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Oops! Life disclosed! it's time to kiss "Miss mystery"
Ready to be confused!
Life is a gift given by parents and god
Death is the father of life.
Because after death,
Comes a new life.

(An excerpt from my first poem “hello life!”)

Many intellectual philosophers, soul seekers and true lovers search the real taste of life in themselves. Life is like a too deep ocean to diagnose its depth. Sometimes particular incidents occur in our life. We force ourselves to think about them. But……. but later on we find that it is beyond to our thinking.
Suppose one evening your mother cooked food and served to whole family. In vegetable suppose tomatoes salt was used in normal quantity as other days (Because, my girlfriend likes tomatoes. So taking an instance of it). Now set ready to eat tandoori roti and vegetable of tomatoes. For dinner, your whole family sat around to dinner table. After eating a piece of tandoori roti with prepared tomato vegetable, your father said to your mom, "Oh Esha! So much salt in vegetable! How can I eat it?" Your brother said "papa, salt is ok". Now your sister says "Mom, how can be vegetable tasty without salt?" What would you say to your mother?
Some things seem very simple, but in actual they are highly critical to predict.
Really DINNER TABLE INCIDENT seems to be some complex to analyze. Same family members, same quantity of salt in tomato-vegetable and different opinions about salt quantity by family members! The people who are habitual to consume a particular quantity of salt, how can express different thoughts? But it's reality of life. Your nothing may be everything for me and everything may be nothing for some particular moments of my life for me. Albert Einstein felt the complexity of science due to relativity. Some things of life relativity are so much deep wired that by taking help of science and math they becomes more complex to understand. In relativity theory, there is a big role of time and time is directly connected with universe. Our every action (including sex drive and emotional instability) is governed by thousands of reasons. Usually we get confused to understand them. Every person has his own horoscope (sometimes, it is not unique because time and place may be same for two or more individuals). It doesn’t mean that their future will be same because there are thousands of hidden reasons who play a responsible part in this story.
Again returning to DINNER TABLE INCIDENT, as your every action is governed by lots of factors, you can never say that sugar will be always sweet for you. People can become counselor for you but nobody can play a role of controller; even not you. With every action of your life, you think that you are doing that work but not you alone. Similarly nobody can be responsible for producing a baby alone. Every family member takes a different level of taste of salt somebody more and some less. But still the amount of salt in vegetable is same for all.
How everybody plays a different role for a same thing for the different moments of life for same external conditions? And how this condition varies with different moments for a same individual? Let's see a more instance.
First steamy night with wife

In most of the modern human races, it is a tradition to celebrate first night of married life as a festival. All close relatives prepare bedroom for bride and bridegroom for their first night. Probably first night is first sight of any opposite sex person on your naked body (if you are a virgin). Usually first night is very hot, steamy and full of excitement. First time sex is always memorable for any couple of world. Every moment of that night is the synonym of greatest pleasure of married life. For every person who lives his or her life according to moral and spiritual rituals of life, he or she bares it all before spouse first time. Every life partner is now able to see opposite sex body. Be aware! You have nothing in this world except hiding your body and today you have shown it. Showing your full body to any person except you, is highly unnatural phenomena of your life (It doesn’t matter that viewer is your wife or husband or anyone else).
Just taking an instance,
Priya and Krish were married by their parents. Priya is a shameful and good character girl. Priya had no premarital affairs, no boyfriends and no lust in heart. Today is first marriage night of couple. (In India first marriage night is also called Suhagrat). Tonight, Priya is a little bit nervous but Krish is a bold and outverted boy. He invites Priya to embrace and kiss him. Priya feels extreme shame but she was equally also in deep love
(you can say it pure love or divine love without any lust) with Krish. She prepares herself and whispers in ear of Krish,” Krishu, please put off lights”. Observing hesitation of Priya, Krish puts off lights. After embracing and kissing session, he undresses himself and Priya also by strapping down her red colored bra and chocolaty panty. Priya is now fully uncomfortable with sex but just for the sake of Krish, she does not speak a single word to Krish.

