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Innocent Donna learns naughty sex from a reluctant, older man who is not her "Daddy"

The car accident had taken her memory away. She was a beautiful woman of 22 years old riding in the back seat of her parent’s car coming home from her girlfriend’s wedding reception. The thunder storms that night were very bad and visibility was quite poor when her father ran the stop sign at Highway 34. The oncoming truck driver never saw their car and the ensuing accident had killed both her parents. From this point forward she only acted like a little girl of sometimes 8, sometimes as high as 12, years old. She dressed like a little girl. She played with dolls and watched children’s programing on television. After months of attempted psychiatric care, her doctors thought that living in a normal setting might help to bring her out of her age role-play. Both her parents had been only children, but there was one person who visited her every week at the mental facility: her father’s partner of over 20 years in the local investigative detective squad.

Detective Mark Antony was an undercover specialist that was known on the streets as Tony Marks. Unlike most people in his profession he had long hair and also facial hair. He looked like a tough guy but his personality was more like the charming con man, which is what he pawned himself off as to others he met in the lowlife dives that he would regularly visit.

Belladonna was the name of the woman. She had always insisted on people calling her Bella. However, since the accident Bella only responded to the name Donna.

When Mark picked her up, Donna insisted on sitting in the front seat of the car next to him. She was wearing a typical schoolgirl’s uniform of a plain white blouse, plaid skirt, white socks and black/white saddle shoes. Donna had beautiful legs that her short skirt accented was the detective’s first thought as he walked her to the car and then watched her get into the passenger’s seat. She also had a beautiful, well-rounded ass ---HOWEVER---her legs and ass were never what most people, men and women alike, noticed about the 22 years old’s body. Belladonna had absolutely magnificent breasts. The detective had watched her grow up and could swear that she started to develop when she was merely 9 or 10 years old. Her growing boobs were already bigger than her mom’s by the time that she got to 12 years old.

On the ride home, he noticed that the white button-down blouse strained to hold Bella’s huge boobs under the material of the blouse and her oversized bra.

Little girl Donna spoke first as they rode down the highway, “The funny doctor told me that Daddy would pick me up and take me home with him. I’m so happy that Daddy has finally come to get me. I missed being home.”

“I’m not your Daddy, Bella, remember?” Mark replied in his calming baritone voice.

The woman reached over and hit him playfully on the shoulder, “Don’t be silly, Daddy. Donna is the daughter,” she said pointing to herself and then pointing to him, “and YOU are the Daddy.”

He smiled and responded, “O.K. little girl, I can be your Daddy for now.” The doctors had emphasized to the detective the importance of playing the roleplay part of the girl’s Father so as not to do psychological damage to the woman. They believed that eventually she would break out of the roleplay and return to normal.

The girl reached over and affectionately rubbed the place on the man’s shoulder that she had just hit a minute before. “Daddy will take care of me.”

“Yes, Daddy will take care of you,” he said and then they both fell silent.

The car pulled into the driveway of the detective’s suburban home just as the thunderstorm started to pour rain down on the neighborhood. He noticed that Bella would jump every time she heard a clap of thunder. Mark quickly grabbed the woman’s two small suitcases and ran with her to his front door. The 22 year old seemed to calm down a little as she entered his house, getting out of the oncoming storm. The man walked her down the home’s main hallway and walked into the first room that he came to. Bella followed him obediently.

He set the woman’s luggage down just outside of the closet in the room and, turning to her said, “Well, here you are. I hope you like your room, Bel-, ur, Donna.”

Much to his surprise the 22 year old almost leapt into his surprised arms, hugging him tightly. “Thank you, Daddy, for bringing me home with you. Donna needs her Daddy.”

As the woman continued to hold him, the detective awkwardly reached up and started to slowly stroke Bella’s beautiful, silky, dark auburn hair from the top of her head downward to the middle of her back.

“Please take care of me, Daddy, please” she nearly pleaded with him while looking up into his sensitive, brown-hazel eyes.

Without even thinking about it the man found himself leaning slightly downward and kissing the young woman’s forehead. This action pleased the 22 year old very much as she reached up and pecked the man on the cheek while finally releasing him from her bear hug.

“Daddy will take care of you, you silly girl,” he said trying to make light of a somewhat serious moment. “Now you need to please your Daddy by opening those suitcases and putting your clothes away.”

“O.K., Daddy,” she said dutifully as she went about opening her luggage.


The storm outside the house kept getting worse and worse. It was just past midnight when Mark was awaken by Bella crawling onto his bed. As she perched there on all fours Mark could see that she was wearing a large, oversized t-shirt that had BigBird on the front of it. A flash of lightening from outside lit up the 22 year old just long enough for the man to see Bella’s incredible boobs swinging freely beneath the t-shirt, unencumbered by a bra. The man could not believe how large and firm that they seemed to be.

“Daddy, can I sleep with you? I’m sooooo ‘fraid,” the woman spoke in a voice that sounded so much like a small girl. As if on cue there was a clap of thunder that seemed to be right on top of the house causing the woman to leap forward almost throwing herself on top of the surprised man.

