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i am writing some short stories for my 3 and 4 year old niece and nephew and am struggling how to write it for that age. I wanted it to be exciting and not long winded and boring, but being a adult its hard.
Any advice heee
Try "Writing.Com General Discussion. I'm sure you'll get some suggestions there!
My family and I wish all writing.com people a very happy Christmas and wonderful new year. My wife gave birth to our second son on twentieth of Dec at four in the morning. The greatest Christmas present ever. His name is Finley .
I have so many new great ideas swimming around my head and not enough time to write them. 4 weeks today I am going to be a dad again so very busy getting the house straight, going work and looking after my family.
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I have been finding it so difficult to come up with new ideas for short stories, well I should be fixing what I have already wrote to make them better. I've been having problems with the computer too, four keys wont work properly and still get stuck so pulling my hair out with that.
But I have just seen the photo short story comp and it was as if the Flash was whizzing around my frontal lobe and sending me exciting and intense adventures. (I do spew out crud eh!! heee)

You saw it here first. . . My next story is, "Vigorous Arctic Environment"
Id better get the pen and paper out then eh heee.
Its incredible where you get sparks of ideas come from eh. I was going to work after dropping my son off at school and bought a bottle of water. I noticed the name was called; Smart Water. I read why they call it that and continued to my job. I had never tasted water so amazing as that and wanted to savor every drop.
I kept thinking on the name and then a lightbulb camp on in my brain (if that's possible) and for the first time this year began something new to write. Where its going and who the characters are yet I have no idea but I can still use my imagination to some degree YEAH!!! Have a great weekend my friends. Shark2}
have run out of ideas for stories!!!!
Look into the NaNoWriMo Prep Challenge, at the end of the page there is a plot generator and other stuff to come up with ideas under WRITING TOOLS."October Nano Prep: 2016 Calendar [E]*BigSmile*
I am rubbish and kidding my self so giving up now.
Hope the ideas will soon come again, and thanks for those GPs! *BigSmile*
Happy Birthday writing.com. A big thank you to the lovely person who sent me a real merit badge. Really applicate it.
Have a great weekend, just finished work so mine has just begun YEAH!!!!
Good morning, afternoon or evening, where ever you are in our beautiful world, had a dream last night and is great for a short story. I kept changing into different animals.
WoW!!! two years ago today I registered with this wonderful web site. I have gained so many new friends during that time and loved reading all your work, but must read more as well as write more. Unlike Nostradamus, I don't need to be in a drug infested state to be creative and write good work, but sometimes I think it might, but I never have or will do drugs ever, just need to be inspired I guess.
Thank you to all those people who have reviewed my scribbles and given me gift points and added me as a member. Words can not say how grateful I am. Long may Writing.com continue and I will be a fan for years to come. Beats f book any day of the week!!!
All the best my friends. Lee and if I had enough points to give to you all, I would throw them up in the air for you to all catch. Be creative and inspirational.
Am on holiday in wales and reading the amazing Eric Nylund on the kindle. Dry water. I read pawns dream in my twenties and best book I'd read up to that point. Thanks to Agnus for the great reviews of two of my short stories.
My son is leaving his first school on Friday and they gave him a special award trophy for all his hard work and huge improvements on his hand writing. Yeah!!!
I bought a copy of the girl on the train for Ā£4 from the local supermarket (vile word grrr think about the small businesses!!) and its one of the easiest reads I have ever started. Most of the characters seem the same and cant quite distinguish them, but the story is good and enjoying it, so that's the main point. I cant put the book down heee but it does seem like its a story for a woman though?
Any great science fiction names for boys and girls?
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