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I am pretty easy going. I don't want to bash your poem. I look for rhythm, color, formatting, form, meter, style, imagery. I look, I listen. I appreciate. For more go to my Poetry Review Forum #1399834 or find it in the Review Forum List.
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Encouragement, helping you when you need it. Suggesting better words or lines, and challenging you to do better and not settle for boring words, lines or writing crap.
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Review of Item Statistics  
Review by njames51
Rated: ASR | (5.0)
Wow! This was interesting. I am overwhelmed with information. I hadn't a clue that you could use item/viewing statistics to expand into demographic breakdowns, including age and gender. Being somewhat lacking in understanding statistics, I'm glad I had a writer who could show me the way. You've done an exhaustive job of covering everything that would be helpful for a writer. I admit, I'll have to re-read this a few times, because it is alot of information. But, it is very enlightening to me, and very useful.

Thank you for taking this bull by the horns, researching the various components, and presenting the information in a way that my feeble brain can understand it.


Great Job!
Review by njames51
Rated: E | (4.0)
I found this in my Review Forum.

Very Nice! There is sweet imagery here, and a bright emotion, that reminds of feelings I have when it begins to snow. I am surrounded by that same sense of girlish excitement. I love the first four lines; but, in fact, I love most of it.

There are a few ordinary rhymes, which might be better served with more creative words. There is some choppiness in some lines. And, cutting some excess words would help this.


Hold my heart in a voice of lullaby
Moments without you bring these tears I cry

These lines don't flow with the first four.....and the last line of the poem is quite forced.

But, I think, this is all fixable.

I think if you read this out loud ten times, you'll hear where the flow is off....due to long lines.....and you'll be able to chop some excess words, that aren't needed.

Keep working on this. And, KEEP WRITING!

Review by njames51
Rated: E | (4.0)
Very cute......I liked it! Sweet...

Actually the words are pretty good.....I just see the choppiness in how you have the lines formatted (and you need to cut some of the excess words).

I love that line......"To the moon and back"...

I can see why your girlfriend wants us to read this.....it's very sweet.

Polish it up some more.......GOOD JOB!

Review by njames51
Rated: 18+ | (4.5)
Well, of course, Bill Maher is correct in his interpretation, because he equates Religion/beliefs with UN-scientific, Un-proven, ideas.

That is correct. Religious "facts" are not proven....they have no statistical basis.....no body of evidence to publish in "fact-based" scientific journals.

But, it is a null argument.

Spiritual beliefs are rooted in FAITH.....not on evidence. It's comical for him to even attempt a comparison of "scientific" thought with "spiritual" thought.

That comparison has been tried for decades. How can one "justify" or "prove" a spiritual belief? One cannot.

"Faith" has no basis - it is FAITH......duh.

He's trying to compare a rock with flight.

There is a basis for a rock...it is solid mass.

"Flight" is ethereal.......it can be "explained", I suppose; but, actually......the flight of a bird is just flight!

A better analogy is comparing a "rock" with "wind"....we know there is a "rock"......but we have faith in "wind". It cannot be seen......it just "is".

I laugh at folks like Bill Maher.......jumbling up their brains attempting to "get a hold of" spiritual belief/thought.

That thought/belief is as ethereal as the wind.....and as freeing as flight!

Good luck, Bill Maher.......keep trying.
Review by njames51
Rated: E | (4.0)
This is good.

You have alot of slicing emotional content here. I can feel it! Pain.....bitterness seeping like blood from an untreated wound......anger that shreds and scatters like a nail piercing wood.

A couple of suggestions:

"I was ambushed in the dark by those
Because of whom I thought, I was protected!"

This sounds awkward....."because of whom I thought".....you need to change that...


"With whom I thought I was protected"....."By whom I felt protected".....something like that.

"Wounded, we find solace".......change this to: "Wounded, I find solace" (Back to the "I" voice).

"I embraced someone when I came out from the dark
But he drove a dagger straight through my heart!"

Change this.....you're suddenly talking about "someone" and "he"....before you were talking about "them"....."friends" (plural).


"I embraced THEM when I came out from the dark,
But THEY drove a dagger straight through my heart!"

"Imagine the pain of a thousand needles poked
When you are unable to move, completely choked!"

Take out the word "choked".......you've suddenly got a rhyme going...and it sounds funny in the middle of a non-rhyming poem. Replace it with a different word.

Lines I loved:

"I narrate my own death
At the hands of my own friends"

"I burn in the flames of a fire
That is colder than the snow itself"

Very good job! Strong emotion.



Review of The Unspoken  
Review by njames51
Rated: E | (2.5)
Well, I didn't really understand this...so I'm sure you can expand on it.


"The unspoken, was once awoken".
I haven't a clue what this means. You are talking about "the unspoken".

Then...you are talking about "he"
"he did not have much to say....he spoke in a whisper, almost a choke". Sounds like you're trying to rhyme "choke" with "awoke". It doesn't work.

"Fire fuels freedom, heavenly is hell"
I don't get this either...."heavenly is hell?"

The next line, I don't understand either.

Then you switch to the "I" mode.
Then you say "By divine revelation I knew...what had been true"......sounds like you're trying to rhyme "knew" and "true"......and just kind of found those words.
"Everything was ok...the day was saved...God died today"...again looking for words that would rhyme.

"By divine revelation...I knew....God died today..."

How can you have divine revelation if God is dead?

Basically, what I'm saying is...you've switched from "the unspoken"....to "he"......to "I" within 6 lines.

You're a good writer, but, you must be clear about your topic, your emotion, what you're trying to say.
Words are not just words to be put in a line of verse.

They must complete a thought....reflect an emotion....describe a mood.......and make sense.

Always help your reader understand!

I think you should ponder what, exactly, you want to say with this poem.....and work on it...re-vise it....re-vise it again......read it OUT LOUD twenty times......and then re-vise each line again.

And then come back here and post it for review again.

I'll be very interested in reading it again.



Review by njames51
Rated: E | (5.0)
Another wonderful poem.

"Gossamer strands.....half in shadows...eye-lashes curl lazily...".

Nice, sweet poem...nice lines...good imagery.....I wondered if it was about a spouse or a sleeping child.....I got wrapped up in the whole thing...it sort of took me away to this place, your place, your world.

A sign of a good poem......the reader gets swept away into your world....

Nice job!
Review by njames51
Rated: E
I liked it! Congratulations!

You wrote something that held my interest, and made me want to finish it. It flowed well. The thoughts conveyed were sharp and and crisp, without being muddled with too many words. The poem was brief, consise, and had an expected journey.

I think you did very well! The use of less to convey more, is difficult to accept. Writers like to pontificate with excess verbage....and they get swallowed up by so many words.

I think you chose your words well, and expressed your idea in a sharp, crisp, use of lines. Excellent job!

Keep on writing!
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