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John Walker stumbles upon a strange watch, which can alter reality. Part 2
I sat on my bed for a few moments, wiggling Jennas cute toes on her dainty feet.
This was so wrong.
Everything felt just so wrong, the worst was the noticeable void between my legs.
It didn't feel bad or anything, in fact I have to admit, I kind of liked it.
The feeling of being taller and much more limber was really enjoyable, but my new private parts were something
I shouldn't possess.
I had to keep myself busy to not think about it, so I turned on my console and played a few rounds of some racing game I found in my room. But even that could not distract from my recent anatomical changes. I could feel the emptiness between my legs while I kneeled down to change the game disc, I could feel arousal every time the controller, which I was holding in my lab, vibrated.
I almost gave in to my feelings when I suddenly heard my mom call me.
"John, you are going to be late for soccer training!"
“Shit! If I miss training again, the coach will kick me from the team!”

Now I had to face a new problem. Even If everybody thought I was normal, there was no way I could fit into my soccer pants.
Jenna's legs were huge compared to mine.
I opened my closet and got a huge surprise: every article of clothing meant for below the waist I owned was replaced
with clothes in Jenna’s size.
But It wasn’t Jenna’s stuff either.
The clothes looked like stuff I would have bought, if I had been stuck with a woman’s lower body my whole life.
Mostly unisex pants, a few spandex yoga pants and plain black and white panties.
I looked for my gym bag and found inside my soccer jersey and a pair of soccer pants which was a few sizes bigger than my old ones.
Since I was low on time, I had no choice but to take the bag and hop into mom’s car.


The drive to my soccer practise was quite long, since we had to drive through the whole city.
This let me to forget my current predicament until I placed my bag on the bench inside the changing room.
Thanks to Jenna’s legs, I was now quite a chuck bigger than the rest of my team.
This small boost in confidence was quickly crushed by the awkwardness of having to change in a room full
of guys while possessing a 24 year old woman’s lower body.
I quickly peeled the skin tight jeans from Jenna’s delicate legs to be greeted by her frilly red panties.
“Not exactly perfect for doing sport. Probably should have checked at home.”, was all I could think, in addition
to a new wave of arousal.


After I finished putting on my training clothes, I went outside in the field to begin my training.
I was surprised by how fit Jenna’s body parts were.
I could outrun everybody, despite being usually the slowest on the team.
The additional strength Jenna’s legs gave me, made me perform better than I could ever have dreamed to
archive with my old ones.
The coach was very impressed with me and promised to give me more time on the field in the next upcoming game.

After the game, I was very exhausted and sweaty, so I thought about joining the others in the shower.
To my luck it wasn’t a group shower, but separated cabins instead.
I got rid of every bit of clothing on my body, even the panties, but only after having put a towel arround my waist.
I hopped into one of the shower cabins and enjoyed the cool water.
Well at least until the water flow down my body and touched my much more sensitive borrowed skin.
I could feel it flow between Jenna’s buttcheeks and between my legs in the front.
It flow across Jenna’s vagina and tickled the labia.
Finally, I took a quick peek.

Between those beautiful, juicy thighs, was placed a smooth shaven pussy.
I took my hand and slowly rubbed the outer lips in a circle.
A moan of delight almost escaped my lips.
I was incredibly aroused and the amazing exotic and relaxing feeling I was receiving from my
nether regions didn’t help to fight this at all.
Unfortunately I had to stop, since I was in a changing room, surrounded by a lot of my friends.
I got out of the shower, dried up and put on the frilly panties and Jenna’s tight jeans on top of them,
hiding my newest source of joy under them.
My mom arrived shortly after I finished clothing myself completly and together we drove back home.


End of Part 2
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