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November 6, 2019 at 5:41pm
November 6, 2019 at 5:41pm
The Deep State traces its origins to the appointment by President Truman of an organization code named Majestic 12. The name "Majestic" has a connotation associated with a form of government that existed in the Middle Ages and still continues in many countries across the planet. It connotes an elitist group made up of kings, a nobility and a strong military. The very name does not bode well for the United States.

It all began with the downing of extraterrestrial (ET) saucers in New Mexico in 1947 and the discovery of off-world technology and the bodies of ET crew members. It struck a note of abject fear into our top elected officials and Truman appointed Majestic. 12 to look into the matter and report back to him. The whole subject was immediately cloaked beneath a veil in the highest security known to man. At all costs the Roswell Incident and many of the events that followed had to be covered up while the government scratched its head in befuddlement and tried deciding what to do. The truth is that our top political leaders never really decided what to do and Majestic 12 went on to morph into the Deep State, which is a huge bureaucracy, commanding an unlimited "Dark Budget" with tentacles extending into the very essence of our political process.

The mission of MJ 12 was:

1. Determine if the ETs are Real.
2. Prevent the citizens of the United States from acknowledging an ET presence.
2. Find out why they are here.
2. Determine if they pose an existential threat to humanity.
3. Back-engineer the technology of space travel
4. Provide a defense against a potential attack/invasion.

There might be a few more but, these are the obvious ones. Dr. Stephen Greer and others advocating "Disclosure" have done great work in bringing the coverup to light but the government has still managed to maintain a veil of secrecy for the last seventy-five years. In that time Majestic 12 has grown into the huge Deep State that currently exists. The long and dark reach of this unconstitutional bureaucracy has the full weight of government behind d it. It's said that you can't ask a hog to slaughter itself and there has never been a check on the growing and clandestine activities involving this unlawful secret organization. It exists with virtually no government oversight. To preserve its continuation the Deep state uses intelligence agencies to provided cover for its activities and destroy virtually any opposition that might arise to threaten its existence. The government of the United States has become a charade, that today only functions as a facade for all these illicit activities. The electorate is allowed to go blissfully to the polls thinking they have a say in how their Republic is being governed. This shadow body has grown so powerful and unwieldy that disclosure is no longer possible. The Constitution has been shredded and become little more than the veneer for a criminal enterprise with deep roots and dark secrets.
November 5, 2019 at 5:29pm
November 5, 2019 at 5:29pm
President Trump has a Cabinet. The Cabinet is composed of agencies that are designed to assist the President and make policy recommendations on a range of activities too broad for one man to effectively manage. Examples of these agencies are Defense, Treasury, State, Education, Homeland Security and a host of others. The Organization of a Cabinet has its origin in what is commonly referred to as a "Staff" in the military. This is where the whole notion of having a Cabinet comes from. So to understand how a Cabinet is supposed to work one must understand how a Staff works because a civilian cabinet is essentially the same as a military Staff, the origin of which goes back to Frederick the Great and the German General Staff.

In war and in government a staff exists to accomplish two things. First is to determine "Best" and second to make sure the organization acts upon what is decided. For example the first part is no more than the problem solving process. In this process the problem is defined, facts and assumptions surrounding the problem are laid out, possible courses of action are formulated and the optimal course recommended to the decision maker, who is the General or in political parlance, The President. Now here is the part that nobody seems to understand.

It is not the staff that makes the decisions, it is the General or the President. The staff can only make recommendations. The ultimate decision maker is the General or the President (G/P). However, one of the great dangers of a staff manifests itself when they decide they are the ultimate deciding authority and not the G/P. This is what we see happening in today's politics. Often Cabinet staffers continue from one administration to the next. This should not be an issue unless the staff officer (bureaucrat) forgets who they are and decides that the decisions of the G/C are not to be supported when they differ from the position or view of the staff officer. When partisan politics come into play, the staff is no longer as concerned about "Best" as they are about maintaining power, continuing the policies of the old administration and/or preserving the status quo. For the unscrupulous holdovers it is OK to "Sandbag" the President or worse, try cutting him out of the decision loop altogether.

This is one of the major problems that President Trump is facing. Partisans from the old administration, still embedded in the bureaucracy are engaged in partisan warfare to sabotage the effectiveness of the newly elected regime, which brings with it changes in the points of view that they campaigned on. It is not practical to replace everyone in government with each change in administration and those that continue to serve are expected to professionally and faithfully serve the new administration regardless of their prior political affiliation. This was historically not much of a problem until the Democrats lost the 2016 election and set out to impeach President Trump.

However, this is not the whole problem. What is being forgotten is what I call "Concurrency" in the decision making process. In the Military there are three separate entities working through the process. Obviously the staff (Cabinet) is involved but so is the President. In his mind he is game planning the same process as his staff. By the time the staff is ready to make their recommendations the President has ideas of his own arrived at independently. This enables him to enter into informed dialogue and reconcile his thinking from the group-think of his formal advisors and experts. Most people understand intuitively that this is what is going on in the exchange between the two. What is not intuitive is the third appendage of the process. In the military, the commander often asks a trusted subordinate commander to work the problem independently of himself and his staff. In Government this translates to having a trusted advisor outside the box providing input to the decision making.

So when President Trump asks Rudy Juliani, his personal lawyer and trusted advisor, to approach the problem from a different angle, this dimension to the process comes into play. It has ample precedent in both the conduct of war and the exercise of government. As long as there have been leaders and staffs there have been trusted outside advisors. They are legitimate and integral to the process providing an invaluable source of wisdom and advice.
November 3, 2019 at 10:01am
November 3, 2019 at 10:01am
There are quasi-governmental agencies known by several names which include THE SWAMP, THE DEEP STATE and MAJESTIC 12.