“There, there.” said the girl’s “Daddy” as he reached his arm out from under the covers and started to slowly stroke the woman-child’s back. “It’s O.K., my dear. Daddy’s here to take care of you.”

With another thunder clap the woman no longer asked but pulled back the bedcovers and nearly dove under the covers next to the man. Throwing her arms around the still surprised man, Bella grabbed her surrogate Father and crushed herself up against him while holding him very tightly.
“The storm scares me so much Daddy. Please take care of me. Please don’t let the storm do bad things to me, “ she continued to plead. “Hold me, Daddy, hold me tight.”

Almost involuntarily, the man turned toward the scared woman and reached one arm under her while placing one arm on top of her waist. Bella immediately pulled herself up against the man as close as she could.

Bella’s large breasts were crushing the man’s chest area in an immensely seductive way. Much to Mark’s surprise he not only found himself enjoying the sensation of the huge boobs straining through the skimpy t-shirt material...but he could swear that Bella’s extremely large nipples were starting to get aroused, sticking slightly outward, within their physical crush.

Mark always slept in the nude, which soon presented a problem for him. As much as he tried to not react he could not help himself. Much to his embarrassment he felt his penis starting to become erect in reaction to the physical contact from the young woman. He tried to turn himself onto his back but the 22 year old would not let him move. In fact, she stuck one of her legs in-between his while clamping both of her legs around the older man’s right leg. She moved her thigh upward where it was now almost one inch from the older man’s elongating cock.

“Um, Bel-, little girl, “ he somewhat stammered, swallowing hard. “You know that a man’s body is somewhat different than a little girl’s, don’t you?”

“Daddy, what do you mean?” the “little girl” answered innocently.

“Well,” he said reaching downward and taking her right hand by the wrist. He placed her hand on his breastbone and continued, “You see how Daddy’s chest is flat?”

“Yes, Daddy, “ she responded while tentative starting to rub the older man’s chest area. “And girls have boobies!”

“Well, yeah-” the older man started to reply but was cut off in a very shocking fashion by the woman doing something quite startling: she grabbed his hand and placed it onto her extremely large right breast as if to say “see”.

Mark started to squeeze, thought better of it, removed his hand and said, “And you have very, very beautiful large boobies, my dear...”

“Yes, Daddy, my boobies are much bigger than the other girls, I know,” she said while reaching down and starting to squeeze her fabulously large breasts, oblivious to the fact that she was rapidly arousing the older man.

Just then another clap of thunder burst over the house causing the woman to leap upwards. While Bella grabbed the older man for comfort, she also moved her right leg up firmly into the older man’s crouch. There was no denying the fact that Mark’s cock was erect and throbbing now that it ws up against his “little girl’s” leg.

“oH!,” reacted the young brunette. Much to Mark’s surprise the woman did not immediately remove her leg but left it there in full contact with his excited member.

“uh-um-uh-” the older man stammered. “Uh, it’s very naughty of Daddy to get excited with his little girl. Um, you know that men have a penis, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy, men have a penis and girl have ‘ginas,” the younger woman replied with genuine enthusiasm.

Mark was confused and frustrated and, yes, VERY surprised at the reaction of the woman. She did not seem to mind at all the sexual contact. In fact, she seemed to be much more comfortable than her older ”Daddy” was with the current turn of events.

“Um, well, you see, uh-” he continued to stammer. “It’s very, very naughty for your Daddy’s coc-,er, penis to get excited and hard like this.”

“Daddy, you can call it a cock if you want to,” said the woman with a slight hint of seduction in her voice.

“Oh, O.K., it’s very naughty for your Daddy to let his cock-” but the man’s concentration and sentence were both cut off by the “little girl” once again moving her large breasts up against the older man’s chest.

“Um, you know that you have very beautiful, large breasts, don’t you?” he blurted out.

“Oh, Daddy, I don’t know,” she continued innocently. “They are very big, I know, Daddy. Does Daddy like my big boobies?”

“Yes, Bel-, ur, Donna, Your Daddy LOVES your big boobs,” he continued in frustration. “Your big, beautiful boobs make your Daddy’s cock very excited.---AND, it’s VERY naughty for Daddy to get excited like that-”

“BUT Why, Daddy?” asked the younger woman innocently.

“um, uh, Well, uh, when naughty boys see your big, gorgeous boobies their cocks will  become hard and excited and, and, THEN those naughty, nasty boys will want to have sex with you-”

“You’re not a nasty boy, Daddy,” she blurted out.

“Well, um, uh, NO, I’m a man-” he continued.

“You’re a very handsome man, Daddy,” the woman stopped him once more in mid-sentence.

“-You think so?” the older “Daddy” replied in his own innocent way.

“Oh, Daddy, you’re not a nasty boy at all. You’re the handsome man that takes care of me. So, Daddy?”

“Yes, little girl?”

“What do you do when your cock gets hard and excited?” she asked in genuine interest.

“Sometimes Daddy has sex if he’s with a special woman-”

“Oh, tell me about sex, Daddy, please?” said the ever curious woman-child.

