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Nice sunny day in Ohio; wonderful change of pace from the rain. Hubby hit his head on the living room mantle while unplugging the sweeper but he's doing alright now. Scarred me...
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Happy 8th WdC Anniversary!!!
Also, what about "separation of church and state?" I remember the words, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, render unto God what is God's."

I am not sure what this is in reference to but I am thinking of such things as taxes.

On another note we pay taxes to "Caeser" but maybe we also pay God in other acceptable ways in our faith and gratitude.

My apologies if this looks funny. I am texting this comment from my phone.
Laughing now that I see what your comment was on. We've met before! And it's been a long time. I hope things are going well for you.
Hi there! Congratulations on your promotion to yellow! *Smile*
Congrats on the YELLOW case! Lox
Congratulations, Morningstar! Beautiful new coat of paint there *Bigsmile*
*BalloonY**BalloonY**BalloonY* Congrat's on your beautiful yellow case! *BalloonY**BalloonY**BalloonY*
Ah. Guess you didn't see my campfire called Detour, which was called Raptured, but the name seemed to scare people away afraid they'd offend somehow if they joined up. It is somewhat frivolous. it seems to cross connect to another campfire called Mogo the Caveman, which I am also partner in.
Hello there. Which book idea? *curious.
I want to rewrite a book I wrote several years ago concerning the Rapture and focusing on just a few people. The book is good; however, I want to update it and make it more real and interesting. I was just wondering if there is an editorial process that would make the work go better--more efficiently. I know the topic has been done many times but would like to make it more relevant toour times..Thanks a bunch for enquiring! Morningstar
Looking into more online writing sights and looking for book publishers that are legit.
Need to work more on new book idea
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/shepherd46