THE SWAMP: This is most likely no more than a moniker hung on the Washington Bureaucracy. These are governmental agencies that have been infiltrated at the top and are controlled by elitists who feel in no way answerable to elected officials they trot out, for the sake of appearances and pretend to vote for every two to four years. These appointed (non elected) power brokers have come to believe that the people work for them and do their bidding. For example Cabinet Agencies such as Secretary of State, feel that foreign policy is their exclusive domain and the President is a feckless figurehead put forth as a firewall, between themselves and the people. They consider themselves the actual ones in control while the President "...struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more." In their view the President is no more than a puppet who deflects the heat of the electorate while they pull the strings behind the scenes. This was certainly the case with the Obama Administration and would have have continued under Clinton. When Trump was elected this whole dynamic was turned topsy-turvy and suddenly the American People had a president who wasn't clued in on the wires and mirrors of Washington Politics. Trump actually believed he was the one in charge and that the Constitution was the way government worked. In his mind it was not a bunch of platitudes to be used as a smokescreen but an actual set of guiding principles that had purpose and actually meaning. Acting on his naive beliefs the new president represented an existential threat to the bureaucratic power brokers. THE DEEP STATE is an entirely different entity. The Impeachment hearings show exactly how this works if anyone is really interested and paying attention. Adam Schiff is doing behind closed door everything in his power to deflect attention away from the sins of the Obama Administration.

THE DEEP STATE: Is a submerged part of our government that is totally conducted in secret and answers to the President in name only. These are the Intelligence Agencies and the secrecy that surrounds their work is used as a cover for the SWAMP for both legitimate as well as illicit purposes. Chuck Schumer stated publicly words to the effect... "that you better not mess with these guys because they have seven ways from Sunday to get back at you." The Intelligence agencies cooperate with the SWAMP in making sure that elected officials don't get to carried away with the power of their elected office. They know where most of the dirt is buried and they selective leak "Bad News" to the media when they see a politician who threatens their rice bowl. As a secondary mission it must be said that they also protect the Republic from foreign interference, but have no doubt that tools are readily used against the the electorate when the situation warrants. For Example Ex Central Intelligence chief John Brennan and others are masters of taking proprietary information and weaponizing it for use against their enemies .

MAJESTIC 12: This brings us to the most secretive and deeply imbedded policy making body in our government. It was established in the mid-1950s out of concern over the crashes of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Imagine the shock of the Truman Administration when it became clear that the UFOs brought down in New Mexico were of extraterrestrial origin. OH MY GOODNESS! (OMG)... They must have reacted when confronted with the actual crash wreckage and body parts of the aliens and guess what? OMG! one of the creatures survived and could be seen, touched and interviewed. SHAZAN! Who would have ever imagined that those little green men actually exist... only they weren't exactly green and consisted of more than one variety. They had been coming here for thousands of years and the evidence of their presence was to be seen in archeological writing, ruins and artifacts existing at locations across the planet. Our government has devolved since the end of WW2 into a figurehead governing body. The real power is currently held by a group that has no doubt grown since its inception to include many more than 12 members.
November 1, 2019 at 10:43pm
November 1, 2019 at 10:43pm
Fox News:

Former Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin said Wednesday... "that he was grateful for the "deep state's" role in prompting the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

A CBS reporter asked McLaughlin if the impeachment inquiry would add to President Trump' s concerns about the "Deep State."

She stated, “There is something unique you have to agree that now that the impeachment inquiry is underway, sparked by a complaint from someone within the intelligence community, it feeds the president’s concern, an often-used term about a ‘deep state’ being there to take him out.”

"Well, you know, THANK GOD FOR THE 'DEEP STATE," McLaughlin responded, provoking laughter and applause."

Most Americans commonly believe that the term "Deep State" and "Bureaucracy" are synonymous.

John McLaughlin was on a talk-show sitting there with John Brennan, former director of the CIA under President Obama. McLaughlin was emphasizing the patriotic role the whistle-blower played and acknowledged the existence of the Deep State, heretofore a vague reference to a murky entity never said to officially exist.

I couldn't believe it. Here we have confirmation that the "Deep State" is real and John McLaughlin is glad that it is. Up to now the Deep State was the elephant in the bedroom nobody wanted to talk about. McLaughlin, and he should know, acknowledged its presence.

There have been claims for years, surrounding the UFO controversy that "The Deep State" is real and composed of unelected officials who direct policy independent of government control. The story is that it morphed from a commission established by President Truman, to look into the extraterrestrial presence that came to light following saucer crashes in New Mexico in 1947. Dr. Stephen Greer, heading the Disclosure Project, claims that there are bureaucratic entities operating outside of government control, who even the President is unaware of. He has provided a list of funded agencies that refuse to talk to the President or his national security advisors, citing that they don't have a need to know. The Deep State, as Greer defines it, is a group of eletists who control the Black Budget and all matters involving the extraterrestrials.
October 31, 2019 at 9:10pm
October 31, 2019 at 9:10pm
Well, today the impeachment inquiry was launched. Nancy Pelosi had good instincts but in the end yielded to the pressure and now the proceedings are underway. It isn't an Impeachment vote yet but is is the investigation to come up with the "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" the President will be accused of. Adam Schiff will be sneaking around behind the scenes pulling any string he can find to bolster his case.

