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by L Near
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Gwen Tennyson is ten years old and gets pregnant... by her cousin Ben
Chapter 1
10 year old Gwen Tennyson was in the town's local bookstore. She was lookin for a book that had an activity that she and her cousin Ben could do. At the begining of the summer, she and her cousin were always fighting and arguing. But near the end, they were getting along better and hanged out more. She was looking around when her eye caught a strange book. She flipped it open and saw an activity that made her heart jump and stop at the same time( if that is possible). It was a picture of two people doing intercourse. She read about how to do it and she was extremely curious about it. She left the book there and left the bookstore and headed home.
Later that night, she invited Ben into her room that night because he was staying at her house for the week.
" So what is it you wanted to do tonight ?" asked Ben.
" Well, when I was at the bookstore, I found a picture of two people having intercouse and I was curious about it, and I was wondering if you knew about it(They didn't recieve sex education yet)," replied Gwen.
"I've heard about it and I'm curious about it too," said Ben.
" Then maybe you would like to do it with me?" asked Gwen.
" Shure why not," replied her cousin.
" Ok, now Ben you get under the covers and I get right next to you. Then we start kissing and eventually we will have intercourse." she said.
Ben was just about to go into the covers when a though came into his head.
"Wait, what about your parents?"
"Oh they went out to dinner and won't be back until very late, so there really isn't anything to worry about."
"Ok," Ben said.
That night was a swee night of passion for them both.

Chapter 2
It was a couple of months scince the sweet night of passion. Ben and Gwen grew closer together after that but they dare not bring up the subject around other people or themselves actually. They just left the subject alone. Well school started and Gwen was on her computer doing homework. Suddenly, she ran to the bathroom and got sick. This happened alot and she didn't tell her parents because it only happened on occasion. She also felt hungry and had strange mood swings.
'I wonder what is wrong with me,' she thought.
So she typed in all of her symptoms and her computer said,
" These symptoms are most common with pregnant wommen..."
Gwen was shocked.
'I couldn't be pregnant, I'm only a ten year old,' she thought. So the next day, she bought a pregnancy test and took it as soon as she got home. After five minutes, she checked the results. It came back... positive.
' Great, just great. Now I'm a pregnant ten year old. I need to tell Ben.'
So that night, Ben came over.
" What is it that you wanted to talk to me about that was so urgent," he said.
" Well, remember the night we had intercourse?" she asked.
" Yeah, how could I forget," he said
" Ok and remember when I said there was nothting to worry about?"
" Yeah," Ben said with a puzzling look.
" Well, there was something to worry about. Ben, I'm pregnant and you're the father.
Ben just stood there, eyes wide with shock.
" Ben?" Gwen asked.
" Pregnant?!! How could you be pregnant, we're only ten years old." He said.
" Well, I looked it up on the computer and there are rare cases where it can happen and it happened to me. The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that we're cousins and how that might affect the baby. And what our parents will think,"
" Have you told you're parents?" asked Ben.
"No, not yet. I was hoping you would help me with telling them." Gwen said.
" Sure. I would love to do it with you." Ben replied.
" Thankyou!!!!" Gwen said with tears in her eyes.

Chapter 3
When Ben and Gwen went downstairs, they not only saw Gwen's parents but Ben's as well.
" This turned out to work," Gwen said.
" Ummm, everyone, could we have your attention please?" Ben asked. "We have something to tell you."
Ben and Gwen's parents looked at them, waiting to hear what Ben and Gwen wanted to say.
" I'm pregnant and Ben's the father," Gwen said out loud.
The parents were shocked and Gwen's mom fainted and Ben's dad chocked on the drink he was drinking.
" How and when did this happen?" they asked.
" Well, we were pretty curious about intercourse and decided to try it," Gwen said. " Listen we're really sorry about this. We didn't mean for this to happen. We're really sorry."
" Well, as long as it wasn't on purpose, it's okay," Gwen 's mom said.
" Really?!" Ben and Gwen said at once.
" Yeah, and we'll all help you two raise the baby," Ben's mom said.
" That is so great," Ben said.
" We just got a huge condo where we can all move in and you two can be in your own rooms and the baby can have it's own room and we'll have rooms ourselves," Ben's dad said.
" I just want to know one thing," Gwen's dad said." How far along are you, Gwen?"
" I think I'm about three months," Gwen replied.
" Okay," Gwen's dad said." When, you start showing, I'll homeschool you and Ben."
"Ohh, thankyou Daddy!!' Gwen said, going to her dad and hugging his head.
" Yes, thankyou," Ben said.

