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A woman shrinks her wayward son.
Amanda stared down at the tiny figure on the table and smiled as it tried to run away. She let the inch tall figure get about halfway across the table, and then she pressed her right index finger on the free end of the piece of string that was tied to the figure's right ankle. Her smile widened as the string pulled taut and the figure suddenly found it's feet pulled from under it, and it hung in the air for a couple of seconds before landing face first on the table. She cocked her head to one figure as she watched her son lying immobile on the table. She was only mildly surprised at how little guilt she felt. She took hold of the free end of the string between her thumb and forefinger and lifted the one inch tall boy off the table, sitting down on the wooden kitchen chair as she did so. She chuckled as she held him up to her face, watching him wildly thrashing about as he dangled upside down in front her. Not surprising really, considering she'd just told him what she was planning to do with him.

As she watched him struggle, her mind drifted back to the previous day, and her encounter with the woman who, it would turn out, would change the lives of Amanda and her son, literally forever. It had been about 10:30 in the morning when she'd received the call from the local police station, telling her that Jake, her fifteen year old son, had once again been arrested. She sighed sadly as she put the phone at the end of the conversation. She'd taken a few days off work, to try to ease some of the stress of having a delinquent fifteen boy for a son. Jake had always had behavioural problems, which was the reason his father had walked out. But he had gotten steadily worse since he'd met another fifteen year old boy, Billy Mayfield, who's family had recently moved into the area. They'd quickly established themselves as the local troublemakers. And it soon became public knowledge that they'd been engaged in various criminal activities for a long time. Now Jake was best friends with the youngest son, and his behaviour had deteriorated rapidly. He'd never been in trouble with the law before he'd met Billy, but in the past year, he'd been arrested four times for shoplifting, including this time. So far, he'd stayed out of court, but that would change sooner or later. The police station wasn't too far away, and since it was a pretty warm, summer's day, Amanda decided to walk.

Amanda strolled through the local shopping precinct, basically a large sqaure, with roads and an open area in the centre, surrounded by various shops, as she made her way to the police station to collect her son. As she got to the far end of the square, Amanda passed an alleyway and suddenly stopped dead. She'd passed the alley thousands of times over the years and barely given it a thought. Today though, she suddenly had an irresistable urge to walk down it. About half way down, Amanda came to a door on her left, just past was a large picture window. At the top of the window, painted in big, green letters, were the words 'JENNY'S MAGIC SHOP'. Amanda looked in the window, she couldn't see into the shop because a large black sheet had been put up about two feet behind the window and completely encircling it. In the window were a number of books, with a few little figurines and charms. Amanda wanted to walk away, but she couldn't. She had an overpowering urge to enter the shop, and that's what she did.

It was surprisingly bright inside. And surprisingly airy and pleasant smelling. Amanda had expected it to be rather dingy, with a musty aroma in the air. But it was actually quite modern. On each wall, was either a book case or glass display. There were more display cases scattered throughout the surprisingly large shop. There were hundreds of books. Mostly on magic. But some were about myths and legends. Others were about strange creatures, curses, paganism, Wicca etc. The display cases contained numerous numerous figurines. Most seemed to be witches, wizards, druids and ordinary people. There were quite a lot of dragons of various sizes and colours. Other figurines were either demonic or just plain hideous. Amanda spent a couple minutes walking around the shop, wondering why she'd come in. Then she heard the sound of a curtain being pulled to one side, and cheerful, female voice said,
"Ahh there you are. I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever get here".
Amanda spun around in shock, and found herself face to face with a very attractive brown haired woman.
"I..err..I think you've mistaken me for someone else", Amanda replied with a smile.
The woman looked to be in her mid forties, not all that much older than Amanda, who was 38. She was slim, with her brown hair tied back in a pony tail. She was about 5'10" the same height as Amanda. She had a broad smile on her pretty face and Amanda sensed a friendliness to the woman that left her feeling more at ease than she should have been.
"Nnno", the woman said, looking puzzled. "I've definitely been waiting for you..Amanda".
Amanda immediately became defensive. "How do you know my name", she asked, feeling somewhat alarmed.
The woman chuckled. "This is a magic shop", she replied. "Don't worry, you're quite safe. I'm here to help you not hurt you. My name is Jenny. Jenny Harland".
"Help me?" Amanda said, feeling some of the panic fade away. "Help with what? And how?".
The woman smiled. "You have an ongoing problem with your son and his friend", she replied. "I can provided you with a solution. If you're willing to open your mind to the impossible".

