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September 3, 2019 at 7:13pm
September 3, 2019 at 7:13pm
If you take the Muller Report and just open it in the middle, it will soon become apparent that what is being written is a roadmap for impeachment. Everything the reader sees laid out, page after page, is focused on that and nothing more. The problem is that the partisan investigators are unable to make their case. Since they can't prove guilt, they resort to a tactic that throws the presumption of innocence right out the window. They conclude by saying that while the evidence is not sufficient to indite, neither does it exonerate President Trump.

In part 1 some effort is made to show that the Russians were involved in trying to destabilize the United States Election process. So what was the scope of this effort...? A measly (In terms of what the two candidates spent) $1.25 million dollars. Maybe a dozen operatives were actively involved setting up email accounts and trying to incite efforts to undermine and destabilize the election. The partisan investigators claim that these efforts were designed to aid Trump without ever bothering to look into the millions Hillary spent on the Steel Dossier which was crafted by the Russians to get political dirt on President Trump. So on one hand you have the Democratic National Committee actively involved with a foreign agent to get dirt on Trump, while it is being claimed that there were Soviet operatives working behind the scenes to get Trump elected.

Pause a moment and consider, if you can, in your wildest stretch of the imagination, wonder why the Russians would have preferred Trump over Clinton. Clinton was a liberal Democratic, a known commodity who was committed to continuing the Obama Administration's policies that had literally run the US economy into the ground. Obama told the American people, 1 percent GDP growth is the new norm, get used to it. Contrast that with Trump, an avowed capitalist, a smart businessman, who was an unknown, with the potential for bringing the United States out of the Economic doldrums inherited from the Democrats. As you reflect, do you really think the Russians preferred Trump? Trump had the potential to become a Regan on steroids which is exactly what happened. The Soviets made a dramatic comeback under the Obama administration and became once more a force that exercised influence on the world stage. Decades earlier, under Regan the US economy surged and brought, the then, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic's crashing down on itself. Why in heavens name would the "Rouskies" prefer someone who might turn the US once more into an economic powerhouse?

For those who don't understand how dysfunctional the Soviet Union is allow me to inject some background. In Russia, the left hand seldom knows what the right is doing. This is to say that caught up in the corrupt give and take of daily Russian Political life, those with power are constantly competing with each other for the country's limited wealth. Very little of Russian's economic potential ever finds it way down to the people and is instead diffused into the hands of government officials, quasi government officials, wealthy businessmen, and organized crime. At the top of this societal dungheap is Vladimir Putin who rules this buzzing hive of dysfunction in much the same way Stalin did. If you mess with Putin you get sent to the Gulag or murdered. However, Putin can't keep his finger on everything, and the actions taken by the bureaucracy are seldom in the best interest of the populace. Plus, there are limits to what he can actually get away with. No one human being can preside efficiently over this chaotic mess, masquerading as government. Russia is no exception.

At the highest levels are government officials who understand the concept of "Real Politic." The idea here is exactly how the Mafia operates. Sure many of the mob bosses hate one another but they often refer to their actions as "business decisions" rather than personal acts. The idea is that a Nation, unlike the social fabric of the governed, lacks even loose concepts of morality, This stands in stark contrast to the idea that a nation state is amoral. Nations are seen as inanimate objects that act in their self interests... as decided by their leaders in power. The idea that a nation acts based upon self interest and not in response to the emotional baggage of their leadership. This is a time tested principle. So on the surface, claims that the personal antagonisms or friendships of leaders belies what is really taking place. So, all this begs the question why on this God's earth..., the Russians, in their wildest hallucinating fantasy would have preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton... IT WAS NOT IN THEIR NATIONAL INTERESTS! The very idea defies all logic.

September 2, 2019 at 8:05pm
September 2, 2019 at 8:05pm
I'm in the process of reading The Mueller Report. I have to report that I see some real problems with it.

It is always a good idea to start with the instructions provided by the Appointing Authority. Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, signed the appointment order. Now, one would think that if the purpose was, "...to insure a full and thorough investigation of the Russian Government's efforts
to interfere in the 2016 Presidential Election, that a part of the investigation would focus on Hillary Clinton and not exclusively on President Trump. The New York Times called the Dossier "Russian misinformation." What is not included in the appointment order is as noteworthy as what is. Since the team of lawyers appointed as "Investigators" were all Democrats it is easy to understand why this, one of many oversights, came back to haunt the integrity and fairness of the investigation.

(b) The special counsel is authorized to conduct the investigation confirmed by then FBI Director James B Comey in testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on intelligence on March 20th 2017 including:

(Note: The investigation was already well under way prior to President Trump taking office. The Democrats had already decided to on impeachment and wanted an independent counsel to make the case. Knowing they would soon relinquish the levers of power to the Republicans they were determined through a silent coup to regain what they had lost in the election.

(i) Any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump and

(Note: Why is candidate Hillary R. Clinton and the Democratic National committee not named for their role in commissioning, and paying for the Steele Dossier? This dossier has been described by the Washing Post as Russian "miss information." It was compiled by Christopher Steele , a foreign intelligence agent, with the aid of Russian counter intelligence and political operatives.)

(ii) Any matters that arose or may arise from the investigation and

(Note: The purpose for this clause is to use the threat of government prosecution to intimidate witnesses via financial, and other means into pleading the case for an outcome the partisan investigators are seeking.

