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This blog is a doorway into the mind of Percy Goodfellow. Don't be shocked at the lost boys of Namby-Pamby Land and the women they cavort with. Watch as his caricatures blunder about the space between audacious hope and the wake-up calls of tomorrow. Behold their scrawl on the CRT, like graffitti on a subway wall. Examine it through your own lens...Step up my friends, and separate the pepper from the rat poop. Welcome to my abode...the armpit of yesterday, the blinking of an eye and a plank to the edge of Eternity.

Note: This blog is my journal. I've no interest in persuading anyone to adopt my views. What I write is whatever happens to interest me when I start pounding the keys.

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September 12, 2018 at 8:43pm
September 12, 2018 at 8:43pm
As I began yesterday's blog... what are the minimum essential requirements for my Van?

Well, it needs to have a bed and enough air circulation to stay comfortable. Since I don't plan on using it in the heat of summer or the cold of winter I don't really need a heater or air-conditioner. It is not my intention to "Live" in my van. The purpose of the van is to get me to places I want to arrive at and provide a comfortable place to spend the night when the occasion requires. I won't be using camping grounds nor doing a lot of advanced planning and reservation making. If I can't find a motel then I will have a fall-back position to pass the night in a Wallmart parking lot, a rest stop or a truck stop. If I get tired and "Droopy Lidded" I can pull off somewhere and comfortably grab forty winks. So that is the purpose for my van conversion. There are some more requirements like carrying passengers in a pinch and a good set of fans and the ability to charge a cell phone and operate lights when the motor is turned off. I want the operating electrics of the vehicle to be separate from the electrical requirements when the motor is snuffed.

So it is beginning to look like some solar panels on the roof, a deep cycle marine battery and an inverter to convert DC current to AC current. After watching some U-tube videos I have some general ideas regarding how to proceed, however, I don't plan on going overboard. For now I plan to frame up two benches along the sides that will expand into a bed if I need one. I think four foam cushions will form both the bench seats and the back rests which will fill the void between the benches and double as mattress cushions. That will give me plenty of room to stretch out. Under the benches will be space for my suitcases and other storage requirements. That's enough thinking for now.... I'm getting a headache.

I got my annual physical today and the Doctor was full of kudos on my cholesterol and my weight loss in the past year. That was good news.
September 11, 2018 at 12:13pm
September 11, 2018 at 12:13pm
On my recent trip that didn't turn out exactly the way I envisioned it would, I got to know my van better than I wanted.

First the transmission crapped out and then I had to get it repaired and drive home. It was the middle of August and hot on the East Coast.

Returning home I slept in my van at rest areas and truck stops. It saved me the expense of Motel Rooms which I had to spend while I was getting the van repaired.

It wasn't really that uncomfortable and I began looking at U-Tubes and finding out how people who live full time in vans get along. The results were indeed interesting.

I resolved to turn my Dodge Ram City Van into a "stealth" vehicle. A stealth vehicle is a van that does not give away the fact that somebody is living inside it. As a result the owner has a wider range of overnight night options than somebody with an obvious camping RV or Trailer.

The problem is to determine the best way to design and build a Stealth Van.

Facts bearing on the problem.

1. On future trips I plan to sleep in my van to avoid the cost of campground and motels.
2. I don't want to be limited to rest stops, Walmart parking lots and truck stops.
3. I can't afford to buy a fully tricked out Recreational Vehicle.
4. I don't want to build something that exceeds my needs
5. I want to use the Van I currently own.
6. My budget while not excessive will support my conversion plans

Assumptions bearing on the problem.

1. I have another ten years left with an expectation of the health and strength to pursue my travel dreams.
2. I will not suffer an unexpected illness
3. My wife will accompany me
4. She will also continue in good health

Course of Action

1. Purchase a tricked out van, either new or used.
2. Upgrade my van with the moderate amenities
3. Upgrade my van with minimum essential amenities.


1. I can't afford option 1. I want to spend my money on travel and not on a vehicle
2. This is the option I chose because I am handy with tools and have the skills to make basic improvements
3. I will be starting out minimum essential and upgrading as I have a better sense for what "Moderate Amenities" is defined as.

At this point the problem statement has become narrower in scope. The problem statement now is to determine the best way to upgrade my van to accommodate a lifestyle that will include traveling in the United States and abroad.

So what do I really require in a van in the form of Moderate Amenities to satisfy my requirement. So what is my requirement?

Facts Bearing on the new problem statement:
September 9, 2018 at 10:25am
September 9, 2018 at 10:25am
Thursday August 9

A month ago I departed on a great adventure to go to Europe, and visit the town, Fouras, where we lived when my Dad was stationed there after WW2.

I failed in my mission. I never got beyond the East Coast. This is what happened. First of all I forgot my EZ pass transponder and I was using the toll road almost all the way there. That cost me about twice as much in tolls. I could have bought a new one but that thought never dawned on me. On a positive note my Seiko solar wrist watch started working after being in a dark desk drawer for over 5 years.

Then I remembered that I had better tell VISA that I'd be on the road away from home or they'd cut off my credit card. When Linda called she said she'd call and take care of that. I departed a little after 6 AM and found a Comfort Inn about halfway in Harrisburg Penn. There was congestion but not bad going through Chicago.

Friday August 10

This is not a good time to be worried about the transmission in the van. It is beginning to clunk. Not a good sign... will check the fluid levels in the morning. I arrived in Dover and checked the Space A terminal. I just missed a flight to Rammstein. It originated in Memphis and had plenty of seats. However it filled here and I probably would not have gotten on even if I'd gotten here earlier. I stayed on the Turnpike too long and got off North of Philadelphia and that cost me several hours. There were no accommodations on base. Nothing was going on the 72 hour board. I got to talking to a couple that came in on the Memphis flight. There was no rental cars or hotel accommodations in Dover and I invited them to accompany me to look for a motel outside of town. In Harrington we found one but it was $168 a night....whew! There was a big convention going on. The next morning the transmission was worse and seeing nothing on the 72hour board... Spent the day checking out the base and went that afternoon in search of a motel room. This has not gotten off to a good start. I tried to check the oil level at the base but the transmission is a sealed system. It was sounding worst when I got to the motel.

Saturday August 11

Well nothing again today on the 72 hour board. The transmission is sounding bad. I parked it at the motel and started taking local bus transportation. I have been doing a lot of walking from the motel to restaurants in the area. The room here in Dover was 168 for the first night and dropped to $120 a night. I took a long walk today to vent my frustration. My feet are sore and the sweat was rolling off by the time I returned to the hotel. This is not going at all as expected. Having plenty of time to reflect on the process I have plenty of better ideas in retrospect. One is to find a local Space A terminal, say in Milwaukee and if that doesn't pan out go south to Memphis or Ft Campbell. If I got a flight I could find my way back to my point of origin using bus, or AMTRAK. There is definitely room for improvement in my pretrip planning. Another consideration is not relying on the normal servicing of the van but have a more comprehensive pretrip inspection. When I went to get my International Drivers License, AAA offered Roadside Assistance. I should have taken it. A bicycle would not have been a bad idea.

August 8, 2018 at 7:57pm
August 8, 2018 at 7:57pm
I'll be going off on my adventure to Europe tomorrow morning. It will be an even more formidable leap of faith than I'd anticipated.

My Space A Hop was cancelled and I'll be taking my van to a departure hub that offers more opportunity than the one I'd anticipated using. If that option fails to bear fruit I'll just purchase a ticket and fly to Paris. From there I'll get a Euro-Pass and go by rail to Fouras. I plan to return in early September.

