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End Craig,in love with katie, does she feel the same way? Does craig ever get the girl?
His heart thudded as i clenched him close, he was cold, but he looked as warm as the sun, his hazel eyes looked at me, a grin covered his face.
The clouds appeared and darkened the sky, just like my heart, i was loosing him. Every second counted with him, my life. One single tear splats on his checkered
t-shirt leaving a small stain. I tell him to focus and hold my hand, everything will be okay, i promised. We looked into eachothers eyes for one second, i'd never realised
how beautiful he really was, his hair, his eyes, those lips. Perfect. Everything i'd ever dreamed of, and he was leaving me. He starts loosing focus, and i feel his hand loosing grip of my finger, two more tears stain. Look at me, i demanded, he replied with, i can never stop looking at you. As the only person i'd ever really fell for, lay on the concrete dying slowly, it made me wonder, why wasnt that me? It should of been me? He pulls me close, and smiles telling me how I was the best thing that had ever happened to him. As i replied telling him, that i loved him, I did, I loved him. Silence grew, but our love couldnt, his time was ending. One perfect moment,Suddenly I could feel the warmth of his breath brushing the top of my lip. I moved up the last half inch so our lips could touch. Softly. Lovingly. We breathed our souls and our love into each other in that kiss. That kiss; hard, but soft; fiery but cool; a split second but also forever. In that one kiss, I then knew what was behind that quirky smile, and it made my love for him grow even more.... for five split seconds, i forgot how much pain this whole situation would have caused us, his brain, and my heart. We separated, smiling, he breathed hard, as he collapsed back into my arms.. A note fell out of his pocket, I carefully put it in mine. I squeezed him tighter, i'd never felt anybody this cold before- dangerous cold. I tried to raise his heat, why wasnt the ambulance here? Why were they letting him die? With one last hard breath he explained how hard he tried for me, and how he didnt regret anything he'd done for me, and for us. because that made him, he ended with I love you more than you can imagine. Five more of my saddened guilt tears drenched him however, i smiled. 'I love you too', i finished.
His body went fragile, limp in my arms, why was he more helpless than me, it was the strangest feeling. I embrased him in to my heart, rocking him back and fourth singing all the questions and thoughts in my head, this was it. All over and down hill from now, and i'd wasted the time i had with him to make things better. I stayed there sitting with him, he shouldnt be alone, he should never be alone, until the ambulance arrived, and even then it was hard for me to leave. His cold hand left mine, and they took him away- suddenly i felt lost. Empty, Alone. He was gone.

I remember nothing those two days after craigs death. I stayed in his jacket for those two days solid. I finally took it off, and a small piece of paper slid out.. I slowly bent down picking it up carefully. I opened precisley, trying not to tear the blood stained paper. It read;
Katie, Why did i buy the building next you yours? Not because of the 3 bedrooms, oh no. Not because of the amazing price, or the beautiful views, oh no.. I bought it just to look at how absolutely stunning you actually are. Your beautiful, never let anyone tell you different. Honestly, I think you were the girl of my dreams.. And I never want to loose you. I just wish you felt the same way for me too, why dont you? Yes, im not as good looking as the other boy i've seen you with, but I know, im better for you than any other man. And I would give my heart to you and I wouldnt ever break yours. Katie, your my world, and i wont ever give up on us. Ever. Im sorry for everything ive done, And honestly, I love you. With all of my shattered heart. Forever.

I suddenly clenched on to the letter, there was a pain in my heart, my face screwed up like the letter in my hand, as i cried loudly. I collapsed on the floor like a helpless creature. The ice cold sting of the tiled floor shocked me, and i lay there dithering.. He was gone. I lost my breath a few times, as i kept gasping for air. My eyes clouded with tears, several roll down my face, in my hair. I dont move, i just lie there. Those two days felt like forever. I remembered how great he really was, and i smiled. But my tears fight my tiny smile, and win. My tears flood my apartment as i still loose breath. ... 1 hour later, I sit up, my face stiff, it feels strange, the density of my tears confuses me. As i sit with the letter for a little while longer. I get up, and walk into my study slowly, that letter was all I had left of him, I had to keep it safe. As i placed it in my small, wooden varnished box, I placed it down softly, like a newborn baby. My fingers almost press the lid down, as i kiss the letter, and finally my words reply to Craig. 'Forever'.
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