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Thoughts on Spiders
  The spider sits there quietly and stealthy as they are prone to do. You wouldn't suspect this spider of being anything other than a normal spider. Normal spider. That is where they get you. You don't think anything about this spider, except it is creepy, or maybe it is helpful because it might catch that annoying fly. Perhaps it will be a friendly little house pet like other famous spiders that you know of. You couldn't be more wrong. Why would you think this predator is anything less than what it is. It has 8 eyes and 8 legs, spins webs, and sucks the fluids out of other creepy little insects. Oh so innocent. Not.

  One day, one day this spider is going to get you while you least suspect it. Maybe you will be sleeping and it will creep up on you. Maybe you will be in the shower singing about life and love.  Maybe you will just be watching a show or caught up in a video game. Oh it will get you alright.

Perhaps it is already chowing down on your toes at night, a bit of a night cap for it. One little bite and you wouldn't even know it. Sure it stays away from you while you are awake.  Sure it hasn't communicated with its hundreds of brothers and sisters and sure it hasn't once thought to itself,.. "hey we out number those giants by quite a bit", "I am sick of being on a bug juice diet". A quiet little spider. Stop kidding yourself. That thing is a scary monster with a bunch of scary monster friends, and you are sleeping soundly right now not suspecting a thing. Wake up! Wake up right now, go to a forgotten corner of your house, a window sill, a dark closet. You will see it. A spider spy! Yes, a spider, sitting there, quietly and stealthy... as they are prone to do.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1933927