“But sex is very naughty and we shouldn’t be talking about it,” he cautioned.

“But, Daddy, is it naughty when you have sex?”

“Well, uh, NO, not really---it’s just that-” he tried to explain but found the girl’s leg starting to move ever so slightly back and forth against his swollen penis.

“How do you know when to have sex, Daddy?” she asked. “How does it start, Daddy?”

“Well, uh, um, usually it starts with kissing-” he stammered.

At that moment the older man’s sentence was stopped by the younger woman placing her mouth on top of his and pleading, “Please kiss me, Daddy. Pleeeaaasseee!”


The man could no longer restrain his passion and crushed his mouth against the young woman’s. His talented tongue soon was probing the inside of the girl’ s soft mouth. He placed his hands on either side of the younger woman’s face and pulled her romantically forward. He tongued and tongued the willing girl’s mouth while caressing the underside of the woman’s sensitive tongue. Bella started to moan softly.

“Do you like to kiss your Daddy?,” he said, “coming up for air” for a moment.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, please do it more,” said the auburn-haired woman.

The two new lovers continued to kiss for a while. The man felt very guilty for his actions---but he also felt so aroused.

“What do you do next Daddy? After Kissing?” asked the woman in between heavy breaths.

As the man started his answer he also started kissing the young woman’s neck, working his way toward the girl’s left ear. “Well, maybe,” he kissed, “they start to kiss and bite other places on the woman’s body.” He whispered into the ear, “Like this-”

With that the older man grabbed the younger girl’s left earlobe, drew it into his mouth, and started to bite it gingerly. Bella let out a small yelp of pleasure and then started to moan almost uncontrollably.

“Ohhhhhhh, DDDaaaaaddddyyyyy, yesssssss-” she nearly purred as she started to move her pelvis slightly back and forth against the older man’s leg.

Mark was very pleased with the level of arousal that Bella was displaying. She was so innocent and so sexy at the same time. She also seemed so submissive to his directions-- which was a great turn on to him. He loved submissive women. He absolutely adored a woman who would respond without hesitation to his commands. He felt that he could ask “Little Donna” to do anything that he desired and she would obey him.

“You wish to please your Daddy, don’t you?” he asked the aroused younger woman.

“Oooohhh Yess, Daddy, anything, Daddy wants,” Bella quickly answered.

“Good Girl. Your going to be Daddy’s naughty little girl,” the man continued. “You’re going to love pleasing your Daddy in any way he wants. Do you like that idea?”

Before hearing her answer the man once again deeply kissed the younger woman’s mouth while Bella just responded in kind.

When they finally paused the auburn haired woman said just briefly “Oh, yes-” before crushing her mouth back on her “Daddy’s”.

“Now, Donna, you realize that what you’re doing with your Daddy is very,very naughty. Do you really want to be Daddy’s naughty, naughty girl?” the man asked knowing already how the very stimulated woman would respond--- but she surprised him by saying:

“Doesn’t Daddy want me to be naughty with him? Wouldn’t that make Daddy happy?”

“Your Daddy wants to give his little girl sexy pleasures. But you’ll have to be very, very naughty with him in order for him to do that. You don’t have to if you do not want to, my dear girl,” was his reply.

“Daddy, please let me be sexy, naughty with you. O.K., Daddy? I want to be soooo naughty for my Daddy,” was the enthusiastic response of “Daddy’s Little Girl” Donna. “Pleeeaaassseee make me be naughty, Pleeeaassseee, Daddy.”

Mark smiled the first of many smiles that night whenever his “little girl” would respond that way.

“O.K., my naughty little girl. Get up on your knees,” said the “Daddy” as he moved himself upward onto his own knees. ”Your Daddy is going to teach you to be very, very naughty for him. First you will need to be naked.”

“O.K., Daddy, Oh, yes please,” Bella said while pulling her Terisa up over her head. In almost one motion she stripped off the large white panties that she was wearing and, moving upward so that she bent her knees beneath her, Bella was sitting on her ankles while facing the older man. “I like being naked for Daddy.”

The man took a moment to marvel at the younger woman’s voluptuous body. Just a few inches below her collar bone, Bella’s breasts jutted outward. They were very large and almost seemed to defy gravity. They were at least 40DD he estimated and were tipped with large pinkish nipples that already were bumpy and semi-excited. He just loved looking at the large blue veins that coursed downward across the large, round globes toward those sensitive nipples.

“Reach downward and put your right thumb and forefinger on your right nipple,” commanded the older man.

The “little girl” immediately obeyed. The older “Daddy” reached forward and placed his own larger fingers on top of hers and pinched her fingers down upon the bumpy, nipple flesh.

“You will say, ‘Daddy, can I please play with my naughty nipples?’” he instructed.

“Daddy, can I please play with my naughty nipples?” the young woman obediently asked.

The man leaned forward and spoke softly into her ear, “Pinch your naughty nipple. PULL on it. PULL IT FORWARD!”