What the Democrats don't realize is that FAIRNESS and not process and substance will be the deciding factor among independents. Face it, the Democrat's base will demand that the President be impeached before the next election and the Trump base will not waver in supporting him. The difference will be the Independents, who upon hearing both sides, will decide who to believe.

This is a lot like the Muller Report. There it was a perceived outcome in search of a crime. The desired outcome was get rid of Donald Trump. They don't believe they can win the 2020 Election if he is the Republican candidate. The only alternative they see is getting him impeached before the electorate can return him for another four years. Again this is an outcome in search of crime. Get rid of Trump before he eviscerates them in the 2020 election. There will never be an accusation that rises to the level of an impeachable offense. President Trumps "Crime" will be the best of whatever the Democrats can conjure up. They realize it will never fly in the Senate but hope something new and unexpected will rear its head and save them from the terrible predicament they find themselves in. This is like hoping to win the lottery.
October 30, 2019 at 11:47pm
October 30, 2019 at 11:47pm
The death of Jeffery Epstein is the smoking gun that proves that a "Silent Coup" has been underway for some time to get rid of President Trump. I'm not sure who is really behind it. It could be ALIENS, it could be OFFSHORE MONEY, or it could be the RUSSIANS or one of their surrogates. Whoever is behind it there is a secret war going on, behind the scenes, to get rid of the President of the United States.

Nobody can seem to figure out where Epstein got all his money.... My guess is that it came from one of the entities named above. The same entity behind George Soros.

ALIENS: One possibility is that Extraterrestrials are demanding a One World Government to speak on behalf of all the "intelligent life" on this planet. Since the end of World War 2 and the discovery that these off-world entities exist, efforts have been underway to accomplish the monumental task of bringing all humanity under the umbrella of a single governing body. I know this sounds like "Conspiracy Theory" on steroids, however, it is making increasing sense in explaining all the bizarre things that are happening around the world.

OFFSHORE MONEY: If someone is not prepared to accept the presence of aliens, then a second possibility is that banking and elitist organizations that have long existed, are working to achieve the same end. World domination and control are the end game of "Old Money" seeking to formally impose world-wide control of this planet.

RUSSIANS: A third possibility is that Communist/Socialist forces, who have been long at work, are pulling the strings to achieve a planet-wide Socialist State. The United States is a huge impediment, in that it offers an alternative to a HIVE system that serves the elitists instead of a Democratic form that answers to the people. Only in the United States has such a form of government ever thrived and it serves as a shining example of how bleak the other alternatives are when actually put to practice. As a consequence, the United States must be scaled down from the influence it currently exercises. Since this cannot be done economically or militarily the plan is to corrupt it from within and gradually transform and bring America into the family of Socialism. These efforts were well under way under the Obama Administration until shattered by the election of Donald Trump and the Republicans.

STRATEGY: The plan has long been one of slowly taking control of America's political, educational, and banking systems and use these to leverage a gradual transformation. Constitutional amendments would be gradually eroded and eventually rescinded until the firewalls that protect our Democracy are gone. Then an economic collapse can be triggered that will bring the US down to the same level as exists in third world countries. With that, the takeover will be complete.

This is what is currently happening regardless of how you view the source behind it. The process is well under way and nearing completion. Consider what I am pointing out in the context of what we see happening today.

Last week Hillary Clinton accused Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian Asset. Tulsi is a Democrat and the fear is that she will run for president and split the vote in favor of the Republicans, giving Trump another four year term. Since Hillary is a master of projection her remarks could provide a stark insight into the forces she really represents.

Adam Schiff has turned the House of Representatives into a secret Soviet style tribunal designed to cover up the misdeeds of the Obama Administration and past efforts to move the United States in the direction described above.

Jeffery Epstein was used to get dirt on politicians, world-wide and use the compromising videos to blackmail public officials into going along with the game plan put into place by one or more of the sources listed above. What the Deep State did to shut him up should send a shiver down the spines of all Americans. The murder of Jeffery shows the boldness and lengths the Swamp is willing to go in eliminating those who pose an embarrassment and whose usefulness has come to an end. Our government knows what is going on but top officials are paralyzed with fear that they might be next. The corruption runs so deep the chances of rooting out the cancer are slim indeed. The ugly head of it keeps rearing up over and over again. Outside of Trump, the forces arrayed against our way of life are so opposing that protecting Democracy is a dangerous and fearful undertaking. It's just a matter of time before our courageous President suffers impeachment or worse.

As a result I see little likelihood that the Horowitz Report or the the Durham Investigation will ever reveal, accomplish anything or come to fruition. The forces that stand in opposition are too formidable and ruthless. If Trump fails in his 2020 election bid, this country is totally screwed.

October 30, 2019 at 2:29pm
October 30, 2019 at 2:29pm
In the past I wrote earlier in my blog that, "... Jeffery Epstein is not long for this world."

In another blog I wrote that the corruption of the Obama Administration contained three tentacles... A Second prong was Epstein... His sex trafficking network was used to gather dirt on Influential people to secure their support, complicity or silence in furthering the Socialist One World Agenda.

Then, after a first murder attempt failed, he was supposedly placed under enhanced security. NOT TO WORRY, those around Jeffery reported he was in good spirits and looking forward to being released on bond.

Then it was alleged that he somehow managed to commit suicide by hanging himself with a bed sheet.

Now Dr. Baden, one of the nation's top forensic experts, says it was not a suicide but a homicide, citing the broken bones in Epstein's neck were the result of strangulation rather than hanging.