That is the extent of my planning so far. I'll be keeping a journal and taking plenty off photos.

Percy Bob

August 5, 2018 at 8:38pm
August 5, 2018 at 8:38pm
I've had some great ideas for blogs the past couple of days but, alas, couldn't find time to grab the threads blowing off the hem of my muse's dress. Too bad, so sad. If one doesn't act quickly when you snap out of a trance or awaken from a dream, then all too soon that sense of symmetry, beauty and good sense evaporates and is forever lost to the corporate memory of mankind.

I think Victor Hugo said it, however, it could have been Alexander Dumas... That you have to pour into the pitcher first, (Read) if you have any hope of pouring out... that when the flow begins into the cup that one must write quickly to take in the full draught and then gulp it down. Time enough later for editorializing.

Would that I could recall now what those thoughts were. Sometimes if I relax and take a deep breath I can recall just enough to dredge them up from deep memory. Ah, yes, I remember one now but it was a strange thread indeed and I hesitate to put it to pen for fear my readers might think less of me, for oft what comes to mind isn't exactly politically correct or indeed correct in any sense of the word. Oh well.... in the beginning was the word so here goes.

I woke up yesterday and decided to go to Europe. After WW2 my father was stationed in France and we lived in a small French village, named Fouras, on the coast. It was South of St. Nazziarre, near La Rochelle, and half again as close to Rochefort. The whole area is steeped in tradition and history. So I decided I'd go there forthwith, the sooner the better. (Enthusiasm has a way of evaporating, as do the whispers of a muse.)

There is this Air National Guard Squadron that regularly sends flights across the Atlantic and retirees are allowed to hop on, space available. So I found their number and called and was told they don't release flight information to anyone not in their system... that if I wanted to know more I'd have to show up in person and get registered. No problemo. I told my wife, Linda, what I had in mind and asked if she was interested in tagging along... she declined. Now if it were a trip planned by a travel office, with first class accommodations she'd have been more interested, but she knows I love spontaneity. Woman tend to be controlling and want everything laid out in detail... She said she had a trip planned with a nurse friend and that she'd watch the dogs if I'd reciprocate later on. So that's where that fell out.

Anyway I cranked up my beater and headed off to get signed up. Needless to say I got lost in a major metropolitan area but I have a strategy for dealing with that. I drive into a McDonalds and look around for someone who looks smart. Not "professorial, but somebody with street sense. Then ask them how to get to the airport. I write down the directions and race off until I once again become disoriented. So I repeat the process. As one iteration grows into the next I keep getting closer to my goal until eventually I'm almost there. The last place I stopped was an Avis Rent-A-Car servicing outlet and the lady behind the desk gave me some final instructions on getting there.

"Now it's the other side of the runway and tucked away....go down this street and turn onto that and you will see their LOGO on a big tail fin.... probably off one of their crashed airplanes. That's where you turn left onto this narrow potholed drive. You can't really see their facilities because of all the trees and cement barriers designed to thwart terrorists. Anyway you zig-zag carefully through the obstacles until you get to the security bunker. Approach slowly.... they shoot first and ask questions later."

I thanked her for the directions and advice and proceeded to the gate, which otherwise I'd have never found. There was an Airman sergeant in charge backed up by a hulking security contractor, dressed in black. I rolled down the window and the Sergeant asked what I wanted. I told him I was looking for the Space A Terminal. He asked for my ID card and went inside the blockhouse. There, I can only assume that he ran some sort of a check, cross referenced to my license and then proceeded to call his superior. After about five minutes he returned and told me to proceed." "Can you tell me where the terminal is?" I asked again. "It's down two stop signs, the building on the right."

So I headed down to where he'd pointed and found a park. As I got out I looked about for a sign but there was nothing written anywhere. hmmmm....Maybe the guard said three stop signs... At that moment a security vehicle drove up and an officious looking fellow got out, dressed nothing like the previous two. He had a more commanding and confident demeanor. "You have a lost look about you, sir, may I help?" He addressed me by an old rank, I hadn't heard in twenty years. "The Space A terminal," I replied, "I'm trying to find the Space A terminal." He pointed to a building that looked like the abandoned set to a movie studio. "Use the glass door on the Left.... those on the right are locked tight. Down the hall, last door on the left."

"Thanks," I replied, This place has more security than Area 51... maybe there's a portal to Mars hidden in one of the hangers.. At the end of the dark unlit hallway was a door. Squinting, it was possible to read... "Space A Terminal." Inside a very nice Air Woman took my information and said she'd call if I got a booking.

More Later
July 29, 2018 at 4:45pm
July 29, 2018 at 4:45pm
With the latest release of FISA documentation, it has been verified once and for all that the Opposition Research commissioned by the Clinton Campaign and paid for by the Democratic National Committee was used to obtain warrants to spy on Trump Associates.

The justification for these warrants, was based upon false, unverified and salacious material obtained by Christopher Steele from Russian sources. It was signed off on by Rob Rosenstein, Deputy Director of the Department of Justice. If anyone should have recused themselves from any aspect of the Trump/Russian/Collusion investigation it was Mr. Rosenstein. Instead he appointed Robert Muller, to head up a "Witch-Hunt" to hamstring the incoming President.

Despite having one hand tied behind his back, Donald Trump has succeeded in showing that the "New Norm" of 2 percent GNP declared by President Obama , was more a measure of incompetence than economic reality. Trump has proven once more what a feckless bunch the Democrats were in driving the national debt up to over 20 trillion and providing eight years of economic malaise. In just over a year Donald Trump has single handedly taken us to over 4 percent GNP growth and current indicators are that it will hit 5.

If Rosenstein is not forthcoming with his hoard of damning documents, chances are that he will be cited for Contempt of Congress and if that doesn't work the President can either declassify them or fire the Deputy Director.

The "Noose" that Hillary Clinton prophesied, is closing about those who plotted the greatest abuse of power scam in American Political History.
July 28, 2018 at 9:50am
July 28, 2018 at 9:50am
Mantra of the Liberals: “We will have to destroy the United States in order to save it.” You know, scrap the Constitution and replace it with a One World Socialist Manifesto.

July 27, 2018 at 8:27pm
July 27, 2018 at 8:27pm
Most people are pretty clueless about what the Uranium 1 scandal was all about. They saw it as an attempt to unjustly smear Hillary Clinton. The Devil is in the details. It is supremely ironic that BIGTIME Meddling took place with the Russians in Uranium 1. "Trump/Russian Collusion," pales in comparison and was a device cooked up to deflect public attention away from the misdeeds of the Obama Administration and onto the incoming president... to distract away from the most unbelievable act of political treachery every foisted on the American people. Trump/Russian Collusion became a smokescreen designed too keep the incoming administration so busy answering groundless allegations that the real criminal perpetrators were able to crawl off with their ill gotten gains. So what was really going on?

Back in September of 2005 Bill Clinton and his good buddy, Frank Giustra, a Canadian investor, went to Kazakhatan to close a deal on some uranium mines. The Strong man in Kazakhstan was President Nursultan A. Nazaerbayev a notorious authoritarian dictator. Bill praised this despot in public. Hillary, then a member of the Senate Armed Services committee, threatened to withhold aid if the deal was not done. Shortly thereafter, Giustra was able to purchase the mines. Before the ink dried the Clinton Foundation received a $31.3 million dollar donation with the promise of a $100 million more to follow. This was the first of many thinly disguised bribes that Giustra and his associates funneled to the Clinton's.

