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What is the definition of reality as per your concept?
I think reality is something that none of us can truly know because we all are colored by our perception. Reality is the absence of any perception.
Do you love song?
What is your hobby?
I have several. I like to make soap and make quilts. I also like to hang out on WdC and pretend I sometimes write. *Rolling*
If any one pick up one identity of the following, which one will you wish to pick
1. Poet
2.story writer
3. Reviewer
4.story teller
Story teller
Today, In India, the goddess of education is worshipped every where. Do you like it or not and why?
I believe in the Christian God, so I disagree, but if you don't believe in the same God, I think it's great that there's an education god. *Smile*
How will you spend your this weekend?
Hopefully, cleaning my apartment. Probably just avoiding cleaning my apartment. *Laugh*
I'll be watching someone else clean my house, while trying to avoid watching them clean my house *Rolling*
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/sachisuta