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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #1550354
not doing home work.
         Teacher, I did my homework, I really did! You see, I left the school and went straight home, just as I always do. I had everything I needed. I didn’t forget anything.

         It was a beautiful day. The sky was blue and it was warm with a small breeze.

         I went inside and grabbed a snack. I took it outside, along with my homework, to do it at the patio table.

         I really wanted to play on the tire swing but I was determined to finish my work first.

         As I had just started to read, my horse, Comet strolled out of the barn and nudged me with his nose and whispered.

         "You should be out on the tire swing on such a beautiful day."

         I really wanted to except his offer but I told him that I couldn't.

         "Nonsense, my dear, here, give it to me and I will get it done for you. Now you go play."

         Shortly after I left, Comet suddenly remembered he needed to get new shoes. He trotted over to my bull. Sam is his name." Sam, would you mind doing this homework for me?" Comet asked.

         "Not at all!" Sam yelled, " I’ll get right to it." Sam started looking the paper over when his belly began to rumble. “I can’t do this on an empty stomach. I need to go eat from the pastures." On the way to the pastures, Sam dropped the home work off with Nellie.

         Good ole Nellie,she's my cow. Nellie no sooner got the paper in her hand and she was called into the barn to be milked. Nellie didn’t know what she was going to do until she saw her friend Junior,my goat in the next field.

         Junior said he would do it but as he went trotting away he got the urge to eat my paper.

         Socha, my dear beloved dog, (the best there is! I might add.), who just happened to be passing by. She saw Junior eating my home work and ran over and tried to grab it from him, shouting…

         "No! Junior, this is bad. Give me that paper. I’ll do it!" As Socha starts walking away with my paper, my brother grabs her collar and told her come on, you need a bath. On her way Socha dropped my paper off with Feebie.

         Feebie is my beautiful white long haired cat. She purred and went straight to work. As she relaxed in a bunch of hay, a mouse ran across her tail. She yelled and ran after the mouse shouting…

         "No mouse will ever get away from Feebie!"

         She very quickly dropped my paper off with Simple. He is my very old rabbit. He was so happy to be able to help but his nose started twitching from the fresh smell of carrots nearby and he had to go gather them for winter. Heading towards the garden he dropped my homework off with the baby chicks.

         Now, the baby chicks don’t have names because there is just too many of them. Poor chicks, it must be awful to have no names.

         Anyway! They really didn’t care. They agreed to my homework and started to read. Well, we all know that babies fall asleep with reading. They got very tired and so they looked around in puzzlement. There was no one around that they could ask, so they asked the flea that was jumping from back to back from chick to chick, if he would help.

         Now, the flea, which by the way; is not my pet. I mean, get real! Have you ever heard of a pet flea! I haven’t and I haven’t heard of a pet flea with a name either!

         Well, anyway, the flea said he would do it and he did.

         See, teacher! I really did my homework. The flea writes so tiny that you need a magnifying glass to read it!

         Honest, teacher, it’s the truth!

         You’re not mad?

         Are you teacher?

© Copyright 2009 Brenda L. Long (dizzywizzyme at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1550354