In morning Priya feels slight fever but she doesn’t tell anyone about it. She thinks about sex that it is most shameless and bad part of married life. If I were aware about this messy night, I would be unmarried lifetime. In noon, she feels severe headache and drops of sweat at her forehead. In laws admitted her in a hospital…………………
Four years have been passed but Priya’s physical calamities are as such as before. She still can’t cook food for her husband and in laws in kitchen. Maximum part of day, she spends on bed reading novels and commixes. Krish fully cares her. Actually, now he loves more to Priya then healthy Priya. Priya has two children Ashana and Jatin by inventrofertilization. She was so much shocked to sex that after first night, she never thought about it even a single time. Now, she is fully absorbed in herself.
Sorry! I was also sunk in this incident during writing. Dear reader! Open the fridge. Take a bottle of cold water and spray some drops of water at your half opened eyes. Female readers, you need not to spray cold water……………because I care about your blackish eyes, they are full of kajal (perhaps!). Just open your lip stick pen and enjoy next.
In actual, what happened with Priya? Is sex a phobia for some girls and boys or something else? What is the connection between Priya’s constant sickness and first marriage night? Is mental instability a big source of physical illness?

There are lots of figures of life, complicated to be understood. Sometimes we arrive at partial solutions but find them impractical. Life is not pea or chicken pulav but mix pulav. It has many facts and figures like a multinational company. We take birth, grow, produce some byproducts, get old and die. Is life a drama? And what about mysteries of life?
Let’s visit us Roy- Residency. Oops! Ya, beautiful home. Interior, kitchenwares, sofas, balconies and pretty couple. Sujit and Pooja Roy are owners of this home. They have a child, Chinku. Obviously, they have only one child but anyone who enters in this residency, feels that Roy couple has at least one dozen of children. Chinku is too naughty to handle. Entire home echoes by his terrifying noises. He atleast breaks fifty kitchen wares every day. Pooja Roy is completely unable to control his childish nonsense behavior.
Tomorrow is Chinku’s quiz competition in school. His memory is very good but he is a notorious boy. In garden of Roy residency, there is a beautiful swimming pull. Sun is perhaps ready to set. Roy couple is walking in green area. Pooja and Sujit ask some queries to Chinku. Due to talkative nature and sharp memory, he gives answer to every question………….but…….but his knowledge has now become like a tea prepared with salt at the place of sugar. He gave answer to every question, answer of another one. Pooja asked him, “by which phenomena color of sky is blue?” Chinku answered, refraction. Then Pooja asked,” by which event a pencil looks like a bended in water.” Scattering, Chinku answered.
Chinku knows about every corner of his syllabus but knowledge is not in an arranged manner. When Chinku’s father, Sujit used to go school in his village in childhood, he listened about a trick to overcome such type of problems by a female witch of village. Bear the fear in the mind of victim child. Sujit was a little bit confused but he wants to implement that trick. Arriving near the pull, Mr. Roy throws Chinku in swimming pull. Pooja, highly shocked and got anger with Sujit. Chinku is crying in swimming pull but Mr. Roy is laughing. After a couple of minutes, Sujit takes out Chinku. Pooja cleans Chinku’s body by a towel and goes to bedroom to make sleep him. Chinku is extremely scared. Pooja is frequently (tane dena) Sujit. What is needed to show all this nonsense? Perhaps, Mr. sujit also feeling now some nervous and thinking that he has done something wrong. Chinku has slept at Pooja’s lap, best wonder place for a child to sleep.
Birds are chinking in reddish sky. It’s morning time, an opportunity to begin a new chapter of life. Pooja is preparing tiffin for Chinku in kitchen. Potatoes, paranthas, namkin, chips, some lolly pops and much more. Sujit is in bathroom. Chinku is still sleeping on a pillow considering it mom’s stomach. Cooking course is complete. All recipes have been put on diner table. Pooja is going to wake up Chinku.