There were many other Russian connected actors. Frank Giustrea through a subsequent merger acquired Uranium One. To add to his portfolio he purchased American uranium deposits in Wyoming, Utah, Texas and South Dakota. Rosatom, the Soviet State Nuclear Agency, seeing an opportunity to corner the uranium market, decided to enter the game and began purchasing shares until they had a majority control in Uranium One. For Russia to acquire a Canadian company with US deposits required Washington's approval . Hillary was by now Secretary of State. An Executive level organization named The Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) had the authority to accept or reject the Russian takeover. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton presided over the nine cabinet officials on the CFIUS board. This committee unanimously approved the Russian takeover of American uranium assets by a Russian company in return for millions in contributions to the foundation.

Naturally in addition to bribery there was plenty of extortion taking place. Robert Muller, the FBI Director, had an informant , William Douglas Campbell who kept the bureau informed of all the shenanigans taking place. James Comey, a disciple of Muller took over in 2013 as the FBI was acquiring some of the most damning evidence. Rob Rosenstein, U.S Attorney for the District of Maryland was supervising the the Russian bribery prosecution. Andrew Weissmann was then Chief of the Fraud section in the Criminal Division of the Justice Department. Do any of these names sound familiar? Is it any surprise that these individuals are up to their necks in all this and doing everything in their power to exercise damage control and point the public eye away from their own shameful actions.

This is where the REAL MEDDLING took place. Right now the Liberals are living in mortal dread that Vladimir is going to throw them under the bus. Why do you suppose they were so afraid of Trump/Putin meeting privately?

July 26, 2018 at 8:43am
July 26, 2018 at 8:43am
Who would have thought that the Republicans would win the last election? Who would have thought they would not only capture the Presidency but also a majority in the House and Senate? Who would have thought that Donald Trump would turn out to be a good President?

The Democrats, for all their obstruction, are fighting an uphill battle... at least in the short term. If they can retake the House they will be able to do much more damage than they have succeeded in doing so far. Slowly but surely, the shenanigans of the last administration are being revealed. The Obama Administration used the levers of powers, BIGTIME for political gain. They covered up Benghazi, Uranium 1, the Clinton E-mail scandal, and have used the Justice Department to keep the public from learning what went on with the opposition research, paid for by the Democratic National committee to justify FISA warrant applications to surveille Trump Associates.

Jeff Sessions, was used shamelessly as a "False Friend" to ingratiate himself to the new president and secure the position as Attorney General. His recusal deprived the incoming administration of the power to reign in a Justice Department staffed by partisans who have worked tirelessly to conceal the full extent of past political abuses. In dribs and drabs some of what took place has come out, but the most damning evidence has been kept under tight wraps. Despite repeated attempts to secure the release of key documents, the Deputy Attorney General has led the Resistance in an effort to damage control the most flagrant abuse of power scandal in American Political history.

Finally, with time running out, the House Intelligence Committee got their party to frame Articles of Impeachment on Rod Rosenstein. They probably won't go through because if the Democrats have dirt on Sessions, they probably have more on enough key Republicans to avert impeachment. Remember that special fund used to pay off accusers of sexual misconduct.., that shameful practice that surfaced several months ago and then quietly went away? The Democrats are hoping to retake power in one or more of the houses of congress which will enable them to continued hiding of the worst of it. The midterms will show the success of their efforts.

In the interim the Liberals will continue to stall, stonewall and obstruct attempts to get to the bottom of truths that show how badly the people have lost control of their government. Those who read this blog will note that I write about a long term effort to cover-up an Alien presence as well as more recent efforts aimed at achieving institutional changes designed to foster a One World Government. This is what the Liberals are angling for and the sad truth is they've had remarkable success. They have long worked to undermine institutions and social norms that underpin the American way of life. While the political squabbles that air daily on the News Channels capture everyones attention, there is a much deeper threat to our Republic that has been gnawing relentlessly since the saucer crash at Roswell New Mexico.

The secret of the Century underlies the strutting and fretting of our politicians and the self-interests of the Military Industrial Complex, which has been pulling the strings and orchestrating public awareness for the past seventy-five years.

If DISCLOSURE OF EXTRATERRESTRIALS ever happens, a deeper layer of concern will be revealed. It will show the full extent of what the word "MEDDLING" really means and pale the petty squabbling we see today in Washington.
July 23, 2018 at 8:42pm
July 23, 2018 at 8:42pm
One of the intelligence agencies got its nose out of joint last week when it was pointed out that President Trump seemed willing to take President Putin's assurances over their telephonic eves-dropping. Putin has been swearing up and down that he didn't meddle. Like President Clinton's infamous words... what we have here depends on what "is, is." If meddling is defined as electronic surveillance or hacking, Putin is lying through his teeth. All nation states do that. However, this is not the definition of meddling.

Meddling: To interfere or busy one's self unduly with something that is not one's concern.

The key to this definition rests in the word "Unduly." Nation states "Interfere" in the affairs of others out of a "concern" for what each other is planning to do. It is called ESPIONAGE. It has been going on for a long time and does not normally extend into politics. The reason is that trying to influence elections is amorphous, unpredictable, and prone to unexpected consequences. That changed when President Obama tried to unduly influence the Israeli elections. He sent operatives into the Jewish State in an overt attempt to unseat the Prime Minister. "Hmmm," the KBG might have thought.., maybe thats an angle we should devote more resources to. Unfortunately, for the Soviets, they are not as well resourced as their counterparts in the United States.

By definition meddling requires three components. These are interference, of an undue scope, into matters one should not be concerned with. The first is "Interference." Nation States routinely interfere in the affairs of one another. It is not a matter worthy of debate. The second is the undue scope of the resources being allocated. If many millions of dollars was spent in such an undertaking, to undermine one candidate's bid to the benefit of the other, there might be a case. However, the paltry sums now being revealed shows that the KBG did not see this as a very promising avenue. Clearly some low level functionaries, with a limited budget spent something but the small amounts were insignificant. The third aspect of meddling is that it extends into an area they need not be concerned with. It could well be that Putin did not direct this action. The Steele Dossier shows that Hilliary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee purchased opposition research with help from sources in the Soviet Union. A high ranking KGB general is alleged to have been involved and found dead in his home. What was his crime... ineptitude or was he working an angle for a little side cash? Was this meddling? Did his corruption embarrass the Russians? This whole matter would be laughable had it not been used to obtain FISA warrants on Trump associates. The best that the DOJ can come up with is a foggy connection between Soviet agents and email accounts that could have been used to cover up financial transactions being laundered and/or syphoned off, instead of seriously attempting to destabilize the US electorial process. Anyway, with all this fog swirling about, is it any surprise that the President views his Intelligence Agencies with a raised eyebrow?

This whole controversy shows a lack of understanding regarding of how a staff works. Once the leader defines a problem the staff is supposed to help solve the problem. They study it, examine the facts and assumptions that underly and formulate promising courses of action. They analyze and compare these courses and select the one that is most promising or the optimal choice among a field of possibilities.

Concurrently the Leader goes to his trusted advisors and asks them to examine the problem and mentally go through the same process shown above. They advise him independently and often come up with possibilities here-to-fore unconsidered. They make independent recommendations.

Finally the Leader is going through the whole process independent of what others are thinking.

It should come as no surprise that a Leader often comes to a decision that does not reflect the thinking or advice of his staff or advisors.

It has happened often throughout history. Ulysses Grant did not use his staff or entertain advice to a very large degree. General McArthur, in his decision to go ashore at Inchon made up his mind in strong opposition to his staff and the advice of others.

President Trump has his own calculus for decision making, which involves his staff and advisors but also relies heavily on his considerable talent and business experiences.

