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Continuing story of a man's addiction to his Ex's ability to transform him into any woman.


I awoke to the sound of birds chirping. Even before I was fully awake I could tell I was “in girly mode” as Mary so aptly described it. I was lying on my back and could feel the sides of my breasts lightly touching my arms. I opened my eyes and saw a white popcorn ceiling above me. My place didn’t have a popcorn ceiling. I had a vague recollection of leaving a bar with a guy.That would also explain the aching in my head. I must have really tied one on last night. The elation of being female again and my reduced size and weight had more than likely combined to make me a quick drunk.

I reached up to rub my aching temples; my long pink nails scratching against my forehead in the process. I had never gotten used to having long fingernails. They looked great ...especially wrapped around an erect penis...but they made routine tasks much more difficult. Ever try to pick a dime up from the table with 1" long silk wraps? Good luck! They made me feel more feminine and pretty so I dealt with it. “Where the hell am I?” I said quietly outloud, startled by hearing a soft female voice. MY soft female voice! I sure as hell wasn’t in my apartment. I leaned over on my side, feeling the weight of my breasts shift and graze together. From experience, I knew this only happened when I was a full C cup or bigger. I was in a strange bed with a wet spot in the middle. I felt the familiar achy feeling in my jaw and the raw stickyness in my crotch and knew that last night must have been one hell of a night. I wished I could remember it, but was fairly certain I should be glad I couldn't. I looked around quickly. Where was he? “Hello? Anyone here?” I said loudly causing my headache to throb and worsen. Ringing silence was all that met my ears. I sat up and wrapped a sheet around my naked body, swinging my legs off the side of the bed. My feet didn’t even touch the ground. Another thing I had never gotten used too was the diminished stature associated with being a woman. It seemed that Mary enjoyed making me petite. I was used to being 6’2”, not 5’4”. Last month I was 5'2" so at least I was a bit taller this time. I hopped down off the bed and looked around.

My clothes were nowhere in sight. I walked tentatively towards a half open door. Catching a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror, I winced. My long curly blonde hair had lost most of its curl and resembled a snarled rats nest. The eyeliner that Mare had carefully applied was smeared, giving me the startled racoon look. I had an idea what had happened to my lipstick, judging by the taste in my mouth. There was a red mark on my neck, I had a freakin’ hickey?

Holding the sheet around me I continued on into the apartment. “Hello? Anyone here?”. I still heard nothing, the silence echoing in my ears. Walking out into the living room I saw my rumpled blouse on the couch. I dropped the sheet and picked it up putting it on over my naked chest,feeling the slick cool sensation of silk sliding across my nipples, I felt them stiffen a bit immediatly. Heading gingerly into the kitchen I saw a note scrawled on a yellow legal pad. I read it. “Good morning gorgeous! Last night was great. Sorry I had to get to work early. You looked too peaceful to wake up. Call me when you get up, beautiful! 201 345-9876. “It was signed "Rob". Well, I thought, I must have made some impression on “Rob”. I crumpled the note and tossed it in the trash. I had no intentions of calling this guy. I felt like hell and I just wanted to go home and shower. I saw my skirt hanging from the hall chandelier and vaguely remembered kicking it up there. I stood on a chair to retrieve it. I stepped into it and zipped it up. It just BARELY covered my crotch and butt cheeks. I had to keep tugging it down as I walked. It kept riding up. Where the HELL are my bra and panties? I can’t see them anywhere. Did “Rob” eat them? , I thought. Continuing out to the apartment door I saw my purse and heels. I bent at the waist feeling the weight of my boobs straining and shifting against the silk blouse as I slipped on the heels. I made my hasty retreat outside, squinting my eyes in the sunlight. My head was splitting.