He released his fingers from hers and watched the younger, submissive woman pull her sensitive, hardening nipple forward as commanded. The nipple stretched several inches forward as if growing in between the woman’s fingers.

Moving back to facing her he continued, “You love the way that feels, don’t you naughty girl?”

“Ooooohhhh yes, Daddy,” she said somewhat fascinated by the sensations emanating from her now very excited nipple. “It feels sooo good, Daddy.”

“Show your Daddy how you pinch your other nipple. Pull it forward like the other one. Pull them both forward as hard as you can,” he continued.

The younger woman pulled her large, excited nipples forward as instructed. They both seemed to leap forward in between her pinching fingers. Bella had trouble taking her eyes off of her elongated nipple flesh. She seemed fascinated as if she were experiencing these sensations for the first time in her somewhat young life.

“Pinching your sexy, very excited nipples is very, very naughty, isn’t it little girl?” the SexDaddy asked.

Bella continued to stare at her pinched, hardening, bumpy nipples as she replied, “Oh, yes, Daddy, it’s very, very naughty.....” The end of the sentence was punctuated by a soft moan.

“O.K., naughty girl, let go for a moment and lift your arms upward and bend your arms at the elbows,” the SexDaddy instructed.

Bella reluctantly let go of her now very hard nipples and raised her arms up as instructed. Much to her surprise her “Daddy” grabbed her left arm, lifted the elbow upward and then angled her forearm downward toward her right breast. He turned her palm outward and placed her thumb on the top, left side of her hard right nipple while placing her left forefinger on the other side of the aroused Bella.

“Now pinch the top of that large, naughty nipple without touching the tip.” he instructed while taking her right arm’s elbow.

Naughty little girl Donna obediently pinched the bumpy flesh as instructed. She found it very difficult to leave the nipple tip exposed and neglected but she found great pleasure in being Daddy’s compliant naughty Donna.

“Good girl, “ encouraged the older man while moving Bella’s right arm in a crisscross pattern so that her right hand was positioned facing outward just above her elongated left nipple. “Now, you will please your Daddy by pinching your naughty left nipple just above the tip as well. Pull on those nipples hard for Daddy.”

The auburn haired woman pulled her nipple tops forward and outward causing her huge boobs to suspend sticking straight out. She stared longingly at her erect nipple tips that pointed straight outward with absolutely no physical attention being paid to them.

“Beg your Daddy for what you want him to do next,” commanded the sexy “Daddy”. “Tell your Daddy the naughty thing that you want him to do to you.”

“Oh, Daddy, pleeeaassseee play with my nipples,” the young woman started to beg.

“What type of nipples are they?” encored the now teasing older man. As if to punctuate the question the SexDaddy reached forward with his right hand and just very softly started to rub the underside of naughty Donna’s hard left nipple tip with his right forefinger.

The younger woman positively moaned her next sentence, “OOOOOOhhhhhhh DDDDaaaaddddyyyy, my nipples are soooooo naughty!”

The man withdrew his right hand while reaching forward with his left forefinger and started to rub very softly under the aroused “little girl’s” hard right nipple tip.

“Yes, they’re very, very naughty. They’re also very sexy when they get hard for your Daddy. You love them being hard for your Daddy, don’t you?”

“Oh, Daddy, YEEESSSSSS. Oh, Dadddyyyy pleeasseeeee,” a moan stopped the “little girl” from continuing. She found it harder and harder to make complete sentences.

As if on cue the man reached out and grabbed both of the submissive woman’s hard nipple tips and started to slightly rolled the tips back and forth between his skilled thumbs and forefingers. The sexy, nippled flesh positively leapt forward into his grasp.

The younger woman’s reaction was to moan her approval loudly while starting to bounce slightly on top of her ankles in a completely involuntary reaction to the older man’s attention.


“That’s right, naughty girl, enjoy your Daddy’s sexy fingers,” he said while starting to pull very hard on the completely aroused woman’s nipples. “Enjoy your naughty Daddy’s sexy fingers. You love it, don’t you?”

“OHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” was all the “little girl” could muster.

With that the older man let go of the completely excited nipples and proceeded to place his hands underneath both of the young woman’s huge globes and, with very strong hands,  squeezed hard---much to the “little girl’s” delight.

“Daddy, loves to grab your big, sexy boobies,” he continued while admiring the beautiful, massive jugs that jutted out in front of him. “Keep pulling on your naughty nipple tops!” he encouraged the auburn haired woman who reacted by pulling with more vigor upward and outward.

“That’s right. That’s Daddy’s naughty, naughty girl. When you please Daddy, Daddy will please you,” the man casually stated as he lowered his face to his “naughty daughter’s” erect left nipple. Mark placed his mouth just under the bottom of the nipple tip. Slowly and dramatically the older man’s skilled tongue reached out from his mouth and started to lick the very bottom edge of the bumpy left Bella. He lick upwards in a clockwise direction towards the woman’s fingers all the while avoiding contact with the erect, excited nipple tip. He then reversed his direction tongue licking his way counterclockwise down and around the nippled flesh--all the while avoiding any contact with the neglected nipple tip.

