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July 25 1949
About Me
I love to read, I am trying to write - but most of the time I don't get to far. I am raising our granddaughter. She is my life. I am retired now, I love to read, write, paint, ceramics, movies, and my grandchild. Some of my pieces on this site are about her. Read and let me know what you think.
Type of Writer
I'm not sure just what type I am, I write about what ever interest me.
Writing Style
I let the voices in my head take over when I write a story - it is their story.
I have many interests, writing, reading, ceramics, painting, plants etc. I help out with my granddaughters school. I also like photography, I could go on but I'll stop there.
Website / Homepage
My Blog
Group Memberships
Children's Writers Group
Favorite Genres
Fiction, Science Fiction, Spy Stories, Children's Stories, Medical Science Fiction, don't care much for romance novels.
Favorite Books
There are so many - all of Robin Cook, all of Clive Cussler, J.K. Rollins, The Clan of the Cave Bear Series, Robert Daughtery Books, I also like some self help books and some religious books - main one there - The Bible.
Favorite Authors
All of the above and then some.
Favorite Poets
Silverstein, Helen Steiner Rice, some of Poe, Robert Frost, and many others.
Favorite Quote
It is what it is.
Favorite Music
Christian music on the station here in our area KSBJ. Old Rock and Roll 50's
Favorite Movies
Most kid movies, all Harry Potter movies, Science Fiction movies. Old Christmas movies with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, etc.
Favorite Shows
Xfiles, The Mentalist, all the NCIS shows, Mike and Molly, The Big Bang Theory, The Krat Brothers, lot of kid shows etc.
My decision to regain my joy.
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What being a Christian means to me.
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Thoughts going thru my mind at any given time.
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