Chapter 4
Gwen was at the doctor for an annual check up. She was going to get a ultasound appointment. She has had a couple before but this time Ben would be there with her.
" Okay," the doctor said. " Your baby is looking healthy and right now you are in your sixth month."
" Can we see the baby?" asked Ben.
The doctor giggled. " Sure,"
She( the doctor is a girl) showed Ben and Gwen the sonogram screen.
" Wow," said Ben with wide eyes. " I can't believe that is our baby."
" I know," Gwen said. " Isn't it incredible?"
" Yeah, it is. Ben replied. And for what seemed like forever, Ben and Gwen just stayed there and watched the screen.

Chapter 5
Gwen was alone in the condo where her family and her cousin/baby's daddy were living in. She was in her and Ben's room looking at herself in the mirror. ' I'm fat,' she thought and she was perfectly fine with that. She actually enjoyed having her tummy big. She loved rubbing it whenever she wanted to. She also loved how her belly sort of sticked out of her shirt, since she didn't have any maternity tops. Another thing she loved was the fact that the pregnancy gave her breats( Yes, breasts). She left the room and sat on the couch. She heard a knock on the door and Ben came in.
" Hey, Gwen," he said.
" Hey," she replied.
Ben sat right next to her on the couch and put his arm around her shoulder. She leaned in close to him when suddenly she felt something.
" Oh my gosh," she said.
" What?" Ben asked with a scared look.
" The baby moved. Oh my gosh, this is incredible. Come on feel it, " Gwen said. Ben placed his hand on her stomach.
" Wow," Ben said, taking his hand off her stomach.
" We're going to be great parents, Ben," Gwen said.
" I know, so I was wondering,"
" Yeah?" Gwen asked.
" Would you marry me?"

Chapter 6
" Yes, of course I will," Gwen replied loudly.
" Great, we should get married after you have the baby," Ben said.
" Okay, but I don't want a huge wedding. I would rather have it legalized in court," Gwen said.
" Awright," Ben said.
The Next Month
Ben and Gwen were at the condo with the rest of the family. The family didn't want to do much because at Gwen's last ultasound, They found out Gwen was near term. She and her recently new husband/ cousin were on the couch when suddenly,
" Oh my gosh," Gwen screamed " my water just broke!!!"
Ben and Gwen were panicking, but the parents were mostly calm.
" Awright," Gwen's mother said. " Gwen, you come with me and your dad. Ben you go with your parents. We discussed earlier that you would be in the waiting room, right?"
" Yeah," said Ben.
Couple Of Hours Later
Ben was with his parents in the waiting room alone. This was a private hospital scince the family didn't want other people to know that a ten year old got pregnant by her cousin. Ben was twirling his hands nervously. I should be in there, he thought. But he knew he couldn't. Just then his uncle came out.
" Well?" asked Ben. His uncle looked at him.
" Ben, would you like to meet your daughter?"
In Gwen's Room
Ben went into Gwen's room and found her holding a baby.
" Wow, she's beautiful," Ben said.
" Yeah, because she looks like me. If she looked like you, it would be a different story," Gwen teased.
" Hey!" Ben said with a smile. He looked down at the baby.
" So, what are you going to name it?", he asked. They decided to let Gwen name the baby.
" I think Jen would work beautifully," she said.
" That's great," Ben replied.
" Yep."
The End

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