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Greetings, and Welcome *Balloon4* *Balloon1*

I see you express your voice writing of music ~ I know you'll like it here, join in our lyric cacophany of voices *Piano*
*BalloonP* *BalloonY* *BalloonB* *BalloonV* Welcome to WDC! *BalloonV* *BalloonB* *BalloonY* *BalloonP*

I hope you enjoy it here! Watch out though, it can get addicting. ;)
Hi, Nicho! I just dropped by with a quick Welcome to WdC. I noticed you didn't get a chance to fill out your bio yet. That would be a great thing to do so members can learn more about you. I hope you enjoy WdC as much as me!


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*Burstr* Welcome to WDC!*Burstr* I hope you enjoy your time here and really get involved with the community. You will meet some great people here!

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