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Rated: E · Script/Play · Children's · #1144412
Ugly caterpillar named Andy no one likes him until one day he finds someone who does.
Narrator: Once upon a time, in the insect kingdom there lived a caterpilar named Andy,who sometimes was lonely because other bugs called him "Ugly!" One day when Andy was trying to hide from these caterpillars and bugs,he bumped into a female caterpillar.

Andy: "I am very sorry I didn't see where I was going.I hope you're not hurt."

The caterpilar replies:"No,not at all it is my mistake.Actually I dropped my purse so I was picking it up and then I bumped into you," "By the way my name is Hermione."

Andy:"Mine is Andy and I am pleased to meet you Hermione."

Hermione:"Hi hi ha hi (she giggles)."

Andy:"Why are you laughing,oh yes it's because I'm ugly I guess I'll be on my way."

Hermione:"Wait! I was laughing because I like you."

Andy:"You do,well I like you too Hermione."

Narrator:A year later,Andy and Hermione went on holiday in Lake Ant,and tey stayed there for some days.On the last day,Hermione had leaf stem soup for dinner.When she finished it she fainted and,died.It seems the soup had been poisoned by mosquitoes,why? we don't know.When Andy got back to Caterville he felt very lonely once again because he had lost his best and only friend he had ever had.Then he sighed and sighed and started singing a song.

Andy's singing:"Oh if I had friends in the world,friends in the world,I would be happy because I am UGLY! And I am different from other caterpillars,so other insects do not like me (like me)because I am ugly(ugly).Oh,I do not want to be ugly,I do not want ugly,ugly I do not want to be ugly."

Narrator: Everyday Andy would go and see the spot where he bumped into Hermione.One day, he went to the spot and saw some ants building a leaf freeway.When he saw what they were doing he felt very angry.The next day he decided to move to another creepy crawly town.On the road he met an ant fly called Alfie.

Alfie:"Howdy partner where you off to?"

Andy:I am off to a new town because other caterpillars do not like me."

Alfie:Why is that?

Andy:"Because I'm ugly and I wish I could turn into a butterfly."

Alfie:"You seem likeable to me,gosh I already like you.By the way my name is Alfie."

Andy:"Nice to meet you Alfie,I'm Andy.

Narrator:Soon Alfie and Andy became friends and Andy the caterpillar was not lonely again.After all Alfie did not see Andy different from other bugs.He also did not see Andy ugly at all.Then they lived happily together in Antville.


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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1144412