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by B$fan
Rated: 13+ · Other · Fantasy · #1384446
This is the first of my Pig's Feed stories, my first voyer into static weight gain fiction
This is the first of my Pig's Feed stories. It is my first voyer into static weight gain fiction. If you like it please donate some Gp's. With those Gp's I plan on upgrade my account and put my fourth much longer story into a book.



By BSfan

Daphne Brown sat on a bench in Mondale Community park, enjoying the last rays of the setting sun on this last day of summer. Tired from her whirlwind trip of Europe, she hadn’t even bothered to contact the friends she hadn’t seen all summer. Instead she came here, watched the sunset, and listened to a few old men playing chess.

As the sun set, the two old men packed up there chess pieces and called it a summer, leaving Daphne seemingly alone in the park. An early fall wind cut into her athletic frame slightly. Wearing only hip hugging designer jeans, and a white top, cut off to show her six pack abs, she shook her head, sending her golden blonde mane dancing on her shoulders. She was about to leave when he arrived.

His hair was a medium length, black, and cut to exhibit his chiseled facial features. By Daphne’s standards, he was beyond a hunk. He sat down on the bench next to her, and, for the first time, Daphne, who had always been such a confident tease around boys, felt slightly nervous.

“Hello there.” He spoke in a tone just above a whisper. She was entranced and hanged on his every word.

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Yakov. I believe you know my girlfriend, Melanie Savage.” Daphne nodded her head in a daze, and then looked away in confusion. Melanie Savage was a big girl. She was one of her favorite targets in school because of her size. Daphne couldn’t figure out why a piece of man candy like this was with a cow like Melanie and not herself. She looked back at him and smiled.

“Hi, I’m Daphne. I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” She smiled, sliding her hands along her slender thighs. He laughed softly.

“I moved here only recently. I understand you’ve been touring Europe all summer.” He watched as he took her breath away. She felt a little light headed. She nodded, still in a daze.

“So, what do you do exactly?” She swooned a little and he caught her. She felt her six pack abs, sensing a definite need for nutrition.

“I guess you could say, I’m a magician of sorts.” His voice soothed her, but she was a little put off by his odd profession.

“How… cute. So do you like do children’s parties and stuff?” She felt her stomach grumble. He simply laughed again.

“On occasion, when I need the money, I do. Mostly, I just work in my father’s shop downtown.” He pulled out a small cup of pudding out from behind his back.

“Would you like some pudding?” He offered it, and she hesitantly took the pudding cup. He handed her a spoon as well. She eagerly tore off the plastic top and delicately slid the spoon into the desert. She took a tiny spoonful and slid it lovingly into her mouth.

“Tell me Daphne, how much do you weigh?” He smiled and watched as she took a second, bigger spoonful. Daphne responded before taking her third.

“130, all lean muscle I assure you.” She patted her tight stomach and went back to her pudding, still seemingly unable to make a dent in it. She was so entranced in the pudding cup, she failed to realize the change in her surroundings. Objects in the park began to disappear. The colors began to blend into a solitary purple. Stuck in a vacuum, a hole in space and time, Daphne was left with nothing, but the sinfully delicious pudding cup, that she just couldn’t seem to reach the bottom of.

“I’m sure it is. Say, what do you think of my girlfriend?” He tilted his head questioningly. She looked up between spoonfuls of rich chocolate, a spot of pudding, running down her chin.

“She’s a pig.” Daphne went back to greedily eating her pudding.

“Now that’s not very nice. You know, Melanie never told me what a cute little upturned nose you have.” He stroked his chin. Daphne’s nostrils flared as she let out a loud snort and continued eating.

“It must have been hard, keeping your figure in Europe, what with all that wonderful food.” He looked at her as she shoveled more pudding into her greedy mouth, her cheeks puffing up like chipmunk cheeks. Pudding dropped onto her nice white shirt right on her bountiful breasts.

“Oh my God, the first month, I gain fifteen pounds. It was terrible. My mom trounced me around in skimpy clothes, pointing out to everyone how fat her daughter was getting. My stomach was so soft. It was gross. Every time we went swimming my mom and sister would make fun of me horribly, poking and pinching. I did a quick fat flush and then I was on a strict diet. Do you know how hard it is to diet in Europe?” She went right back to her pudding, snorting a little more as she gasped for air between spoonfuls.

“You didn’t diet Daphne.” Yakov watched as the fifteen pounds Daphne had lost came piling back on. Her six pack abs disappeared as they melted into a podgy pot belly that oozed over the lip of her jeans. Her thighs relaxed and stretched the jeans fabric. Her ass widened. Her narrow face sprouted the start of a double chin. Even her arms softened slightly.

“In fact, you didn’t stay in Europe long enough for much of anything. After walking around the beaches on the south of France, fifteen pounds heavier, for a few days, your father became rather ill. You quietly returned home. Of course, you couldn’t have your friends know that. Instead of going out and hanging out with your friends, you stayed at home, lounged around and stuffed your face full of junk.” He watched Daphne widen considerably her stomach becoming wider, her love handles forming a large muffin top over her jeans. Daphne face became round and puffy, spotted with acne and with a doughy double chin. Her thighs became full of thunder and her designer jeans were replaced by a larger, cheaper looking pair. Her ass became full of lard and gave her a nice cushion to sit on. Her arms thickened further. Her breasts, though growing no larger, became soft and sagged, pulling on her ill fitting bra. Daphne failed to notice and kept shoveling the endless pudding into her greedy mouth.