At dinner table…………..
Chinku, how are you now? Mr. Roy asked.
Papa, fine.
Do you have fever now?
No, papa.
Pooja was smiling.
All three return to drawing room after dinner.
Yes, Chinku. Can I ask you some quiz questions? Asked sujit.
Sure papa.
Sujit asks various quiz related questions. Now, Pooja also plays her part. Most amazingly, Chinku answers every question right! A child who was speaking solution of another for an asked question, now doing perfect. How can be it possible? Pooja is fully surprised. “My dear son, Chinku”, She embraces him. The ultimate pure love by a mother to a child.
It’s time to bath. I know you are also putting your gray mind to this BEAR THE FEAR INCIDENT. Spread your legs in bath tub and tap on for rosy water.
Fear! Is fear a mother of remedies for child psychological barriers? Is fear also a mother of mental problems in people? Is fear a two sided sword? Is fear can damage your life as well as decorate? What happened? Now I want to sleep because I am also a human being perhaps!!!
Don’t urinate anywhere
We want to be neat and clean from head to heel. We also decorate our home, colony to make them more attractive and cleaner. Really, cleanliness is godliness. But this funda…. But this should be followed everywhere. In your home, in your colony, in your office and in home of ghost! Be aware. You have no any right to ruin purity of ghostly world.
It’s a story of two beautiful couple retuning from honeymoon, Monika and Tushar. It’s about twelve midnight. Both were sitting at the front. Tushar is driving almost a speed near to hundred.
How romantic were our honeymoon, Monika said putting right hand at Tushar’r shoulder.
Very hot and sexy experience!
Don’t talk nonsense, Tushar.
Monu! Why are you angree with me?
No, Tushar! Papa and Mummy would wait for us.
Yes. Let’s go fast.
Sometime later on, Monica sleeps at the seat near to Tushar. Tushar was whispering a romantic song. Suddenly he stops car to urinate.
He opens the gate and approx. Five meter away from car, he begin to urinate. He moves his head horizontally and what……….he sees a reddish stone wrapped with some bright papers. He feels a strange horror in himself. He rapidly returns near the car and tries to open the gate but gate was locked and key was not able to unlock it. Tushar puts his severe efforts to open the gate. By hearing cracking noises, Monika gets up.
What happened Tushar? Why you stopped car?
Monu, I came out to urinate but….. But why gate is not opening now?
Monika tries to open the gate for next ten minutes but not successful. After next five minutes, gate automatically opens. Tushar is deeply scared. Monika strongly embraces him and begins to weep. Tears like precious diamonds roll down at her cheeks. Really love is a mutual voluntarily fighting against the life sorrows. Monika remembers god and request to help. Now, Monika drives car and at the first ray of sun, they arrive at home. Tushar has mild fever. In night he tells about that reddish stone placed before him while he was urinating. Monika performs some rituals and makes a black mark at the forehead of Tushar. But………..perhaps divine powers have other intentions. At near to 12 am, Tushar does blood vomiting and feels severe fever. Monika and Tushar’s parents are highly worried. They admit Tushar to near hospital.
After 10 years….
Monika was supporting Tushar for arrival in bathroom. Tushar does blood vomiting atleast 5 times in a day. Monika and his parents have been counseled by all celebrated hospitals of world but no benefit and no cure for the disease.
Is there any relation between blood vomiting and horror night? Or it’s just a coincident. Guess. But please don’t make a silly mistake again at the name of modernity.
Is there anything like supernatural powers? Is there any another world ghostly…..life is not a fun but a reality. Every illogical thing has a logical base. Superficial thinker can never realize the deep wired concepts of life.
A home of infertility

