these subjects. Thousands of pages of U.S. government documents on unusual sighting and encounters have been made available.


1. Sanctioned Defense Intelligence Agency Leaks by ANONYMOUS on Project Crystal Knight to www.serpo.org.

2. Secret Journey to Planet Serpo, A True Story of Interplanetary Travel, Bear & Company, copyright 2013 by Len Kasten. It compiles the leaks into an inclusive narrative format.

3. Appendix 12 to ref 2, A Framework of Public Acclimation, pages 279-280... presented to Victor Martinez by a source other than ANONYMOUS and awarded the same credibility. "This document simply entitled "A Framework" contains what every UFO investigator and researcher since 1947 has believed , but which could never before be revealed. In effect, this brief summary constitute the full disclosure for which Ufologists have been beleaguering and harassing the government for sixty-five years. It is really the "Holy Grail" of UFO and ET related research." (ref 2, pages 10-11)

While not included in the Declaration 12 the narrative continues in the final paragraph of Appendix 12.

"At this point credentialed researchers and academicians have investigated the UFO/alien phenomenon and published their findings. This is a further step to help validade the phenomenon in the mind of the public. With these twelve points as a reliable framework, it is intended that key members of the public and gvernment will be better able to accept, evaluate, and place into perspective the large body of evidence soon to be before them." (page 280)

What this says:

1. There is a large amount of information already in the public domain.

2. The most significant is contained in ref. 2 and 3.

3. Reference 3 provides a reliable framework to... key members of the public and government to better accept, evaluate and place into perspective....

4. ...the Large body of evidence SOON to be before them.


Is it about Antartica, where already leaks and speculation is running rampant?

Is it about the Secret Space Program and revelations that the United States is further advanced in technological development than anyone begins to imagined?

Is it referring to colonization of the Moon, Mars and other bodies in the solar system?

Could it be referring to teleportation?

Is it referring to the "Black Night" a mystery satellite said to be orbiting for over 1000 years?

Is humanity about to be invited to join a club of galactic civilizations?

Are we on the brink of extinction threatened by a hostile Alien presence?

Is there an impending natural cataclysmic event in store for humanity?

Who knows? What the public should know by now is that lifting the veil any further is going to take something on a scale higher than.... "Look everybody, we found a solar system with five planets in the goldilocks zone."
March 8, 2017 at 6:45am
March 8, 2017 at 6:45am
"MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 11: Although most alien contacts and sightings occurring on modern day Earth have been shrouded in secrecy and mystery, the veil is slowly being lifted by the activities of civilians and specifically assigned government personnel. The Public Acclimation to the reality of aliens is proceeding in a way designed not to shock or disrupt society any more than necessary.


In this declaration the claim is made that the "Veil of Secrecy" maintained by the Government is about to be lifted. I find that difficult to believe. "Why was the veil imposed in the first place?" one might ask.

If a reader can believe a "Good Part" of what is contained in the Public Acclimation document the reason given is to "uncondition" the conditioning and prepare the public with the "...the least shock possible" to the revelation that Aliens are real and not some figment of some nut case's imagination.

That doesn't answer the question. Again, why was the veil imposed in the first place? Often the Brookings Institute gets the rose pinned on it. What the Brooking's Institute published is that the discovery of Alien life is likely to cause a panic and disrupt the normal function of society. As evidence they point to the famous War of the Worlds radio hoax that got everybody excited way back when.

No, that doesn't wash either. The world has become a bit more sophisticated to the use of propaganda and manipulations of mass media.

Again, why was the veil imposed if it wasn't ever really intended to dupe the public? If a reader is beginning to believe a large part of what is contained in these Declarations, a realization begins to dawn that the intent never was to fool the Russians or the Public or anything even remotely resembling that.

"So what was the intent ," you must be wondering. Actually I think a close reader is beginning to see the glimmer flashing on the video screen of awareness. In the distance the pokey man figure is wildly waving the red flag... An ooga horn is blaring in the background from some old submarine movie. If even half of what is in these declarations say is true the purpose of the Veil is to keep the Aliens in the dark about the where Humanity is in the effort to break the gravitational containment bonds of the planet Earth.

"OMG!" I hear you exhale... "Percy has really lost it now, come unhinged from thinking too much about all this alien conspiracy nonsense." In response I point only to the documents released as a part of the Public Acclimation program and the information that is being shown across the internet. The claim by the "Leaker" in the twelve Declarations might not be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth but it is said to be factual and in large measure a representation of the truth. If the test were only a "moderate measure" my conclusion would be the same. The coverup is for the benefit of the Aliens and not we ourselves.