Keep in mind that from the outset it was easy enough to predict Epstein's life was in serious jeopardy, not withstanding the fact there had already been one attempt on his life, that the two guards supposed to be watching his prison cell were "asleep" and the surveillance cameras just happened to be turned off.

Give me a break! Either the Justice Department, Federal Corrections Officers and the FBI are totally incompetent, or Epstein was murdered because he could implicate too many high level public officials in a sex scandal that would rock the nation if the full scope is ever revealed.

Is anyone stupid enough to believe that Bill Clinton was the only high level public official that Epstein had the goods on?

This is just another example of the BLATANT high level corruption that exists in the "Swamp."

I thought the political and bureaucratic reprobates could sink no lower but I was wrong. Now they're resorting to MURDER, to cover their tracks. The public can't even get the names of the politicians using federal money to pay off the women accusing them of sexual harassment. If the public can't even learn the truth of this travesty does anyone really believe the Justice Department will ever get to the bottom of the Epstein murder?

Criminality, which was rampant at the top levels of the Obama Administration, is still simmering as evidenced by the stench that keeps wafting up from the swamp.

October 26, 2019 at 7:03am
October 26, 2019 at 7:03am
Peter Strzok and Lisa Page never believed that their super secret, fandango cell phones were recording all their conversations. They thought because they were top tier FBI employees that somehow they were immune from having their telephone conversations recorded and leaked.

Page then lied to her boss Andrew McCabe about her relationship with Strzok... "mortified" when the revelation became public.

A variation on this stupid thinking is currently playing out In Congress. Adam Schiff is operating under the same assumption. While it does not involve cell phones it does involve using the SKIF for his alleged impeachment investigation. Everything being hashed out, plotted and discussed behind closed doors, is being recorded and like the cellphones of Strzok and Page, what they're saying is far more damning than anything the two star crossed lovers ever dreamed of sharing.

More and more is coming to light. James B Stewart in his new book, Deep State: Trump, the FBI and The Rule of Law, claims that Loretta Lynch blocked the appointment of a Special Council to investigate Hillary Clinton's illegal server. Lynch is one of many Obama officials who are coming under greater scrutiny.

This and other revelations are likely to surface as the Horowitz IG report is made public. The walls are closing in on the Democrats.

This whole impeachment charade makes absolutely no sense in the context it is bing portrayed. . It's a huge loser for the Democrats if the goal is impeachment. Perhaps it's really being viewed as a bargaining chip to get Trump to drop the DOJ probes that are currently underway. Maybe the quid pro quo is, we'll drop impeachment if you drop the Horowitz and Barr investigations.

October 25, 2019 at 11:58am
October 25, 2019 at 11:58am
I remember in the lead-up to the 2016 Election that Matt Lauer asked Hillary some questions that were not scripted and provided beforehand by Donna Brazil. It was unexpected and Clinton went ballistic with her staff, ranting and raving and berating everyone saying words to the effect... "If we lose this election there Will be NOOSES for the lot of us." Today it was announced that William Barr's investigation into the Origins of the Russian Probe, had transitioned from a fact-finding to a criminal investigation. This is sending a shiver down the spines of Obama Administration officials involved for the past three years in a silent coup against President Trump. The prophetic words of Hillary are coming to fruition as the real NOOSE tightens around their necks. What this means is that criminal indictments will follow as the American people finally get some accountability for the lawless acts committed by the most corrupt administration in the political history of the United States.

Since losing the 2016 election the Democrats have lost all interest in legislating and have gone full bore on trying to project their sins onto the Trump administration. For the last three years they have shouted COLLUSION, COLLUSION, COLLUSION, OBSTRUCTION, OBSTRUCTION, OBSTRUCTION, RACIST, RACIST, RACIST, IMPEACHMENT, IMPEACHMENT, IMPEACHMENT, that were more reflective of their own sins over the previous eight years. Trump was a new comer to politics in 2016 and had not had the means or the time for all the nefarious activities he was accused of. Conversely the Democrats had almost a decade to perfect their corruption to a fine art.The strategy was that Republicans would be so busy defending themselves from false allegations that they would have no time to look deeper into the treasonous and criminal behavior of highly placed officials in the Obama administration. Like Lois Lerner, they cavalierly used their powers as weapons against political rivals and ultimately against the newly elected administration of President Trump. They succeeded in "hamstringing" but not to the extent of preventing the "shit canning" of socialist policies that had driven the United states into the economic doldrums.

"One percent GDP growth is the new norm" proclaimed Obama, "... and the American people need to get used to it." Well, this country has since seen an economic renaissance that has boosted employment to all time highs and given workers an opportunity at the American Dream. A dream that was all but frittered away by the Democrats has suddenly become once more become achievable.

Keep in mind that all this prosperity has taken place in the face of total opposition by the Democrats. Even on legislation where both parties share common ground, Democrats have stonewalled passage out of a fear that Trump will get credit for more prosperity than he has already achieved.
October 23, 2019 at 8:35pm
October 23, 2019 at 8:35pm
There are many strange, dark and sordid thoughts that circulate though our seedy little minds. We think about things that would shock those around us if they but knew what we were thinking about. Thankfully nobody has figured out yet how to hack our brains and that is a good thing indeed.

It is only when we decide to voice our thoughts or write them down that we cross the line from imagination into the world of record. In our speech and writing we grab our thoughts by the tail and allow them to find expression in the world around us. Most mature people realize that what they say and what they write should be carefully considered to insure our communications don't come back to haunt us. A good rule of thumb is not to say or write down anything you wouldn't want your preacher to hear or see posted on the church door.