(iii)Any matters within the scope of 28 C.R.F. 600.4 (a)

So the first question becomes, why Rosenstein ever signed off on this infamous order. If you want to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe he was not a part of the Deep State conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected president, try understanding who was trying to get his ear. First the conspirators had to get Sessions out of the picture. Jeff was intimidated by the Deep State and did not believe that Trump would ever survive the onslaught. Realizing he was in way over his head and about to see his reputation tarnished he proceeded to throw Trump under the bus and recused himself. Now Donald had nobody leading the Department of Justice to watch his back.
August 25, 2019 at 10:26am
August 25, 2019 at 10:26am
Well, Jeffery Epstein is dead.... committed suicide. Someone wanted him dead real bad. I'm sure he had plenty of blackmail files and once he was in the slammer it was a small step to see he was silenced.

The deep state found his being alive as an impediment to their goal of establishing a one world government.

World War Three is being waged not in Flanders Fields or Stalingrad but in the United States of America. The USA offers an alternative to "Shit Hole Socialism" which is the governmental model that all the off shore money is hell bent on achieving.

There are several prongs to the attack.

First is George Soros, the point man. He's the conduit for efforts to buy political influence and funds the Democratic Party and all the nasty things they do to instigate internal strife and destabilize our government. He was thrown out of Great Britain for shenanigans that sought to destroy their economy. He came to the United States where he was greeted with open arms.

A Second prong was Epstein... His sex trafficking network was used to gather dirt on Influential people to secure their support, complicity or silence in furthering the One World Agenda.

A third front is buying, through a host of fronts, parts of Americana that influence public opinion... This includes political, media and educational influences that shape public opinion.

What we need is an annual award we can call the William Randolph Hurst trophy for Yellow Journalism... The term "Yellow Journalism" has fallen out of vogue and has been replaced by "Fake News" however, they mean the same thing. The leading outlets for the print and network medial should be joint recipient for the award. What they did for the first term of the Trump Administration was obscene . COLLUSION, COLLUSION, COLLUSION, OBSTRUCTION, OBSTRUCTION OBSTRUCTION, RACIST RACIST RACIST... was an unending drumbeat that reverberated without letup. When cleared by the Muller Report they didn't even have the decency to apologize.... they just doubled down.

My question to the liberals is do they really think that anyone who voted for Trump in 2016 will fail to vote for him in 2020? Do they see the difference in a Trump Rally and the pathetic turnouts we see by the Democratic presidential hopefuls? Trump will eviscerate the Democrats in 2020... the real contest will be for the House and Senate.

The Obama Administration almost delivered the USA to the offshore elites and Hillary was expected to put the finishing touches on turning America into another shit hole. It was an act of God that saw Trump elected.
July 31, 2019 at 6:46pm
July 31, 2019 at 6:46pm
I doubt that too many took note but one of the first things that Donald Trump did upon taking office was quietly sign an executive order on sex trafficking. I remember thinking at the time.... Hmmm, what is that all about. Seems there'd be more pressing matters for a newly elected president to look into... Since Trump was a novice to the Deep State, somebody must have clued him in that this was a serious problem.

If you watch U-tube or even the Acorn network there is a Line of Duty" serial from Ireland, that describes vividly what is going on over there.
It's a big problem in Europe among the common market countries and with the influx of all the refugees the trafficking has gotten worse. Last night I saw a video of two girls escaping into a van and the commentator describing what was taking place. "...Two two young women just got away from a ring, exploiting them for sexual purposes..."

With regard to the immigrants coming in from Mexico and South America , ILLEGALLY entering the United States... Where an adult with a child is defined as "Family" the potential is huge for such criminal activity. Still, you don't see much about the problem from Hollywood and that is where most low information voters get their world view. If you really want to find out how bad human sex trafficking is you have to either read a book, like the sequel to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or watch it on European Television.

So the fake news just brushes over the problem using a term like "sex trafficking" that most American's don't understand at the visceral level. Instead they want to deflect attention away by claiming the conditions under which the illegal migrants are kept is analogous to a "Concentration Camp." If you want to talk about concentration camps look at the concentration of feces and squalor running off into the storm sewers in the "Sanctuary Cities." A problem worthy of congressional attention is our homeless being driven to live in tents, without the basics of sanitation... one leading to a potential health crisis of epic proportions. We are already seeing a resurgence or Typhoid Fever.

Elijah Cummings, who can only find time to snipe at President Trump over his family's unofficial use of cellphones, is the "Political Slumlord of Baltimore Maryland, " by many measures the worst stink hole in the country. The reason why the Democrats keep their base penned up is for control purposes... For thirteen terms, twenty six years, Cummings has exhorted blacks with the threat that if you don't vote for me, " the Republicans will take away your food stamps." He has locked down his constituents in chains of dependency until all they know how to do is show up at the polling booth and vote Democrat

All that aside, there's a connection between Jeffrey Epstein and global sex trafficking. I think the crap is about to hit the fan. When it does the people will demand that the names of the Congressmen and Senators who used taxpayer money to pay off sex abuse allegations. Why are those names being withheld from the public? Aren't voters supposed to make an informed decision? It makes perfect sense to me that the electorate has a right to know what their representatives are up to when not voting themselves a pay raise, chasing skirts or obstructing President Trump?
July 28, 2019 at 12:15pm
July 28, 2019 at 12:15pm
Jeffrey Epstein is currently on suicide watch at his NYC jail. Three sources claim he tried to kill himself. A fourth source claims that he might have been assaulted. This report comes from a fellow inmate, a former police officer, Nicholas Tartaglione. For those who don't know Epstein has a long history of sexually abusing underage girls.