So don't be dismayed if he tempers what he hears with a judgement uniquely his own.
July 17, 2018 at 5:03pm
July 17, 2018 at 5:03pm
The public is generally unaware of the relationships, between the mind of a leader, the consensus of their staff, and the counsel of trusted advisors. There is much more to the calculus than a leader simply accepting staff recommendations. Identified above are the three components that are involved, based upon how the military sees the decision making process and how the leader, advisors and staff work together in seeking the best way to decide upon a course of action. Once a leader defines a problem, the process kicks into gear. For example suppose president Trump decided in preparing for his meeting with president Putin, that the problem was to determine the best way, to improve communications and get traction on issues of mutual interest. One of these would be Nuclear Arms Control, another perhaps interference in each others Election process, and finally Soviet "Adventurism" in destabilizing the world order for geopolitical gain. Thus the purpose of the meeting in Helsinki was not to exchange accusations and insults but rather an attempt to clarify issues and examine where common ground might be found between the Interests of the United States and Russia.

Say President Trump defined the purpose of the visit in these terms... "Determine the best away to mitigate the issues of, Soviet Adventurism, Soviet Election Meddling, and Soviet Nuclear Weapon Inventories."

So far so good... He would tell his staff to study these three things and give him some alternatives and recommendations. By Staff I mean his cabinet led by his chief of staff. The staff would be told to gather facts and assumptions as well as courses of action bearing on the problems. The intelligence agencies, the CIA and DIA and a host of others would be asked to help gather and develop information pertaining to these issues. In theory the CIA and DIA are quasi-independent. They need to be free of political influence to insure that the information they provide is untainted by political bias. In reality these agencies get seeded each election cycle by the administration in power and these new players carry the taint, to one degree or another, brought into the process by political appointment. What this means is that even if the Director is replaced, when a new political administration comes to power, much of the rank and file continue the bias of the appointing authority who recruited, trained and directed their daily activities. This is often referred to as cultural bias.

For example John Brennan and James Clapper were Obama sympathizers who owed their job to the Democrats. They allowed Susan Rice, the National Security advisor to "Cherry Pick" intelligence information and use it to selectively attack members of the incoming administration, one of whom was General Flynn, her scheduled replacement. Once Clapper, Brennan and Rice were out of the picture there were still many others who remained in the system who shared their loyalties, bias and political views. No doubt most continued to do great service to the United States by providing continuity, doing their jobs and not allowing their personal feelings to influence their work. There were however, others who felt obliged to use the power of their office in ways to hamstring the incoming administration and thwart the will of the elective process. Two classic examples are Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, however there are many more who bitterly resented being forced from power.

One the eve of his trip to Helsinki, we see president Trump getting all manner of advice from his staff and the Intelligence Agencies. Suddenly, Then DOJ drops a bomb shell. They tell the President that 12 Russian Agents are being Indicted for Meddling in the 2016 Election and that he needs to tell Putin to "Frack Off." This was an overt attempt to insure that Trump did not achieve another foreign policy success similar to his success with North Korea. So how do you suppose the President was inclined to react after being sandbagged yet again, by the very agencies who were supposed to be helping him? The answer was.... with skepticism. Even if he believed that what the Intelligence agencies were saying, the word "Meddled" is pretty ambiguous.

So what is this meddling discussion really all about? Is it about (1) Russian actions designed to favor one candidate over the other, (2) efforts to generally destabilized the electoral process or (3) routine intelligence gathering activities that every country is involved in. Russia is not the only country involved in cyber-espionage. So it is with the United States... and as it is with the State of Israel, and so with a host of others, not the least of whom is China. If the definition is broadly construed to include all three, then what is happening is nothing more than what has been going on for a long time. It is business as usual. Of course the Soviets hacked the DNC and HIllary's computer, and in the process hit the mother lode. These servers, which were virtually unprotected, had all manner of classified information, some of which included the most sensitive and close hold secrets in the land. Many emails were smoking guns that led directly to the methods and means by which we know things we shouldn't... but somehow manage to find out. Why would the Russians not "hack" into this bonanza provided on a silver platter? What Hillary did was one of many acts of poor judgement that plagued her tenure at the State Department and lead up to the 2016 elections.

So did the Russians favor one candidate over the other? Our Intelligence agencies today think that just because they listen in on a telephone conversation between two top officials of a foreign entity that everything being discussed is true. They need to quit thinking this nonsense and realize that while foreign governments don't know exactly how we are listening in, they can take protective measures and when they receive indications that it is indeed taking place, can respond by providing misinformation. Before we had all these fandango eavesdropping devices our assessment of what a foreign government was up to was based on National Interests. Unfortunately this assumption has fallen out of vogue. Today the assumption is that if "Boris" said it over the telephone then it must be the gospel, instead of bouncing it off the time proven litmus test. If you ask the National Interest question, "Who did the Soviet Union hope would become president in the 2016 election, the answer is unmistakabler. Barrack Obama had given the Russians a virtual free pass, by pulling back on US influence. They acted by among other overt actions, destabilizing Syria. The Muslin invasion of Europe by refuges will have adverse consequences for generations to come. The "Sweetheart" pipeline deal with Germany will eventually undermine the trust between NATO partners and lead to a disintegration of the European Union. This was where the weakness of Obama's foreign policy brought us. For the Soviets, looking at the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton offered the promise of eight more years of malaise. Donald Trump was Russian's worst nightmare. He was a Capitalist of proven talent and promised to Make America Great Again. The thought of the ghost of Ronald Regan rearing its head sent cold shivers through the Kremlin. There's no doubt who the Russians wanted to see win.

If all the Russians wanted to do was sew the seeds of some discord into the electoral process then they they must not have seen it as very meaningful. The amounts they spent are so trivial that they border on the absurd. So what, if they tossed a few shekels in that direction. The United States has been meddling in foreign elections forever, the most recent example was Obama sending agents to Israel to unseat the Prime Minister. This aspect of the meddling is so ongoing and hypocritical it takes cheek to complain. Radio Free Europe has been broadcasting for years to sow seeds of doubt and mistrust among Russians and their allies. If we don't like meddling there is plenty of room for negotiating an end to it.

I realize I've digressed from discussing the staff process in decision making. I will pick it up later. It is something the media is not clear on and would benefit from some elaboration.
July 15, 2018 at 10:47am
July 15, 2018 at 10:47am
If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
July 14, 2018 at 12:03pm
July 14, 2018 at 12:03pm
I grew up in a military family. My parents were Democrats. I remember hearing at the dinner table... "The only way we are ever going to get a pay raise is if a Democrat is elected." How times have changed. Under Obama the Democrats lost the Military. This is not the only pillar of their base, that was once Democrat which today has turned firmly Republican.

This has happened in other segments of American society. Middle class Americans, once heavily Democratic are more and more aligned with the Republicans. In the testimony that Peter Strzok gave he was forced to read emails that were disparaging of the middle class. Saying they "Smelled" and were a bunch of "Hillbillies" reflects the overall attitude of the Left towards everyday Americans. The Strategy of the Left, to remake America, through a policy of open boarders is not working. It won't work in the short term nor will it work in the long term. It is based upon the the assumption that these immigrants will vote Democrat once enough of them flood into the country and thereby tip the balance forever in favor of the Left. In the short term there are some serious flaws with this point of view. First is that most Americans do not want an uncontrolled immigration policy. In the last election they made this clear and in the mid-terms it will become even more self evident. In the long term most of these immigrants are Catholic and family oriented... not a strong demographic for abortionist and destructive policies aimed at replacing the unitary family with a state run model.

