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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #1549545
Hera wants to matchmake for the Gods, including her two brothers, Hades and Poisedon!
In the cloudy midsts of mount Olympus, the gods and goddesses were having their usual feast, on a beautiful white tablecloth, known to be the finest in all the heavens and earth.
Reclining on golden and luxurious red velvet loungers, they sat merrily laughing and enjoying the fine food mount Olympus had to offer.
Aphrodite, Hera and Athene, were busily chatting to one another about general topics, wisdom and inventions as that was Athenes business, marriage, which was Heras and love, Aphrodite’s.
Their topic of humans soon came to an end as they began discussing the gods.
“What about dear old Artemis! She shall always remain unmarried if she ceases to live on her own with only maidens to accompany her!” started up Aphrodite.
Hera and Athene sighed and shook their heads at Aphrodite’s comment, as she herself was but married to the lame smith-god Hephaistos, whom she did not love as her affections were focused on Ares who was the fiery god of war and Athenes brother.

Aphrodite blushed lightly, and looked down to the ground.
Hera kindly changed the subject, “Well, many of these gods appear to remain unmarried…as I am the goddess of marriage, perhaps I might find them a match!” laughed Hera, lightly.
Athene smiled, unusually cheered by Heras light conversation and spoke in a knowing voice, “If but one god shall be left unatorn by your neat work, Hera then he shall be either Poseidon, ruler of the sea, or Hades, king of the dead, excepting that of course the cases of the married or taken gods.”

Hera smiled for a moment, then her face saddened as she spoke to her two friends, “Alas, my dearest brothers, they are dealt a very poor deck of cards, indeed…Poor Poseidon, ruler of the vast seas and not one fine wife made for him, and poor Hades, sent to rule the underworld, no goddess would marry him either.”
Athena and Aphrodite bowed their heads in silence for a few moments, mourning the poor brothers who Hera loved and hated, without a match.
Poseidon was deep in thought in his underwater kingdom.
He had indeed been at the feast last evening, and even though Hera, Aphrodite and Athena had kept their voices down, he had still been able to overhear there conversation about himself and Hades.
He wasn’t as bothered about Hades as it didn’t concern him neither did he care, but he was rather concerned about how hopeless, his sister and her friends, thought he was in finding or indeed accepting a wife.
Poseidon made a vow that he would try, however hard it may be, to prove his sister wrong.
Hades was moaning miserably in his palace in the underworld.
Even HE had heard his sisters conversation about himself and, oh, Poseidon.
He was obviously more concerned towards himself than his seafaring brother.
If even his sister, didn’t believe him to be husband-material, then he would be sure to prove HER Wrong!
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