My car was right across the street, thank heaven for small miracles! I opened it with the remote and slipped inside. The hunk of junk started on the 3rd try and 2nd string of obscenities, I drove away. A few minutes later I pulled into the parking lot of my condo complex. I parked the car, got out and headed towards the door, looking forward to a long hot shower. I slid the key into the door and turned it. It wouldn’t budge! That’s when I saw the sign on the door. I’ll sum it up, it basically said I was evicted until I paid the 4 months back rent and dues that I owed. “Damn it!” I yelled. I pounded the door with my fist, getting no satisfaction, only a bruised knuckle.

I heard the neighboring door open and my busy body neighbor, Mrs.Cannady peered out and gave me the once over. She rolled her eyes and spoke. “You won’t find him in there. He’s never home anymore. Just a series of young girls, in and out they go. They never stay more than a month. Than he finds another one! You’d be better off steering clear of him, dear. He’s trouble pure and simple. He used to have a good job but he lost it.” She whispered. “I think its drugs!” With that she nodded and closed the door.

Great, what now? I checked the wallet in my purse. It contained $12.47, all the money I had left in the world. I got back into my car, fought the urge to cry like the girl I was. I drove to the only place I had to go. I went back to Mary’s.


I sat in Mary’s driveway for ten minutes, getting the nerve up to go inside. I knew she was going to let me have it. She’d warned me the first time she’d fully changed me. I could still picture the stern look on her face when she’d told me that changing had its side effects. She’d never gone into the details, though! I never thought I’d NEED to be a girl to the degree I did now. I suppose alcoholics and drug addicts felt similar cravings.

Gathering myself together I opened the car door and walked to her front door. It was the same front door I’d leaned against only 12 hours before, begging her to change me. It seemed like a month ago. I sighed and rang the doorbell. I was startled when a guy carrying a cooler and wearing a Red Sox jersey opened the door. I recognized him from the pictures Mary had on her nightstand. It was her current squeeze. I tried to remember his name…Tim?... No it was Jim. He looked down at me quizzically. “May I help you?” his deep voice rumbled. I could see what Mary saw in him. He was tall, Marlboro man handsome, and very masculine, much more so than I’d ever been. “Uh…is Mary around..I…um..I’m her friend Kristin from work”, I managed sheepishly. He motioned me inside and I squeezed past him and walked inside. I could see him looking down my blouse as I moved past . I knew he could see almost everything and, strangely, it made me feel good. So did my breasts lightly grazing against him as I slid past.

“Hey Mare! Your friend Kristin is here!” I heard her mumble “I don’t have a..” Then she entered the room, saw me and did a double take. “Kristin…you look awful! Another fight with your boyfriend?” That’s one of Mary’s many great qualities…she thought fast on her feet! I just went with the flow and nodded. She gave Jim a big deep kiss as he left. I knew it was a dig at me. “Have a great time at the game James “she said as she ushered him out and closed the door.

Mary just looked down at me and shook her head. Then she walked around me examining my condition. “Tough night, Kiddo?” She reached down and examined a wisp of my long curly hair, it appeared to have something stuck in it. She seemed to recognize it right away. I saw that typical Mary smirk spread across her face. “Guess you did find a cock to suck last night, huh young "lady"? Did he cum on your face or those big boobs you begged me for ? You have some in your hair,too!” I just blushed quietly, but she was persistent. “C’mon you little slut, tell me. I want to know!” she said in a whisper as she continued appraising my appearance. I answered her in a low tone. “I don’t remember much, but my boobs felt sticky and I had a terrible taste in my mouth, so I think the answer is both.”

Mary just shook her head and made the “tsk tsk” sound. She stopped in front of me and looked at my lips. “What did you do, leave all your lipstick on his cock?” She reached down with a tissue and wiped the smudges off my face and lips. She continued her inspection by looking down at my chest. She cocked her head and looked at my cleavage curiously. She hooked a finger in the collar of my white silk blouse, pulling it open and peeking inside. I felt her finger softly graze my cleavage. “Where’s your bra!?” she asked incredulously. “I…I’m not sure. I couldn’t find it this morning.” I answered.

