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Rated: E · Other · Comedy · #1948196
a giantess fan story
twilight took me to her home and into her room she puts me down on the table later on as I made myself at home twilight made me a bed it wasn't much but it was perfect to me like her twilight kisses me and holds me in her hand as she puts me down on my new bed twilight says goodnight to me and I said goodnight to her and slept tight the next morning she wakes me up and puts me back in her pocket since it's the safest place to hide in as we head to canterlot high I felt relaxed so much then twilight grabs me and reveals to me other giantesses rarity applejack pinkie pie rainbow dash and fluttershy rarity fainted at first to see my size fluttershy sees me and says I look so cute then rainbow said wow ok this is pretty weird what's going on twilight she told them about everything about how I got here and now she's become my protector applejack felt sorry for me but she tells me to hang in there surg pinkie pie looks at me weird and silly then she said wow he looks like a ken doll then I said um... actually i'm not really twilight said oh please becareful kyle's a tiny and he must not be hurt or killed he's too small to defend himself I think twilight was right i'm really tiny now and i'm defensless against things bigger then me fluttershy holds me and pets me gently and says i'm just too adorable to be hurt twilight sees how happy I am meeting her friends it was like a hole new world for me after words twilight left applejack and pinkie pie in charge of watching me till she gets back applejack was putting some cyders on the tables for the school's prom night then I hear pinkie pie's foot step thumbing me up and down up and down up and down pinkie was in her happy self as always and pinkie came back with a cupcake for me to eat on she's notice that I was getting hungry so she gave me one and I was eating it so much pinkie notice that I have frosting on my face from so much pigging out of that giant cupcake she carries me and wipes my face off with a napkin then I hear another loud foot step I thought it was twilight but applejack said sunset shimmer is on her way right now so pinkie hides me in her pocket I hear this sunset shimmer yelling about how this looks horrible I was guessing that she was in charge of the prom decerations I was stuck on party strimmers I was guessing that pinkie loved to start the party so much after the fight twilight came back to pick me up and then at the cafeteria she and I talked a lot about our lives so much we even understood each other then after school twilight takes me right back to her house I was so tired twilight relaxes by laying down on the couch then o see her removing her shoes and then she just puts both her bare feet on the footstool I've been watching her sexy bare feet so much twilight caught me looking at her feet I tried not to look but twilight smiles at me and as it turns out she doesn't mind my foot fetish and so she says if I can help her feet feel so good so I agreed so to massage her big beautiful feet   
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1948196