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How much do you know about birthday cake?

Watch this Youtube video on 1920's birthday cake and then complete the following quiz.

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1. Birthday Cake :
 Why were the candles on the cake kept burning during Kinderfest?
       to keep evil spirits away        
       to keep children excited        
       to bring the birthday child good wishes        
       to help keep track of the child's age        
2. Birthday Cake :
 Why should the flour be mixed in by hand?
       so you don't make a mess        
       so it doesn't become too creamy        
       so it doesn't become too dense        
       to keep air bubbles from forming        
3. Birthday Cake :
 What is a slack oven?
       a cold oven        
       an oven cooling from being set at a very high temprature        
       a lazy oven        
       a coal burning oven        
4. Birthday Cake :
 What two types of flour are used in this cake?
       wheat and oat flour        
       bleached cake flour and corn starch        
       almond flour and flax seed        
       all purpose and almond flour        
5. Birthday Cake :
 What is the name of the lady who made this recipe?
       Julia Child        
       Rachel Ray        
       Lady Agnes Jekyll        
       Queen Elizabeth        
6. Birthday Cake :
 How long did candles stay lit during Kinderfest?
       5 minutues        
       long enough to sing happy birthday        
       all day and into the evening        
       all morning        
7. Birthday Cake :
 What pandemic was going around during the 1919's?
       Spanish Flu        
       Mad Cow        
       Swine Flu        
8. Birthday Cake :
 What year was the cookbook published that has the cake recipe?
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/quiz/item_id/2257627-Birthday-Cake-Quiz