Her face reddened in anger. “This has got to stop, damn it! Do you think that bra was free!? It was a Victoria’s Secret for crying out loud! “

I couldn’t control my emotions anymore and burst into tears. “I know Mare.. please help me stop. Turn me back into a guy again. I want to get my life back on track.”, I managed between sobs. I felt our breasts squish together as she pulled me into a tight embrace, my head resting low on her shoulder. “Rich, you know I can’t turn you back. Once I change you the spell has to run it’s course!” she said, addressing me by my given name for the first time since I was in this body. “You’ll have to tough it out for the duration. Go home, clean yourself up.”, she said, holding me at arms length, her arms on my shoulders. “I can’t” I answered, “I’ve been evicted. I have nowhere else to go. Can I stay here for awhile?”

The stare Mary gave me was icy, to say the least. “You want to stay here!? “she asked incredulously. I just looked at the floor and nodded. “You can ONLY stay here until the spell wears off. Then you are out on your butt. I have a great thing going with James and I’m not going to let you screw it up!” I hugged her again, gratefully. “I promise I won’t get involved. Just tell him that my boyfriend kicked me out and I’m staying here until I find a place.” I said with a sniffle. Mary crossed her arms over her chest and seemed to ponder the situation for a few minutes and sighed. “Ok, you can stay here until you change back or get a job and pay off your landlady. Remember, you are in the body of a 19 year old girl! You ARE a nineteen year old girl! You’d better stay in character while you’re here. James usually stays over on weekends and I can’t have you “slipping up”, Kristin. I heard you tell him you were my friend from work? Are you nuts?! You know I left the banking industry a few months ago, right?” I just nodded again, she HAD told me but in the ravages of the addiction it either hadn’t sunk in or I hadn't cared. I just wanted tits again. “I’m managing a Hooters restaurant now until I can find something else. We’re short a waitress and I think I just found “HER”! “. I didn’t like the grin that spread over her face. Mary pointed in the direction of the small 2nd bedroom. “Go get cleaned up. I’ll find something for you to wear for now.”


I showered quickly, the water felt amazing on my body. I fought the urge to just lounge under the shower head all day. I dried my hair and wrapped a towel around myself chick style, tucking the corner of the towel in my generous cleavage. Walking into the bedroom I saw Mary rummaging thru a box of clothes. “I found this stuff that my sister left when she stayed with me last year. I think some of it should fit you.” She said without looking up. I remembered meeting her sister once. Kathy, College girl, knock out, great ass, smallish tits, a real bitch.

Mare turned and stood up. She handed me a tiny pink baby tee with “90 % sweetheart 10% bitch “emblazoned proudly across the chest. (In Kathy's case I thought it was the opposite, myself.) “Put this on.” She motioned to the lowrise jeans lying on the bed. “And those .I don’t have a bra that will fit you since you LOST the 34D Victoria’s Secret I bought for you to use! I don’t think you’ll be able to squeeze into one of my C cups and I’m NOT loaning you my panties. Sooo , I guess you go commando” She said nonchalantly. I shrugged and let the towel drop to the floor and felt the chill immediately make my nipples taut. I pulled the T shirt on and stepped into the jeans. They were a little long and the T shirt was tight , stopping just below the bottom of my boobs, my erect nipples were clearly visible thru the thin material. I’d have to be careful in this top, I thought. Mary waggled her finger in the “follow me” gesture and walked out into the hall. I followed her feeling my breasts move with every step. She handed me a pair of sandals that were little more than flip flops. “Put these on, you can’t wear heels with that and I’m a size 7 1/2 so your tiny little feet won’t fit in my shoes.” I slipped them on trying to appear grateful. “We’re going out, you have 15 minutes to do your hair and make up so you’d better hurry!”

