Help Topic: The "N/A" Rating

N/A: Not Applicable
Not Applicable
A N/A rated Intro is the standard for items with content ratings of GC and above. All items with GC+ content ratings are not displayed to visitors and members on public listing pages by default. All visitors and members with their public listing preference set to include GC+ items will see these item intros within public listings.

For complete information, please read:
"Content Rating System (CRS) [13+]

Have questions? Ask them here:
"Content Rating Support [18+]

Summaries for each Content Rating:
           Intro:   [E]   [Non-E]   [N/A]
      Content:   [E]   [ASR]   [13+]   [18+]   [GC]   [XGC]   [NPL]

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Help Topic: The "N/A" Rating