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Hi everyone my name is Rose and I'm a college student at the age of 65 years young. I'm a Mom, grandmom, and a great grandmom. When I was younger I hated everything about school, and when in high school I did more cutting than being at school. Not until I started having grandchildren did I start to regret my actions. The things that I thought was a waste of time turned out to be very important. Why? Because certain things my grandchildren needed help with I wasn't able to help them, and then those things I was able to help with sparked an interest, such as writing stories, so I decided to go back to school and learn the basics.

My major is Art, but I'm also taking creative writing. It's like starting all over for me. My first year I got really frustrated and nearly quit, but then I'm not a quitter and what example would I be setting for my children (though grown), and my grandchildren, so I stayed. I'm getting ready to complete my second year.

The longer I've stayed the more I'm enjoying being a student and I found out I really like learning. I came to the conclusion that getting and having an education is crucial to everything about life and having a quality of life is based on a strong education and setting goals inspired by a strong and sound education. So many people struggle in life because they settle for crumbs. This causes life to be hard and hard press when trying to get ahead. You never will! Only what put into life will you get out of life. Having little to no education is the weight that drags us down and makes you give up on yourself. But I also learned that it's never too late to learn and have goals and gain success. It's too late when you give up. With God on my side am I able to complete what I start.

My goal is to complete my education and become the best writer and artist I can be. I believe in reaching for the stars. You know what waste time doing nothing when there's so much out here to give time to worth doing.

So don't give up on God and you won't give up on you! Nice meeting you all! Shalom.
Hi Rose! *Smile*
Hi, Rose and welcome to the family of WDC! *Smile*
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/rosefaciane65