The strategists for the Democrats just don't seem to get it. For example in the questioning of Peter Struck, the purpose of the the recent Congressional Hearing, the public heard Republican congressmen and women grill Struck on his bias, seeking to show that it influenced his actions while serving as a top FBI investigator. When the Democratic Congressmen and Women had their chance to ask questions they grandstanded, using their time to further their political agenda on a range of unrelated issues. Since the Independents are likely to swing many of the races in closely contested districts how does this behavior play out in the minds of this vital demographic? The bias issue is something that interests both Republicans and Independents. It was the focus of the hearing. The Republicans asked questions on point and the Democrats did everything they could to obstruct and deflect the questioning. As someone inclined to an independent point of view, I found myself using the time the Democrats were given to use the bathroom, make phone calls, prepare a snack and let the dogs outside. I found myself thinking, "I wish those grandstanding Liberals would quit braying into the wind and let somebody else ask questions, germaine to the issue under discussion. I wanted to know if Peter Strzok's bias influenced his decision- making when he was serving at the FBI. That was reason most people tuned in... not to listen to a litany of unrelated issues intended to detract from the substance of the inquiry. I think that all the Independents who were part of the audience and many of the Democratic listeners were disappointed by the approach taken by their elected representatives who forgot why they were there.

The testimony that Strzok gave, not to mention his facial expressions and body language, showed he was not somebody that any reasonable viewer would ever want investigating them. What the American voters got to see was a pretty bad example of how a public servant should behave. What they also got to see were bad examples of their Democratic Representatives. Everybody knows this country is split along partisan lines. Forty percent are Democratic, Forty percent are Republican and twenty percent are Independent. While this "Circus" no doubt played well to their liberal base, it did not play well to moderate Democrats and the swing voters.

So why did all the Democrats grandstand in such an orchestrated attempt at deflection? The answer is for the same reason they walked lockstep, a year earlier, in demanding a Special Prosecutor to look into Trump/Russian Collusion. Note that Robert Muller's mandate was not into Russian Collusion or Hillary Clinton/ Russian collusion. The idea was to hamstring the Trump presidency in his administration's first year in office. It was a bad Political move. It backfired. The whole sordid mess would have blown over, as in past elections, if a Special Prosecutor had not been appointed. It was consciously orchestrated just as the Democratic strategy at this weeks hearing, to deflect/distract/change the subject of the inquiry was orchestrated. It was an abject failure. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are bad actors and rather than ignoring their political misdeeds and wasting political capital the Democrats should have worked with Republicans. Political bias should be a matter of common concern. It would have been wiser to participate and put the whole fiasco behind them.

The reason they haven't is because there was so much foul play in the previous administration that if they start throwing those who abused their power under the bus more of what has been swept under the carpet will be exposed for everyone to see. Rather than shutting up and letting the whole unfortunate situation blow over, the Democrats are using a destructive strategy that only illuminates more of the "Same Oh, Same Oh," that still remains under the rug.
July 13, 2018 at 11:49am
July 13, 2018 at 11:49am
Yesterday, watching Peter Strzok testify, I was reminded of this excerpt from Klein's book. Strzok has a philosophy shared by many liberals and members of the main stream media, If you substitute "FBI agent" for "Working Journalist," one can clearly see Jim Rutenberg's manifesto being acted out by an influential actor in the Hillary Clinton and Donald trump investigations . I wrote about this in my blog back in January 2018.

Edward Klein in his book, All Out War, The Plot To Destroy Trump, is must reading for anyone who wishes to look behind the scenes of all the political intrigue of the past year. While full of amazing insights, the one that struck me most was an article by Jim Rutenberg, the media columnist for the New York Times. What he penned was A Manifesto for the Fake News. Beginning on page 45 is one of the most contemptible propositions I've ever read. It suddenly dawned on me that this is not only a Manifesto for Rogue Journalists but also applies to many top tier bureaucrats of the Deep State. Here it is....

"If you're a working journalist and believe that Donald J. Trump is a demagogue playing to the Nations worst racist and nationalistic tendencies, that he cozies up to anti-American dictators and that he would be dangerous with control of the United States nuclear codes, how the heck are you supposed to cover him? Because if you believe all of these things, you have to throw out the textbook American Journalism (FBI rules and regulations) has been using for the better part of the past half-century, if not longer, and approach it in a way that you've never approached anything in your career. If you view a Trump presidency as something that is potentially dangerous then your reporting (Investigating) is going to reflect that. You would move closer than you've ever been to being oppositional. That's uncomfortable and uncharted territory for every mainstream, non-opinion journalist (FBI agent) I've ever known, and by normal standards, untenable... But let's face it: Balance has been on vacation since Mr. Trump stepped onto his golden Trump escalator last year to announce his candidacy."

Reading this left me stunned... but upon reflection it only reflects Rutenberg's honest, albeit, distorted point of view. Everyone show be grateful that he expresses it with such clarity and eloquence.

If you watched Stryzok and listened to his testimony and observed his body language... one can't help but note the actions and mannerisms of someone who's become unmoored from time tested principles and operating in "Uncharted Territory" motivated by a set of ad hoc, distorted and "Untenable" standards. Anybody watching his perfomance, at the very least, must conclude... he's not someone you'd want investigating you.
July 9, 2018 at 9:00pm
July 9, 2018 at 9:00pm
If you keep your finger on the pulse of UFOology you'll realize that we have been talking to the Aliens for much longer than one would suspect. As with every other aspect of the UFO subject, it is almost indisputable that contact has been made and many of the barriers one might reasonably expect, for example language, have already been overcome.

So it isn't so much communicating but rather convincing the public that "That the Little Green Men" arrived long ago, have been here ever since and become a factor in our daily lives. The irony is that we don't even realize it. Concealing their presence is the coverup of the century. The Intelligence agencies have become so good at it that most people scoff at the very notion.

"We'll know our disinformation is complete when everything the American public believes is false." William Casey, Former CIA Director.

Unfortunately, because of all the secrecy, everybody in America and the planet for that matter was robbed of the experience of what took place in the early stages of contact. What an exciting time the past seventy-five years have been and the awe and wonder of following along as it happened has been stolen. It is one of the inevitable consequences of having big brother decide to keep this knowledge close to the vest and keep everybody else in the dark. Maybe they have good reason but I suspect the the real answer to all the secrecy is greed and self-interest.

Now it appears we are on the fast track to at least a partial disclosure. What is leaking out is that if the Governments of the world don't make the announcement soon than the ETs intend to. We are damaging our planet with over population, fossil fuels, pesticides and green house gases. Some progress is being made with closing the hole in the Ozone possibly using chemicals in jet fuels. People are starting to take note of all the vapor trails high up, however, there are still some serious problems that need cleaning up and the environment is facing irreversible harm unless something is done soon.

I'm digressing from the Communication issue, since it is pretty much a done deal. As I have pointed out in the past, there was a form of communication that developed quickly when the ETs started messing with our ballistic missile development programs. In 1947 the Extraterristerials, at White Sands Proving Grounds began to interfere with our V2 Rocket launches and we retaliated by shooting down several of their "Flying Discs." I suppose it's fair to say that this was a rather rudimentary form of communication. They escalated by shooting down our attacking fighters and some strategic bombers flying over the poles. We responded by ratcheting up our efforts to shoot down more of their flying saucers. They answered by shooting down a broader range of our aircraft to include commercial passenger flights. Finally a flotilla of space craft appeared over the capital in Washington and Truman gave the cease and desist order. These events are well documented and often referred to in UFOology. One of the early saucers that crashed was the famous Roswell Incident. A flying disk came down pretty much intact. Not only was the saucer brought down but one of the ETs was still alive. He arranged, using equipment in the craft and connecting it to the power source, to send a message to his superiors and contact was made. An exchange was set up. The problem was that he died and there were some serious problems with overcoming the language barrier. It turns out they had a tonal musical language quite different from the languages spoken on earth. Slow progress was made by both sides until each eventually succeeded in learning how to speak with the other. This led to an exchange remarkably similar to that portrayed in Stephen Speilberg's film "First Encounters of the Third Kind." Many believe that Speilberg had inside information as to what took place.

