Help Topic: The "NPL" Rating

NPL: Not Publicly Listed
Not Rated for Public Listing
NPL signifies that the content of this item is not rated for public viewing. When an item is rated NPL, it is not included in the public listings of Writing.Com. This item's title or brief description may exceed the E rating, which is required for inclusion in our public listings. Due to the NPL rating on this item, the item's content rating cannot be guaranteed.

For complete information, please read:
"Content Rating System (CRS) [13+]

Have questions? Ask them here:
"Content Rating Support [18+]

Summaries for each Content Rating:
           Intro:   [E]   [Non-E]   [N/A]
      Content:   [E]   [ASR]   [13+]   [18+]   [GC]   [XGC]   [NPL]

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Help Topic: The "NPL" Rating