Amanda stared at the other woman, Jenny. Strangely, she no longer felt nervous, or afraid. But she was curious.
"What solution would that be?" she asked, with a thin smile on her lips.
"For the past few years, since your husband left you", Jenny began. "You've had a fantasy. This fantasy involves you having the power to shrink your son. Whenever he misbehaves, or annoys you, you shrink him. And then you put him inside a certain part of your body, as a punishment".
Amanda felt her jaw drop in both horror and surprise as a strong wave of embarrasment washed over her.
"How...How did you know about that?", she asked. "I've never told anyone".
Jenny smiled mischeviously. "I make it a point to know as much as I can about the women I help. You're not the only one who's had that fantasy", Jenny replied. "Let me ask you...If it was possible for your fantasy to become reality....would you want it to?"
"It doesn't matter", Amanda said. "It can't become reality so it's irrelevant".
Jenny chuckled. "Follow me", she said softly.
She then turned and walked to a counter at the back wall. On the counter was a large, rectangular object, covered with a red silk sheet. Jenny removed the sheet, and Amanda found herself looking down at a hamster cage. Jenny gently knocked on the side of the cage.
"Out you come", she said in quite a loud voice. "Someone needs to see proof".
For a seconds there was nothing. But then Amanda felt her jaw drop once more. This time, she was in a deep state of amazement and disbelief as a four inch tall boy emerged from the little plastic house.
"Good morning Mistress", the boy said as he stared lovingly up at Jenny. "How may I serve you?"
"Oh my god", Amanda said as she stared down at the shrunken boy. "It..it's a boy. A shrunken boy".
"Yes", Jenny replied.
"How?....who?..." Amanda's voice seized up.
"How?..by magic", Jenny said. "Who?...It used to be my son. But now it's my slave. My toy. Aren't you, slave?"
"Yes mistress" the boy replied, a look of sheer adoration on his tiny face as he stared up at his...mother.
"Your son?" Amanda said as she found her voice, unable to take her eyes off the small boy in the hamster cage.
"He was", Jenny replied. "But he was a naughty boy, and he had to be punished".
"I know you said you used magic", Amanda said, unable to take her eyes off the four inch tall boy. "But how? I mean, do you have a wand or something?"
Jenny laughed loudly. "Nothing so cliched", she replied. I shrank him with the aid of this. She held her right hand out palm up, there was a bright flash of light, and then an unusual looking silver bracelet appeared in her palm.

Amanda gasped as she watched the bracelet appear out of thin air. The bracelet was shaped to into the form of an oriental style dragon. It was long and slim, with segmented sections, the clasp was in the dragon's mouth, opened by a small lever shaped like an ear, it was worn by making the dragon bite it's own tail. It's eyes were two small, blood red stones, possibly rubies, Amanda couldn't tell.
"Take it" Jenny said. "It's yours now".
"Mine?" Amanda said. "I couldn't afford something like that".
"You don't have to", Jenny replied. "I'm giving it to you. As a gift. And don't try to say to no...I want you to have it. I don't need it anymore. I've worn it for so long, soaked up so much of it's energy, that I've developed magical powers of my own".
Amanda took the bracelet from Jenny's hand and studied it.
"Where did it come from?" She asked.
"Siam", Jenny replied. "What's now called Thailand. My husband was an explorer, years ago. He discovered a temple hidden deep in the jungle, near a place called Chiang Mai. The bracelet was sitting on a stone table way down in the bowels of the temple. He brought it back and gave it to me. And shortly after, I discovered it's secret. For some reason, it's power can only be used by attractive women. I don't know why. For anyone else, it's just an antique bracelet".
"An explorer?" Amanda said, somewhat puzzled. "I didn't know there were any explorers left".
Jenny smiled. "There aren't", she replied. "My slave and I are considerably older than we look. My husband gave me that bracelet...in 1872".

Amanda looked up at Jenny. Her natural reaction was one of disbelief. But considering how there was a four inch tall boy stood in a hamster cage on the counter beside her, she had to believe it.
"135 years ago?" Amanda said in amazement.
"Yes", Jenny said with a wry smile. "I look quite good for a 175 year old, don't I?"
"You could say that", Amanda replied.
"Here, let me put it on for you", Jenny said as took the bracelet from Amanda's hand and put it on her wrist.
"How do I use it?" She asked as she held up her arm and studied the bracelet.
"Just by thinking", Jenny said. "Think what you want to happen, and it will happen. It's that simple. Do you think you could use it to realise your fantasy on your own son?"
Amanda thought for a while. "Yes," she said softly "I don't know why..or..how. But the thought of shrinking Jake and doing what I want with him seems quite...appealing. I mean, I feel a little bit of guilt, and shame for thinking about it. But I will do it. And I think it'll be fun".
"It's the bracelet" Jenny explained. "It doesn't just give you magical powers. It also alters the way you think. Without it, you would only fantasise about shrinking and enslaving your son. And feel guilty about it. But the bracelet removes the barriers. Besides, he deserves it".
"I'm sure he'll disagree", Amanda said with a smile. "And I'm sure he'll put up a fight".
"Oh he'll definitely resist", Jenny said. "He did. Look at it from his point of view. His own mother has turned against him. She's shrunk him and informed him that she intended to make him her...toy. That's a very unpleasant thought. You could make it so he's a willing slave straight away. But it's more fun to make them suffer. It took him about twenty five years to become the way he is now. But it's definitely worth it. Now..I'm sure you're eager to go and try out your new powers. If you have any problems or questions, you know where I am".
"Thank you", Amanda said. "I'll definitely be back. I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions. And I'd like show off my prize".
She started walking toward the door, and then stopped. "I don't need to walk home. Do I?", she asked.
Jenny smiled and shook her head.
Amanda concentrated on being at home. She felt a warm, electric buzz flow through her body, a pleasant sensation. Seconds later, she found herself standing in her living room.