While nobody disputes the man is pervert and uses his money to satisfy his own sexual fantasies... how he grew his personal hobby into a sex racket of world wide scope has law enforcement scratching their heads. The scale of his trafficking empire, includes real estate holdings on both coasts, a private island, and jet set operations that take his clients to locations in Asia and Africa.

Some claim that Epstein is a billionaire, however this is somewhat in doubt. He's a hedge fund manager for sure and the money he invests is possibly confused with his real net worth. Actually, nobody can figure out where his wealth comes from. Allow me to speculate.

It's the same source that George Sorros taps into.. .Off shore money from entities who despise the United States. These are foreign countries, wealthy individuals and world wide banking interests, who are seeking to bring the USA down a few notches, and remake our Republic into a Socialist state.

Epstein is just another point man in an ongoing effort to create a worldwide planetary government. Jeffrey's mission was to use his network to get dirt on the "Who's Who" of American Politics. Who do you think is really paying for these planeloads of influential people, these Orgy Islands, and recruiting young women from across the globe?

I say young women, that's an understatement! While Jeffreys taste for adolescent girls, some as young as twelve years, is well established, the real value to the influence peddling scheme is that the girls are underage. Do you really believe that the rooms where these sex acts got performed had no surveillance cameras and/or sound recorders? This was the whole purpose of the sex trafficking enterprise.

Imagine his surprise at being arrested and thrown in jail. Mr. Epstein is not stupid... He has an insurance policy locked away somewhere. You can bet that he is scared and his lawyers are working feverishly to find a Judge who will grant him bail so he can flee the country. If somebody assaulted him you can bet he is even more terrified. There are those he has dirt on who will stop at nothing to keep him silent. If he can't buy his way out, through a corrupt judge, then he will have to plea bargain his way out and the trove of blackmail videos is likely to find their way to the bargaining table. Otherwise, I suspect that Jeffery is not long for this world.
July 27, 2019 at 11:22am
July 27, 2019 at 11:22am
We know that during the Obama Administration the Democrats weaponized the instruments of power, tools given them to govern the country and used them against their political enemies. Two examples are Susan Rice, leaking intelligence information on Mike Flynn and Lois Lerner, using the IRS to shut down the applications of opposing groups applying for tax exemptions under the law. Many Democrats, cynically signed up for the notion, "What good is political power if you can't use it against your enemies?

The abuses practiced by the Democrats led directly to their losing the 2016 elections, when the Republicans swept the Presidency, House and Senate. Now, one would think that after suffering the crushing defeat that they brought upon themselves that the Democrats would step back and consider the error of their ways. Hmmm, maybe abusing the tools of government is not such a good idea.. Unfortunately, even though they got a healthy dose of reality, the reasons for it have not sunk in. They continue to abuse such power, as they have left, to punish their political opponents.

This was evidenced in the launch of the Mueller Probe, confirmation hearings of recent Supreme Court Justices, and right up to the present. Every time they think they're being sly, it blows up in their faces... but undeterred they rush on once more, oblivious to the consequences, and double down. Despite the outcome of Mueller Report, where the Democratic operatives who wrote it, found no grounds for collusion or obstruction they continue to shoot themselves in the foot. The latest ploy is to use their remaining power in the House to attack the President and his family. Elijah Cummings is using the power of his committee to drag Trump family members before the court of public opinion, on cell phone abuse. Chairman's Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff have been abusing their powers to prove the President a traitor. Pause and imagine that for a moment...President Trump a "Traitor." If anyone is a traitor to the United States its these corrupt power brokers of the Democratic Party. They hide behind the facade of only carrying out their oversight responsibilities but the American people can see what is going on. How can they miss it, the tactics are so over the top that even a low information voter can see what's happening. So why do they keep doubling down on stupidity and continuing a course that makes them look bad in the public eye?

The reason is the Democrats are bought and paid for by offshore interests. If anyone can see where their actions are leading its these experienced Democratic politicians, however pressure is being brought to bear to get them to do things that can only lead to defeat. The off shore money doesn't understand how things work in the United States. They might understand how it works in Europe or Asia or third world countries, but when they apply those tactics to the USA they simply don't work. I'm sure that the top leaders of the Democratic Party see the error of their ways and where this strategy is leading but they are unable to convince the off shore money to deviate from the playbook. If the Democrats keep it up they will face a crushing defeat in 2020. Still, those pulling the strings continue their heavy handed ways. I suspect this isn't going to stop until the media is totally without credibility and the American Public realizes that the greatest threat we face is from a fifth column of foreigners.
July 25, 2019 at 7:35pm
July 25, 2019 at 7:35pm
When I saw Bob Muller giving testimony before Congress I felt bad for the guy. He and I are about the same age and the tempo of the questioning was so fast that there is no way I could have kept up with it, much less a man, suffering from the onset of dementia.

My father was a lot like Bob Muller. He wanted to be a big shot even though he was no longer up to it. Muller was flattered by the Democrats who heaped unending praise on his honesty, integrity and patriotism knowing the old fuddy-duddy would lap it up and allow them to use his aging reputation as a front for the Trump Witch Hunt. Andrew Wiseman and his band of Democratic Trump haters hid beneath Muller's umbrella as they exercised free rein in looking for dirt to impeach Trump.

