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of a tennis player, hiker, writer
The newest addition to our flock
A bird in the bath. well, just before.

Taken w/ my cell phone on 4-8-08
On court 1. Lookin' to own.

taken in Jacksonville, florida at UNF
In Jax, enjoyin' some solid juniors tennis.

days before my 45th birthday
I love my new phone cam.

web badge from National Novel Writing Month

* Clears throat * “Um, Robin here, your friendly neighborhood MC(Mistress of Ceremonies). Welcome to my blog. In it you’ll find my rants, ramblings and random updates on everything ME...

…and since I’m the typo queen and master of misspelling, these will be present in most, if not all my posts.” *Bigsmile*

A few of my better entries - all quick reads:
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December 5, 2006 at 8:43am
December 5, 2006 at 8:43am
With the tournament over, I can now relax and slide into holiday mode. You know, decorating the house – and my office for Christmas. I know, I’m late I usually get his done on Black Friday when the rest of the free world is out spending money and standing in check out lines that snake all the way around the undergarment section of wall mart or k mart or whatever mart you shop in.

But this year, I started my first annual December tennis tournament for juniors. With one hundred, ten players, I’d have to tag it as a success. Once underway, everything ran smoothly. Well, okay, with the exception of one blowup by one parent who is new to USTA sanctioned tennis tournaments and didn’t follow the rules and couldn’t understand why we enforced them.

His resistance to calm down sorta zapped the wind out of me…and this was early Saturday morning. With two full days ahead of me, i struggled to get myself back track. I did have the support of all the other parents around me (the entire facility knew of his unhappiness. And thank goodness my boss just so happened to be there.

After three days of twelve plus hours of working, I so wanted to call in sick on Monday. I was, after all wiped. Mentally draned and physically tired. But our local tennis community association was hosting a Toys for Tots round robin and my desire to play over rode my lack of motivation to make it into work.

I participated in both the morning and evening events and had a great time. During the AM round robin, I was told that if I captained a 3.0 team, two of the players would join it. (I’m taking this a a huge compliment on my AM performance.)

The nighttime event wasn’t as good. The first few rounds were okay, but the further along we got, the stiffer the competition got and I felt sooooo out of my league. “It’s for the kids.” (toys for tots) I kept repeating to myself. “Practice for later this week.”

I’ve got two league matches left….one tonight and one tomorrow….at least they are at my facility. If we win, both we will finish the season in first place.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.
November 30, 2006 at 9:57pm
November 30, 2006 at 9:57pm
At 3:15 my head pounded with an aching throb. Was it stress? Everything tournament related seemed to be moving along smoothly. (I had a few major glitches early on, but so far, they hadn’t reeked near as much havoc as they could have.

Water. I hadn’t swallowed the first drop. Usually, by this time of day, i've consumed forty odd ounces. No wonder my head hurt. Dehydration. Early on, I could blame the tournament preparation. Then, at 11:00 I left with Autumn. A slight realization of my need for water rode through my body.

“Autumn, do you have any bottle water?” I asked eyeing the back seat from over my shoulder.

“What? Bottled water? Mom. I can’t afford things like bottled water…I’m on a budget.”

A wedding will do that do you. Make you think twice about your purchases. Does anyone realize how expensive these gatherings are nowadays? OMG! $15,000 - $20,000 dollars can be dropped here. Where was I when this inflation hit?

We were on our way to look at dresses. I had two hours before I had to be back at the office. Two shops and eight dresses later, we were nowhere near finding the right one. You know, that special dress. The one you just know will be the one you walk down the aisle in.

Later on, she and Laney went to Dave’s to try on more dresses. Her dress was there. Laney sent me this phone pic.

Autumn's wedding dress.

