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by Jewel
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Are you in love with your boyfriend, or is it just infatuation?
Do you and your boyfriend really have true love? Or is it just infatuation? Take the quiz and find out!
1. Beginning of a date:
 Your boyfriend shows up 15 minutes late for your date night. After he apologizes, you...
       tell him it's ok because that doesn't happen frequently. Then go have a good night.        
       start to get annoyed because being late is starting to become a routine thing.        
       scream at him, telling him that if he's late one more time, you'll dump him.        
2. In the car:
 You guys are driving to dinner. You usually talk about...
       how annoyed you are about the restaurant/movie he picked and how he always gets stuff wrong.        
       whatever comes to mind. You usually find things in common to talk about and are interested in what he's saying.        
       your days, school, work, etc to fill in silences. You're still trying to get to know him in a deeper level.        
3. After the date:
 He's driving you home. What happens?
       You're argueing again. It's usually always the same fights escalating into new ones. You get to your house in a bad mood and get out of the car before you kiss goodnight.        
       You're still having a good time. Reluctant for the night to end.        
       You're feeling more comfortable with him,        
4. School:
 You're walking down the hallway. You...
       cling onto him and make sure everyone knows you're dating the hot guy.        
       finish a conversation with him and go join your friends when you see them.        
       are both smiling and laughing, then go hang out together with your friends and his.        
5. Family:
 Your mom asks you if your boyfriend is still coming over for dinner. You say...
       I think so. Let me call and double check.        
       yea. He'll be over soon.        
       probably not. He usually cancels on you last minute        
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