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Just a quick hello and how-do-ya-do and a heads-up: I may be a bit of a ghost *Ghost* for the next few months! I'll still do my best to keep up with all the amazing activities I'm part of, like the awesome "The Contest Challenge and "I Write in 2020, but I may be slow with replies and otherwise more hermit-like than usual! Here's a rambling note about why:

The important part starts with Writing.Com. *Heart* In March of 2019, I gathered the courage to post the first chapter of a partially-written novel to the site. It was this one: "The Wayside - Chapter One. I wrote the first few chapters when I was 21 and then abandoned it until 2014, when I decided to do some planning and write another 50,000 words on it as part of "October NaNoWriMo Prep Challenge. *Left* Would recommend. This activity is solid gold! *Gold*

That got me about halfway through the book, but I was stuck. It gathered dust on my computer for years. I showed it to no one. Last March, when I uploaded the first chapter, I got really encouraging feedback—encouraging enough that I joined an amazing critique group (shoutout to "WYRM) and eventually posted the first half of the book for review. I got some really helpful feedback and spit-shined the chapters and then, in June and July of this year, finished the entire book.

Long story short, the feedback I got gave me the courage to apply to a really neat writing mentorship program this fall. I was one of over 4,200 applicants to the program hosted by agented/published authors and industry professionals who volunteer their time to act as "mentors" to writers who aren't as far along in their writing careers. Applicants submit a query letter, synopsis, and the first chapter of their novel to the program. Mentors select one "mentee" each.

I got in! *Party* I was one of the 115 mentees selected for 2020.

So I'm going to be speed-editing a whole novel over the next few months to prepare for an agent showcase in February! (There's no guarantee of getting an agent or a book deal—far from it! I don't expect anything to come of the showcase. But it's an honor and a step forward, and I'm so excited to learn from my mentor.)

But also... I am the literal worst multitasker, so I foresee pulling back a bit from participation on Writing.Com so I can focus on editing. I have a lot of work to do, and I want to be able to give it my best effort.
Makes sense. I barely blog, myself. Well, we look forward to you dropping nuggets of gold here and there. *Bigsmile*
Brandiwyn🎶 Thank you! It's been amazing so far.
*Balloonb* Congrats on your promotion!!! *Balloonb*
*Heart* *Hug1**hug**Hug2* Thank you so much!

Congratulations on becoming a Moderator
You deserved it!

Lisa Noe Kittyluv um Puppyluv
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You're so kind! Thank you so much. *Delight*
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Thank you so, so much! I love that the "congrats" has a dancing rat (mouse?) on top of it! It's so cute! *InLove2*
*Partyhatb*Congratulations on a well deserved promotion to a Writing.Com Moderator! Don't forget to change your yellow clothes to a new, blue one *Wink*. *Partyhatp*


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Haha, why thank you! *Delight* I'm still utterly speechless and so honored! Thank you for the kind note! *Heart*
*Balloonb**Delight* You look fabuloous in blue robes! Congratulations! I am thrilled for you! *Starstruck*
Oh my goodness, thank you! *Delight* *Heart*
What's wrong? You're looking a little BLUE today. Oh wait, it's your shiny new Blue MODERATOR Suitcase! Congratulations on your promotion!
I'm definitely still in shock. Thanks so much for the kind note! *Heart*
Look at you all new in blue!

Congratulations on becoming a Writing.Com Moderator.
Thank you so much! *Heart* I think I've temporarily forgotten how to use words; I've been metaphorically staggering around the site, occasionally whispering, What?
Hello, everyone!

It's been a while since I posted anything on the Newsfeed. Since I last posted, both I and my WDC account became more elderly, I collected a frankly alarming number of very cute cloth masks, and I finished revision on one novel and started working on a WIP I'd nearly given up for dead. (The novel was the one "The Wayside - Chapter One is a part of, incidentally.) Shoutout to the amazing folks at "WYRM for making sure I didn't abandon it. I set a wildly unrealistic goal for myself in July: finish that novel. It was only a little over halfway done and had sat, dust-covered and incomplete, on my computer for actual years. No joke. These characters have been with me since I was a junior in college. Since June, I've written over 40,000 words on that novel. 30,000 of those words were written in July—most of them in the last two weeks. (What can I say? Deadlines, even self-inflicted ones, are very motivating!)

I wasn't able to be very active on WDC because of it, but it feels so energizing to finally have that novel finished. Its last chapters need some serious clean-up. Its final chapter, particularly, is rank garbage sewn together with bitterness and desperation. *Vomit* But it's finished!

Which means, of course, that now I need to revise it. *Sob*
Extremely awesome! I can't wait to read it! *Heart*

Awesome! Great job
Congratulations on finishing it! That's a fabulous achievement in and of itself! *Bigsmile*
see above.

May you continue to inspire us for many years to come!
Happy 15th Anniversary!
Kindest Regards, Lilli