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I have tried my hand at most every type of writing but I am not attemptng erotica any more! Every time I try, something terrible happens! I think it's because marriage is like a spiritual thing. I will re post this as necessary.
I don't blame you. I don't like erotica and that genre is off limits to me.
30 minutes after I started writing we registered 5.1 earthquake
I tried erotica and I literally suck at it. No pun. *Rolling*
Thankyou, StoryMaster for helping me with my subscription renewal! Now I don't have to think about it until 2022 *Heart*
Someone is offering to sponsor my Premium Plus IF I can explain the advantages of Premium Plus.
Lilli ☕ That's the trick ); I "can't" explain the advantages! I researched but still don't get it. Smh.
It gives you a lot more space - more than most people can use. Northernwrites might know more specifically
Charity Marie I am not really as active online as what I understand to be included. Sounds "fun" though :)
We have our shelf paper back down over perfectly dried shelves and floors. Here comes Hurricane Isai
We soaked up all the water we could. The shelves are 'cork board' so ...omgosh, many days until completely dry! Why aren't houses built from glass and . . .oh.
Hope you back to normal soon. *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
Thanks Alexi!
I've had a flooded basement twice. Once when the water line broke and it was flowing for a weekend we went away. When we came back we had ankle deep water from one end of the bottom floor to the other.

The 2nd time it happened a water heater broke and it just covered the feet. We had a restoration company come in to suck up all the water, dry it out and the insurance company finished my whole basement from top to bottom. The the senior insurance adjuster made sure of this because the understanding was the insurance company was going to drop us. Which they did once the job was finished.
Just was reminded by Brian.., Thanks for the Notifications. Even though everyone doesn't relate, we feel not so alone. So, thanks.
We had our 'rinse' hose valve break and before I realized it, the kitchen floor and cabinets were flooded! I will try to catch up on any contests judging, ect, as soon as possible. Thank God my husband heard it gushing! I thought it was the coffee pot! *Shock2*
Everybody doing the same thing or all the same people ...hmmmmm...LOLSSS

Just thought I'd share this from 2015.
(Thank you for the research Sky.) The Premium Plus is awesome storage and lots of PLUS!
HOWEVER! I am a very sporadic and amateur writer. This is too much storage and extras for me! Thank you, ANON, but no *Heart*
(*Actually, the photo is my two oldest grandkids' graduation! *Heart*

AND I am so proud of you, as well, Adomah! You have gone through college! I remember when you were showing me videos of your home life with your mom. She did a wonderful job but you wanted to be a doctor! You and I made a few mistakes along the way, but praise be to a merciful and forgiving Creator! Prayer started its miraculous journey! Your very powerful father found you and you worked at his cement store! I remember you made a few videos at the time. The next thing I knew, you had a choice between college and university! You persevered! I stepped away and God took absolute control ALL TO HIS GLORY! Congrats! DOCTOR! 👏❤️