WritingML Help
WritingML is the language used within Writing.Com that allows members to enhance their writing on our web-based system. Everything you need to embellish and enhance your writing can be found in this directory. We encourage you to experiment with the tags to become familiar and get creative with them! If you still have questions after reading this document, please post specific questions in our "Technical Support Forum.
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  Basic Writing Tools
Make Text Bold
Make Text Italic
Underline Text
Strikethrough Text
Add Subscript
Add Superscript
Change Text Color
Highlight Text
Add Emoticons
Change Font Type
Change Text Size
Align Center
Align Left
Align Right
Justify Text
Em Dash
En Dash
Add Single Empty Space
Change Line Space
Add Popnote
Add Footnote
Add Dropnote
Create Quote Block
Create a List
Retain Pre-formatted Space
Hide Text
  Create Links
Link to Member
Link to Item
Link to Review
Link to Forum Post
Link to Book Entry
Link to Notes
Link to Interactive Story Chapter
Link to Survey Form Response
Link to Product Review
Link to Slider Snapshot
Link to Virtual Dice Rolls
Link to Newsletters
Link to a URL
Link Words to a URL
Linkable Location
Link to a Shop Product
Link to an Amazon.Com Product
  Embed Something Into Your Writing
Embed a Static or Webpage Item
Embed an Image
Embed an Image (with scaling)
Embed a Photo From Photo Album
Embed a Poll
Embed Audio
Embed a YouTube Video
Embed an awardicon
Embed a Merit Badge
Random Rotation
Display WritingML Example
Display Complex WritingML Examples
Link to Emoticon Directory
Link to WritingML Directory
Display a Progress Meter
Link to Specific WritingML Tag