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      Writing.Com is home. Its the place I wake up in the morning.
Where I used to spill mornings' fresh thoughts onto paper,
I now type in a place I remember. I nourish myself on writing.com
experiencing worlds of our own creation. I share feelings and thoughts
as I walk through our worlds created alone…with each other. And I care
how you feel as you read my experience,
when I entered the world of your item.

Writing.com is not just for "writers;"
its for you and for me to share company,
in our minds and on internet paper.
Thanks for the opportunity to say how EYE feel
to the world about writing.com.

I love you. and writing.com.
      This is a wonderful site, I can not say enough about it, there is always something for everyone to read and lots of motivation given to writers to write! I am a writer and cannot express how awesome this site is! Rock On WDC!
      Writing.com surrounds me with the artistic community of fellow writers I have been missing. I have enjoyed writing ever since kindergarten and the nuns gave me a jumbo pencil. Starting in my late teens I immersed myself in the artistic community where I lived in San Francisco. Bohemian evenings spent sharing our latest poems was a special time. I have find some of that same cameraderie here, enriching my life, feeding my spirit, and inspiring my creativity.
-- peach
      I woke up one morning and burned to write...I just had to and I knew that! I have questioned myself over and over again of why I gave it up.

I know the answer finally. Searching the internet and visiting various places I found that Writing.Com was for me. Where else could I have been able to write and be more creative than I ever dreamed? Writers, friends and feedback galore! My second home is Writing.Com!
      I'm what they call a "Newbie". I stumbled upon writing.com 4 days ago while surfing for ideas to improve my passion: writing. My life hasn't been the same since. Now, I'm no computer whiz, but I had no trouble clicking here and clicking there and navigating through the site. I thought, "Ok - this is neat, but chaaachingg - how much is this gonna cost me?" You know what it cost me to register as a member? NADA - Nothing - Zip. So I jumped in and started writing, reviewing, and communicating with encouraging, compasionate authors. I've learned alot in these past 4 days and I'm even starting writing classes through WDC (that stands for "writing.com") by using the points I've earned from the many generous authors on the site. I sign on to WDC in the morning and before I know it, it's dark outside and I realize I haven't eaten, fed my dog, read the paper, watched TV, or even drank my wine I poured hours ago. Watch out Stephen King, here I come.
      You hear a lot about the "friends" that people make at WDC. When I first joined I was a little skeptical about all this. I have come to believe that it is not only possible to make friends, but comrades, allies, mentors, teachers, and pals. I wanted to enter a small town magazine short story contest where I live. I didn't want just to enter this contest, I wanted to win it. I asked seven or eight fellow WDC members if they would be kind enough to read my story and comment on it. Everyone of them did. Some said they would get to it during their lunch brake, or after they got home from work, in other words they had to find time to do what I asked them to do, and they did find the time and they offered me the best advice they could. I would define that as friendship. What else could you call it. I haven't heard back yet whether I won or not. I know I have a good shot at it. I LOVE WDC!
      When I joined this site three years ago, I couldn't read, much less write. I was working as a debt collector and could barely operate a shovel. Now though I'm Sarah Palin's speech writer and I owe it all to this site! Not only that, but it cured my baldness and I no longer suffer from psoriasis! Where would I be without WdC... certainly not married to a Bavarian bikini model! SCORE! Thank you, WdC!
-- Z.˚rz
      WDC came into my life, I think, when I needed it. Here was a family in which I truly belonged. A place to formalize the language of one's heart, be it joy, pain, sun, rain. What a gift this group of talented people has been to me! The writers here have helped me, pushed me, given me invaluable inspiration. I thank you with all my heart.
Karla Cruz
      I was introduced to Writing.com by my sixth grade english teacher. I was always an avid writer using a great amount of verbs, adjectives, nouns and other literary devices. Today, I still write and I meet a lot of great writers that I hope will someday become great authors and influence others about the importance of reading and writing. I also am fond of the positive feedback from everyone! Literature is essential. I love literature! How do you think I became litlove? Thanks Writing.com! And everyone else, I encourage you to write on!!!