I'm still in shock. It seems like only yesterday....
November 29, 2006 at 5:41pm
November 29, 2006 at 5:41pm
OMG! You guys! i can barely breath. Stress. Funny how it takes over your entire being. I'm running a junior tournament and i'm doing things differenttly than i'm used to. I sorta melted down this morning. I"m solid right now, just a little weak - from all the stress. i'll try and update later.

gonna take a break and eat mexican w/ scott and colleen.
November 24, 2006 at 5:41pm
November 24, 2006 at 5:41pm
I have a confession to make. I eat kale. Fresh kale. Not boiled. Not chpped and sauteed with butter and garlic kale. But deep dark green leafy segments of vegetable matter nestled between two thick slices of Premium Quality Private Selection Flax & Fiber Bread. The bread – loaded with 12.mg of omega 3 fatty acids per slice – is smothered in gobs of horseradish mustard. Somewhere in between the kale and the bread there’s soy cheese and two slices of packaged turkey or ham – whatever’s in the fridge.

Kale? Isn’t that stuff gross? Doesn’t it taste like dirt mixed with sun soured turnip greens?

Well, no, not really. I first glanced at kale when I discovered it made the Top Five Healthiest Foods List. It’s strong visible resemblance to collard greens had my nose scrunching up and my eyes looking in the opposite direction. I don’t think so.

Kale got the nod when I read further, how “…vitamin K may decrease the incidence or severity of osteoporosis and slow bone loss…” . See, being allergic to milk – the reg way people consume their calcium, I’m always worried about not getting enough. True, I can take a supplement, but then, I’d be denied of things like fresh spinach, soymilk soy yogurt, and most of all fresh kale.

Anyway, I’ve kinda-sorta gotten used to the taste, and besides. All that horseradish sorta masks the flavor. And the bottom line is, my bones will thank me.
November 23, 2006 at 9:44pm
November 23, 2006 at 9:44pm
I love Thanksgiving. Besides the obvious…turkey, dressing, pie and lots of it, T - Day means a Thursday off. Which means Wednesday night feels like a Friday night. I get to stay up late, clutching the remote in one hand, and wine (or a cosmo, or a patron, or pyrat) in another. Most nights, I never touch the remote, but on some Fridays, it’s mine. I love watching pieces of movies. Five – thirty minutes of movies. I can jump in anywhere and be hooked. Beginning, middle end. Doesn’t matter. An odd habit I developed when a full time job coupled with motherhood captured all my free time.

Last night, Two for the Money was on. You know, with Matthew beautiful McConaughey. Al Pacino and Renee Russo were in it, too. One look at McConaughey’s cut pecs and I tossed the remote under the bed. No one was changin’ that channel, baby. Okay, so this wasn’t the pic, but the pecs were the same.

Matt on the beach
Ahhhhhhh, yes.

A little net surfing and this is what surfaced.

Matt in a t-shirt
Gotta love that smile.

I’m going in to work tomorrow, so I won’t remote burn tonight. It’s okay, really. My stomach is full of smoked turkey – injected with Cajun spices, and my mind is full of those beautiful pecs. Can’t get much better than this.

Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was great.
November 14, 2006 at 12:37pm
November 14, 2006 at 12:37pm
This week, I’ve received the following in my email, from several differnt people:

Subject line: ALERT





What’s up with my friends and them thinking I’m ugly???

My twin sister even sent it to me. I shot back

*Blue* Last time I checked, we were IDENTICAL!

October 15, 2006 at 6:05pm
October 15, 2006 at 6:05pm
I so hate how you can create a story while en route from Point A to Point B, but by the time you make it to Point C (the compie) the words have dissipated into thin air. No longer available to grasp with the fingertips on the keyboard.

Why is that?

I had this blog entry composed, while Luna, my eighty-pound red Doberman, dragged me (by her leash)home from our Sunday morning walk.

I hate four wheelers, it began, but now, forty ant bites and two Benadryl later, I can’t recall the details.

Luna’s always a pain to walk. Even with her metal choke collar, she still loves to run, move in front of you, and stop dead on a dime. Nonetheless, I take her. It wouldn’t be fair to take Dakota (little Miss Well behaved) for a nice long walk and exclude Luna. So, my T.O.S. arms suffer being yanked around; and all because I love my Dobermans.

But today, Luna pushed – or should I say yanked too hard.

It was a four-wheeler, with two young teenagers riding. To their parents’ credit, they were driving like reasonable responsible people. Even still, their presence, and the noise the vehicle made while passing scared the heck out of Luna. She bolted, or tried to bolt while my fingers curled around her leash with a death grip. She jerked her head hard and I thought she might slip out of her collar.