The point is that our communicating advanced from a pushing contest, to being able to coordinate an exchange that was leaked by a source named "Anonymous" that Len Kasten relates in his book, Secret Mission to the Planet Serpo. While parts of his book sounds like a CIA cover story other parts have been collaborated by credible sources and become part of the lore that is generally accepted as true.

At the present time there is more disclosure taking place than at any time in recent memory. Read my blog, watch the TV and if you are interested check out the host of U-Tube videos that deal with the whole Extraterrestrial issue. There is a new movie coming out with the title "Arrival." It deals with the language issue, which makes for good entertainment even though that aspect has been largely resolved. I've seen the trailers and it looks interesting. Keep in mind that there is so much miss- information out there generated by the hoaxers and the spooks that someone trying to become informed as to the truth gets spun around in a vortex of lies, sensationalism and Intelligence agency coverups. Sorting it all out is all but impossible. Something however, is about to happen and that something (Disclosure) is likely to come sooner than later. At least now we can sit down and have a decent conversation.
July 6, 2018 at 11:16am
July 6, 2018 at 11:16am
Anybody who has listened in on recent Trump Rallys must have heard his intention to create a "Space Force. " It usually comes right after his success in revitalizing the Military. Most think this refers to expanding what has grown under the Strategic Space Initiative but it goes beyond that. The question is why do we need a Space Force? Aren't the forces currently under the Department of Defense capable of dealing with Space? The answer is an emphatic "NO." If disclosure is going to take place one of the first things that will be necessary is admit to a Force that already exists on a scale equal to the Army, Navy, and Air Force combined. In our quest to unlock the secrets of space travel, and build back engineered vehicles using Alien technology we have created a shadow force that must soon be legitimized. There are some serious issues that will accompany even partially disclosing the Secret Space Program not the least of which is officially recognizing it for what it is. What began in 1947 and has grown behind the scenes in scope, knowledge, capability and funding... doubling down every couple of years in much the way our computer and other sciences have exploded onto the stage of recent history.

After WW2, when the Soviets stole the A-Bomb secret, President Truman was faced with two dilemmas. The first was a revelation that Extraterrestrial Beings were real. Crashed saucers and dead ETs turned up at a handful of sites one of which was Roswell New Mexico. The second was that the Russians had stolen and developed a nuclear weapon. We had to find a better way for keeping secrets. This was a dilemma because the reason for all the UFO activity was the OMG realization by our extraterrestrial visitors that human kind was on the verge of blowing up the planet and the realization that these creepy looking ETs were interfering with our V-2 (Intercontinental Missile Development Program.). "Oh my goodness gracious," Truman must have thought, "are these space creatures hostile?" Jee wiz! The technology they possess is far beyond anything we can imagine. We better do something quick."

Our response was to begin shooting down, at White Sands Proving Grounds, and elsewhere these ubicquitous saucers. We succeeded at first, in at least a half a dozen instances. These flying saucers were vulnerable to the sound resonance of high powered radars, and yes cannon fire or missiles could blow a hole in one causing it to crash. It turned out that they retaliated shooting down not just attacking aircraft, but B-36s carrying atomic bombs over the poles and even civilian airplanes. The carnage continued unabated for several months and it took a concerted effort by the intelligence agencies and the press to keep the lid on it. Then there was a flight of numerous saucers that appeared suddenly over Washington DC. This was the final indignity and we ceased all hostilities against the saucers . It must have finally dawned on President Truman that if the Aliens wanted to get really ugly there wasn't much we could do to stop them. If you can follow this, the saying..."What we have here is a colossal failure to communicate," becomes the understatement of the century.

To Truman it must have been clear that something was going on and whatever it was, he wasn't managing it very well. He signed a secret Executive Order that set into motion the biggest cover-up in history, one that continues to this day. He appointed a body of 12 top military, scientific and political leaders to look into things, giving them broadranging authority to examine and act on the matter. This body was Majestic 12 and they got right to work. Soon they morphed into a series of compartmentalized groups looking at different aspects of the problem. The intelligence agencies were given carte blanch to impose a blanket of secrecy over the entire operation, unconstrained, even by the exercise of lethal force. This was no half-hearted response. It began and continued in deadly earnest becoming an enterprise that dwarfed the Manhattan Project.

From the military Industrial complex secret stovepipe compartmentalized research and development groups went to work on the downed saucers to try and figure out how they worked. Progress was slow at first since the technology in no way resembled or was related to anything we had a basis for understanding. Integrated circuits, fiber optics, a multitude of exotic materials and a pilot saucer interface more akin to a living organism than an electro-mechanical device began emerging from the bewildering array of technology. The bending of space time, perpetual sources of energy and elements that don't exist in our solar system are just a small sample of things learned in the past seventy-five years.

Concurrently, why the ETs were here became more self evident. What we would call biology or medical science were areas of interest they were determined to pursue. Animal mutilations and human abductions are evidence of what our new found friends were up to. The full extent of their interests still remains a mystery.

So, what does all this have to do with where we stand now, on the eve of what appears to be at least a partial disclosure of what has been going on. In part it rests on the legal framework by which we govern ourselves. What has been happening in the United States for three quarters of a century has a flimsy basis in law. This is to say that by in large all these under the table activities are illegal. They do not fall under the protective umbrella of our Constitution. When President Trump says he wants to create a Space Force, what he is saying is that he wants to create a force that will legitimize what we already have in place.

Right now, Dr. Stephen Greer, is attracting a host of insider whistleblowers who are exposing, in every way under the sun, the scope of what is going on. His message to those in compartmentalized secret programs is that nobody is bound by classification or oaths of secrecy since all these activities are outside the protections of the Constitution. He is saying that nobody can be prosecuted by laws that do not extend their protections over these illegal activities. Regardless of the legal aspects, The Department of Justice is not going to prosecute anybody for coming forward, not necessarily because of Whistleblower laws but because a court battle will reveal the full extent of what the Intelligence Agencies are trying to hide. As a consequence the whole system is beginning to leak like a sieve. What keeps the problem from becoming worse is the way the system is set up. The stove pipes are civilian entities. The technologies that are evolving from an exploitation of alien technologies are in the hands of industrialists who have their own safeguard failsafes for the stewardship of knowledge that is being acquired. What worries them most is that they will get thrown under the bus and blamed for the excesses of the means that have been used to reach the ends of the technologies that resulted. Under disclosure, everybody that has part of the coverup is going to want immunity for the fraud that has taken place even if the motives for all the lying and deceit can be explained away as being in the best interests of the people.

Once even partial disclosure begins, the trickle will soon become a torrent. Establishing a Space Force will at least provide an umbrella for some of the nefarious activities which have taken place. It makes sense. As in other matters, President Trump appears to be on the right track in getting out in front of another ominous situation.
July 5, 2018 at 9:40am
July 5, 2018 at 9:40am
I recommend watching Paul Heller's latest U-Tube video about UFOs. While it does not appear that he was ever officially read into the scope of the coverup, he was a cabinet level official who caught a glimmer of what was happening by virtue of his position as Canadian Defense Minister and connections with more knowledgable people at high levels of the military. Most of what he knows comes from the same sources that are available to most anyone in open sources. These include Corso's book, The Day after Roswell, and Len Kasten's book, Secret Journey to the Planet Serpo. In his lectures, at various conferences, he explains what he has gleaned and the test he uses to see if what he reads and hears resonates truthfully against the filter of his intelligence and experience. He is definitely not an "Insider" but puts matters in a clear perspective, understandable to a neophyte. So, he thus provides a good primer to the ET issue while at the same time gives some interesting new nuggets, dropped here and there, in the course of his presentation.