“OOOOOooooooooohhhhhhh Ddddaaaaaddddddyyyyy.......Pllllleeeeeaaasssseee.... OOOoooooohhhhhhhhhh,” was all the completely aroused “little girl” could verbalize.

“You just love your Daddy to tongue and lick and suck on your naughty nipples, don’t you?”

“Ohhhhhhhh, yeeessssss, llliiiiiccckkkk annnnddddd sssuuuuccckkkkkk, ppplllleeeaassseee,” the younger woman blurted out as a moaned sentence.

The man then moved quickly to the once ignored right breast nipple and proceeded to do the same clockwise and counterclockwise tonguing of the sex-starved “little girl’s” Bella. He released the younger woman’s left breast and, reaching up, took his right hand, placed it right under the excited left nipple. The skilled older man took his middle finger and placed it under his right thumb and proceeded to “flick” the large left nipple tip. The flicking startled the naughty “little girl” who jumped upward the first time her erect nipple tip was flicked by the man’s middle finger.

“OHHHH!,” she squealed in sexy pleasure as the SexDaddy flicked at her sensitive nipple tip over and over again.

At that precise moment the older man placed his mouth for the first time directly on top of the younger woman’s right nipple and sucked it hungrily into his mouth.

It was almost more than the auburn haired woman could stand. Her “Daddy” was producing waves and waves of sexual ecstasy that she had never experienced or dreamed of before. She started to moan uncontrollably as the older man sucked and tongued her completely excited right nipple with his experienced tongue.  Her hips and thighs started to motion themselves involuntarily a few inches forward and then a few inches back.

Mark recognized that his new lover was extremely close to orgasm without him having touched anything below his “little girl’s” magnificent breasts. He could not wait to fuck his naughty girl, to make her into his own willing, personal nymphomaniac. He knew she would do anything he desired, whenever he desired it. He had become completely the dominant SexDaddy, about to totally take advantage of his completely submissive, naughty, sexy “little girl”.....


The SexDaddy grabbed “Naughty Donna’s” huge left breast with both of his hands and sucked the once ignored left nipple into his talented mouth and licked at the elongated, excited flesh with great passion.

“You may stop pinching your nipple tops,” The SexDaddy instructed.

With some relief Bella let her arms down but then decided that she’d rather show her affection for her man by placing her hands on the back of Mark’s head, cradling him as he continued his sucking.

“Your nipples are so very,very naughty aren’t they? You love them getting so excited and hard, don’t you, naughty girl?”

The younger girl swallowed hard while trying to answer in between heavy breaths, “Oh, yes, Daddy, YES, SO NAUGHTY!” She stroked her man’s hair encouraging him to continue.

With that the older man sucked the huge left aureola into his mouth again and this time placed his front teeth on either side of the erect nipple tip. He gingerly started to bite the rubbery tip without biting completely downward. He seemed to know exactly how much pressure he could use to give “his naughty little girl” just the right mix of exquisite pleasure and pain.

“OOOohhhhhhhhh DDDDDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAA------” the auburn haired woman’s voice trailed off into one long internalized moan. She was involuntarily almost bucking pelvically.

The SexDaddy continued for a moment longer before releasing the nipple just long enough to talk while pulling the huge boob upward.

“You’re Daddy’s sexy, naughty girl now. You’re going to have wonderful, passionate sex in any way that your Daddy commands you to. You are going to be completely obedient to all your Daddy’s commands. In fact, you want more than anything to please your Daddy in every possible way, don’t you?”

“Yes---Dad---dy---please you,” she said nodding rapidly and breathing heavily.

By now the younger woman’s huge left breast had been pulled upward so that the elongated, excited nipple was just a few inches from the “little girl’s” mouth.

“Good girl. Now say, ‘Daddy, please lick my naughty nipple.’”

The girl repeated, “Oh, Daddy, please lick my naughty nipple.”

Much to the naughty girl’s surprise, the SexDaddy pushed her head downward toward her own nipple and commanded, “ NO, YOU, Naughty Girl, Lick and Suck on your own Naughty Nipple! Show your Daddy how naughty you are!”

The little girl’s somewhat smallish tongue lashed outward in reaction to the SexDaddy’s command.

“That’s right, lick that nipple. Suck it into your naughty mouth. Suck it like a little tongue and kiss it hard. Pull it in and STOP,” barked the SexDaddy.

“Little Donna” stopped with the excited nipple completely inside of her inexperienced, but sensuous, little mouth. She looked slightly upward at her Daddy with a look of Innocence and obedience as if to say, “Tell me what next, Daddy.”

“That’s right, keep it in your naughty mouth. Lick your naughty nipple tip. Suck it as far in as you can. Lick it and suck on it,” he continued to instruct.