Once they had passed, I leaned down to her ear and whispered soothing mommy words before we continued back to the house. Only a few steps in and the four-wheeler was on our heels. Luna bolted again, this time, much harder, fear gripping her body. My knee came crashing down. Off balance my arms mustered up as much strength as possible to keep her in one place while they passed.

Why the heck were they going so slow? They waved. I smiled and waved back, letting them know I was fine.

Luna continued to yank hard. She wanted back at the house, in the safety of her own chain-linked fenced in backyard. How could she breathe? With my counter attempts to keep her still?

Anyway, by the time I gathered my wits and strength, I realized my leg was lying in a fire ant bed. Oh great! It was taking both my arms to control her, now, I had to let go one to brush the upper (outer) right thigh.

Once home, I declared, “I hate Luna!” Fumbling through the medicine cabinet for the Benadryl while Bryan handed me the cortisone. Forty some odd ant bites. I counted. Then, I went to bed. Benadryl always knocks me out.

It's really four-wheelers and fire ants i hate. How could i possibly hate my dog?
October 4, 2006 at 1:19pm
October 4, 2006 at 1:19pm
Sunday morning, I woke to find one of my parrots died. Donavan. Our first bird. I put him in a Fila shoe box with his bell. His favorite bell – the one he’d sleep with his head in. Yeah, I know, it sounds weird, but that’s what he did. I thought it would be nice to put it in there with him. And I asked myself why? Why do people do that? Put inanimate objects in coffins or (shoe boxes)? There is absolutely no logic in this but, nonetheless, it made me feel better. Bryan buried him west of the garden under a catalpa tree. The rest of the flock has been eerily quiet ever since.

We moved Mullet’s cage next to Annabelle’s. Annabelle and Donavan used to play together on top of Donavan’s cage. Once, he made her mad and she bit the crap out of his nose. The vet said sometimes they never recover from that sort of damage…but he did.


Bryan hurt his back again, putting the dogs into the Avalanche. And all for nothing; the vet called in - some emergency. No one bothered to call to let us know. on the bright side, I did catch thirty minutes extra sleep. The dogs went for a nice Tuesday morning drive, and I got to come in forty-five minutes late for work.

Well, the late/ work thing isn’t exactly a bright side item, but hey…the janitor is out again today so yours truly will be picking up extra responsibilities. (oh joy).

I know I’ve taken like a two and a half month hiatus and here’s what’s been going on.


*Bullet* I still have an article pending with Racquet Sports Industry. . But they still say they are gonna use it.

*Bullet* I’m currently working on four articles. (I’m doing this on my spare time, so progress is slower than I want it to be.)

*Bullet* The Tennis Industry Association is using my last article as an advertisement. (This is super cool because they used the entire article. They didn’t cut any of it. Not the first word. Which means (drum roll please) MY name is in it TWICE!) I did not however, get any money for this. But I am getting exposure.


*Bullet* I have been given the gracious job title of Media Specialist – again, no extra pay. But it is now my responsibility to design some web pages on our website – www.MaconTennisConnect.org – and, I am the editor of our new newsletter. I also take pictures of our classes and events. I’m pretty happy about this.

*Bullet* Effective next pay period, city council elected to give us a 2% raise. Not much, but we haven’t gotten anything in like four years.

*Bullet* we finally were allowed to hire a new part-time employee so maybe I won’t have to work every weekend.


*Bullet* I got moved up to a 3.0 but I appealed – and won. I know, I know. I appealed because I never won the first match all summer long playing 5.5. so, I was nervous about playing 3.0. soooo, I am captaining a 2.5 night team (I’ve won my first two matches but lost my third. Team matches on Tuesday nights and team practices on Thursday nights.

*Bullet* I also joined a 3.0 morning team. Team practice on Monday mornings and team matches on Wednesday mornings.

As you can see…lots of tennis for me!

*Bullet* I played in a tournament this past weekend – two events; mixed 6.0 & Ladies 6.0 doubles. Both had back draws and I lost both my main draw matches. I did however, win the mixed back draw! yay me!