The only person in the United States who has had his level of political experience is John Podesto. It's said that John recommended to Hillary Clinton that she embark on a pathway to disclosure if she became president. That would have been a step in the right direction, but at a terrible price. Still, we are on a course to at least partial disclosure, evidenced by what is being covered in the "Fake Media" that is largely controlled by by the CIA and Old Money both at home and abroad.

In the print media however, there have been books published by UFOologists, exploring various aspects of the coverup. This masking of the the truth is by no means limited to flying saucers, but is also deep into archeology and physical evidence being unearthed that ET has been visiting us and manipulating DNA since at least the dawn of recorded history. It would seem that there are two Holy Grails the Intelligence Agencies wants to keep from the hands of the public. These are (1)Physical Evidence of dead aliens and/or (2) of the space craft they travel about in. If either of these get out they would provide irrefutable evidence. Anything less can be blown off as weather balloons, swamp gas or the product of over active imaginations.

In the Social Media is where most of the revelations are coming from. While anyone can self publish a book these days..., without a distributional base most of these pass unnoticed. U-Tube and the internet, on the other hand, are much more dynamic and viral. Anybody can make a U-Tube video and post it on social media. Leaks in this free flowing of information happen so fast that they cannot be prevented. Once they get revealed the Intelligence Agencies (Gatekeepers of the Coverup) must be continuously on their toes to debunk, ridicule or mitigate the the bits of truth that explode into public consciousness in a firehose of conjecture, speculation and sensationalism. For those who follow the Extraterristerial Issue, comes the requirement to develop filters to separate the truth from information that is often hoaxed, or over-stated from factual revelations being obfuscated by the intelligence agencies. Scientists have become so complicit that one can't believe anything they say. They are totally under the thumb of grants controlled by special interests. So in listening to Paul Heller one can see he is largely repeating what his listeners have heard before, except that he is convinced that the ETs are benign little creatures who have the best interests of humanity at heart. Since he is a smart guy, with a proven high level track record, one must give credibility to the conclusions he is reaching.

There are two schools of thought regarding the coverup. The first is that it exists to protect the knowledge base and special interests of the Military Industrial Complex. History reveals that mankind has been party to some bad things in the past and some of this could have been influenced by an off world intelligence. This school, which included Stephen Hawkings, councils that we proceed with great caution with the Aliens, as they have a potential dark side analogous to the same character trait evident in the human race.

The Second school is that we don't really have much to offer the Aliens and their presence is to warn mankind that we are close to rendering our planet uninhabitable and need to take immediate action to reduce our population, bring global warming under control and consider finding other moons or planets for the seeds of humanity.

There is a large amount of knowledge and conjecture regarding which school has it right. One has to assume that our Government, for the wrong reasons as well as the right, knows more about these visitors now then they did seventy-five years ago. Do the ETs pose a legitimate threat to the humanity of the planet or pose more a threat to the status-quo of the industrial, pharmaceutical or energy industries? Does the Government know something we don't or is it more of the same old greed and self interest that has been driving the cart since time immemorial?
July 4, 2018 at 12:28pm
July 4, 2018 at 12:28pm
It's pretty clear from the Archeological evidence that aliens have been visiting for a long time. They constructed facilities, the foundations of which are still visible. Graves are being unearthed in Peru that show beings with fingers and toes and resembling the"ETs," we see in the movies. These visitations suggest a concern about our Nuclear Testing Programs, and an ongoing interest in the biology of life on the Planet Earth. Declaration 8, in an obscure appendix buried in back of Len Krasten's book, Secret Journey to the Planet Sherpo, is a smoking gun which has been leaked showing twelve clear and consise statements about what we've learned about Aliens in the past seventy-five years. These declarations simple cracks the door providing a glimmer of light to shine through, into the planet wide shroud of secrecy that has been cast over the whole Extraterrestrial Issue.

Declaration 8: The Social Orientation, motives and agenda (Politics) of these beings is very diverse. Some Alien intelligences are more friendly to human beings than others.

Like other Declarations in this appendix, this one is something of an understatement. If Aliens exist, then why have they been coming here since time immemorial and what are they doing here today?

Regarding whether they exist or not, there is a flood of evidence that they do. For that matter we appear to be on the verge of at least a partial disclosure. In recent months Fox News has shown gun camera footage of a UFO off the coast of California. The History Channel has carried a day long epistle that encompasses a huge range of evidence on the Alien phenomena. Last week President Trump announced his intentions to create a Space Force. However, the most convincing piece of evidence are the Walls at Cusco. Not only are the stones huge, polished, and fitted with a breathtaking precision... they are assembled in a manner that no human on earth would use in building a wall. Some stones have twelve facets and they are stacked in a way that ignores any need for a horizontal plumb line and go up and down and in and out without regard to any consistency in size and shape. An unknown effort was made to destroy these mammoth edifices sometime in the past but the foundations of these bizarre designs and construction are found in locations around the world.

Assuming then, that Aliens actually have and do exist is really not much of a stretch... indeed it is something more along the lines of indisputable fact. So why in antiquity did they set up shop on planet Earth and why are they still cruising about the air, land and sea?

The most reasonable answer is they dropped by in antiquity looking for something. Two reasons are often given. The first is that the earth had natural resources that had value in intergalactic trade. There is unmistakable evidence that copper was mined on a large scale in around the Great Lakes and that in South Africa gold mines were being worked back in the dawn of time. Mining operations require a workforce and the hypothesis is made that apes were genetically engineered to provide the sweat labor. These were our ancestors, Homo Sapiens, for which no direct link has ever been found.

The second reason is that ETs like the biology of mankind and other animal lifeforms. In recent years animal mutilations have become commonplace. Cows are levitated from their pastures, surgically cored and the unwanted residue dropped unceremoniously back to earth. Human Beings are abducted, often over several generations, and females used to produce hybrid offspring. The alien grays are said to have a facility for manipulating DNA with a skill analogous to a local mechanic fixing your car.

So it is becoming increasingly clear that Aliens have been around awhile and are still mucking around quietly... in the background of our everyday lives, doing their inscrutable work.

So assume at the dawn of time the Apes got a product improvement upgrade. Alien DNA was poked into strands here and there and "Voila!" some hair fell off, the cranium expanded and a useful thumb was thrown into the mix. The aliens at the time were living in stone facilitaties we still see the evidence of today. They used this workforce at first in their mining operations and watched them develop in ways that even they must have been impressed with. Indeed the offspring was so attractive and compelling that they mated with them in the old fashioned way... having hybrid offspring which became our ancestors. It is not a stretch that they developed an attachment towards the results of their handiwork. Not only did these creations show a capacity for hard work but amazingly a musical and artistic talent, coupled with the ability to grasp complex thoughts and understand mathematics and astronomy. So what did the Aliens do with their hybrid cousins when it came time to return from whence they came? In a laboratory you simply autoclave the petrie-dish but not surprisingly they had developed an emotional attachment over time which they were loath to snuff out... you know like a dog you come to love or one of those walk on cats someone tosses into your yard.