Feverishly, the “naughty daughter” assaulted her own nipple with her mouth and tongue. She sucked her nippled flesh as deeply as she could into her mouth. She tongued and tongued at the erect, rubbery nipple tip. It felt so good to her. She loved doing what her “Daddy” told her to do. In fact, she would probably tell you that at that moment she was happier than she had ever been in her whole young life. Being made to please herself for her Daddy’s pleasure. She was, however, a little surprised at how much she enjoyed all of this sexy, naughtiness. She was helpless to stop herself. She desired more than anything to continue to please her “Daddy” in any way that he commanded. In fact, she desired for her Daddy to take away all of her freewill and decision making. She did not realize it yet, but she wanted to live to serve her Daddy as his “daughter slave”. More than anything she loved to make her Daddy happy. She could not wait to please him in any and every possible way.

“Now bite it. Bite that Naughty Nipple,” the SexDaddy continued.

Mark could tell by the little jump that Bella made just then that she had managed to bite just a little too hard. He smiled knowingly.

“Be careful, silly girl,” he mock scolded her. “You must bite very carefully, like this-”

With that he grabbed her neglected right breast and sucked her right aureola into his own mouth and started to bite the excited tip. Bella started to moan as she tried to copy the actions of her Daddy’s wonderful mouth and teeth. The two were now both concentrating on “nipple pleasuring” as if in a student and teacher lesson. Bella learned quickly how to give her own nipple just the right amount of biting to give herself the greatest amount of arousal. When the SexDaddy stopped she was moaning uncontrollably.

“Let go of your left breast and join me here at your right one,” the man said.

He pulled the large right boob up to her mouth as he had the left one. This time, however, he placed his own mouth and lips on the underside of the excited right nipple.

“Stick your tongue out and lick it,” was his instruction at this point.

The “little girl” quickly obeyed.

The man nearly startled the younger woman by licking back at the other side of the erect nipple tip. He reached behind Bella’s head and pulled her head slightly downward toward the nipple as he continued to lick and tongue it. The younger woman enthusiastically tongued back, not only giving her nipple pleasure, but caressing her “Daddy’s” skilled tongue with her own. Soon the two were kissing with the nipple completely locked between their two hungry mouths.

“uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” the “little girl” moaned in satisfaction.

“Such a good girl. Such a good, naughty girl,” was the SexDaddy’s comment as he broke away from their kissing session.

He kissed her on the forehead as, much to his “little girl’s” surprise, the older man moved to get off of the bed. The “naughty little girl” loved gazing at her “Daddy’s” naked body as he moved over to his closet. Naughty Donna watched with curiosity as Mark reached into the closet and pulled out a pair of slacks that were clamped onto the ends of a wire hanger. He unclamped both ends of the pants and threw them onto a nearby chair. With the now empty hanger the man continued back to the bed.

“The are many common items around the house that can be used as sexual devices, little girl,” the man said, continuing his sex lesson. “Your Daddy is going to teach you all about sexual devices and how they can give you or me pleasure. You want Daddy to teach you these naughty things, don’t you my sweet, naughty girl?”

“Yes, Daddy, teach me please, Daddy,” replied Donna while fidgeting because she didn’t know quite what to do with her hands.

“Good girl,” he continued.

Again the two were somewhat kneeling  in front of each other. Mark took the hanger and adjusted one of the hanger clamps slightly outward.

“Now, your Daddy can’t always be using his hands or mouth on your naughty nipples. So, he’s going to have you wear certain things that will remind you of his attention to your big, naughty boobs,” he continued.

With that he reached downward and grabbed Naughty Donna’s right breast with his left hand. He squeezed it hard which delighted the younger woman. With his other hand he held out the left clamp from the end of the hanger. He opened it up and clamped it down on the “little girl’s” right nipple.

“Oh!” the naughty girl jumped slightly with the hard pinching sensation.

Mark smiled as he grabbed the other huge boob and proceeded to clamp the other nipple with the end of the hanger.

“It’s pinching them really hard, isn’t it? It’s a little painful, too, isn’t it?” he encored.

“Yes, Daddddddyyyy, oooohhhhh. It is, Daddy,” the naughty girl replied as she stared uncontrollably downward at her pinched nipples. She was  experiencing both pleasure and pain combined at the end of her magnificent breasts.

“Don’t worry, little girl, you’ll get used to Daddy doing things like this to you. In fact, your body is already adjusting to the pain, the exquisite pain. Your naughty nipples love Daddy giving them pleasure-pain, don’’t they?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy! Oh yes!---ooooooohhhhhhhhh,” she managed to blurt out before her moan took her words away.

“Yes, Yes they do,” he continued while pulling upward on the hanger, causing both pinched nipples to follow and causing Bella to jump slightly upward as well.

“OH!” she yelped.

“Now, Daddy’s going to teach you about your naughty spot.”

The man set a few of his pillows behind the younger woman. He then rested himself in a position slightly behind her as well.

“Kick your legs out from under yourself and lay back on top of Daddy,” he said while reaching up to pull his “little girl” downward so that she was resting on his chest.

“Now spread your naughty little legs. It’s very naughty for you to spread your legs for Daddy, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Daddy, oh yes, so naughty,” she exclaimed breathlessly while outstretching her legs as she was commanded to do.