Anyway, I’ve been keeping busy lately. Helps with my mental attitude.
September 12, 2006 at 12:35pm
September 12, 2006 at 12:35pm
I’ve been struggling with some personal issues and my muse went on strike during the worst of it, choosing instead to play spider solitaire on the compie or watch lots of tennis. Although, I must admit, I barely watched during the final seven days of the U. S. Open – underscoring just how bad things were for me. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I’ve managed to ice pick myself a tiny hole so I now see some light. Yay me. but my T.O.S. arms kill me now.

I haven’t let that stop me from playing tennis though. I’m gonna play on two teams this upcoming season. A 2.5 night team (I’m the captain) and a 3.0 morning team. I think I’ll play a bit of singles on the 2.5 and stick w/ doubles on the 3.0. Sooooo, that’s two matches every week plus two team practices. I’ll still walk my two miles in the morning at least twice. Six days of working out. That’s enough – dontcha think?

Laney has a contusion on her foot. They say, with a bit of physical therapy, she should be good to go for her tournament in Jacksonville, Florida in October. We’ll see.
September 5, 2006 at 7:47pm
September 5, 2006 at 7:47pm

Can we get covers for the Arthur Ashe Stadium? Louis Armstrong court? How much would that set back the USTA? How many rain out days have we had during this tournament? Strange, but I don’t even remember the first rain out during any of the U.S series tournaments. Was there?

I just want tennis on usa network.

"If everyone used a few energy-saving bulbs, it would be like taking eight million cars off the road each year."

** Image ID #1122011 Unavailable **
A sig given to me

September 4, 2006 at 6:54pm
September 4, 2006 at 6:54pm
I can't believe he's gone.
August 2, 2006 at 8:02pm
August 2, 2006 at 8:02pm
Yesterday, just before my team practice, Laney calls me on the phone. “Mom,” she says. “Can I get my hair cut?” After a pause, she adds, “ short?” She keeps talking, “Really short.” She says. Clearing up any confusion.

“Ummmm.” I say. “Well…” I hesitate. And in a brief second, the following thoughts and images run through my head:

Why the heck is my almost seventeen year old daughter wanting permission to get a haircut? A short hair cut. Just how short?

a pic of Deme Moore in GI Jane

Are we talking GI Jane short?

a pic of sinead

Are we talking Sinead short?

“You want me to send you a picture?” she asks, reading my mind.


While I’m waiting, this is the image that pops into my mind:

a picture of Mr. Clean

Finally, the pics arrive, I download and view.

pic of laney and her hair.
Laney’s hair now

Why is she holding that lighter?

the haircut laney wants

What Laney wants

Breathing an audible sigh of relief, I pick up my cell phone and texted her, I like it! I type and press send.

Now I am ready for my team practice.
July 25, 2006 at 11:20pm
July 25, 2006 at 11:20pm
My identical twin emailed me, ‘What can I do to beat hunger?????????’ she writes.
‘Drink water with LIME juice.’ I respond. I’m kinda busy, I don’t have time to ask how she’s doing, or tell her Laney is playing in a STATE tournament this weekend on a 4.0 team! But, YES, lime juice does help to curb appetite. At least in MY body.

Then, I get this other email. It’s not for me, rather to her very good friend, but she’s cc'ed me a copy. Wanting me to read how she’s taking my advice and passed it along.
I sent this to my twin “Robin” because I am STARVING! I never ate lunch. I am drinking water no LINE today. We NEED to get that in stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did she put my name in quotes?

‘works like a charm’ I type, and press SEND, making sure her friend gets a copy.

An entire day passes, then early this morning, I get the following in my inbox:
OK what “works like a charm”, the LIME juice? And, BTW, does it have to be fresh lime juice? Or can it be from that plastic container shaped like a lime?

I can’t help myself, I shoot off my quick reply:
I can only speak for REAL limes, however, let's follow this line of logic

Does it have to be a REAL man? Or can it be a plastic doll shaped like a man?

Any questions?