As ill-conceived as some of the things we say and write are, there is still a higher threshold that someone can aspire. For example, we can be somewhat assured that our thoughts can be concealed in the cortex of our brains, and understand the risks of voicing or writing them down. However, all this changes when we step up to translating thoughts into action. It's one thing to think something, or say it, or even write it down..., but it's a whole new dimension when we decided to translate thoughts into action.

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS and as we step it up to the action level, there are 'oft a firehose of unintended consequences.

This is what is happening in todays political world. It started out in 2016 when the Democrats lost the election. For eight years the Obama administration demonstrated its ineptitude and inability to lead. To cover up their many failures they used any means at their disposal to conceal how incapable they were at governing. Their loss of political power resulted in a traumatic meltdown that has no parallel in the history of our Republic. They blamed everybody but themselves. In particular they blamed President Trump for whom Democrats have a blinding and vitriolic hatred. It colors everything the Party does. If President Trump says one thing, they say the opposite, and the totality of their focus has been on impeachment since the day of his election. This excess in emotional zeal has clouded the focus of their political thinking and they only use reason, hoping to create a justification and facade for the bad actions they've already undertaken.

ACTION is the operative word here. It is one thing to hate, and another to speak publicly about ones hatred in the papers and on TV. However, there are unintended consequences when the emotion of hate becomes a guide for action. In the end REASON triumphs over emotion.

In the past three years the Democrats have forsaken any attempt at legislating and jumped instead into the emotional vortex of an impeachment attempt that is devoid of any high crimes, misdemeanors, treason, or any other form of any serious aberrant behavior. These mean spirited actions and unfair methods have failed at every turn to meet expectations and the objective of foul play. Instead Democrats have immunized voters to the unfairness of their antics and the subtle influence the fake news has on propagandizing an unwitting electorate.

ACTIONS have unintended consequences and those who fail to look at what they do, through the clear lens of reason, are doomed to fail... when murky emotions distort the process of decision making.
October 16, 2019 at 8:00am
October 16, 2019 at 8:00am
Joe Biden claims to God and the world that he and his son did absolutely nothing wrong in their dealings with the Ukrainians and the Chinese. What he is really claiming is that they broke no laws and thereby did nothing wrong. Whether or not he broke any laws I leave to the lawyers, however keep in mind that the law is a minimal standard that exists to deter criminal behavior and not the standard for someone aspiring to high political office.

The truth is that he used his influence to get Hunter, a job, for which he was singularly unqualified, and then protected and enabled his son's errant behavior. By getting his son a job serving on various corporate boards he was able to thinly veil the bribery that allowed the enormous flow of cash into the Biden coffers. Now it could turn out that this is not seen as the violation of any law, given the current state of our courts, but there is no question that his self serving behavior was sadly lacking from a moral point of view. I say this because he bragged on tape about how he used his influence as Vice President to stifle the corruption investigation looking into political bribes in Ukraine and got the chief investigator fired. HE BRAGGED ON CAMERA THAT HE THREATENED TO WITHHOLD US AID IF THE INVESTIGATION WAS NOT TERMINATED! If this was not illegal it was morally disgusting and MORALITY is the standard by which Presidents are judged.

Think about Hillary Clinton. There have been no charges made against her reprehensible moral behavior. Look at her Pay for Play schemes, her server and the destroying of classified emails and soaking the busted hardware in bleach. Look a Uranium 1. While she was never charged, her flagrant immorality tainted her candidacy and the sheer scope of the corruption made her unelectable. The worst part was she never fessed up to her sins, much less asked the electorate to forgive her. Joe Biden is cut from the same tainted mold. He, like Hillary, claims he did nothing wrong. It is a legal claim that is not going to fly in picking someone to be President of the United States.

Like Clinton, Biden is a sleaze-bag and I hope he gets the Democratic nomination. Let the election process in 2020 be a tutorial for the American people on the depths to which the Democrats have sunk. Let his campaign lead to further revelations that will continue the Clinton legacy of dirty politics and underhanded chicanery.
October 15, 2019 at 7:25pm
October 15, 2019 at 7:25pm
Anyone who thinks we haven't been visited in the past by Aliens needs only look at pictures of the pyramid at Giza. Inside is a passageway called the Grand Gallery. It creeps me out every time I see photos and videos of it. It is Alien in steroids and anybody who thinks it was built by primitive man, just emerging from the hunter gatherer stage of evolution is in serious need of professional help.
October 15, 2019 at 7:19pm
October 15, 2019 at 7:19pm
I wrote this a while back so for those who think cattle mutilations are something new, think again!

The smoking gun that Aliens are present is evidenced by cattle mutilations. You can reach out and touch a dead cow that has been harvested for organs and dropped back to earth. This is tangible. It is like going to Egypt and touching a pyramid. Hypnosis and Remote Viewing might be dismissed as voodoo science and using anti gravity to lift thousand ton rocks, as conjecture, but there is no dismissing a cadaver dissected by the aliens.

Linda Moulton Howe is largely responsible for getting the word out on cattle mutilations. For those who are unaware, it's closely related to the human abduction phenomenon. The difference is that humans are usually returned alive. In the case of animals, once selected parts are removed, what is left of their body are unceremoniously dropped to the ground below.

Early in her investigative work Howe interviewed a local sheriff. Asked what he thought was going on the sheriff pointed to the sky and told her it was extraterrestrials. She was shocked and taken aback. " It's true," the sheriff said, "but don't quote me on it."