The SexDaddy was delighted to look down upon the younger woman’s pubic region. He could see that the top of the “little girl’s” labia had extended outward enough to be seen as it reached outward in sexual erection. He smiled knowing that his “naughty daughter’s” pussy was wet with excitement from all of the stimulation that he had given her so far. He ran his fingers through the bushy patch of dark brown-auburn pubic hair that resided just above the younger woman’s excited clit.

“Now it’s very naughty for a little girl to have pubic hair. So, tomorrow when Daddy’s at work you will shave off all the hair around your naughty spot. Do you understand?” he inquired.

“Yes, I’ll shave it for Daddy. oooohhhhhhh-” She agreed and started to moan as her “Daddy’s” caresses just above her clit made her more and more aroused.

“Good girl. Now Daddy is going to play with your naughty spot.---just the way that you’ve always wanted your Daddy to do. Say, ‘Please, Daddy, please play with my naughty spot’”

Mimicking, the “little girl” responded, “Oh, Please Daddy, PLEEEAASSEEE play with my naughty spot. Pllllleeeeeeaaaassseeeeeee!”

Mark loved the girl’s begging but continued to tease her.

“But it’s very, very naughty to let a man play with a little girl’s naughty spot. If you show the nasty, dirty boys your naughty spot they’re going to want to fuck and fuck it until they cum. You must promise Daddy that your ‘pubes’ are for him only.”

“Oh, Daddy, I only want you to see my pubies, ‘K?” said naughty Donna. “My pubies are for Daddy!”

“Your naughty pubes want your Daddy’s attention, don’t they? They want Daddy to play with them, don’t they, naughty girl? Say, ‘Please play with my naughty pubies’” he continued.

“Oh, Daddy, please play with my naughty pubies, plllleeeaaassse, ‘K, please, Daddy” the younger woman nearly squealed.

The SexDaddy ran his fingers slowly up and down the beautiful, milky white thighs of his “naughty daughter.” He loved the way that her upper thighs felt: so satiny, so smooth to the touch. He was pleasantly surprised that the younger woman had shaved her legs quite recently, maybe even that day.

At that moment, the older man finally reached downward to touch, for the first time, the younger woman’s elongated, excited clit.

“Oh, YES! Oh, please Daddy. SOOOooooooo Gggggggoooodddddd, So good Daddy!” Naughty Donna nearly screamed with sexual enthusiasm and encouragement. The naughty “little girl” thrust her pubic region outward toward her Daddy’s hand and fingers in abject approval of the attention that he was giving her long neglected pussy. She spread her legs even wider to give her “Daddy” maximum access.

“Grab your ankles and pull them back toward you!” the SexDaddy commanded as he lifted his hand off of the “naughty girl’s” pubic region.

“Oh, YES, Daddy, Oh YES!,” Naughty Donna responded immediately by reaching out and pulling herself completely spread eagle.

“This is the naughtiest position that a little girl can be in. When a little girl does this it means that she wants to be fucked. She wants to be fucked and fucked like a little whore. She wants to be fucked like a cumslut. She wants her body to be used completely. You will only allow yourself to be in this naughty position if your Sexy Daddy commands you to. You will only allow yourself to be naughty with your Daddy, Your SexDaddy. You will only do these things if your Daddy commands you to, do you understand?” the Man commanded as he pulled upward once more on the hanger that was clamping the younger woman’s pinched nipples.

“Yes, Daddy, Oh Yes, only YOU, Daddy,” Donna nodded her head rapidly up and down as she replied.

“Good Girl. You’re such a very good, sweet girl. You please your Daddy very much,” the SexDaddy continued as he leaned forward and kissed the auburn haired woman affectionately on the neck.

Bella smiled a sweet smile of satisfaction knowing that she was pleasing her man, her “Daddy”. She loved being told that she was a good girl.

“Your Daddy will please you now. Say, ‘Daddy, my clitty needs Daddy. Please show me how naughty my clitty is, Daddy,” he instructed.

“Oh Daddy, please show me how naughty my clitty is. Please Daddy, my clitty needs Daddy,” the “naughty girl” responded.

Once again Mark reached downward to the “little girl’s” neglected pussy. At first, he ran his fingers lightly across her pussy slit. As suspected, he found it to be very, very wet. Naughty Donna’s labia stuck outwards from just above her cute asshole up to her rapidly elongating maidenhead. He took his middle finger and very slowly ran it from the bottom of the “little girl’s” wet slit up to the top of her excited clit. He delighted in the fact that her labia lips parted and almost seemed to reach outward in a sex embrace as he moved slowly up and down the younger woman’s vaginal opening.

“Oh YES, OH YES DADDY! Oh YES, OH YES DADDY! Oh YES, OH YES DADDY!,” the “naughty daughter” repeated over and over again.

“How much do you love your Daddy playing with your wet, hungry pussy?” the SexDaddy spoke softly into her ear.

“OHHHH I lovvvve it, I LOVE IT so much, Daddy!” she positively squealed as she started to buck her cute ass and pelvis slightly upward and then slightly downward. She could not help this movement. It just started on it’s own in reaction to the older man’s sexy attentions.