A friend of mine left the following comment in my email - not sure why the comment wasn't left in here but...

nothing like fresh squeezed...
July 19, 2006 at 11:38pm
July 19, 2006 at 11:38pm
The caller ID says Renee. Only it’s not Renee, it's Aubry, her son. My nephew.

"Aunt Robieeeeee." His seven-year old voice swimming in happiness.

"Aubry!" I say, all chipper, hiding my exhaustion. I've just played a long match under the Georgia sun, through the thick humidity only the the Deep South can produce. Sweat still pours off my brow, and other body parts even though the last point was played some thirty minutes ago. Fatigue has already settled deep into my bones. I need some time before I’m up for a coherent phone conversation..

"How ya doing dude?" I ask him.

He's good. He wants specs from me, of a story his mother told him about his cousins, Autumn and Laney, and me, his Aunt Robie.

My brain can't grasp the details. Dehydration robbing my long-term memory. "Give me 15 minutes, I'll call you right back."

An hour and 14 minutes later I punch in his number.

"Heeeey." I'm hoping his rising second grade mind hasn't been watching the clock. I tell him the story he wants to hear. He laughs and then tells me he's been playing tennis.

"What? Really?" NOt even bothering to hid my pride and amazement.

"Yeah, and i'm not half-bad." His first time out and he's got the game figured out. I chuckle. He's so cute, his voice sounds so little over the phone.

"Yeah," he continues. "Tennis is in my blood." His cousin Laney plays USTA tournaments on a regular basis, and his Aunt plays for fun. Moreover she runs a tennis center. Why wouldn’t tennis be in his blood?

I’m laughing. “It’s in your blood?” I want to hear this seven-year old boy say it again.

“Yes its in my blood.” His words spoken with true conviction. How can I not know this? Know the genetic make up of my own nephew’s blood.

“So is basketball,” he adds.

“And swimming,” I say. His father was on the swim team in high school.

Then, he lists all the sports that are in his blood; football, and baseball to name a few.

“Wow,” I say, impressed. “You guys don’t even watch sports in your house!” I sorta sing my words. You know, how you talk to small children. Not the singing you do to babies and cute pets, but seven year old boys who already see themselves as grown up men.

“Uncle Bryan watches sports all the time,” I say. This is true. Sports are on at our house all the time. Boxing, baseball, tennis, basketball, poker, bull riding….you name it, my husband watches it.

“Good,” Aubry says. “Then he will see me when I’m on T.V”

Aaaawwww, my heart swells with pride - he wants to be a professional athlete! The seed of a dream barely sprouting, and i'm on the phone to hear it.

I say to him, “And then he(Uncle Bryan) will say, ‘I know that Aubry Jones!”

Aubry laughes and I don’t feel quite so bad about losing my match.
July 18, 2006 at 5:33pm
July 18, 2006 at 5:33pm
I'm leaving in a few minutes to play my match. boy is it ever hot ouside. Weather.com says it feels like 100 outside! This means it will feel like 110 on court. It's FIVE-THIRTY in the evening for goodness sake! what am i doing?

To futher underscore my insaneness...I played during my lunch break in the sweltering heat. when i finished, my skin was hot and drenched with sweat. (I had to take a shower) thank goodness i work at a tennis facility huh? damn skippy.

where's my racquet? i'm outta here!

"If everyone used a few energy-saving bulbs, it would be like taking eight million cars off the road each year."

** Image ID #1122011 Unavailable **
A sig given to me

July 10, 2006 at 9:16am
July 10, 2006 at 9:16am
I found my muse. She's been parked in front of ESPN, channel five and Wimbledon.com. Who can blame here either? If given the choice between working or watching Nadal come back after being down two sets to win the match against Kendricks...Nadal...stroking Agassi off the court in Round Three. Nadal wining match after match...beating Baghdatis in the semis...and then, the finals...the one and two seed - Breakfast at Wimbledon. You can beat bet your sweet cheeks I'm watching Nadal. (so it was sorta hard to be mad at my muse for not showing up to work these last few weeks - when I'm Wimbledon hungry too.)

Roger Federer
Roger Federer the number one seed


nadal at wimbledon one of my fav tennis playeers
Rafael Nadal - the number two seed.