Despite Linda's skepticism, the sheriff's view was given support by a local veterinarian who was summoned to the scene to examine one of the dead animals. The Vet related that he had no explanation based upon his training and experience. The precision of the incisions, and absence of blood were not work of any science he was aware of. He went on to say that he did not want to be called in the future when these incidents were reported. The mutations happened regularly during the early 50s to the 90s and numbered in the thousands.

So common did the practice become that local ranchers, began accepting them as a cost of doing business. In 1980, Howe's boss began to lose interest and the whole matter might have dropped off the radar but for an unexpected break. A witness, Judy Dorary saw an animal abduction taking place. While her recollection was unclear, she began to experience sever migraine headaches. Under hypnosis she related her experience.

Seeing a bright light over a pasture, she stopped and got out of the car. A calve was being lifted into a hovering craft. Her recollection faded but under hypnosis the details became clear once more. She and her daughter were also abducted and taken up into the craft. There, Judy witnessed the dissection.

Two small humanoids about three feet tall stood near her in a laboratory like setting. She was informed that they were conducting tests. The pair said they were stationed here on earth and were doing work, the purpose of which was the "...betterment of mankind." The concern of the aliens was pollution that was finding its way into animals and human via toxins in the water. It was just a matter of time before people started dying, they informed her.

Doray felt the aliens were "...talking down to her." she asked about God and was told, "He's the same to us as he is to you."

While she watched the pair dissected the calf... they were particularly interested in the reproductive organs saying.... "...in each generation the toxins are more pronounced."

When finished with the calf they laughed and let it drop to the ground below. They told Judy she would not remember any of this...

Suddenly Dorary saw her daughter on an examining table in an adjacent room. She freaked out thinking they were about to do to her child what she had just witnessed with the calf. She became hysterical and began to scream.

She watched helplessly as tissue samples were swabbed from inside her daughter's mouth.

the next thing Judy remembers is back at the car with her daughter. None of the other passengers remembered anything.

Howe is convinced there's some connection between the government and animal mutilations. Some believe it's a quid pro quo. The government turns its head on abductions and animal mutilations. in return the Aliens facilitate our understanding of space travel. These Aliens are not showing much common sense in abducting humans and mutilating cattle. Instead of promoting the mutual coverup they're raising a red flag.

Reference: Alien Agenda, page 267-268
October 13, 2019 at 9:35pm
October 13, 2019 at 9:35pm
There were several articles written in the past week reporting that prize bulls in Oregon were found dead.... organs surgically removed, without any sign of blood. The reports seemed mystified by the dead bovines and attributed it to cults or perhaps disgruntled employees trying to get back at their owners. How soon we forget! There is nothing new about these types of animal mutilations and if you search Linda M Howe, an investigative UFO journalist she wrote a book on this type of phenomenon. Back in the 70s, 80s and 90s this was happening all the time and the sheer volume, MO, and identical circumstances pointed to the culprits being ALIANS! Yes, ALIANS, not crazy cult followers or cattle rustlers, ALIANS!

Abruptly it stopped, but now it is happening again which is a bit disconcerting. I say "disconcerting" because all these animal mutilations were taking place in the olden days , concurrently with human abductions. There were in fact witnesses, who saw a cow being drawn up into a saucer like object, and the woman and her daughter were abducted shortly afterwards. Her testimony was confirmed by hypnosis. These human abductees were released unharmed while the poor cow was unceremoniously allowed to fall back to earth once selective parts, characteristically reproductive organs. were surgically removed with a bloodless precision we can't duplicate today. Don't take my word, search "Linda M Howe, animal mutilations" and then the latest example, "Bulls, mutilations, Oregon."

When I finished my research I concluded that the Planet Earth was a huge biosphere teeming with life and that it was being visited by ALIANS, who by all accounts have an obsession with the biology of certain animals particularly human beings. I know this sounds absurd to those who have not inquired into the firehose of UFO information reported since the end of WW2 but the question of animal mutilations is well documented and explained by Moulton Howe's research. The people in Oregon are scratching their heads like this phenomena never happened before. Ask any Midwestern cattle rancher who has been around awhile and they'll give you an earful.

People often ask "What do the ALIANS want and why are they nosing around our planet? One common denominator, the one recurring theme is biology. The biology of life is extremely complex and was created at a molecular level. While it can't easily be replicated from scratch the DNA in living organisms can be manipulated and adapted to a host of other living lifeforms existing throughout the galaxy. Hence the interest.

After Roswell Incident in the 1940's, crashed saucer like craft were recovered in New Mexico. This started an onslaught of new technological advances as we sought to back engineer the downed vehicles. In the seventy-five years that followed the mystery of how these UFOs operate was slowly unraveled and at places like Area 51, under the cover of being an Aerospace research facility and Training Area for aviators, work has continued at a fevered pace to decipher the nuts and bolts of how the off world mechanical technology works. Concurrently, we have become more focused on what our interstellar visitors are showing such an interest in.... unlocking the secrets of these marvelous biological organisms that we inhabit and motor around in and know very little about. We are encapsulated in an organism of mind blowing complexity that for all our medical science, are only now beginning to scratch the surface of how it operates. The ETs are embarked on the same quest and are visiting a pristine world teeming with exotic life forms, that include intelligent life in its most primitive form.

So what does this have to do with cows being beamed up into space craft, carved with bloodless laser-like precision and the abduction of human beings? If you don't want to hear the answer don't read any further... be content to go to sleep at night thinking about the hum-drum events of your daily lives, oblivious to the undercurrents that swirl below the superficial impressions you have of the world around you. It is the stuff of nightmares and sordid happenings that will make you bolt wide eyed in bed at the realization of what the Deep State is involved in.