What they failed to consider was the observation of Peter Struke, who said from the outset..."There is no there, there." If anyone should have known it was Struke, then serving as a top ranking counterintelligence agent for the FBI. Since it appears that Muller twiddled his thumbs for two years, Wiseman's merry partisans had free rein to put the President under a prolonged spotlight, the intensity of which few political figures could have survived.

What saved Trump was largely the fact that he had little time before and after the election to collude with anyone. The Democrats on the other hand had over eight years to perfect the unlawful use of the powerful tools of government.

The truth I suppose is that Mr. Muller has no one to blame but himself for his miserable appearance before the Congressional committees. The same can be said for the Democrats lackluster performance at trying to achieve a game changing moment. Instead Muller came off as a buffoon and Chairmans Nadler and Schiff were revealed to be a couple of dumb clucks. If Trump wasn't exonerated by the report itself, he was by this rare glimpse into political ineptitude.

Anyone could have realized, when the report came out, authored by Trump haters, who reached the conclusion that there was no collusion and insufficient grounds to charge on obstruction... that the empty accusations and promises trumpeted in the Fake News for two years had failed to materialize. "Gee, did we ever screw up!" these morons should have quietly admitted." Instead they choose to cherry pick the minutia and try and make some sort of case that Attorney General Barr put a political spin on the outcome. The Democrats had the deck stacked completely in their favor and still failed to come up with the goods. All the while Donald was calling the investigation a Hoax and a Witch Hunt... which it was.

I will acknowledge that these "Partisan Lawyers" seem to have drawn the line between real dirt and manufactured dirt which Hillary Clinton stepped over without batting an eye. My fear was, given the irrational hatred the deep state has for Trump, that they would have resorted to manufacturing a collection of lies such as we saw in the Steele Dossier. I applaud the partisan investigators for not stooping that low. On the other hand note that the whole investigation focused on finding Republican Dirt and turned a blind eye on finding Democratic Dirt. If the collusion and obstruction of the Democrats, had received the same scrutiny there would have been a host of inditements on the "Who's Who" of the Obama Administration, which would have shaken our Republic to the very core.
July 21, 2019 at 8:49am
July 21, 2019 at 8:49am
"The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media." William Colby, former CIA Director.
July 20, 2019 at 10:04am
July 20, 2019 at 10:04am
Today, on the anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, a carefully orchestrated disinformation campaign is being waged to sanitize and cover up what the astronauts actually saw. What they discovered was evidence of extraterrestrial life.

On U-tube is a "Documentary" that makes the case that structures and tracks leading into ancient facilities were found by the astronauts.

This video appears to be a serious commentary on the audio transmissions kept from the public. NASA had promised the American people to be open with the commentary as the landing took place and that care would be taken to document and share transmissions by the astronauts of what they experienced. This was to insure the public was made part of this extraordinary event. While there were suspicions regarding what the astronauts might find, the evidence suggests that the power brokers were in no way ready for what came to be revealed. Over and over NASA directs the team to switch their communications over to a secure link to keep what they were reporting "Close Hold."

The efforts to debunk this video can only be described as extraordinary. There is an endless stream of comments, claiming the video is a hoax, a lie, or the product of a publicity seeking fraudster. I would say that ninety percent of the supposed comments smack of CIA 101 misinformation. In the mix are some rational replies, but for the most part the chaff is deafening and intended to disinform, obscure, cast doubt upon, and destroy the credibility of those who created the video.

My reaction brings to to mind a famous saying... "Me thinks they protesteth too loudly." A red flag goes up telling me that a fair amount of the revelations are probably true and that the producers of the video hit a raw nerve with those seeking to orchestrate the anniversary of an event shrouded in secrecy.

One thing we do know is that the following statement was made by a former CIA Director.

July 19, 2019 at 7:18pm
July 19, 2019 at 7:18pm
I voted for Donald Trump for President of the United States of America in 2016. At the time I wasn't sure if he would work out but it was either him or Hillary Clinton. Since Clinton was the worst candidate in the history of the Republic the choice was self-evident. In seeking the nomination Hillary needed a foil and she was worried that virtually any Democrat that ran against her would show well, not necessarily because they were deemed worthy candidates but because she was such a terrible choice.

So it was decided to let a non-Democrat run against her, an Independent, Bernie Sanders, who caucused with the Democrats, but who was an avowed socialist from Massachusetts. Only in Massachusetts could a socialist, who honeymooned in Russia, be elected a Senator. Now, because Bernie did so well against Hillary, many Democrats believed that the United States was ripe for a Socialist takeover and the attractiveness of Socialism, to many low information voters, took on steam. Never mind that the reason for his blooming popularity was more a distaste for Hillary than a serious belief in the merits of this red headed stepchild of Communism. Still any political dogma that makes wild impossible promises is going to find a constituency in those hoping to get something for nothing. My brother is a great example. "I'm going to vote for the candidate who offers me the most health care at the best price," he told me, "not mincing his words... That's all I care about right now!" So rest assured there are plenty of people who will vote in favor of their parochial interests over what is best for the country.