The SexDaddy could tell that the “little girl’s” pussy lips were now swollen and stretching outward several inches on either side of her wet slit. Much to the “girl’s” surprise her “Daddy” took his finger away and reached upward to her mouth with his right forefinger and middle finger.

“Open your pretty mouth,” he said softly into her ear.

She did so and found her SexDaddy sticking his two fingers into her soft, sensuous mouth.

“Soon your Daddy will teach you about very naughty oral sex. Soon he will stick his very naughty, excited hard cock in your mouth and let you please until it cums and cums,” he recited as he moved the two fingers into and out of her willing mouth. “But for now you will suck on Daddy’s fingers. Suck on them and make them wet.”

Although she was a little disappointed at her pussy being neglected, Naughty Donna enthusiastically sucked on her man’s fingers.

“That’s right, my sweet baby girl,” he encouraged her “Suck on them like they were a little cock. That’s right.”

The man removed his fingers and whispered “good girl” into Bella’s ear. He then reached back downward to the excited “little girl’s” clit. With now wet fingers he started to message the younger woman’s g-spot. He found the exact right place of folded labia skin to concentrate his attention. Bella’s reaction was to start bucking almost wildly back and forth and saying:

“oh god, Oh God, OH God, OH GOD! oh god, Oh God, OH God, OH GOD!” over and over again.

Mark moved himself out from underneath “his naughty girl” and set her on the pillows that he and been resting on. All the while he was massaging her clit. Moving his fingers in circular motions in and around the erect, excited g-spot. He now knelt at the woman’s side and with his free hand started to pull slightly up and down on the hanger that clamped the “little girl’s” nipples. Naughty Donna continued to moan and utter partial sentences in reaction to all of the sexual attention and excitement that she was receiving. She thrust her pelvic region over and over upward toward the skilled fingers of her “Daddy”.

“Baby girl wants to fuck, doesn’t she? She wants to fuck and fuck like the naughty, sexy girl that she is. You want to feel Daddy’s hard naughty cock inside you, don’t you?”

Without waiting for an answer he thrust the first two joints of his middle finger into the girl’s very wet pussy and started to slowly move the digit in and out of the well lubricated slit while he rested his palm on her swollen clit.

“ooooooooohhhhhhhhOOOOOOOHHHHH YES! YES, Daddy,OOOOOOO-”

Removing his hand the SexDaddy moved to a position right in front of the “naughty girl’s” spread eagle legs.

“Beg for your Daddy. Your Daddy loves it when you beg. Say, ‘Pleaseeeee Daddy, Please fuck me!”

“oooooooooPPPPLLLLLeeeeaaasseee FUCK ME! Fuck Me, Daddy! Oh, Please!” the naughty girl started to repeat almost like a mantra.

Mark reached down with his left hand and started to stroke his very eager, very hard cock. He had hardly ever seen his excited member so thick and ready for “work”.  In front of the spread eagled woman he moved himself forward. Much to the “little girl’s” surprise her “Daddy” started to slap the top of her swollen clit with his throbbing cockhead. Naughty Donna’s excited pussy thrust upward with every cock slap.

While continuing to slap, the older man asked, “Do you want your Daddy’s cock? Do you want it to fuck your naughty pussy?”

“oh, YES! Yes, please Fuck!” My pussy is sooooo naughty!”

“Let go of your legs and give me your right hand,” said the SexDaddy while grabbing the woman’s right wrist and pulling it down to his throbbing cock. “Put it in you. Put it in your naughty pussy!”

The “naughty daughter” grabbed out at her “Daddy’s” hard cock. She gratefully pulled it toward herself and the SexDaddy thrust himself into the “naughty girl”.

Mark felt the very tight pussy close around him. He thought that she wasn’t probably a virgin but he didn’t care. Her pussy was so accommodating. He started to slowly thrust himself up and down as his girl erupted:

“Oh, Daddy, I- I- Can’t help it! I can’t help it! Oh, Daddy what’s happening! Oh Dadddddddyyyy!!! Something’s happening!! Oh god, Oh God OH GOD!!!

Naughty Donna started to orgasm all over her older lover’s cock. Her juices were profuse and sustained for what seemed like hours.

Almost immediately the older man followed. The SexDaddy started to cum profusely in his “little girl’s” hungry pussy.

“Baby girl is sooo good. Cum my little Baby Girl, Cum all over your naughty Daddy’s cock! Oh, God! Oh God! SOOOO Goood!!!!”

He leaned down and grabbed his “little girl’s” cute ass and thrust it upwards toward his orgasming member. The naughty girl responded by reaching behind his back and racking it with her nails as she continued to cum. The two thrust back and forth in orgasmic delight.

When they had finally concluded, the two new lovers wrapped themselves around one another in a post orgasmic embrace.

The SexDaddy wrapped his arms around the sides of his “little girl” lover. He kissed her passionately one last time on her lips.

“Baby girl is soooo gooodd. Baby girl is ssoooooo gooooddd,” he said in his soft voice while stroking her auburn hair.

With that, the “Daddy” and the “daughter” fell fast asleep exhausted in each other arms.
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