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Member Testimonials
Testimonials provide visitors a glimpse inside our site and its community. With more than 1,000 comments, Writing.Com is proud to have one of the largest collections of testimonials anywhere online. If you are a member who would like to submit a testimonial, please see: "Send Your Testimonial!
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      I had stopped writing due to work and studies. but then i joined writing.com. it is so amazing and the people here are so nice. i started writing again and spend quite a few hours here. i just love being here...
      I was only here just this day, and now I found myself writing story and poems! I was really indulged to this site with only a day! I really am inspired to write more and more. I want to improve, and make my works masterpieces. This site will totally help me!
      I have been on Writing.com for almost a year now and I absolutely LOVE it!! I get a ton of feedback on EVERYTHING I write! Unlike all of the other sites I've come across, Writing.com lets you have your own portfolio for FREE! The other sites are boring, cost money, and are hard to navigate. Writing.com isn't! I love it and I hope to stay for a long time!!
-- Angela
      Writing.com is a wonderful place for me. It allows me to explore and express my creativity in many ways on many different levels. This is the only place that I know of where I can express not just one part of me, but all of me, from my poetic side to my scientific side. And everyone has been so very supportive, offering both encouragement and useful criticism and advice, which in turn helps me to become a better writer. I love this place! Here, I feel at home! I would recommend writing.com to anyone serious about writing or who loves the literary arts!
      I have only been a member for a few weeks and have fallen in love with this site and the community therin. It is packed with kind and helpful writers and fans! I fell my writing has improved immensley from all of the amazing feedback I have recieved. This site is a treasure for writers and readers alike. If editors started visiting this site, I doubt they could choose from the many talented people posting their work here!
      I am so glad that I just found out about writing.com. It is so cool and I finally get to get all my writing and thoughts out to the world. Email me any time on here!
      I joined writing.com in June 2010, and have enjoyed every minute of my time here. I highly recommend it to new and aspiring writers, as a way to showcase your work. It provides excellent exposure and feedback, helping all of us to become better writers. The community is supportive and encouraging. This website helps to connect writers from all over the world, exposing its members to different perspectives and different forms of writing, which help to broaden our writing horizons. I will continue to be a member as long as possible. Thank you for the opportunity to share my work with the world!
      I have only been on "Writing.Com" for a week, and I'm considered a newbie, but as an aspiring writer, I can tell you that this is the place to be. I've spent hours reading some of the established author's work. I've been focusing on sentence structure, punctuation, and the flow of the stories. There are many excellent writers who are members of this web site. I have posted five stories so far. I've gotten some good reviews and some not so good reviews. What I will say is the review process is fantastic. I've been given some honest appraisals, which have put me on the road to improving my writing skills. I want to learn where I need to improve my writing. It may be painful, but It will make me a better writer. I can honestly say that I have work to do. But, that's okay. I've made a good start. Keep the reviews coming, but please be gentle. I am were you once were. Thank you "Writing.Com and all the reviewers.
      I like writing.com because it's a great place to find fresh talent and it's also makes a great platform for aspiring writers. I can get great feedback for my stories here that I can't find anywhere else.
      Writing .com is a superb site for writers and readers all over the world.Whenever i find time i visit this site and it brings sunshine to my mind....it empowers me with knowledge. There are numberless gifted writers, whose writings i can read now simply by clicking the mouse over to this site. The writings are fantastic and i am amazed.I myself had an aspiration to become a writer but my everyday life demands other things. Through this site i am having an idea of how to write. i like its every genre and its newsletters provide me with good guidance and information about how to write a poem, a short story and what not! writing.com has now come up in the facebook and now i can know about this site and its activities through facebook also. There are so many other things like C card, photographs,all sorts of stories, plays, novels etc. By visiting this site one gets an inspiration of being a writer, cause Writing.com encourages everybody to write. I thank myself for becoming a member of this brilliant site.
-- pearl
      One time I used to check my post office box almost daily. That was before the advent of computers. Once I had a computer I began to check my emails daily. That of course has become a habit for millions of people.

One email I kept getting was from Writinig.com reminding me that I should visit the site and keep my information up to date. So I would go to the WDC site, log in look around, and log out. I kept doing that for almost a year.

In the meantime, my partner and my kids were after me to start writing again.

So, I went back to the WDC site to look at it again and try to remember when and why I had joined it. Answers to that were easily available if I was true to myself.

Some people think that you can train to be almost anything you want to be and to a certain extent, that's partly true. But sometimes I do believe some people are born to their art.

Everyone can think of a musician or a painter and even a writer who must have been born with something special in their DNA that helped them reach the level of greatness they've achieved. Whether that goes for our interests as well, I cannot say.

Why I wear my WDC tee shirts:

It's helped me change my attitudes to my writing. It's helped me feel secure about sharing my writing.

From giving and receiving reviews, I learned more about my own writing. Being a big promoter in life long learning it helped me build a confidence in my writing that is now on a firmer foundation; rather than mere ego.

WDC gave me a platform for my work. It allowed me to meet and mix and chat with other writers. That alone, promotes an interaction a lot of writers miss. Some of that interaction has made me a better writer, given me ideas for projects with ad hoc brainstorming in the chat box, and we have a lot of fun getting to know one another.

