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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1712254
Poems that I have attempted to write over the past.
Her beauty is undeniable
Like the shining sun that's so very desirable
her personality beams like a lighthouse off the shore
Drawing me in closer to let me open my tightly sealed door

Locked away feelings that I'm afraid to show
But I can't help but to only lower the walls for that glow
That glow of beauty, glow of perfection, the one that melts the heart
The one that makes you smile with every talk, having you feel something from the start

She can only have but one name, a beautiful and perfect name
A name that fits her so well, Hanna, I can't believe you may feel the same
The best night to have ever came, involved but only one little game
Holding hands for the roller coaster picture, me having the only straight face

But it wasn't easy, no, not at all
How could someone not smile when holding beauty greater than fall
This is my poem to you, easier than I could have imagined
These feelings must be stronger than I could have ever fathomed.

Is it time to go home yet?
Like home home to stay
Where I can have kids that grow up and play
A place that I can call mine at the end of the day
A place where I can just lay out and pray
No it's not time to return yet
So just slip on under that dome 'til the day has come
'Til the day has come for me to exit this storm and go on home

11:11, I always wish for you,
but all I am doing is barking for the moon.
I see when you mourn and I see when you’re happy
I see you try to heal your soul,
but I also see that you fail to notice me.
I know I am no longer worth your time
And I know I have done wrong,
But I humbly do apologize for I
Now know the wrongs were horrible.
11:11, I always wish for you
11:11, I only have ever wished for you.
I wish for your well being,
I wish for your health,
And I wish that you could be better off.
Without you I am lonely,
By you I am whole,
With you and I would be perfect.
11:11, I always wish for you and only you.

There is someone here guarding the door,
I look across the room and see Pratt passed out on the floor,
The Chief constantly screams "shit"
Every time someone digs themselves a pit.

We're marching now all the time,
I just wanna lay in bed and listen to my rhymes.
The guy next to me now is somewhat of a fag,
We call him Jingles, and it seems to excite him in his bag.

I wanna go home and write,
But all I do is line up but height.
I hope it's over quick,
Because basic training, well it's just not a hit.

The days here are torturous
They are nothing but repetitive.
Everyone says the workouts are bad,
But it's the studying that gets me mad

Away from home is not unusual,
But away from the loved and friends is not fun.
How can we not contact them until we are done.

The days in boot camp are now going fast,
The days of shots are all in the past,
The days of return will come soon.
So wait for me,
For the day I come back back will be wondrous for me and for you.

I fear that I may not be enough
But I have to make i through nice and tough.
You hold onto our memories and thoughts
While I let them slip away, sleeping in my cot.

You need not worry, for I will come back
But can I expect the same as I depart for Iraq?
It is a silly thing to be worried
But I've been hurt before, so don't be sorry.

I tell you now that I will be back,
Just promise me something, with no lax,
Don't go off when I have returned
For I will be lost all through every night and every morn.

Why do you respect me?
I haven't done anything worth it,
All I am is a Navy recruit,
And sometimes I may still get a salute.

I don't deserve this, not at all,
Not until I'm done this fall,
Can't you all just see,
That there is no need to respect me.

Let me finish my time in here,
Then we'll see if I deserve your tears,
But for now I am nothing,
No respect for me until I've completed something.

Baby, please don't cry,
You gotta keep your eyes dry,
You've gotta put on that smile,
Cuz here I am, I'm back, it's Kyle.

Don't be mad cuz I'm late,
Wait til I mess up, then you can hate,
This may be a terrible fate,
But you must remember, I am your soulmate.

Now here we are, together again,
The weeks that have gone by, only ten,
Now here I am, as if it's folklore,
I told you that I'd stay and love you forever more.

Man, this is oh so wonderfully great
Looks like we've all picked up a brand new trait.
Whether we be bitchin' a storm
or the be struttin' their horns
We've all made it seem it's nuttin but hate.

Now here we are, almost through
And there's still a couple of us that ain't part of the crew.
I'm not excluding myself, don't get me wrong
But there are some people who need to bulk up and be strong.

We've already lost one for no cause
I think they're aiming for more to add to the toss.
Let's prove em we're more than what it seems
Cuz if we don't, we'll all be on separate teams.

We can't let that happen, no, not to us
So let us do good and not put up a fuss.
Let us fight for the one we lost to this game
And show em they were wrong for messin' with the tame.

Aight, now I'm done so don't be trippin'
Cuz if I talk too much more, they'll all be flippin'
I just got one last thing to say
Let's get our shit together, so we no longer have to pay.

When will it ever be
The perfect life for me?
I sit and watch people cry
While my eyes will always remain dry.

Everyone at home are all sad
But I am actually quite glad.
I leave my town to go to Guam
But I leave my love behind to awake alone every dawn.

I thought I would enjoy this life very much
But I was wrong, because I can no longer feel her touch.
It won't be bad in a couple years
As long as you stop shedding your tears.

Now please just be patient and wait
As I pick up all my new traits.
We will all soon be together again
As i none of this ever happened
Against us and for them.
© Copyright 2010 Kyle Peterson (kybaby40 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1712254