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Hi guys, last night I wrote a piece called, "Joan and Her Bottle." I rated it 18+ not because I do not want juveniles to be educated about the problem of alcoholism, but for the sake that I was unsure of what content rating to give it, and so I thought I'd be on the safe side. I am not a mental health professional of any kind, or a substance abuse counselor, and so this short story is strictly fiction. I do, however, hope that there is a lesson learned by what I wrote, and that if any of you need help, to ask for help immediately, because this is a serious problem that needs treatment. Thank you. I hope that this helps someone out there.
Hey guys, I forgot to tell you last night that I uploaded my short story, "Cubicle Karma." It is inspired by a WDC prompt. I hope you like it. I tried not to give any hints away about what exactly people do in an office; although, I think a couple of them slipped out. I won't tell you something vague, like, a "data report." What exactly is a "data report"?!! It could be anything. Well, enough of the chit-chat. Time to leave the water cooler and get back to work.
I just uploaded an essay about the year 2019 so far and how life-changing it has been for me. Please do take the time to read it, because it just might inspire you to not fear when challenges come across your path, and to have faith.
Hi everyone, I just uploaded my latest short story, "Revenge at Dexter University." I suppose I've graduated from young adult to the college level! Well, please read, it is not very long, but I'm sure you will find it entertaining, too. It's a little shorty about a disgruntled student and his reaction to a disappointment.
Hi, I just uploaded my short story, "Return to Sender." I hope you like it, and the cover I made for it.
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Thanks, Angus! Have a great day, yourself!
Hi everyone, I just uploaded my latest short story, "Birthday Wishes." Because my birthday is on Sunday, I was inspired to write a short piece about wishing and superstition. Please check it out. It is short, sweet, and romantic.
Hi everyone, I just uploaded a short, young adult romance onto WDC.
I added covers I made myself to my two short stories yesterday! One of them is an oil painting I made. The other one is made from a photograph of a journal cover. I uploaded these to images onto my computer, used Paint 3D on my desktop, added text, and cropped the images to make them the right size. Will work on my writer's block. I hope to contribute more in the future!
I've just edited an item in my portfolio: now you can get gift points for reviewing my short story!
 The Magic Orb  (13+)
A man walks into an Occult store and finds something he likes.
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