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Drake stood on the edge of the cliff looking down at the ancient city below. Archaic temples, that had been created long before machines, sub-divisions and mini-malls, dotted the horizon. The smell of pure clean air rushed at his nostrils as he scanned the area, noticing the undergrowth that had eaten away at the buildings.  Great expanses of trees grew from the rubble, their silvery leaves shimmering with the rustling wind.

Drake snapped out of his scenic reverie and reminded himself of his goal.  He needed to get to the jewel first, and to do that, he needed to get off this cliff and into the ruins below.  He scanned the area and found a branch that looked sturdy enough to take his weight.  The limb didn't seem too far, so he took the leap.  He smiled when his outreached hands grasped the wood firmly.  He pulled himself up onto the branch and looked around for the next best approach to lower himself further down.

Drake saw a rope, conveniently dangling from the cliff a few feet over.  He jumped for it and caught it with ease.  He spotted a jutting rock a few feet below him and shimmied down the rope to get as close to the ledge as possible.  He went for the jump, but he had over calculated the maneuver. Two loud thuds, a scream and the sound of breaking bones ended Drake’s life as his world went black and white… again.

Josh threw the controller across the room and whined, “That’s it. I’m done.  This game is impossible.”
Bobby laughed and picked up the controller, focusing his eyes on the television.  Drake was back on the cliff top, as expected.  He grinned mockingly at Josh and said, “Relax little man, I’ll show you how it’s done".
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1743963