Now our off grid enemies know that many Americans share my brother's jaded point of view. Indeed, directly or indirectly our media is owned by foreign investors. The Chinese are great examples but they have to stand in line with world wide banking interests who are looking to institute a planetary wide single form of government, naturally one they control. There is a fifty column alive and well in the United States that wants to see us destroyed economically. They encourage Democrats to support the left wing lunatics who have become the new face of the Party. Make no mistake, a Democracy is never more than one generation away from going under and the erosion of traditional values in the USA continues at an alarming rate.

In 2020 the Republicans need more than our votes, they need our prayers.
July 18, 2019 at 11:28am
July 18, 2019 at 11:28am
Regarding who is really pulling the strings in the Democratic Party, I can't say for sure. The evidence points to a conglomerate of offshore monied interests with deep pockets. The Democratic Politicians use George Sorros as the Single Point of Contact but there are some hefty financial backers standing in the wings. I think some likely candidates are the Rockerfellers, the Rothschilds, and the Bilderburgers but fingering them is like finding and prosecuting the kingpins of an organized crime cartel.

I further believe that another layer under these mega banking interests are the Extraterrestrials The Money and ETs agree on one thing; the planet Earth needs a single, unified and overarching government. These two players are working constantly behind the scenes to achieve their political goal. It's no easy task. The challenge they face is daunting and achieving it is often a case of one step forward and two steps back. The United States of America is a huge impediment. It offers an alternative to the Socialist model the New Aristocracy is shooting for. Still, the monied elite have made progress selling their product. They like the model because it harkens back to feudalism which put an elite class in control and is based on Plato's Republic. Never mind that it never worked, invites mediocrity, and brings out the worst in the ruling class... it 's an effective means, as the Communists have demonstrated, for controlling the masses. This is why the elites salivate at the very notion of a socialistic world order. They see themselves as the Silver and Golden Citizens. European countries are shown as a good example of what the end product should look like.

Under the Obama administration it looked like they just might be on the verge of pulling it off. The problem was that militarily, economically, and technologically the USA was a hard nut to crack. The only answer the Nouveau Aristocracy saw was an attack from within, a fifth column designed to erode, the moral and constitutional base that has served Americans since the revolution.

The battle lines for 2020 are drawn... Will the Constitution continue to govern or are we in for a healthy dose of Socialism. The outcome will determine the future of the United States.

July 17, 2019 at 1:31pm
July 17, 2019 at 1:31pm
As I watch CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS, I see all this polling data that shows how the Democratic "Wannabies" stack up against Donald Trump in 2020. In almost every case, the polls show the Democratic hopefuls defeating Trump by a statistically significant margin.

The Democrats haven't learned much in the past decade, when Barrack Obama first won the Presidency, the House and the Senate. Since then it's been all down hill. They lost the House, then the Senate and finally the Presidency. Throughout it all, the polls showed the Democrats enjoying a comfortable lead. Why do you suppose this was? Could it be because someone, somewhere, has this idea that people tend to vote for who they perceive will win a contest? That based upon this specious concept the media, "Owned" (controlled), by off shore money, puts their thumb on the scale to insure their candidate of choice appears to be leading?

This was demonstrated in 2016 when inaccurate polls predicted a Democratic landslide. Just the opposite happened. Americans are a bit more sophisticated than the handlers of the Democratic Party realize. Many voters don't want to face the ridicule, hassle and social pressure exerted by the Left, so when asked in a poll, who will you vote for... tell the pollsters the most expedient thing. Something along the lines of, "Me? Vote for Trump...? Get real, I hate the guy!"

Still, there is no denying that Donald Trump won the 2016 election. This begs the question, will anyone who voted for him then, fail to vote for him in 2020? Has Trump done anything since his election that will cause those who voted then to change their minds? I leave that answer to you. None can argue however, that In the presence of overwhelming adversity, the man has made good on his promises. At the same time the economy has soared to all time highs. Obama said, "1% GDP growth was the new norm and it was time the American people got used to it!"

Well, under Trump GDP growth is over 3% and people have seen their 401Ks increase by forty percent. At the same time employment has reached all time highs when compared with the miserable record of the Obama administration. So, why would anyone think that Trump voters in 2016 would flip in 2020? Duh! You decide, but I suspect there will be plenty of independents thinking.. "You know, Donald Trump wasn't nearly as bad a president as the Democrats claimed.

With all that aside, I think the Democrats shot themselves in the foot during confirmation of the Supreme Court nominees, their embrace of Socialism, alienation of the American Working Class, and what is about to come out on Human Trafficking, and the real story of power abuse during the Obama Presidency. None of these bode well and I contend that 2020 will be a bitter disappointment for the Democrats.

I mentioned "Off Shore Money." The United States of America has no shortage of enemies and the most virulent are economic forces outside our borders. In all liklihood, George Soros is only a point man. The hatred this country suffers is the result of being the most powerful nation on earth. Since these other countries, institutions and families can't defeat the US militarily, economically or technologically, they have undertaken a strategy of political subterfuge. They own our media, our educational institutions, financial institutions and have bought and paid for the Democratic Party. The things the media and our politicians (from both parties) say, are slurs that decent Americans would never voice, yet each day media viewers face a fire hose of vile propaganda designed to repeat lies so often that potential voters will come to believe them. RACIST! RACIST! RACIST, RACIST is all we hear these days and so diluted has the term become, that it might better be defined as... "RACIST: A pejorative term used by Democrats to characterize anyone they disagree with!"

