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Hey guys. Been a while.

Sorry for being so floaty this past month or so. I'd say something cheesy like 'I sincerely apologise for my absence, for depriving you, my fans, of my work', or promise you that it won't happen again, that is if I thought I could promise that.

But I can't.

I had some stuff going on and now I'm back. For how long? I've no bloody clue. Hopefully long enough to do some of the arcs I've got stashed in my head. No promises though, remember that.

I just wanted to say thanks for those who waited, and hello to any newbies. Picked up a couple fans in between my (nonexistent) posting schedule. Pretty cool.

Also, I've got another story on the books. TT.V.IV, to be exact. This one strays a little further away from the whole 'Trait Thief' aspect you may be used to from my other stories, a little less so in Vol. 3 but oh well.

This one is more focused on extraterrestrial hijinks in a small village in the English countryside. I'd tell you more but then I'd have to shoot you (I'm kidding- or am I?).

I'll put up a poll right after this to ask whether or not I should put up the bare bones I have right now and get some more feedback. When I say bare bones I mean literally scraps, with a few chapters finished and a few others still being workshopped.

Anyways, that's me. See you. Keep smiling. 🥳
That's funny. I didn't feel at all deprived during your absence.
Lol! *snort
You don't have to apologize for anything. We all have periods of inactivity, like I have now. Keep plugging along and take all the time you need.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Trait Theft Vol. II  (E)
Someone is given the power to steal or swap traits from whoever they want to, again.

Two new characters are ready and waiting to be explored:

Tatiana: Ricardo (the janitor's) 20-year-old daughter who's very wayward and... expressive with her dressing and sexuality. This beautiful brunette is always clad in a pair of tight jeans and crop tops, rarely ever seen in anything formal unless explicitly forced to be. This helps accentuate her pear-shaped hips, large backside and overflowing DD-cup rack. Instead of going off to college, she's taking a gap year to gain work experience as the PA to Trent Lockheed. She's very aware of his flirtings with her but pretends to be oblivious to watch him squirm.

Marv: 39 years of age and strapping something fierce. This gentle giant, of mixed Jamaican and English heritage, is generally fawned after by the ladies at TG for his muscular physique and kind demeanour. Under his throbbing biceps and chiselled features lay a soft heart and a hardworking attitude that makes him a dependable addition to the company. He'd worked with Reggie (until he was fired) to help with organising the assorted lab equipment into the adjoining warehouse. He is now married to his wife, Missy, who mostly stays at home to look after their baby, Alex(andra).
Love the new characters! Have fun with them!
Thanks! I'll try! :)
Salutations, back again with another note.

Doing these are actually quite fun to be honest, calming even. Forgive me if I begin to make these notes more of a regular occurrence.

Alright then. Sorry it took so long to post a new chapter on Literal Trait Thieves. I promise you I had a chapter ready and waiting on the proper day, I'd just somehow forgotten to save it and poof, into the abyss of lost chapters it flew.

Had it been like the majority of my chapters I wouldn’t have been fazed. But alas, it wasn’t (or at least I think it wasn’t) and it had a chapter of really interesting introspective thoughts that I sadly had forgotten as soon as I’d returned to my laptop. Which sucks but oh well, c’est la vie. Hope you enjoyed its replacement.

And, er, yeah, that’s me done. So I hope you have good whatevers or whenevers wherever you are. See you.
Hello there!

As some of you may know, I've recently started working on a new Literal Trait Thieves arc. I'm glad to say that I will be introducing an all new pair of Thieves to add to the Fast-and-Furious-like Literal Trait Thieves' rogues' gallery I've assembled.

I'm happy to say that's not the only development I've got in the works (and oh ho ho, this one will be big). But, before any of you may get unnecessarily excited, I'm shelving it for now in the hope that I'll be able to focus more on finishing off arcs in my other stories. I think that's my personal gripe with my own writing and I hope to tie a little bow around some of the arcs and ideas you guys have voted for in my Brief Intermission.