So how does one get from these declarations to that conclusion? The declarations are all about the Extraterrestrials and not about us. If you can grasp that there is hope for leading you into the sunshine of understanding.

Ready? Here Goes!

The first question that follows is how can we be hiding it from the Aliens when they are working alongside us in developing new technologies. The answer lies in the fact that if the monumental secrets of the past three quarters of a century can be kept from the public at large, much of it can be hidden from Aliens. Maybe not all of them but perhaps from those inclined to do us the most harm. Maybe the Ebans have an inkling to where mankind is mucking about. However, in the book it was shown that they have an arrogance, and don't really feel Mankind has anything much to offer them at this time. Except an unrestricted access to the biological bonanza the earth offers. From their standpoint worry about the motives of Humanity is not a major concern.

It is rumored that much of the development work on off world technologies is done these days in the desert of Arizona and New Mexico. Special facilities have been manufactured for the Eban presence. There could be a quid-pro-quo. This is old bases abandoned throughout the solar system in return for bases that put the Ebans closer to the "Bio Motherload." Having land bases to supplement their deep ocean facilities or those at the poles could be something that has been negotiated. If this is true the benefits to the Government are beneficial indeed. It helps solve the problem of spreading out the seeds of humanity throughout the solar system... or even beyond. If the Ebans found Earth and have agreed to help we could be on the verge of instellar exploration.

In Journey to the planet Serpo, an incredible amount of information is revealed which if even partly true are revelations beyond all imagination. For example they refer to a war which destroyed their home planet. Could it be they are time travelers from our distant future? The Declarations make clear that time travel is possible, however, if could also mean that "Johnny Appleseed" visited other star systems in the early days of a distant past. While not directly related we could be both from a common seed stock.

It is nearing seventy-five years since those saucers first crashed into the Arizona/New Mexican desert. Imagine how Department of Defense felt when confronted with undeniable evidence in the form of both physical evidence, biological evidence, a survivor and even human body parts? Imagine how the news traveled, with the speed of light, up the chain of command to the office of the President.

Imagine President Truman, scratching his head and saying words to the effect... "You've got to be shitting me!" "No Mr. President," this is real!.... if you want to see the evidence we can show you the alien remains, the space craft, a survivor.... and get this HUMAN BODY PARTS."

We know President Truman put together a committee, referred to as MJ 12, to get him some answers and draft an Estimate of the Situation and a Plan of Action.

An Estimate of the Situation is a military planning document which is a variant of the problem solving process. The first step is to define the problem.

A possible problem statement might have been "To determine the best way to deal with this Alien presence from Space."

Next, would have followed a listing of the facts and assumptions bearing on the problem.


Two saucer like object have crashed and been transported to a hanger on an Airforce Base in New Mexico.

A number of dead Aliens were found in the vicinity as well as one who's still alive.

The saucers have a construction, and propulsion system unlike anything aeronautical on the planet.

Human body parts were also found on one of the space craft.

We did not shoot it down.

The craft did not originate from anywhere we know of on earth.


The cause of the crash was equipment malfunction or pilot error.

The origins craft are from outer space.

One can see from this initial assessment that there were not a whole lot of facts or assumptions to start with. Since this was the case a list of Essential Elements of Information would have been compiled.

Essential Elements of Information (EEI)

Where did the craft come from?
What was the mission of the Aliens?
How do the saucers work?
Can we fly one?
Were the craft armed?

This list serves to show what form the EEI might have taken.

So where does this MJ 12 committee go from here?

Since these were no doubt hectic times, what was the primary concern from the beginning?

The answer to that is fairly clear and it hasn't changed much with the passage of time. What kind of threat do these Aliens pose to National Security? This was the concern then and remains the concern now. Regardless of what is shown or implied in the Declarations the nature of the threat goes far beyond the statement, "...some Aliens are friendlier than others."

Now all this begs several question which must have emerged in the intervening years.

Given the preponderance of evidence in the Declarations it must have soon become obvious that the primary attraction offered by the Planet Earth was providing a biologically verile root stock that was suitable to the product improvement of genomes suffering from prolonged space travel or radiation. The Planet Earth was a relatively pristine source for the genetic materials used in serums to revitalize life forms suffering from inbreeding, or other space related maladies. Anybody seeing what they look like must conclude they appear from a human perspective to be a bit anemic. Further evidence of the bio-connection is that these visitations are common and that the Earth is being visited by a number of different Alien races. This is admitted in the declarations.