The world-wide monied elite have their sights set on a one world government and the USA is a major impediment standing in their way. Who do you suppose is paying for the migrants and refugees , flooding into countries with traditional Western values? The answer is "Offshore Money" and the assaults will not cease until the Unite States is brought low... to the status of a third world Banana Republic and the entire planet is turned into a Socialist shit hole..

June 21, 2019 at 10:36am
June 21, 2019 at 10:36am
As I have grown older I have learned a few things about diet. When I was younger I had a high metabolism, I ate anything I wanted and never gained weight.

One of the hard lessons a mature person has to learn is that as you get older your metabolism slows down and you don't need as much food. Since one tends to be less active as time goes on the exercise option, which used to burn up all those calories becomes less and less a factor in controlling weight.

So, what happens is that, slowly and surely, if you don't make adjustments to your calorie intake the fat begins to accumulate... in all the wrong places. Because of this I have created a diet that works. It's called "THE EAT LESS FOOD DIET.

The first step in the diet is to cut out a meal a day. Since I was a kid I have heard that breakfast is the most important meal. Now, if people died at the age of forty that might have some validity. However, I'm approaching eighty and have discovered this is malarkey. If after the age of sixteen you spend a life involved in intense physical activity a case can be made for breakfast. The problem is that if one spends their early life running marathons, all that exercise is certainly going to burn calories, but it is also going to lead to a premature wear out of body parts and functions. Then, if after forty, you revert to a sedentary life style... then those pancakes, syrup, biscuits, butter and all those calories don't get burned, convert to fat, and spend the last half of your life poisoning your system and requiring your body to haul around twice the weight it was ever intended to bear. It's the old double whammy. It virtually insures a poor quality of life and early demise.

This was the first measure I took when I went for my annual physical and saw my weight top two-hundred lbs. OMG, I lamented, what have I allowed to happen? Since my body had been skinny the first half of my life, seeing a thiry-five percent weight gain was a sobering revelation... hence my revolutionary new diet.

By dropping breakfast I could avoid many of those calories I no longer needed. So I did.

The next measure is "moderate" exercise. This is not an ass-kick workout, used in preparing for a marathon, but rather a brisk one mile walk once or twice a day. Human beings were built to walk and if you stop doing it, a message is sent to the subconscious that your service life is nearing an end and death is becoming more and more imminent. Using a car analogy, it means shifting down gear where you used to shift up.

The third measure is to weigh myself every morning. If my weight is down, that's good, if it's was up... shame on me.

So ,now the question became, did the diet work? The answer is No... I still gained weight. Then I caught the flu and was so sick for two weeks that I lost ten pounds. Guess what? Two weeks later I had gained it all back. "This is bullshit!" I chided my self. What we have here is a definite shortage of willpower and self discipline. This is psychological and needs to be approached with the same presence of mind used in overcoming an addiction. In this case it isn't alcohol, cigarettes, or pot.... the addiction is food. As soon as what is taken in exceeds the energy required for daily life your body begins to stew in its own juices..

Since weight loss is mental and involves breaking up the routine of a recurring compulsion a life style change is required. That change is getting intake to stay below use. The life style change is to eat less while still staying active.

When someone learns to skip breakfast, what is the first thing that happens.... BINGO! You compensate by pigging out at lunch, dinner and between meals. What it takes is a conscious realization, that every bite you take during the day is important. A person who wants to lose weight must stay below the operating level of energy needs and allow the fat that has built up to be converted to energy for daily use. Now, if you aren't already aware your body screams out in sham agony when you decide to put your foot down to tame the beast.

The strategy is to embark on a plan with the following guides.

1. When the food doesn't taste good, don't eat it... Sometimes your body is telling you there is something wrong with it. However, why eat something that is suspect? Because of habit. The whole point of the diet is to break bad eating habits. Yet often do we feel obliged to eat something because we paid good money for it or someone slapped it on our plate? Since you aren't going to be eating as much make sure that what you do eat tastes good.

2. If you must snack between meals, and you will suffer unavoidable cravings, then snack slowly, and when the craving stops quit snacking. There is a time lapse between a powerful and compelling hunger and the point at which you take the edge off it. Be looking for the hunger intensity to diminish and as soon as it reaches a tolerable threshold quit eating.... Don't eat the whole bag of potato chips just because you opened the bag or can.

3. Take your body off automatic pilot... If you don't and just satisfy needs as the flesh demands... You'll begin to self destruct... and while it will happen slowly, so slow you hardly notice it, you go into a downhill slide that is extremely hard to reverse. If you wait too long it becomes twice as hard as you must then contend with both daily energy needs and the need to burn excess fat.

4. When you sit down for your two meals a day.... make sure they are well prepared and delicious. Eat slowly and savor eating what you like best. When the craving subsides, don't feel obliged to eat everything on your plate. Get up and take a walk.

5. If you have a sleep disorder and find you're napping and still tired after a nights sleep... get a CPAP. This can be a problem with burning calories if you're sleeping and napping ten-twelve hours a day.