Last of all I'd like to thank all of you. Again, it baffles me that anyone even uses their time to read my stories but, oh well I guess, I'm glad you've stuck with me. Enjoy your days, afternoons and evenings and don't forget to drink some water!

First off apologies to anyone that was waiting for me to comeback. If this applies to anyone reading this then you guys are truly amazing because I don't think my chapters are good enough to warrant that.

But hey, who am I to question the strange intricacies of the human psyche?

Anyways, sorry again. Over the last two weeks I had some personal stuff going on that halted my usual updates. That and the fact I'm brewing up something real special that I can't wait to show you guys when I put on a few final touches (or just finish the little snippets). Glad to say I'm doing better now and will try to give a little something here and there until I eventually decide to get off my lazy arse and finish what I started finally.

So with that I bid you adieu. Be patient. In the meanwhile be kind and courteous and all that crap. Who cares? I don't. You probably should though.
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Take care of yourself, your well-being always comes first.
Hello there fellas and felines (what's the female for fellas? Who cares, on with the show). I'm apologising in advance for I won't be able to carry on my writing streak for my new arc in Trait Theft (I know, sucks).

You'll be glad to hear that I've no intentions of stopping it, just a bit tired today, that's all. Just stay tuned for a new chapter coming soon and, if it doesn't come by tomorrow, send me a ping just to demand I get off my lazy arse and finish it!

Also this is really my first foray into working with the Transformation Group employees so if you have any swap suggestions or character personalities just hit me up.

That being said, goodnight and hope you enjoy reading my stuff and crap. If you like it that is. Who am I kidding, 'course you like it. :)
I don't really know what to put in my bio, hence why I always seem to be chopping and changing it a lot. This is supposed to mould the first impression readers have of me, to show I'm different from other writers on this site. I can't really see if I'm all that different to be honest. All I know is that I try my hardest on every chapter and arc that I do, because anything less than the best makes me feel sick to my stomach. And I guess maybe that is why I write the way I write. After all, who doesn't want to be proud of their work at the end of the day?
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And you should be proud. Your chapters are always amazing. Never sell yourself short.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, I've got a question to ask. As all you wonderful people that have followed my work thus far know I have built up quite the collection of 'Literal Trait Thieves' stories. (Massive thanks to saracen1187 and gddrumer101 for adding fantastic chapters, especially saracen for being with me for all, especially TT2 and AP7)

My question is do you think it'd be best for me to go for a brand new arc or should I work on finishing the others?

If you think I should start a new one please like this note. If you've specific ideas about time periods, locations, new heist ideas, or even if you think new characters should be brought into the fray please comment below.

Thanks sincerely in advance, P.
I think there's still plenty of life in your Trait Theft stories yet, especially part swapping arcs :) But if you want to start a new story I would support you in that too my friend :)
Alrighty, so if any of you guys have been following me recently I just uploaded two chapters onto a new arc on Trait Theft. I’ve actually got no idea where I want to go with it but I’d like to see if you guys want me to continue.

So what’s the verdict?
Just posted a poll in my portfolio.

If you want me to continue an arc there, then vote!

If not just email my writing.com email directly, no matter if you’re another author or one of my esteemed fans, and request a specific arc or story that you think I should try and complete or just recommendations of stories where I could possibly contribute.

Much gratitude,
Welcome, this is the WDC World, and I see you are already buzy enjoying the treats.
I've just posted my brand new story 'Trait Theft 2' onto my portfolio. Hope you guys like it and add some chapters of your own!
To any of my current (or future) followers, please, don’t be shy! If you want to add a chapter, story arc or even character, don’t be afraid! Just do it; I never delete chapters anyway! Signed, pee234. 😁
To all writers who would be interested, I am asking you to aid me on my interactive story, 'Trait Theft' (GC). If you could help me and add a chapter or 2 it would be greatly appreciated.


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