Meeting head to head in the finals! You know where I was sippin my hazelnut coffee with soycreamer... yup. In front of the tube!

picture of roger and raf
Federer won but it took him four sets to do it. OMG! Second and third set action was just the way i like it - nice and tight.

Normally, i'd have a nice break before the U.S Open starts in Flushing, but they have the Open series coming up...hardcourt action before the action. (first tournament July 17th in Indianapolis with the RCA Championships.

What's my muse supposed to do?

*Star* *Star* *Star*Added two days later.*Star* *Star* *Star*

Per partyof5dj's request, I'm adding a Sharapova pic. Maria Sharapova lost in the semis to Amelie Mauresmo, who then went on to beat Justine Henin-Hardenne.

sharapova and mauresmo
Mauresmo beats Sharapova

Then, i got to thinking...Party wanted a sharapova pic - for the male readers.

Soooo,here ya go...to all my male readers

off court photo of maria
Sharapova - off court

For more Maria Sharapova skin...check out the following site. SI swimsuit. click on the smaller pics for enlargements.

July 6, 2006 at 4:30pm
July 6, 2006 at 4:30pm
The following was in my emailbox Wednesday, July 5th.

It’s awful tough to smile today. you know what's worse than a monday on a tuesday? yep you got it, a monday on a wednesday. i'm managing to not completely explode but basically ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS GONE RIGHT TODAY.

but i got the fixins for some cosmos at home and that's what I'm gonna do.

fyi…this is from the same guy who gave me the whole TWISh theory. ( "TWIS }

upon reading it, I knew it was blog-worthy…I got permission to use it, copied and pasted into word on my notebook. Then, today, I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere…in saved mail, music folders, writing folders, hidden folders still no quote. I emailed him, maybe he’d resend. This is what he said:

You know, I wasn't sure which quote you were talking about. you never address each point in my messages, you kind of pick and choose, i'm sure it's a sign of intelligence. anyway, i thought you were talking about the cosmos fixins but obviously not. i said,
"the only thing worse than a monday on a tuesday, is a monday on a wendesday!". feel free to use it. i'm glad i can provide you with material, that is be an inspiration for your musings.

now, if only the intelligent girl could find her damned muse!
June 20, 2006 at 1:08pm
June 20, 2006 at 1:08pm
OMG. you guys! i just got the layout prints of my article...i get THREE pages!!!! do you even know how happy this makes me? yes, i closed and locke my office door and did the happy dance.
June 19, 2006 at 1:15pm
June 19, 2006 at 1:15pm
I’m back on this…One Thousand Words A Day kick. It’s a writing tool I use, to get me back in the creative groove., help me find my muse sorta move. It’s sorta like dieting only better cuz the results are almost immediate. And, once I’m in the groove, found my muse, I can go back to eating chocolate soy ice cream - as long as I share w/ my muse – and I don’t loose track.

Here’s the rules: Write one thousand words a day. Any words. The same word one thousand times if I want. Just so long as my fingers type out one thousand. Usually, I start out boring. Events of the day, recorded without thought to the reader. (remember, this is like exercise. And exercise is not a spectator sport.)

Anyhoo, all this typing, of boring events….i posted it in my private journal. You guys don’t want to read how i cut my knee while shaving cuz laney popped her head into the bathroom to say Sweeiie, my parrot had started flying around the house, knocked over my brand new vase and landed on the kitchen counter and walked across the pumpkin pie Bryan had made earlier this morning…his bird prints deep into the middle, pumpkin smeared up his bird legs. how he thoughtfully walked all over the counter, leaving a pumpkiney mess.

Actually, I just made all that up. See? How productive the Thousands Words A Day can be?

My lunch break is over, I’ll have to write some more later. Two hundred, forty -something down, seven hundred something to go.

Gotta run...my coffee just finished brewing. no sugar, one tablespoon of soy creamer please. *Smile*
June 18, 2006 at 1:29pm
June 18, 2006 at 1:29pm
I've read several blogs today from those giving tribute and sharing their love for their fathers. I'm calling my motehr to tell her 'Happy Father's Day'. She did play both roles.


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