Twenty minutes later we were walking out to her car. I had quickly thrown my long curly blonde hair into a ponytail borrowing one on Mary’s scrunchies and put on some clear lip gloss and mascara. To the world I looked like a college kid out with her older sister. “So, uh, Mare you haven’t told me where we’re going yet!” I said a bit worried. My question was answered as we pulled into the local Mall’s parking lot. “You need to dress like the 19 year old hottie that you are for the next 3 months. You can pay me back out of your first check!” “THREE months!? I asked incredulously. “I thought the “changes” only lasted ONE month?! She looked at me a bit exasperated. “Normally they do, but I got tired of you showing up on my doorstep every 5 weeks begging me to change you back. I improvised and altered the spell. You, my dear, are going to be Kristin Michelle Shaw for the next three months.” I fought the urge to scream at her and managed a weak “Nice of you to tell me” look. She just smiled and shrugged.

Five hours and $547.14 later we emerged from the mall, my 5’4” 115# frame struggling with the shopping bags. “That was fun! I miss clothes shopping with you my "little Sis"!” she said smiling ear to ear as she helped me get the bags into the trunk. “I really loved watching the young guys react to you! I think you made that guy in JC Penney’s cum in his pants when you bent over! “she said bursting into a laugh. “It sucks when you can’t even shop without every guy staring at you doesn’t it?” I was beginning to realize that it did. “Did you really have to get me measured? I mean THAT was embarrassing! And asking that guy if I looked good in that top? Did you have to tell him my bra size? He stared at them for 5 minutes.” I said feeling frustrated. “You’d better get used to it. You begged me to make you busty. You’ve seen what Hooters girls wear, right?” she said with a sly grin. Again with that sly grin. She was really going to bust my balls, or lack there of.


We got home and all I wanted to do was crash on the couch and watch the Met game, but Mare insisted I put everything away. So, here I was taking the tags off the clothes we’d bought and putting them in the dresser. I was putting the last of it away when Mary tapped on the door. “How ya doing , Kiddo?” She asked. I answered honestly “I’m beat, my feet hurt and my back is bothering me.” I said arching to stretch out my back. “I just want to watch TV and relax”. She looked at me with a bit of concern and sighed. “Well, I’m sorry but not tonight. I have to work and YOU need to come in for an interview. I called my general manager and set up an appointment for you. It’s at 4PM. His name is Tony Siccardi. Wear something classy but revealing. He’ll want to see your “shape” when he meets you.” She started digging thru the closet. “This will be fine” she said, laying a purple short sleeve boat neck sweater and stretchy black pants on the bed. “Your boobs will look cute in that, and it accentuates your tiny waist. Wear the white under wire push up bra and a thong with that. Tony loves girls “wit talent” “. she said, the last part in a deep voice mimicking the General Manager. “And don’t go all HO with the make up. I’d help you but I have to be in by 3PM, I'm already late! Use the pale violet lipstick and eye shadow and do your hair back with the wisps like I always do it! See ya at 4, Kristin!” she said. I heard the front door close as she left.

I looked at the clock on my nightstand; it read 2:46PM. That gave me an hour to get ready and get across town. I cursed under my breath and got ready. I put on the outfit she had recommended after putting on the thong and matching push up bra. The bra wasn’t very comfortable, the under wire poked at my ribs, but damn it made me look even BIGGER! I had a killer rack I thought as I ran a nail across my cleavage . I realized she had neglected to recommend shoes. I made the command decision to go with a 3” black open toed heel. After finishing my hair and make up I barely had time to get there. I grabbed my purse and car keys and hurried to the front door, opened it and ran into James.

I mean I LITERALLY ran right into James. My face planted right into his chest, it was like running into a warm living brick wall. Momentum carried my whole body against his. I felt my breasts compress against his ribs and I actually felt the bulge of his manhood against my belly. He startled me so much that I let out a girly little “eep” noise and teetered on the heels. He steadied me easily by grabbing both sides of my shoulders. “Whoa! Easy there! Kristin, right?” his deep voice rumbled. He was still holding onto my shoulders, looking down at me even though I had stopped stumbling in the heels. I craned my neck looking up at him, feeling tiny. “Yeah, sorry; I’m such a spaz! “I said with a giggle remembering to try and stay “in character”. “Where you runnin’ off to in such a hurry, Darlin’?” he asked, his hands starting to massage my shoulders.I felt my knees start to get weak. “I have a job interview and I’m late!” I chirped. “I don’t want to be rude but I really gotta run!” He just nodded, still massaging my delicate shoulders. It felt fantastic! “Ok, well” He looked me up and down lingering a full five seconds on my chest.” You look great! Knock ‘em dead!” He let go and I scurried off, feeling his eyes burning a hole in my ass.