October 11, 2019 at 7:56am
October 11, 2019 at 7:56am
I saw Trump's latest rally on TV last night. Nineteen thousand crammed the auditorium and thousands more waited outside, not withstanding the thousand or so milling about, trying to incite violence. These paid liberal radicals were looking for a fight, throwing objects at the police and their horses. They got in the faces of anyone suspected of having Republican sympathies. They blocked traffic hurling obscenities at the passengers. George Soros certainly got his money's worth. What a sorry lot these liberal radicals have become, what a bunch of crazies, hell bent on ripping apart the fabric of American society. How did the once proud Democratic Party (to which I once subscribed) allow this travesty to take place? The answer of course is money and our enemies abroad certainly have plenty of that.

Anybody who believes that this malcontented rabble was simply expressing their constitutional righty to peaceful protest and dissent is sadly misinformed. They were a bunch of anarchists intolerant of any point of view but their own, seeking to tear down the institutions of Democracy and replace them with a claptrap socialist form of government. They had two objectives, force their views upon others and create chaos. This is what the Democrats have devolved to. They have not had any time to legislate the past three years having frittered it all away screaming COLLUSION, OBSTRUCTION, and RASIST, RASIST RASIST! They want this country to fail, for in failure the mindless masses are more likely to accept their unworkable socialist agenda. The Democrats are the party of suffering and human misery and have adopted a "Poison the Waterhole Strategy." This strategy is aimed at destroying the economy that is the engine for a better way of life currently being offered the American people. They want to "Shit in the Economic Mess kit" that has given Americans a better way of life than any other country in the world. The offshore money that seeks to establish a one world government knows it will never succeed unless the US is brought low, to the status of an impoverished third world country like Cuba or Venezuela.

Obama had us well down the road to achieving that objective, and were it not for the "Miracle of 2016", Hillary would have finished the job. From the beginning of his presidency, and even before the Democrats have had one goal...IMPEACHMENT! In the meantime they have done everything possible to hamstring the Trump administration. His words summed it up when he said.... "I made a mistake making it known I was for a wall along the Southern Border. Had I said I opposed it the Democrats would have fallen all over themselves to see it got funded."

The Muller Report was a political hit job that went astray when it turned out the partisan Democratic investigators would be constrained by having to tell the truth. The truth in Part One of the report showed that President Trump was not guilty of the terrible crimes the Democrats claimed he committed. Part Two of the report was added as a consequence, providing a pathway to impeachment which was what the objective was all along. If Collusion was the central focus then why was there no investigation of Hillary Clinton...? Now that was a lodestone of real Russian collusion and obstruction. Instead the whole focus of the report was on Trump, who was newly elected and had not had time to continue the sins of the Obama Administration even if he had been inclined to do so. Perter Stryzuk said as much in his famous words...."There's no there, there." He added the following caveat however, "If this is about impeachment you can count me in." What does this tell the informed reader? It says that proof or no proof the Democrats were out to get Trump even if they had to manufacture the evidence to do so.

This brings us to the great "Whistle Blower Scam." It turns out this individual was a cohort of Joe Biden, having accompanied him at least once to the Ukraine in his efforts to extort money from a desperate country fighting for its life from Russian aggression. When it looked like the whole scheme would be blown open by an honest investigator, Biden threatened to withhold defense aid if the investigator was not fired. That is not conjecture but is captured on a tape made afterwards showing the then VP bragging about shutting down the investigation. What a sleaze bag, Joe Biden turned out to be. The scam worked so well, he took a page from Hillary's Pay for Play Book and proceeded to shake down the Chinese, in a thinly veiled corruption scheme that weighed in at over a billion dollars. This is the man the Democrats want to be president. Bring it on... Give Creepy Joe the nod to sell out the United States for another eight years while he smells the hair of those liberal females who find him so attractive.
October 10, 2019 at 8:21pm
October 10, 2019 at 8:21pm
I hope that Joe Biden gets the Democratic nomination. He is worse than Hillary which is quite a claim to fame. When it came out that through his son, Joe, used is influence as vice president to get a prosecutor fired in Ukraine who was looking into corruption, my reaction was that bribes under a million was business as usual for the Democrats. But Biden and his son were not happy with a measly million, they decided to shake down the Chinese for over a billion. Now I think that a billion is a wee bit excessive for these political crooks and I hope is Biden gets the nomination the American people get a closer look at who the corrupt creep really is.

I can't wait to see the footage played back over and over how he creeped out women by breathing in their hair and the tape of him bragging how he got the Ukrainians to stifle that prosecutor looking into Hunter's corruption by threatening to withhold US aid. For heavens sake, look at the tape and listen to his own words. If that isn't convincing evidence I don't know what is. There is no moral equivalent here. If Trump had done what Biden did impeachment would be a foregone conclusion.
September 24, 2019 at 9:54am
September 24, 2019 at 9:54am
Socialism is the Red Headed Stepchild of Communism. The difference is that in Communism the government owns everything. In Socialism a small pittance is left to the regulation of market forces. Off shore money owns most of the media in the United States and this media is being used to seduce American voters into believing the biggest lie ever foisted on a gullible electorate. The idea that bureaucrats will do a better job distributing wealth than a market economy is totally absurd, yet voters, hoping to get something for nothing think it is the greatest idea in political history.

