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Nature vs Nurture
"We are on the scene, well as close as officials will allow us to be, of the volcanic eruption. No one even knew that Mt. Atlantis was a tiny volcano. Scientists have explained to us that this volcano hasn't erupted in centuries, this could be the first..." The talkative reporter was silenced by the mute button. Dominic faced his boyfriend, annoyed.

"I was watching that, do you mind." His boyfriend said nothing, but continued to stare at him. He knew a fight was coming but he was trying to delay it as long as possible. "That was rude, Eric!"

"Rude? I was rude? What about you? We are suppose to be going to the movies but you decided that going out drinking with your buddies was more important," Erics face was turning redder and redder. "Then we make plans, even buy tickets to go see Wicked, which you know I was dying to see, and you volunteer for a shift at work."

"It was Johnson’s bachelor party, his one and only, I had to be there. You and the movie theatre will still be there when we get a chance to go. I promised to make it up to you and I will, but sometimes I think you take things a little too far and too personally." He unmuted the TV, the perky reporter seemingly continued:

"Right now only Ash is coming out but geologists and scientist alike are concerned about a full blown eruption!"

"That will never happen," Dominic said with conviction. "If it hasn't blown in over 1,000 years why would it start now?"

"Maybe it's tired of being taken advantage of!" Erics eyes filled with tears. "Maybe its starting to feel unloved."

"Good God in heaven!! Maybe if it didn't nag and make everyone feel unwelcome then people would want to spend time with it!" As he said the words, red liquid came pouring out of the mountain, quickly killing everything in its path. The TV screen went black; Dominic looked over at Eric and noticed that he was heading out the door. "Where are you going? Come on be reasonable, we just witnessed history."

"And now I'm history. Goodbye Dominic." Eric walked out the door, his shoulders sagging. The lava made it to the house, killing both of them instantly. One died angry, the other died knowing he had hurt the one he loved more than anything.

Word Count: 401

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