Help Topic: The "Non-E" Rating

Non-E: Not Everyone of all ages
Not All Ages
A Non-E rated intro is not suitable for everyone of any age. There may be references to sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, cursing, derogatory names or any combination thereof. These titles are displayed for all members who have their rating preferences set to also include GC and above.

For complete information, please read:
"Content Rating System (CRS) [13+]

Have questions? Ask them here:
"Content Rating Support [18+]

Summaries for each Content Rating:
           Intro:   [E]   [Non-E]   [N/A]
      Content:   [E]   [ASR]   [13+]   [18+]   [GC]   [XGC]   [NPL]

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Help Topic: The "Non-E" Rating