Jake didn't come home that night. She didn't bother trying to find him. She knew he was with Billy. So he was either at Billy's house, or locked up at the police station. It was 7am before he showed himself.
Amanda sat at the kitchen table in her bathrobe. She'd been up for an hour. Jake strolled nonchalantly into the kitchen, only giving her a quick glance as he went to the fridge.
"Where were you last night?" Amanda asked calmly.
"None of your business", Jake snapped.
"I'm your mother, of course it's my business. You're only fifteen".
"You're only fifteen", he sneered.
"I don't want you hanging out with Billy Mayfield anymore", she said sternly. "He's a bad influence".
"He's my friend" Jake said. "I'll decide who I hang with".
"He's trouble", Amanda said, "And if you keep seeing him, you'll end up in trouble".
"What did you call me?" Amanda said as calmly as she could. "Did you call me a bitch? While you live under my roof, you will do as you're told. Or you'll find out how much of a bitch I can be".
"Yeah right," he sneered as he started walking toward the door. "I'm too big for you".
Amanda stood up and walked to the sink. Putting her directly behind Jake. As she did so, she concentrated on the door, and it slammed shut just as Jake reached it. Jake jumped back in obvious shock. He then reached out and tried to open the door. Amanda had made sure he couldn't open it, no matter how hard he tried. He was trapped.
"You need to learn who's the boss in this house", Amanda said.
Jake spun round, shock and anger etched on his face.
"What did you do?" he snapped. "Open this door". He started to walk across the kitchen toward her. "Open the door bitch or I'll.."
Amanda pictured him one inch tall. Jake gasped and stopped dead. "What?" he said as he looked around him. Amanda smiled as he suddenly blurred, then he disappeared as his clothes dropped to the floor.

Amanda leant back against the sink, bringing her right leg in front of her left, and folding her arms as she looked at the pile of clothes on the floor in the middle of the kitchen. She wanted to go over and pick Jake out them. But she resisted, preferring instead to let him do it himself.
Five minutes later, a one inch tall figure emerged from the bottom of the left leg of his jeans. He was facing the door, which meant meant he had his back to her. Perfect.
Amanda walked over and stood on the other side of the pile of clothes to Jake. Jake was looking down, left and right, straight ahead and up. Amanda watched, smiling, as he slowly realised what had happened to him. He then stood up straight, as he obviously remembered that he wasn't alone in the kitchen. Slowly, he turned around. The look of abject terror on his tiny face as he stared up at his giant mother, was one that she would remember forever.
"So," she said. "Who's too big now?"