I arrived at Hooters 5 minutes late and got an icy stare from Mary. She escorted me to a back office hissing “You’re late” under her breath. She rapped softly on the doorframe and announced my presence. “Tony, this is the gu uh girl I was telling you about. Kristin, this is Tony.” The swarthy skinned balding man in his late forties walked over and I shook his hand. He grunted “Thanks Mary” and closed the door. He motioned for me to sit and I obliged, remembering to cross my legs. “ So, Mary tells me you need a job. Ever waitress before?” I stuttered “y..yes sir. In an Applebee’s back home.” I had waitered before back in college. He smiled greasily. “Well, Hooters is a bit different. The clients here are looking for a waitress AND eye candy. They want the whole "Hooters" experience. Stand up, let me look at you.” I stood and he walked around me. I felt like a piece of meat in a butcher’s window. “Very nice, let me guess. Double D, right? They look real too.” He asked nonchalantly as if he asked this question every day. I repressed the urge to tell him where to go. “No sir, just a D and yes they are real.” I answered demurely. The only way I could describe having breasts to a guy was that it was like having testicles on your chest. BIG testicles that were in plain sight for everyone’s scrutiny. “Huh, must be ‘cuz you’re small. They look bigger. Any problem wearing the Hooters “uniform”? He asked making air quotes with his fingers. I just shook my head no. “Can you start tomorrow?” I nodded again. “Great! See Mary to get on the schedule. Welcome aboard!” and he promptly smacked me on the ass. So, I went to see Mary. She gave me 2 of the white skimpy tank tops and 2 pairs of tight orange satin short shorts. She penciled me onto the schedule for tomorrow 4pm to midnight and sent me on my way.

As I walked out the door, I realized I didn’t really want to go back to Mary’s. What if Big Jimbo was there? I wasn’t sure if I could trust myself OR him. I sat in the car wondering where to go and what to do at 4:50 on a Thursday afternoon. I performed a checklist .I was dressed halfway decent, my make up looked ok and I had twelve bucks to my name. Maybe I could get some sucker to buy all my drinks. Hell, I’m going to stop off for a beer. I deserved it! The Met game was starting soon. A beer and baseball at the sports bar sounded fantastic! I started the car and headed to Scorecards.

I should have known before I even walked into the place that it would be packed. It was ladies night. I walked in and was immediately carded. Thank God for fake ID’s. I found an empty booth next to the 50" plasma television and slithered in without drawing much attention. The waitress came to the table to take my order and I saw her sizing me up. I ordered the cheapest beer they had on tap and settled in to watch the game. I didn’t take long for the guys to notice me. That suited me fine, my first beer was gone and I was still thirsty! Guy number one was a player. He was dressed too nicely, was WAY too good looking and I could see the mark from a freshly removed wedding band. I tried to stay away from those, the type of guy that could have any girl he wanted. Too hard to read and “play”. I dispatched him quickly with the old “I’m meeting someone” line. Guy number two had the stalker look about him; he had bad breath and talked to my cleavage. Next contestants please! Bingo, guy number three was a winner. Late twenties, average looking guy, casually dressed in jeans and a Mets jersey. He approached me nervously. “Excuse me. Are you a Met fan?” He asked solemnly. I looked up and smiled, answering “Unfortunately yes”. He laughed and asked if I’d like another beer to “drown my sorrows” I replied “misery loves company” and Voila, I had my drink ticket. Hell, if he played his cards right I might even blow him.