“In fact, you didn’t just put on fifteen pounds. To the disgust of your mother, you put on a grand total of fifty pounds.” He watched Daphne’s frame continue to expand until her now 180 pound body stretched the limits of her clothes. Her large round, and squishy, spare tire shook as she snorted in an attempt to breath and eat. Her nostrils widened and her face bloated further, more pimples appeared on her face. Her double chin grew. Her thighs touched together and her ass expanded further. Her breasts grew, but only slightly. Still oblivious, Daphne continued to make a mess of herself.

“You’ve done more then just expanded. You’ve become a big lazy pig. You go days without bathing, and all that junk food has seriously messed with your digestive system.” A loud fart escaped Daphne’s rear end. It wasn’t the only new smell being emitted. Sweat stains appear under her armpits as BO emitted from her body. Her blonde hair fell limp and greasy. Daphne remained in a trance continuing to eat as her stomach continued to jiggle.

“You don’t have the will to diet. You’ll be what used to disgust you for the rest of your life. You’ll continue to get bigger. You’ll hate it , of course, but you’ll be too lazy to do anything about it. Your mom and your sister will torment you about your weight, and your general disgustingness. You’ll fail your senior year of high school miserably, and realize college isn’t for you. Instead your large rear end will carve a nice indentation into your mom’s couch. Eventually, your mom will force you to get a job at some fast food joint. You’ll hate it, but they’ll give you free food, so you’ll stick around. After that, the future is yours. You’ll never lose any weight, but, hey, maybe you’ll find Mr. Right, assuming you can find someone who can put up with your smell.” Yakov laughed as another loud fart trumpeted from Daphne’s rear end. He patted her on her meaty shoulder and slowly began to back away from the greedy pig that sat before him.

As Yakov disappeared, the purple returned to separate colors. This time however, Daphne was not in the park. She was sitting at a lunch table at her school, finishing up her pudding cup. She was awoken from her trance by peels of laughter. They were coming from her “friends”. She looked at herself, surprised for a moment before her new reality completely settled in. She found her body invaded by curious hands who poked and prodded her fat. They wriggled their noses in disgust by her smell and laughed at her shoddy appearance. She still wore her whit crop top, clearly exposing her spongy muffin top. She struggled to wiggle out of her seat, her jeans coming unbuttoned. As she made it to her feet, she desperately tried to button her jeans, but her gut continued to get in the way. Sweating profusely, she continued trying to button up, to no avail.

“Hey there Missy Piggy. What’s happening Porky? How’d you manage to let yourself go so far lardass? Is there any food left in Europe, fatty?” The jibes from her former “friends” kept coming. They called her names such as fat ass, Piglet, bubble butt, jelly belly, and Porky McOinkoink. This was all made worse when she began snorting for breath, her wide nostrils flaring. She stumbled backward and let out a loud fart, causing everyone to laugh harder. She tripped on the spoon that she had knocked off the table and fell on her fat ass. She slowly managed to get up, but, as she turned around, her jeans ripped, exposing her fleshy rear end, and her white cotton panties with a brown stain to match her top.

Across the cafeteria, Melanie and Yakov enjoyed the spectacle before them. Hand in hand, they laughed, kissed, and enjoyed some pudding of their own.

Epilogue (Because we all love a good epilogue):

Months later, the start of summer.

Daphne sat on her mother’s couch, lazily finishing her cup of pudding. Her mother walked down the stairs and took a long disgusted look at her pig of a daughter. Daphne let out a loud fart, causing her sister to laugh as she ate her salad in the kitchen. Daphne desperately tried to hide the evidence of her most recent binge, but her now 250 pound frame was too large for her to handle so easily. Daphne’s mother quickly grabbed, her daughter by her pudding covered face. Her other hand sank into the flesh of Daphne’s middle, clearly the largest part of her.

“Look at you! Look at what you’ve become! I used to have such a thin, athletic daughter. Now, I’ve got a pig fat greedy pig in her place!” Daphne’s mother shook her fat furiously as her sister walked in from the kitchen.

“You’re a slob.” Her sister spouted with disgust as she picked up the fallen pudding cup, along with a few stray hamburger wrappers. Daphne tried to free herself, but her mother kept her easily pinned down.

“Now, get up Porky. We’re going to the beach. A little exercise will be good for your fat ass.” Daphne’s mother gave her gut one last slap, and watched as Daphne desperately wobbled back and forth until she heaved herself onto her feet. Daphne’s mother slapped Daphne’s large, cellulite covered rear and watched it jiggle and bounce as Daphne waddled toward the door. Daphne had almost made it to the door, when her mother pulled her back by her greasy hair. Her mother placed the hair in a greasy ponytail which extenuated her fat, acne covered face and exposed the stain on her bikini top. Daphne wasn’t even allowed to wash her face clean.

“We want to show the world what a big fat pig you are. Maybe, that will give you an incentive to lose weight.” Daphne’s mother slapped her rear end again. Her skinny younger sister ran in front her, ran her hands up and down her toned athletic body and gave Daphne’s gut a shake before prancing out the door. Humiliation was nothing new to Daphne now. All she wanted to think about was food.
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