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So health issues and a minor surgery later and hopefully I'm back in the game. Sorry for those who emailed me, I would still love to read your stories! Recovery takes longer than I wish it would! But I'm not doing a ton of other things, so reading material is always fun! (Yes this is directed at you Eogin ! 88K of a good story? Bring it!)
Feis is over! Might actually get some writing done this week! Weeeeeeeeeee!
Writer's block that is what's happening...guess I'll go review more until it passes...*sings "This too shall pass"*
Your juices have dried up then go find some rain.
Reader's block, then go read a book you've never read before.
Allow yourself to fail and then rewind and write the same piece again.
I'm no expert, also on the path called learning but I'm learning to take one memory and open it up.
How does it feel to be angry, trapped, slandered, reclusive, loved, unloved, bullied...
Writer's gymnastics, if you dont write every day you become unfit and words are harder to write.
What does fear smell like?
Stretch your mind.
What about reading Steven King on writing. It's part biography and part tips on writing.
I'm off to have breakfast with Steven King. (blink) Oh, I mean with my partner who loves talking about the news which means that I don't need to read the news, just listen to it.
Have a nice day.*Bigsmile*

I laughed too hard at this...:)
Writing problems: You write two chapters and discuss it with your husband and two hours later he's gotten a trilogy out of it. Actually I am not sure if this is a problem or a perk... Will get back with you...
That sounds kind of irritating, but you might benefit in the long run...
Yeah, initially he liked my story...and then took it in a HUGE direction that I had never even considered going. I appreciate his enthusiasm...but pretty sure I'm not going there...lol
And suddenly a story that I was stuck on is coming out in full force and I can't keep up. *happy lady!* Yay Project Resurrection!
Status: Alive.
Irish Step Dance! Great month to be involved! Back to writing soon I hope!
Editing...bane of my existence! :P
Three year anniversary...doesn't seem like it's been that long since I started...
I know ... the time flies when you're having ... wait, is this fun? *Laugh*


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It must be! Why else do we do this? Muahahahaha!
So it's about 3am and I've been editing the same chapter...my mission to scale it down a bit has backfired. My 8,000 word chapter jumped by a thousand words. It may be bed time...
Writing a manipulative conversation is harder than it looks! Let's suggest one character attempting to convert another to their viewpoint, even if that view point is an evil one, ie, someone destroying the world for the better...

But the main character has to find the argument appealing, even realistic.

*hides in the corner to figure this out*
So my Resident Evil series has started back up again! (And by this I mean, I no longer currently have writers block as far as writing it!) I know a few people were asking me to finish it! I have added a two chapters and have plenty of material that I am sorting through...bear with me. It's coming!