I encourage everyone to fill out their Biography. I think it should be a rule that if it's not filled out, you don't get reviewed! Some people think, and I've seen it said; "you can get to know me through my writing". Poppycock! Bollocks! Ragweed! That my friend is a cop-out and not a very good one either. So, fill out that Biography, so we know who you are.

Another thing about WDC I do like is the lack of ageism. People on WDC come from all walks of life, all countries and can be any age.

WDC is huge, and it covers the interests and needs of a great many people. The support services actually support you. It doesn't matter what you need to know. If you're trying to make a survey or fix your portfolio, they can and do help you meet your goals.

I've joined contests and taken an online course. I've enjoyed the experience of both and hope in the future to do more. It's a great site for anyone with an interest in writing. That's why I'm here. They didn't give up on me either!
-- Tick
      Well, for a long time I have been told I am a good writer, and I appreciate that, but that doesn't make my confidence go up or anything...but, with writing.com I am able to type, instead of using paper and pencil. Personally, typing is a lot faster and more comfortable. And, I can share my stories with more people. I hope you all check out my stories and help me enjoy myself further here at writing.com!
-- E
      Writing.com provides so much more than a portfolio. It is a community of support and affirmation everywhere you turn. I can't say that without WDC I wouldn't be the writer I am today; instead, Writing.com has made me a confident writer, a compassionate writer, a writer that understands there is so much more to the art than words alone.
      I never had a lot of confidence in my own writing. Before I joined Writing.com I kept most of my writing to myself. Now that I joined, I have a lot more confidence in my writing and ideas that I didn't have before.
      Writing.Com has opened up an area I didn't know about three days ago when I found and joined (5/26/10) the site. Just in this fraction of time I have already gained immesureable knowledge and feel that through here I will succeed.

      This website is amazing, I never thought there could be so much gained from a website. It has a great system for feedback and lets everybody share their stuff without making it exclusive to any rank of authors. It is a great playing field for aspiring writers as it shows you the reactions of real people and what people enjoy reading. I'm a newbie who's determined to stay. THANK YOU TO ALL STAFF AT WRITING.COM FOR MAKING THIS FUNCTION AND SOCIETY POSSIBLE. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I tend to ramble.
      Since joining WDC, I have received helpful feedback and support from fellow writers. My writing has improved as a result. Thank you WDC!
-- Ashley
      I was a nobody in the world of writing until i found writing.com. i always wrote, but i never let anyone read anything i wrote. then one day i stumbled into writing.com like a sick beat up sewer rat and decided to take a chance and put my first piece online. now i want everyone to read my writing because it means that i have a voice.
      Well, Writing.com is a really good site to let your feelings flow into words. Those words can end up being a really good story or a great add-on to one. That is the great thing about this site. You do not have to write an entire story yourself. You can make it have choices and let others add on to it. You can also check to see if they make it appropriate too, and you can change/edit the work they make.

I have some friends that are teachers in middle schools and high schools. I tell them what a good site this is, because you can express your thoughts or desires into any type of story. I also tell them that they can make choices for people to add on to their stories.

I myself have added some little chapters/choices to this site. I like to read or write any kind of story. My favorite have to do with mythology or Medieval Times. I am going to say this. After I am done with my work for the day, I spend a few hours on here reading or adding chapters to other peoples stories. It really is interesting to see what people have to write about, especially when it deals with something that has happened to them. Thank you for opening this site. I also thank you for your time in reading this.
      When I found Writing.com I was just bored and looking for a place to read a few stories, maybe even post a few. But instead I've found a place that I've logged onto almost everyday, and that has many kind and inspiring members. It's become a second home for me and has inspired me to grow as a writer and maybe even try to get something published someday. I love this site and will continue to log onto it and show it to my friends.
-- Shard
      I joined writing.com just over 4 months ago. I was looking for somewhere to help me with the novel I am writing. Since I have joined, I have discovered that I have not only joined the right site for my needs, but I have also joined on of the friendliest web based communities I've ever known. My writing has improved 100% and I have developed skills I didn't know I possessed. I now even write poetry; something I didn't realise I was good at! I can review other member's work and that improves my own. I make less mistakes now that I review my own work before posting. I will be a published author and that is as much to writing.com's credit as it is my own. If I had not joined, my book would still be just thoughts in my head. Thank you WDC! The community, the site tools and even the site staff have changed my life forever.
      I've been looking for a place to write whatever I'm feeling at the time for quite a while, and I finally found it with Writing.Com. I never feel inferior here, even though I'm relatively new to writing, and whenever I just need to curl up in a ball and write down all my thoughts, it's here for me. I love it very, very much,
      I was finding a way to express myself with all the emotions that is hidden within me. I'm thankful to writing.com to give this oppurtunity. Today I met a girl who reminded me the early struggle of life. The innocent face that she was carrying, the hardship that she is going through, the life that has taught her to smile with hunger, thirst, the pain that the society has given her. Can't God have mercy to those needy who are trying to see the flame of light which the blessed ones are feeling.
      A couple of days ago I joined writing.com. Already I can see I made a good choice. I've been writing and rewriting the story of my life for seven years. On my first piece posted I was immediately critiqued. The critique was most encouraging. My years of writing paid off. I'm looking forward to the help I need to finish my story and get it published.
      I haven't been registered very long and when I first finished my first piece of work the very next day I got 5 reviews. I read them and they were all positive. This has made me write on and now I am thriving! Thanks a lot writing.com!
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