Some people create some rules and regulations and these things become customs later on. But we should note that there is also another side of coin. There are some predefined customs but we never accept them as rules and regulations of human society. Life begins and ends but we never even one time put our sight at those facts.
Payal and Sid were married two months before. They leave in their home city with parents. Sid is a doctor in a celebrated health care center. An exciting salary offer was given to Sid with family pakage from Singapore to Sid. One night in bed, Sid talks about his coming professional life to Payal.
Payal, should we go to Singapore?
Ya, if papa- mummy permit.
But I want that………..
What Sid?
We should purchase a home there.
Yes. Good idea.
Parents allowed Payal and Sid to settle in Singapore. They lived in a deluxe flat for four months. One day Payal was reading newspaper and she saw a classified in which it was written that there was a bungalow on sell in a VIP area of Singapore. Price was also written and it was very reasonable. She tells about it to Sid. They decided to visit that bungalow next day morning.
It’s a beautiful morning with breeze and some cold. Today, Payal wore a red color saree and pink colored blouse. She was really looking very pretty. Both husband and wife were ready for departure from home for visiting their dream home. Almost after an hour, they arrived to that bungalow. There was an old watchman aged almost 90 years. Payal and Sid went near to him and asked;
Sir, we want to purchase this bungalow, can you make us to visit this.
Yes, my son. Walk.
Payal and Sid visited every corner of that bungalow. That was made in royal style.it was just like a palace. Sid and Payal were very happy that they were able to find a bungalow in a prime location of city. They came out from bungalow and asked to old watchman,” from how many years are you here?”
Daughter! From my childhood when I was fifteen.
Sid, let move Payal. We would purchase this. Ok.
Son, I am loyal to my master but…………
What but……..
I want to say you a secret. Please don’t purchase this bungalow. This is a home of infertility. No couple had any child they purchased it. It has been sold seventeen times already. Perhaps you seem a newly married couple. Please for god’s sake, don’t buy it. I cannot sy anything more because I am servant here.
Payal get worried listening him but Sid was laughing. He said
Payal, you are a modern girl. Don’t believe him.
Payal didn’t speak anything.
Almost after a month, Payal and Sid settled in that bungalow. After some time they started to think about baby because their parents were waiting for it.
After 2 years………
Payal don’t have still a single child. Parents are more worried in this matter. Oneday, Payal told her father about the secret. Her father invited both of them to India again. Payal and Sid sold that bungalow and return to Bangalore. Some rituals were performed and payal got her motherhood after one year.
Are infertility and that bungalow correlated? Is our sorrow and happiness place oriented also? These are hot complexities of life to be understood.
Don’t sit beside the bad sigh
Have you listened the word bad sight that is generally concerned with babies? It is also understood as nazar in Hindi. Aayurveda also favors the fact of bad sight. The seed of decease is already present in victim’s body, but when there is an impact of bed sight, this seed comes out. This fact may be explained as seed of a plant is already present in earth but when moisture, air and enough nutrients support it, it comes out as a plant. Effect of bed sight is highly effective at fair color and no effect at black color. It may be explained as absorbing strength of that color. Black color is a good absorber so sucks all evil effect. Similarly fair color has no significant absorbing power so there is severe effect of nazar on it.
By carefully observing history of bed sight, various cures have been made for it in astrology and other scriptures. It will be interesting to analyze the science of nazar. Nazar is usually counteracted by a black spot at baby’s forehead or cheek because generally face is always a bared part of body. Except it, before curing the nazar some diagnosis methods are also used to find out that child is undr the effect of nazar or not.
Chili method for diagnosing nazar

This is one of the oldest methods, generally taken into interest in Indian society. Child is making to sit near the stove. At tava three or any odd number of red dry chilies is kept. After few seconds, chilies start to burn and smoke produces. If near sitting child coughs, it means there is a nazar otherwise not. This method is one of the oldest methods that is implemented by Indian housewives for their lovely babies.
How to diagnose fear?
Fear is an significant emotional corner exclusively in children. Sometimes children show strange behavior to their parents or pear. In some cases, they want to live alone. Away from parents. It’s proper time to detect their emotional instability due to fear. Pay attention, this method itself produces sometimes fear.
Logic for magic

