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by Jack
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1599107
This is a story about a young girl being tickle tortured on her entire body.
Even though it Sofie was already 13 years old, her parents still didn't want to leave her homealone when they went out late, so they hirerd a babysitter. It would be a 17 year old girl her parents told her. Sofie was pretty excited, because it would be a girl just 4 years older than she herself, so pretty much of her own age, right?

Sofie was sitting on the couch, waiting for her parents to leave and the babysitter to come, while watching some tv. Her parents were talking in the kitchen when the bell rings. Her mother goes to the door and opens it. The babysitter has arrived. Anxious as she was Sofie went to look. After some minutes in which her parents explained the instruction to the babysitter, called Lindsey her parents finally left. Lindsey walked over to Sofie: "Hey you, what shall we do together?" "Hmmm, I don't know, you're the babysitter!" Sofie replied. "You're right, Lindsey said, I am. So let's go upstaires oke?"
Sofie nodded, and she followed Lindsey up the staires. "So, where is your room Sofie?" "Right here." Sofie replied. And she showed Lindsey her room.
"Oke!" Lindsey said. "Go lay on your bed, now!" "Why?"
"Because I tell you to! Go lay on your bed, strech yourself out and close your eyes." Sofie did what she was told. With her armes streched out a little part of her cute belly was exsposed. Lindsey walked over to Sofie, got on the bed and put herself on top of the young and naïve Sofie. "What are you doing?" Sofie asked her. "Just don't move, or I will tell your parents that your behaviour has been very bad, after I leave!" Sofie got slightly scared and remained the same. Quickly Lindsey tied Sofie's wrists together onto the bed. Sofie was scared and again asked: "What are you doing!?" Lindsey replied: "Let me do what I want to do! I'll speak to your parents later. I can either say you behaved very good, or terrible!" Sofie held her mouth shut and let Lindsey tie her up. Lindsey took Sofies ankles and tied her up spread eagle. Sofie tried to move but she couldn't.. "So!" Lindsey said. "Let's get started now!" Sofie was terrified, she had never been tied up like this before!. Lindsey slowly took of Sofie's right size 3 shoe, revealing a perfect, tiny, soft foot with cute pink socks. After this Lindsey took off Sofie's other shoe even more slowly. Sofie was wondering why Lindsey did this to her. She was soon to find out, though! Lindsey got off her and went out of the room for a few secounds. Sofie tried to get out of her restraints, but she couldn't. When Lindsey came back she had a sissor in her hand. She walked over to the little Sofie and cut her shirt open. "Noo, please don't do that! It's my favourite shirt!", Sofie said frightened. Lindsey said nothing and removed the shreds of Sofies shirt. Sofie was now only wearing a brah, a short skirt, underwear and her pink socks. Lindsey grabbed her cellphone and called up a friend of her. Then for about five minutes nothing happened. Lindsey was waiting, sitting on the bed and Sofie was helplessly restrained. Untill the doorbell rang. In just very little time there were four more girls glundering at their captured victem.
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