Well, he did play his cards right and I sat in my car feeling guilty AND buzzed. He’d bought me 4 beers so it was the least I could do, right? I checked the time it was 10:25 PM. Hopefully super stud Jim was gone or sleeping. Mary’s shift was over at midnight so I figured I was safe. I freshened up my make up, popped in a breath mint and drove back to Mary’s. I didn’t see his car when I pulled up, so I parked on the street and used the key she’d given me to let myself in. I scanned the kitchen and living room briefly. Good! No one was home. I quickly kicked off my heels and shed my top. I reached behind my back and unhooked that awful bra, letting it drop to the floor as I walked into my bedroom. Who the hell designed that thing? I thought to myself that it must have been a guy! I rubbed the lines the thing had cut into my ribs and stretched. I loved the feeling of taking off a bra at the end of the day. It was a relief, like pulling off a tie after a long hot day. I pulled off the scrunchy and fluffed out my hair as I walked topless into the bathroom. I jumped again when I opened the partially closed door and saw Jim sitting on the john. I flinched and yelped. There was a slight delay as I remembered I was, One: Topless and Two: In Girl mode. I covered myself quickly by putting my arms in front of my chest. I wasn’t fast enough. He’d seen my junk. I closed the door quickly! “Jesus James! Why don’t you lock the door!?” I yelled thru the now closed door. “I was home alone. I heard you come in, I thought it was Mary coming home early!. Why don’t you freakin’ knock?” he replied calmly. I figured there was no point in arguing with him, so I went in my room and slipped into a nice comfortable oversized T shirt. I walked into the kitchen to grab drink of water and as I walked back Jim emerged from the bathroom. He stood in the middle of the hallway blocking my way in the narrow hall. “Uh, excuse me.” I muttered, looking up at him. Damn, he was big. I estimated he was 6’4” but at my diminutive stature it felt more like 7’4”. The top of my head was well below his chin. He put each hand on the wall on either side of me and looked down. “Listen, we gotta talk. I noticed the way you looked at me and I damn sure noticed you!” His left hand moved down to stroke my hair. “So, what are we going to do about this?” I just looked up at him in shock. I guess he took my silence as an invitation and he pressed against me, his erection felt hard and huge against my belly. Before I could say anything he kissed me. Now to be honest I struggled, but probably not enough. I was drunk and a bit aroused and he knew it. Before I knew it I was kissing him back! I feel bad about it now, but my body just took over. I rubbed my belly against his hard on as we kissed. It was a deep tongue kiss and he knew what he was doing! His hand reached up and fondled my left breast, I could feel the nipple stiffen and send waves of pleasure to my crotch. Now, how can I describe how it feels to be aroused as a woman? I’ll try to do it justice. My heart started racing and my breath felt ragged, that much I was used to. I felt my nipples tingle and rub against the cotton shirt and my breasts actually felt heavier. When he touched my nipple it was immediately telegraphed to my clit, like they were connected by wire! My stomach had butterflies in it and some had escaped to my vagina, it felt “fluttery” as well. As a guy, arousal was a hurried feeling. Like an itch you had to scratch RIGHT freakin’ NOW! As a chick it was a slowly spreading warm need, like a part of you was empty. It really is hard to explain.

The whole time we were kissing I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t stop. Then I heard a car door slam in the driveway. He paused and I used that diversion to escape. I ducked under his outstretched arm, bolted into my room (ouch! Bouncing unsupported boobs hurt!) and locked the door. I heard Mary enter just as I slipped under the sheets and killed the light. I laid there my heart thumping in my chest, hoping he was smart enough to keep his mouth shut. I heard Mary ask where I was and I heard a muffled answer and they went to bed. 15 minutes later I heard the sounds of love making emanating from her bedroom so whatever he said must have appeased her. I tried not to listen but I noticed that Mary was very vocal. She never moaned like that when we had made love. I covered my head with the pillow and rolled over on my side trying to get comfortable. I adjusted the thong so it wasn’t wedged up my ass crack. I guess I couldn’t sleep on my stomach for the next three months. I shifted around trying to get my boobs settled under the t shirt comfortably, finally finding a position I could deal with. I drifted off to sleep with the muffled sounds of sex coming thru the wall.

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