This admission begs the question, that if the Earth is some biospherical laboratory home to a host of exotic biology, then where did this biology initially come from? Stated another way, who planted the first seeds and was the "Farmer" who first staked out the planet?

If this is true is Humanity the "Cash Crop" or is mankind a form of pestilence that threatens the good health and balance of the garden? Were apes in the past given some enhancements that made them useful as a workforce in other bio-developmental efforts going back beyond Megalithic times? Were the Jews as good as this product enhancement got and who was their God? If you read the scriptures, he wiped out the planet in a flood, and placed a rainbow in the sky as a promise not to do it again. Somehow that isn't very reassuring. Was this God the original farmer or just another in a long history of Alien's stealing apples from the orchard? When it came time to expunge the workforce did this God feel a pang of guilt and balk choosing to find some other alternative instead. Who became the bill payers? If the jews didn't invent genocide they were certainly early practitioners. Was too much "good stuff" poured into the product improved apes so as to make them a long term liability? Could it be that the Nazi's got it backwards, that the Children of Isreal were indeed the chosen people? Look at all the amazing contributions they have made to humanity and yet why has there beyond such a paranoid effort to expunge them? From Babylon, to being harassed to the far ends of the world, in Spain, through the holocaust, even today surrounded by hostile Arab neighbors. If you substitute the word "God" for "Alien" and "Angels for "Genetically Engineered Humans," the door opens to speculation of the wildest sort. Questions are raised fraught with speculation and conjecture, however, once the box is open all sorts of worrisome possibilities spill out onto the table.

This raises the next question of "Pecking Order." Say we know of five (5) Alien races. "Who gets first dibs and carries the biggest stick?" It would make sense that whoever owned the garden would want to make sure that thieves didn't make off with the harvest or worse, put down in the middle and set up shop.

Today we have some advanced technology in the field of agriculture. We have learned how to rid ourselves of "Pests" that threaten the quality and quantity of the yield. So who is the farmer with the stick. If we aren't sure then the baddest Alien in those identified as visitors can be given the badge. However, there is no assurance that those who raid the garden are those who planted it to begin with.

So Department of Defense is definitely interested in the motives of our visitors and scenarios that might threaten the survival and well being of humanity.

Getting on with it:

Since we know something about farmers we can make some assumptions.

Farmers hate predators.
Farmers take a proprietary interest in their lands.
Farmers expect to collect the fruits of their labor.
Farmers act in their self interests.

I won't elaborate on these assumptions. History is replete with examples of how the survival of a species depended on an adequate food supply... How a key to getting ahead as a civilization was finding ways to feed their populations. It is a history fraught with pestilence, war, and genocide. Seeing technologically advanced races of well armed aliens lurking on the fringes, is enough to make a prudent government sit up and take note. If these visitors start squabbling among themselves the results could definitely have an adverse impact. Not to mention if they get put out with The Earthlings.

So what did the powers to be decide to do about it? Early on they must have concluded, "Not Much!" Earth was so far behind the power curve that the prospect of catching up with these "Visitors" must have been something measure in decades or centuries. Still we know that an effort was made. Forces were set in motion to learn more about the technologies and try and back engineer what we could get our hands on into products we understood.

From the beginning we were aided in this endeavor by the Ebans. EBE 1 explained what the components in the space craft were intended to do and as best he could how they operated. The learning curve was daunting but progress was made. After EBE1 other Ebans joined in the effort along with representatives from other races. One can well imagine the progress has been painful and rocky. Early attempts at flying an Alien saucer led an explosion. Working with Alien engineers led to some serious conflicts and our initial exchange program led to casualties and unexpected disappointments. Still remarkable progress has been made, so much so, that the extent that the veil will not be lifted soon. Most of this development is done under a veil of the utmost secrecy to insure that humanity is not left in a situation where all our eggs remain in a single basket, and if confronted with a worst case scenario, there is some means of dealing with it.

This leaves the man on the street thinking that NASA is the extent of our space effort. Any outsider looking down from above sees solid fuel rocket and robotic vehicles crabbing along the surface of Mars. There is much more to this story still kept hidden, and likely to stay that way for a long time to come.

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