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Happy WDC Anniversary! *Smile*
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*ButterflyB*Happy Youth day! Keep on shining cause you make a difference!*Star**Sun**Delight* Hope to see you at thePower Raid!
*BalloonP*Hi, Welcome to the WDC Power Crew! We avhe lots of teen folk. Some also belong to Twist! Look forward to seeing you on the review page! *Star*
Hi Caprice ~ Thanks for following me on Twitter! (@NicoleDwrites) It's great to meet a teen writer, because I host a group here at WDC called "Teen Writers Info-Sharing Team (TWIST). If you'd like, I'll add you to the group and you'll receive my monthly newsletters pointing young writers to activities and contests geared toward teens. Just let me know you're interested and I'll add you! *Smile*
Hey! What's up? How's everything going?
Hi Capri.

I loved your work, though I havent read all of them

Love your style. But somehow I got the feeling that most of your writings (well, almost all of the) are meant to tell us about the female sex. I dont know, are you a feminist or something?

I am sure you would do equally well if you try and bring some variations in your protagonists.

Just my opinion though.

Keep writing.

Cheers !!

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/caprievonne