June 11, 2019 at 9:37pm
June 11, 2019 at 9:37pm
Dr. Stephen Greer heads the Disclosure Project. He has assembled a large number of "Whistle Blowers" and reams of documentation on UFOs. if you search UFOs. Disclosure, Dr. Stephen Greer, Utube, you'll see and hear some pretty convincing evidence that extraterrestrials are real. There are also videos on the subject put out there by folks who's job it is to convince you otherwise. These are the intelligence agencies charged with keeping the lid on the most super secret and sensitive story in the history of mankind. Anybody who is seen as a threat to this secrecy is threatened, ridiculed, attacked and made to appear foolish in the flurry of disinformation and countermeasures that are taken to stifle and marginalize those who get too close to the truth and have access to what is going on behind the scenes. It used to be that people were killed to keep the reality of space Aliens under wraps but in more recent times such extreme measures have given way to other means.

Nobody wants to be made a fool of, ridiculed by others, and lose their reputations, all of which are tactics employed against those who disclose the dark secrets the intelligence agencies are charged to maintain. They have gotten very good at it, so good that anybody who reports a UFO is considered someone in need of psychiatric care. Pilots are particularly loath to report sightings for fear they will lose their licenses. Scientists are frightened that they will lose their grants or have their careers adversely impacted. So anybody these days with credibility and a reputation to maintain are easily manipulated into playing the game. It's a game that started out relatively small and unsophisticated and grew into a security nightmare. Can you imagine working in a job and perpetuating a lie that involves destroying decent men and women to the end of maintaining a cover to an illegitimate program that affects all aspects of life on this planet? Dear GOD! how do those involved in these nefarious activities sleep at night? When they turn the TV on and see the tools of National Intelligence, created for their work, being used by political hacks to undermine the American way of life, how do imagine they must feel?

Little wonder then, that Dr. Greer has such a host of insiders at his beck and call ready to testify to anyone who will listen as to what is really going on. The sad truth is that Americans have become so brainwashed they are beyond redemption and actually enjoy joking about and deriding the presence of those "... little green men. Extraterrestrials come in a variety of shapes and sizes, known as Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. The most common variety are the "Grays" which are roughly four feet in hight, grey in appearance and have a morphology that is somewhat human.

The presence of these alien life forms is no laughing matter and disclosure is necessary to break the gridlock and clear the air of what has been happening the past seventy-five years. Unwittingly to most, a dialog has been set in place, policies established and operations undertaken without governmental oversight. It is a runaway freight train that keeps adding motive power and cars and accelerating towards another galaxy at the speed of light. Those pulling the strings are not legitimate and there is no way to assess the consequences of what they've been up to. I suspect it is already too late to slow the beast down and for that reason seriously doubt there will be any disclosure until our puppet masters, who are way over their heads, screw matters up beyond redemption and get us all killed.
June 10, 2019 at 9:20pm
June 10, 2019 at 9:20pm
I have given this blog the name "Layers of Reality" because I've become convinced that there are two realities playing out in the world around us.

The first is the reality we are allowed to see and the second one that exists, simmering below the surface, that nobody but those with the "secret handshake" are allowed to see.... I know that sounds paranoid and full of conspiracy, however, the world we see on TV and read in the media is the superficial layer the masses are propagandized to accept and it is carefully controlled and orchestrated by those who pull the strings behind the scenes and seek to manipulate the everyday person into thinking that what they see is actually the whole truth.

After Roswell the government came into possession of downed ET vehicles and ET bodies that made it starkly clear that there were aliens from somewhere beyond our solar system, cruising around and taking an interest in what we were up to. WW 2 had just ended and we had exploded a number of nuclear weapons. Shortly afterwards we succeeded in acquiring the hard evidence mentioned above.

That was seventy years ago.... and a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. For one thing President Truman established a council called Majestic 12 chartered to look into the UFO phenomena. The secrecy surrounding this organization dwarfed the Manhattan Project and has continued to this day. Given what we know, it's clear that many of the technological developments that have exploded onto modern times had their genesis when the MJ 12 group began seeding pieces of the recovered alien craft to developers to determine how these craft worked.

It's one thing build technology from scratch and quite another to back engineer it. While the downed extraterrestrial space craft were radically different from the aeronautics we had at the end of WW2, you can rest assured that if we could make an atomic bomb from scratch we could damn well get to the bottom, in short order, regarding how the ET craft operated. Within ten years we had operating prototypes based upon what we acquired at Roswell and additional ET craft that fell into our hands. Some were shot down, some were discovered buried in the archeology of past civilizations, and some were provided by the off-world visitors in negotiations with our government.

It's very easy to become indignant over all the lies and coverups that have taken place since the end of WW2, however, it could well be MJ 12 was provided, by our ET visitors, with a prognosis of a planetary future, filled with doom, gloom and perhaps a chilling ultimation... "...Mend your ways or else." It could be some of the warnings were taken to heart... as we have not had a nuclear confrontation since the bombing of Japan. Exactly what form these revelations took is hard to say but I suspect the dramatization was convincing.

During the 1960s it appears we had a base on the Moon and were actively involved in the colonization of Mars. This was achieved with help from the ETs. Concurrently we were developing ET Reproduction vehicles and flying about in
some of their retrofitted "Hand me Downs" adapted to the human body.

The idea was to figure out how to operate bases, methodologies for establishing colonies both inside and outside the solar system, and defend ourselves if attacked by hostile invaders.

The need for all the secrecy in achieving these objectives is understandable but it has some unintended consequences. In the cover-up techniques have been developed to keep the general population in the dark. As time has gone on many have come to realize that there are two realities taking place at the same time. As a result public trust in our institutions has been compromised to the point that many doubt much of what they hear on the traditional media that have come to be labeled as "Fake News." That is an apt description. While the media continue to serve a role in describing benign events considered newsworthy, such as politics and the weather, they have been so coopted by the Deep State that many are beginning to question who really owns these outlets and who is really pulling the strings. Capabilities that should be keeping us safe are being used corruptly to undermine the intent of the Constitution.

