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A Pretty Pesky shop of pictures, banners, and sigs, to support Pretty Pesky Prompts
Welcome to

Banner for shop

Contest/Group/Other Banners and Signatures are my specialty!

50% of all proceeds earned goes to "Pretty Pesky Prompts
50% goes to helping me maintain upgraded status to keep the shop and contest running

Featured Image:

Banner made for Character Flaws Contest

This image was made for Genipher-gone fishing! for the "Character Flaws Contest

The Goods:

Text Banner/Sig with Single Small Image: 2000 GPs

Sample Banner for a Fantasy Contest
Sample lightning sig for shop

Text Banner/Sig with Multiple Small Images: 2500 GPs

Banner Sample

Image Banner/Sig with name: 2500 GPs

Sample Sig for Shop
Sig Sample

Quotes with White Background: 2000 GPs (2500 GPs if I have to find a quote)

sample for shop

Quote with Background Image: 2500 GPs (3000 Gps if I have to find a quote)

Sample Quote for shop

Word Art: 2000 GPs

for PPP contest

Order Here:
Pretty Pesky Pictures Order Form  (E)
The place to Order Pictures from my shop!
#2150899 by Pesky Amanda is a NaNo WINNER!

Disclaimer: I am still relatively new to image manipulation (photo editing) so please be patient with me! I will learn as I go!

Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2150887