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I think that human extinction is unacceptable.
by D. R. Prescott

I think that human extinction is unacceptable.

Many, maybe too many, people are apathetic about how vulnerable humans are living on this little ball called Earth. The Earth will become uninhabitable for humans someday from terrestrial or astronomical threats. This is not an "if" thing; it is inevitable in spite of preservation efforts unless there is an intervention beforehand. It is just a matter of time because the Earth will not be habitable forever.
Who cares? I do. Do you? If you do, what do we do about it?

My book, Is There Time?, tackles why we should try to avoid extinction and evaluates three approaches to avoiding human extinction (intervention, preservation and expansion.) Whether a person is Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Toa, religious or atheist makes little physical difference if an Extinction Level Event (ELE) happens before an intervention, divine or not. I suspect that a divine entity would want us to use our wonderful brains to ensure our species’ survival. As Ben Franklin said in 1757, "God helps those who help themselves."


"People have visions of the future. Some are modest; others are grand; a few are bleak; more than a few conflict. Collectively, as social units (families, classes, schools, churches, towns, nations or any other groupings you may imagine), we have visions and even missions, but what about humanity, the species as a whole? How do our separate visions for the future integrate into a comprehensive, coherent vision for humanity?

Wrestling with that problem stirred my planning juices and forced me to ask: Where is the strategic plan for humanity? Answer: It doesn’t exist. Challenge: If one were to create a single, undeniable vision for humanity, what might it look like?"

There you go, the first two paragraphs of my book. Am I just an old man venturing into the wilderness of the human condition and trying to label the trees? Or, is there time to do more, to ensure that humanity survives and to provide an opportunity for our descendants to lead happy and productive lives? I think it is time we had a frank talk, us humans, with each other. It is time to stop fighting each other and focus on a war on extinction. We need to start now before we lose the scientific and technological capability to get the job done.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1702956