I realize the Democracies have difficulty keeping secrets and after the Soviets stole the A-Bomb perhaps a better way had to be found... Unfortunately the solution has rapidly become worse than the problem.

When President Trump announced the creation of the Space Force, it was because the whole sordid enterprise had become so large, it was not longer possible to keep a lid on it. Instead of disclosure and admitting the whole thing was already up and running and had been for some time... it was made to appear that this Space Force was a new initiative that was about to be stood up for the first time.

What was so bad about the 2016 Election was that the party in power used infrastructure and assets of National Security to try and tip the scale for the political party of their choice. Think about it! What started with an executive order to stand up a secret council to investigate the ET presence has morphed into a military Industrial shadow government that is orchestrating both our negotations with Extraterristerials and subversive activities to undermine the Constitution.

February 23, 2019 at 10:45pm
February 23, 2019 at 10:45pm
Many of the things I get involved in are activities I don't have a natural aptitude for. It seems I often have a passion for things I lack an inherent talent to accomplish... So while I'm not wanting in enthusiasm, I wind up a bit short on the art and science to make it happen. There are many examples I could give, the sheer volume of which would bore my readers to tears... so I'll only offer a couple .

In my younger days I would often go to a museum and see the amazing wonders that human beings are capable of achieving. Take art for example. I would see pictures by renowned painters and go out and buy paint and brushes only to discover that my efforts were nowhere close to my expectations... oft' to the extent of becoming becoming frustrated and embarrassed. Still, if I persisted, my stubbornness usually was rewarded with a marginal improvement of outcome, albeit still far short of the standard achieved by the masters.

More recently I was working on a motorcycle engine and the clutch linkage fell out and spilled onto the shop table. I was at a loss as to how to get it all back together again. I watched U-Tube videos, read shop manuals, studied parts diagrams and still couldn't figure it out. Then I asked friends and the results were still incomplete. It turned out the explanation was simple and when I realized it.. gave my head the stupid slap and muttered under my breath. It is interesting to go from a state of complete ignorance to one of total understanding. The clarity is like a mental breath of fresh air.

Sometimes people who struggle to learn are the best teachers... I know that sounds curious, however I always learned more from the students around me than the professors at the chalkboard. Is this just me or are there others on the planet wired the same way?

February 19, 2019 at 8:28pm
February 19, 2019 at 8:28pm
God writes our life in the default...
If we do nothing to change the script, it plays out as written.
When we edit the manuscript we step outside the box and for better or worse,
Experience the unwritten.
January 14, 2019 at 1:14pm
January 14, 2019 at 1:14pm
Every year it seems I get a cold or a touch of the flu or something like that. It starts with a sore throat and goes on from there into congestion or runny nose. My system seems to sag and I feel tired and try to dial back the pace of my daily activities.

I eat less and the cold remedies seem to dry me up inside as I sneeze and cough and feel otherwise miserable. A bout with the flu usually lasts about ten days. Despite feeling bad there are things I have to do like put wood in the outdoor wood stove, feed the cats and walk the dogs.

The days are short this time of year and I usually walk 2 miles, more or less, each day. The dogs make sure I perform that ritual and if I am not up and dressed by 9 O'clock, my Labra-Doodles are on the bed barking and breathing down on me.

My class at NHA here at WDC is going strong and I have 8 students this term. The Workshop is doing well but some of the other classes are suffering from a lack of attendance. I think the Headmistress is looking at options.
January 11, 2019 at 9:34am
January 11, 2019 at 9:34am
Some of you might know that I am the facilitator for the Exploratory Writing Workshop at New Horizon's Academy, here at WDC.

Yesterday was Orientation Day and the Workshop has eight students. This is a large number and I only usually get half that number and after attrition am lucky to graduate two students. Still I enjoy being the moderator, even if I do feel like the one eyed man in the land of the blind.
January 9, 2019 at 11:14pm
January 9, 2019 at 11:14pm
I have been busy lately with my motorcycles.

Two weeks ago I was focused on one which had an electrical system full of gremlins. Electricity is the issue most casual mechanics have the most difficulty with. Actually I rather like working on electrical problems. These run the gamut of turn signals that don't flicker properly, to spark plugs that don't spark. When I work on an electrical glitch, I start out with a wiring diagram. At first glance these diagrams look like a jumble of confusion. However, if you focus on the circuit giving the problem it reduces the complexity to a manageable level. Instead of a forest, the scope of the endeavor is reduced to a single tree.

The first thing I always do is take the diagram to Staples and get it blown up. Then I have it pasted on a laminated board. Now I have something that I can at least see.

The next thing I do is take a dry erase board and pull the offending circuit out of the wiring diagram and figure out how the flow of amperage is going from the battery to the appliance (load) and finding its way to ground. I do this both visually and by putting the process into words. On the dry erase board I color in the wires using pens that use the same colors coded properly from the overall diagram. Once this is accomplished it is much easier to visualize and understand what is going on.

Next, taking a test light I work my way down the circuit to find out if the juice is getting to the appliance and flowing to ground. This isolates where the problem is occurring and makes it relatively easy to fix the problem.

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