So they decided instead to set mankind on some sort of pathway to citizenship among the community of intelligent beings in the universe. What they didn't realize was that Frankenstine had been loosed in the labratory and once the paste was out, there was no turning back.
June 29, 2018 at 12:05pm
June 29, 2018 at 12:05pm
The corruption of many of the highest institutions in the United States of America is evident in Congressional testimony and the Inspector General Report recently released by the Department of Justice.

The seeds of this corruption were planted by the Obama Administration, took root during Obama's first term as President and blossomed in the waning months of his presidency. What happened on his watch is a sad chapter in the history of the United States.

Once the liberal Democrats came to power they saw an opportunity to weaponize the National Bureaucracy and use it as an instrument to further their political aims. No longer did the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Justice (DOJ) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) see their role as apolitical but immersed their culture in a political bias not intended to serve the American People but rather the parachoial views of those in power. When the time came to elect a new president, these venerable institutions used their influence in favoring the Democrats over the Republicans in ways unimaginable in the here-to-for of American politics and undermined the public trust.

Hillary Clinton, in her bid to become President, and in the run-up to the election set up a server to circumvent the oversight of information and the activities she was involved in. James Comey, then director of the FBI, went to extraordinary lengths in an investigation to exonerate her actions and avoid having Hillary prosecuted for crimes too numerous to mention. It was only when classified emails appeared, syphoned off the illegal server by Huma Abidin and redirected to a personal computer belonging to both her and her husband Anthony Weiner, that the whole sordid scheme began to unravel. The timing for the Democrats could not have been worse. James Comey had to reopen the investigation to prevent an open mutiny by some still honest cops, appalled by the lengths their Director had gone in a political coverup. To the Democrats, Comey's reopening of the investigation and the bad press it received, cost their candidate the election.

The Democrats, realizing they would soon no longer control the levers of power, hatched a scheme to frame the incoming President and implicate him in a plot that they were complicit in. If anyone had colluded or conspired with the Russians it was Mrs. Clinton in the Uranium 1 deal and the false dossier that was faked by a British spy and and paid for by the Democratic National Committee. It is a great irony of our times that the sins of the Democrats were projected onto an incoming president to frame him for something he never did. Yet no sooner had President Trump begun standing up his new government that the Democrats tried to pin the Russia collusion label on his chest and demanded the appointment of a special counsel.

The newly elected president was outmatched and naive to begin with. Despite their loss the Democrats were determined to impeach Trump and not even give him an opportunity to complete his first term. They realized that if he wasn't hamstrung and came to realize and apply the full extent of his powers that all the nefarious activities they had been involved in the past eight years were going to come to light. Despite Republicans winning the House, Senate and Presidency, partisans from the old administration were still embedded in key positions of the Government and the newcomers were far from being up to speed.

As a consequence Trump made some poor decisions early on. The first trap he fell for was appointing Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Little did Trump imagine that Sessions would recuse himself and throw the President to the mercy of a DOJ, staffed with more partisans than the State Department. The second bad decision was allowing the Deputy at the DOJ, Rod Rosenstein, keep his job. The basis for Donald's initial trusting Rosenstein was that Rod had just thrown James Comey under the bus. Trump believed at the time that Rosenstine was an honest and unbiased public servant who had recommended firing Comey out of a genuine belief the Director had exceeded his authority... Trump was duped. Rosenstein was as much a partisan as everyone left at DOJ and his memo to disparage James Comey was a carefully calculated business decision. He knew his memo recommending Comey's firing would ingratiate him to the new and inexperienced president and allow him to keep his job. If Sessions recused himself, then Rod would be in the catbird's seat to advance the agenda of the resistance. At the top echelons of the Democratic Party, a carefully orchestrated plot was designed that would hamstring President Trump and slow the momentum of his administration. It would cast a cloud over the legitimacy of his election and possibly lead to impeachment. Once confirmed Rod met with the President and recommended that Muller be appointed once more, director of the FBI. The idea was that Muller would keep a lid on the abuses of the Clinton server cover-up and put a lid on further disclosures. Fortunately President Trump didn't fall for this, forcing Rosenstein to implement his back-up plan.

The back up plan was to appoint Robert Muller as Special Counsel to look into the Trump Russian Collusion hypothesis. Even Peter Struke knew there was "No There There," however desperate times called for desperate actions. Muller was appointed to find some facts to support this false hypothesis. Rosenstein reasoned that even if nothing impeachable was forthcoming this narrative, fueled by a partisan, openly biased media would take some of the wind out of the new president's sails and keep the focus on Russia and not the misdeeds of the Obama administration. For those who remember, a year ago, virtually every Democratic member on House and Senate Committees, began and ended their "Questioning" with the words...."We need to appoint a special counsel." Talk about orchestration! Well the rest is history. The Democrats got what they wanted and the irony is that it resulted in the lid being completely blown off much of the hanky-pankey the Obama administration was involved in. God must like President Trump because all the plots and traps the partisans have sought to embroil him in have blown up in their faces. If they had just kept silent and not appointed a special prosecutor the whole matter would have blown over. Talk about unintended consequences and being careful what you wish for.
June 26, 2018 at 7:52pm
June 26, 2018 at 7:52pm
Gobeki Tepi, which lies in South East Turkey, is said to be the oldest temple complex on earth. At least it is the oldest one discovered to date. One of the reasons it can be dated accurately is because the temples got filled in with earth from time to time. The result was a lot of carbon material was mixed in with the stones which provided a means for carbon dating. Most ancient temples are found in locations that are open to the elements and only the stones remain. Obviously stones cannot be carbon dated, but because Goberki Tepi was deliberately buried, carbon materials were mixed into the arid soil where they remained contemporary with the megaliths unearthed at the site. At other megalithic sites, later cultures often moved in bringing with them carbon artifacts of a later date making the site appear having a more recent origin. Because these temples were deliberately buried, the complex is unique among megalithic sites which have been discovered around the world. It is dated at over 12,000 years which shows the presence of civilized man 6,000 years earlier than here-to-fore thought. This has shown that the dawn of human development happened much earlier than academics imagined possible. It harkens back to a much earlier epoch in the distant past where our hunter gather ancestors emerged from the ice age and began to settle down, forming more permanent communities. It has stretched the time line to an earlier date and archeologists are running around with their hair on fire to reconcile their long held paridines with the irrefutable evidence being unearthed.

One of the perplexing questions about Gobeki Tepi is why the worshipers went to all the trouble to move massive stones and build these towering and elaborately carved structures only to bury them again long before their design life ended. It appears they spent as much time burying them as they did building them. None of the answers being offered makes much sense so I'll add in my two cents. I'll call this the Womb Hypothesis.

The concept of being born again is a common theme of the New Testament. John the Baptist immersed those who came to believe that in order to achieve eternal life one had to be reborn. By being immersed (water-boarded*Bigsmile*) in the river Jordan, a symbolic death was achieved and those Baptized were born again into the kingdom of God.

In looking at Gobeki Tepi the temple like structures look to be a representation of the womb of Mother Earth. Initiates were likely taken into this temple structure and reborn into a higher state of religious belief. When they emerged they were "Born Again." As with a human female, the period of fertility has a span of utility until replaced by a new generation. In a physical sense this new generation had to recreate the temple womb periodically in order to continue the cycle of spiritual procreation. Hence, after a period of time the old facility was deemed to reach the end of its service life and had to be replaced with a new one. The old temple was buried, as a funerary protocol, analogous to burying a human and the process continued for the next iterative cycle.

So there you have it... the gospel according to Percy Goodfellow as to why they buried the temples at Gebeki Tepi and built new ones atop the old. Am I good or what?

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