My Personal quote:"We might all be young or old or have tough times, but inside us we are great authors in our own personal opinions. Reading is fun but writing is going above and beyond with your own ideas used to encourage others who are close or not." Remember that always.
      I have always loved writing, its a passion. I had never really felt comfortable sharing anything of my own with anybody, but ever since that day I found writing.com I have learned to except critism gracefully, and enjoy the good comments of my writing. All the members of writing.com are very friendly and truthful, if anything WDC is best website to enjoy writing your work, and reading others!
      I've searched through dozens of writing groups on and offline, and couldn't find anything that managed to give me that inspiration I was looking for, until Writing.Com. Joining the site, not only have I gotten more ideas but everything is just plain easier and more fun to write. Thanks Writing.Com!!!
      I love writing.com, before I couldn't even dream of writing, but I had so many ideas bouncing in my head! I found this website and it clicked, could this help me? I am very happy with my progress in my stories, and I just want to say thanks! ~Nayen Kado
-- Nayen
      Hi Ladii Lovely here thanks to writing.com i was able to share my love of poetry and at the same time get positive feedback from people who share my interests. I find great joy in knowing there is a place for me to express my toughts in writing.
      I am very thankful for WDC. I found WDC and joined when my son left for Iraq the first time. I found support here and caring, kind, generous souls. I have learned to write more proficiently and more prolificly. I find myself writing all the time now.
      Since joining writing.com,it has become my savour,not long ago one was ready to give up on all things beautiful.I started writing to help release some of those idiosincrasys that life seems to bombard us with, and to finely stop suffering in silence. We all need to release those presures,it is the best place to help heal and learn at the same time.Thanks heaps writing.com
-- Shadow
      It has given me an outlet to express anger,fear and other emotions and helped me work through them by giving me the opportunity to share
      I was so self conscious coming here. I planned to only read other works, maybe input some opinions and suggestions then head out. Only thing is, I came in and never left!!!! It has become my sanctuary, a place to share my thoughts and feelings in any way I feel fit to. Everyone here is so friendly, they draw you in with their charm and grace. I was treated so good that I don't ever want to leave. I get good sound advice and after you share one piece of your work, it is addicting and you have to come back to share more. I actually find myself writing more now, it is awesome motivation. Thank you and God bless everyone at WDC!!!
      I was trying to find a good writing site one night, one filled with helpfull people... But I couldnt find one... So, frustrated, I typed in Writing.Com. I fell in love that very night...
      WDC is GREAT! I have long been finding a website to post my stories where others could read as well... I dunno, five years? Anyway, just to say, I love WDC. It has more activities than I could bargain for. I've made new friends and had so much fun exploring the site. WDC rocks!
      I found writing.com in February 2006. I have been writing on and off here since then. I have been writing since I was 15 (now 23). Before I found this site it was really hard to find someone willing to take the time to read my writings. My siblings got really tried of me asking them. Here I have received many point of view and helps that have helped me grow as a writer. I hope that this place can help me to continued to grow.
      After becoming more serious in my writing, I searched for courses on line, but each and every one was too costly for my budget. Then I discovered writing.com. This web page is a miraculous work that dumbfounds me every time I go to it.

The people behind these pages, bless their hearts, are so ingenious, I can't but help want to tell other writers how lucky they will be if they check WRITING.COM out.
-- chip
      I have been on this site for a little over four or five months and this is the most amazing writing site that I have ever come across. The people are so friendly, the contests really make you stretch your writing muscles. Before I was "merely a poet", now I have branched out and found out that "Yes, I CAN do it!" And I have so many people to support me.

      WDC provides an engaging environment for aspiring and perspiring writers. Through WDC we can all tap into the thoughts and opinions of hundreds of other readers and writers who can help us produce a story that is more likely to get noticed and published. Thanks, WDC.

George R. Lasher
      I found Writing.com to be a great help to me as an aspiring writer...i wanted to become a good writer but i never received support in my immediate and i lack the skills how to begin..environment. I wish there would be a good soul here in writing.com to teach me how to start it...please give me some tips how to write a simple story...i really wanted to learn..
-- matet
      Don't have much testemonies because I'm still a stanger in a house that will soon become my father's. But I must say that writing.com is a single site with many voices!

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