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A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to StoryMistress!!!
Started treatment today for BPD. BPD is borderline personality disorder. I need some skills that I never learned. I was just diagnosed with BPD a few weeks ago. So here I am. I maybe a good writer but this throws me off a little.
Not BPD here, MDD, but I understand. You'll get better, all in good time. *Heart*
My meds and therapy did me wonders.

My issues interfered with my work too, still occasional bouts happen, but they pass very quickly now, and I'm still not finished with therapy, so it gets better. *Heart*
I don't know you but if you strive to be a good person, I have no problem with it
It can be a real struggle to work on personality disorders, but the fact that you aren't fighting it is a huge step in the right direction! Keep an open mind, work hard, and you'll get there! You got this! Good luck! *Shamrock*
Today is a writing day. I love these days. I will write, nap, and watch the boob tube. It will be an amazing day.
I've went for the napping... kind of made the rest fall to the wayside. *Laugh*
Writing days are the bees knees! Get at it, get typing, enjoy your day!
@ SB Musing bees-knees? Let's see... last used in general conversation circa 1920. You need to read more current stories... *Laugh**Rolling*
Tore a ligament in my left knee. Can’t wait to go home.
*FlowerY* *FlowerT* Ouch, that's no fun. Hope you heal up and feel better very soon! *FlowerB* *FlowerR*
YIKES! I'M SO SORRY!!! Feel better soon!
Oooh... that's not good! *Heart*
I am wondering if there are any police officers or detectives out here. I am writing a crime drama and I have a few questions. I am a retired paramedic but I don't know the ins and outs of the police or detective world. PLEASE email me or message me.

Super cool that you are trying to make things more realistic. However, unless people are scrolling through the Community Newsfeed (click the button at the top), they are only seeing their Personal Newsfeed (the default for folks who have several fans on here already). There probably is someone who can answer your questions, but likely they won't see this post unless you have already fanned or favorited you (clicked your Plus sign). Try the General Discussion forum (under Community on the left side) and see if you get more help there.

Good luck!
Just posted chapter fifteen of Crew command.
Having a lazy Sunday. Watching the first season of Fringe and writing.
I get to see my nephews today. I can’t wait!!! They are 11 and 9. Awesome ages.
Mine are 9 and about to be 11. *Bigsmile* Have fun!
Being an Auntie or Uncle is the BEST. You get to spoil them, have tons of fun, and then, when they are cranky, tired or whine, you can smile and give them back.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!
I just posted the first three chapters of my new story called "Crew Command" in my portfolio. Could someone check it out and let me know what you think? It would be greatly appreciated.