Jake immediately turned and bolted toward the door. Amanda chuckled and watched him for a couple of seconds then she strode over the clothes, quickly catching up to her tiny son. She dropped to one knee and scooped him off the floor. She held him in the palm of her right hand, curling her fingers around him, and plunging him into darkness. She couldn't help giggling as she stood up, feeling Jake squirming in her hand. She felt an immense sense of power as she walked to to the table and sat down. She held him for a few more seconds, then gently dropped him onto the table. Jake rolled onto his back and started scrabbling backwards.
"There's nowhere you can go", she said softly. "So don't bother trying to escape".
She's already made it so she could hear him. But it was still something of a surprise that it sounded as though he were his normal height.
"Wh...what's happened? What have you done to me?" he asked, the panic sounding in his voice.
"I'd've thought that was obvious" Amanda said. "I've shrunk you. And before you go asking stupid questions...", she held up her right arm, revealing the bracelet. "I did it with the help of a magic bracelet".
"But...but why?" he asked, still slowly moving backwards.
"Because I'm sick of you", she spat. "Ever since you started hanging out with Billy, you've been a nasty little monster. Right now...you're getting a taste of what it feels like to be intimidated".
"Ok..." he said. "Ok mom. you wanted to scare me...to punish me...fine. It's worked. I'm terrified. Make me normal again. I swear I won't see Billy anymore".
"Do you think I'm an idiot?" she snapped with a sudden flash of anger. "If I return you to your normal size, nothing will change. You'll attack me..and then take off with that little prick. NO! I will not return you to normal". She concentrated, and piece of string appeared next to Jake, about the same lenght as him.
"Tie one end around your ankle", she snapped.
"W..why?" he asked.
"JUST DO IT!" she shouted angrily.
Jake squealed with fear and quickly took hold of the string, which was probably more like rope to him.
"Wh..which ankle?" he asked innocently.
"I DON'T GIVE A SHIT" she replied.
He quickly tied the string around his right ankle. And then looked up at her. It was obvious that he was terrified, and it made Amanda feel even more powerful.
"What're you gonna do to me?" he asked cautiously.
Amanda smiled. "Punish you", she replied. "For the stress, the pain, the fear and the shame I've had to endure over the years, because of you. I've made it so you can't be injured or killed even. Which is more than you deserve. But I'm going to punish you until I think you've learned your lesson. Now, to start off with". Amanda untied the bathrobe's cotton belt. "You've been a naughty boy, and naughty boys go to jail".
Jake looked at her suspiciously.
"Obviously, there isn't a jail in this house. So I'll just have to improvise", she then stood up, letting the bathroom fall open as she did so. "This will be your jail", she said as she patted her vagina.
Jakes jaw dropped and his eyes opened wide in terror.
"NO!", he screamed. "YOU CAN'T. I..I'LL SUFFOCATE, I'LL DIE".
"I told you", Amanda replied. "I've made it so you can't die. You'll be able to breathe perfectly well. And see. I want you to remember where you are.
"BUT I'M YOUR SON", he protested.
"No..you WERE my son", Amanda replied. "You've forfeited the right to be my son. So now...and until I decide otherwise....you are going to be a slave. And I will do whatever I want with you. Including using you for a sex toy. And if you ever want to be returned to normal, you'll do as you're told. Otherwise...you stay like that forever".
Jake suddenly turned over, got to his feet and started sprinting away. Amanda smiled as she watched. When he got about halfway across the table, she leant forward and dropped her right index finger onto the free end of the string. It quickly pulled taut, stopping Jake dead in his tracks and leaving him momentarily suspended in the air. When he dropped back to the table, she sat down and lifted him up into the air. She sat back and watched with amusement as the tiny figure dangled upside down before her face, struggling for all he was worth.

Eventually, he gave up, too tired to struggle.
"There is nothing you can do", she said softly. "If you want to be my son again, you will take your punishment. Now..you..are going inside me. Nothing can stop that. You'll be perfectly safe, but you'll be staying in my vagina until I decide to release you. And if I were you...I'd be very careful when moving around. That's a very sensitive part of my body. And I won't think twice about pleasuring myself with you in there, if you arouse me".
Jake could only whimper as she she slowly lowered him between her thighs. He let out a scream and started to cry when he saw, what to him, must have looked like and enormous slit. Amanda suddenly felt a wave of excitement as she thought about what she was about to do.
"NO!" He screamed in terror. "NO PLEASE...MOM PLEASE....DON'T PUT ME IN THERE".
"You're going inside my body", she said coldly. "So you can either go in through my ass, or I could swallow you whole and keep you in my stomach. Or..you can go back to the place you were made".
Jake whimpered, realising that there was nothing he could do. Amanda held him close to her labia for a couple of minutes, savouring the feeling of power. She was only mildly surprised at how easy it was for her. She felt only a tiny amount of guilt. Eventually, she tired of tormenting him.

Amanda licked her lips, as the excitement grew. Jake let out once last scream as she moved him toward her genitals. She gently pressed his face against her labia and then pressed on his feet. She gasped and smiled as she felt the lips of her pussy part, and Jake's head, neck and upper body slid inside her. She gently bit her bottom lip and giggled, watching, and feeling Jake's lower torso disappear inside her. She then pushed His legs and feet all the way in. She let out a soft groan as she watched her finger disappear, pushing Jake deep inside her vagina. She reached the knuckle and then quickly pulled it out again. Amanda closed her eyes and giggled again. She couldn't believe she'd actually done it. She'd made one of her fantasy's come true. She now had another human being, her own son, trapped inside her vagina. She smiled contentedly and licked her lips. Like the cat that got the cream. She gently tensed her muscles and felt Jake's tiny body within her, pretty close to her cervix. She let out a soft groan when Jake started to squirm and released the pressure on his body. He continued to squirm for a few more seconds, and then stopped. This was going to take some getting used to. Feeling him move had given her a lot of pleasure. Fortunately for Jake though, not quite enough to arouse her. She sat in the chair for another ten minutes, enjoying the feeling of immense power, and the feel of Jake's body inside her. She then stood up and walked out of the kitchen.
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