Cuba is still operating on a 1950s economy, evidenced by all the antique cars they drive around. Venezuela had a robust economy until the Socialists ruined it and turned a nation rich in oil into an impoverished backwater of economic despair. But what about those European countries, supposedly living living in Socialist utopian splendor? When was the last time anyone asked them how much they love their county's political form of governing? ... countries which under socialized medicine put their old people out on the ice with rationed healthcare? Look at Canada, for heavens sake. Where do old Canadians, who can still afford it, come to get decent healthcare?

We're being fed a bunch a bunch of malarky by the Democrats and our low information electorate is lapping it up like a bunch of morons.
September 22, 2019 at 9:39am
September 22, 2019 at 9:39am
I get a little irritated being told that the President is being briefed on his "Options."

OPTIONS TO WHAT? screams out in my mind.

There are two parts to the problem solving process that leap out before any discussion of options should be undertaken.

The first is defining the problem and the second has two parts... facts and assumptions bearing on the problem.

Without knowing what these are, a consideration of options is putting the cart before the horse.

For example consider the latest crisis on the Cruise Missile/Drone attack on the Saudi Oil fields. The problem could be defined in three ways depending on who the decision-maker is and what his point of view is regarding the scope being considered.

Say the decision maker is the Saudi King. His first thought would, no doubt, be a knee jerk inclination to launch a retaliatory strike. As emotions cool he might consider, Against Who? It helps to know that prior to launching a tactical level response. Maybe an airstrike right now against some arbitrary target in Iran is not such a good idea.

If the Decision-maker was another leader in the region his point of view would be more Operational (Regional) in nature and his thinking on options might focus on the best way to keep the Iranians from launching a similar attack on his country.

For the United States, the President should be looking from a Strategic perspective, on how to keep the oil flowing and preserve the economic world order. Twenty years ago such a disruption would have been a threat to our vital interests but these days, with the US being energy independent, this is no longer the case.

So before any meaningful exploration of options, the decision maker needs to consider the scope of their National Interests, be they tactical, operational or strategic.

So the Saudi King might reason, the problem is to determine the best way to keep our oil fields safe from drones and cruise missiles.
Other Arab Leaders might see the problem as determining the best way to keep the Iranians from attacking them in a similar manner.
And the US President should reason, what is the best way to preserve stability in the Middle East?

Note: One of the biggest problems with the problem solving process lies in defining the problem. It is often glossed over yet it has a huge influence on what the solution turns out to be.

The next step to consider, before skipping over to options, is the one that deals with facts and assumptions.

A fact bearing on the problem is exactly that. At a certain time and place, cruise missiles and drones were launched against two Saudi Oil refineries. Fifty percent of the production capacity was impacted. The Saudis were surprised and lacked the defensive means to prevent the attack. Saudi oil is a mainstay of the European economy. Saudi Arabia and Iran are regional competitors for control of the Middle East.

An Assumption can be thought of as a fact that hasn't happened or one that has yet to be verified. Sometimes the facts are deliberately concealed or they have an element of futurity... i.e. they haven't happened yet. For example, "Iran launched the attack." While this appears extremely likely, it could be that another country launched the attack hoping Iran would get blamed. Iran claims to have no involvement despite the fact they have a record of abusing the truth... but what if they aren't lying? Anyway, these worrisome assumptions need to be put to rest before serious retribution takes place... One has only to recall the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" assumption, widely believed to exist when the Bush Administration was in power while deciding how to deal with Iraq...to understand how dangerous assumptions can be.

Only after the first two steps are clearly in mind should the decision maker allow anybody to start a discussion of options.

September 21, 2019 at 8:49am
September 21, 2019 at 8:49am
Sometimes I wonder about a time and place where the designers of life had their workshop.

It had to be a very small place, by our standards, because much of the design work was done on the molecular level.

Say for example, someone on the design team was the "Ant Guy." Now we all know that ants are small so this guy must have been minute in scale. So there he was figuring out how the DNA had to be arranged to get the body parts to function. If we were attempting such a thing today we would use plastics and wires and power it with electro servos and micro circuitry.

The Ant Guy, however would be using biology and chemistry in his work with the same facility that we use nuts and bolts.

Pretty cool, don't you think. Here we are a bio-organism and we would try and replicate the ant using electro-mechanical processes. Don't you see the irony? We are made of flesh and blood yet our attempts at creation run along the lines of bent metal, coated with teflon, fiber optic nerves, and muscles made of flexible plastics and servos.

Here we are a creator and we aren't even using the same processes and materials that created us.

Clearly this is proof that our creator and human kind originated in different dimensions. How about them grits?
September 14, 2019 at 4:06pm
September 14, 2019 at 4:06pm
Some think that to lose weight the answer is eating less, ie smaller portions, perhaps cutting out one meal a day. Others think that a vigorous workout routine, joining a fitness club is the answer. Still other believe that one of these fandango diets is the answer. If the truth be known its a combination of all three that will be necessary to lose weight particularly for those who are getting on in years and have allowed old eating and work habits to continue, long after an aging metabolism has outlived the need for a high energy diet.

After I retired I continued my old eating habits while slowing down the tempo of my daily life. Guess what? I started gaining weight, not so much I noticed it right away and not until I got an unpleasant wake up call. I needed three stints for clogged arteries in my heart and some of my smaller blood vessels into parts a man doesn't like to think about got plugged up too. I put on an extra fifty pounds in ten years without hardly noticing.

My wife has me on one of those Keto fat burning diets and that is working. I joined Planet Fitness and quit eating breakfast, which I hardly miss anymore. Just a word tot he wise. When you retire you have to make some major life style adjustments and a great place to begin is with your diet and exercise habits.

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