Magic is one of the strongest proofs of supernatural power, that can’t be refused at any cost. It is visible for every person who attends the show. Obviously, it is not an art of moving hands as some people think. You can taste the blood in a magic show, that’s also salty. Magical world is not mare magical but there is also “real magical world”. An abode for beautiful hot girls. When before ten years, I saw a magic show then this doubt teased my mind,” Why all girls in a magic show so sexy”? Is it only a matter of selection criteria or magic itself a beauty. May ugly girl be reformed in beautiful ones by magic?
Stage concentration of magician is a vital part of any show. Proper implementation of supernatural secrets is possible only when magician is psychologically present at stage. The second confusion that born in my mind,” why are magicians so focused on their makeup”? Reddish lips, pink turban, sexy blackish eyes and dangerous long nails.
Search of ghostly truth

I visited many remote Indian villages in past ten years. Whenever I went in any village, I approached the people who were just near to death door. Usually aged village people don’t share their experience with any stranger. So first challenge before me was to win their hearts. I used to stay their atleast the time, which is required to feel them myself like a family member. Knowing general public opinion, I turned to ancient scriptures, astrologers and celibates.
They provided me the perfect knowledge by giving reference to every incident. It’s time to expose that.
We all are ghosts! Sorry, truth is always sour. The only one difference between real ghost and us is “they are bed ghost and we are good ghosts”. Why are they bed and we good? That is a difference of body. A ghost is a ghost because it has no body.
For more lucid understanding, we have to approach the bottom of suspense ocean. One of the most beautiful words of our language is “desire”. Everyone in this material world has some desires and he or she fulfills them by mean of body. As you want to eat pizza, then you would use your tounge, teeth and for digestion stomach. You want to see a movie then you have to have eyes and brain.
You should firstly accept that you are not the body but a soul, immortal soul. We you will die, your soul will leave your body and your body will change into dead body.
Then in your next life you would find a new fresh body.(doesn’t matter is it of dog, snack or pig……)
Every person has lots of desires in his or her life. He or she puts cent percent potential for fulfilling them. This is mode of passion, according to scriptures. When a person dies in mid of passion journey when he or she was full of worldly desires, souls leaves body with mind and intelligence. This kind of unfortunate soul does not get a new body for some time. It is ghost. It wants to eat but no mouth. Wants to kiss but no lips. Wants to see but no eyes. Want to mate but no organ. So ghost use our mouth to eat, our tounge to speak and our lip to kiss. Perhaps, you have heard many times that ghost enters in any individual’s body. Then your body becomes a guest house for ghost. Be aware, don’t prepare your body as a future residency for ghost society.
How to remove ghostly world from your body?
Hello friends! Thank for enjoying reading (or I bored you). Now it’s time to talk about some facts of human body which may be highly responsible for inviting supernatural powers in your body. If above all incidents happen with two people, it is not necessary that they both would be affected from it. To prepare a home in your body by a supernatural power depends on much more factors. Please at least try to pry into reality of so called imagination. Practice makes a man perfect and nobody is perfect. Even after a ultra-accurate practice session, we may committee some ridiculous things. We can never be perfect like supreme. Our Vedas declare the above fact and describes some natural tendencies in human being as: Tendency to cheat and tendency to commit mistakes.
You have a divine or evil in your body, heart and mind. Ghostly situations are made by nature and you welcome those evil powers in your heart. Clean up the mess. It’s time of purification. We can’t kill the evil but we can prepare an atmosphere in our mind to discard that. Be a pure soul. Beat the lust. Spend your life according to Vedic civilization. Live in the light of knowledge, not in the darkness of ignorance. Don’t simply reject the existence of supernatural powers but increase your analytical strength. According to our culture, people are of two types, divine nature and demon nature. According to me, from childhood, everyone should be trained for a heavenly life according to religious principles. Don’t love to messy life. Find out the secrets of life. Don’t be superstitious but be a genius who can understand everything that is beyond to an ordinary man. Wake up friends! There is also an alternate life style with lots of pious credits, waiting for you.
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