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by Gaby
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Comedy · #1950633
A surprise visit
"The Writer's Baker's Dozen Contest

Day 2: Comedy - Prompt - Thirteen Kittens

"What is that awful noise?!" I hoped the raccoons weren't digging through my trash again. Just the other night a whole family of them sat on my porch, evidence of rummaging, visible on my driveway. Took a while to clean it up. I glanced out the window and saw a chubby tuxedo cat, meowing. Her paw extended to the door as if she were trying to knock.

I have always wanted a cat and this one looked so adorable I didn't have the heart to turn her away. Opening the door, she entered the house with grace, then sat down and gave me a curious glance. Next thing I knew, I carried her around the house, trying to find something for her to eat. Daylight disappeared fast and I didn't feel inclined to go shopping after dark. I'd do it early in the morning, I told myself.

As bed time arrived, Foxy, my new companion, already comfortable in my presence, snuggled close to me and I felt happy, truly happy. I had someone to finally take care of. Before I could drift off to sleep, however, she started snoring and farting at the same time. A bit shocked by this new revelation, I scooted to the edge of my comforter, just in case there's some foulness involved.

~ * ~

Bright and early the next morning I rushed to the store to get some groceries and goodies for Foxy. I had no doubt she'd love all her new toys in her new home. I wished I could take her for a walk, the light breeze felt good on my skin at least, but I knew that I couldn't. She's not a dog, I told myself.

Entering the house, a bunch of whining noises reached my ears. What in the world... Dropping the groceries on the floor, I rushed into the living room just to see my new friend surrounded by a litter of tiny little creatures. At first I thought they were rats, but Foxy seemed to like them as she licked their little heads. Inching closer, I realized that it's her litter.

"Oh, my! Did you forget to tell me something, Miss Foxy?" I knelt beside them, knees popping, and she gave me a warning look.

"What am I to do with so many kittens," I questioned aloud as I bit into the side of my forefinger, debating. Only one thing to do. Keep them.

~ * ~

"Hey, Gina! Come on in." I ushered my friend into the house, furry friends all around my legs.

"Kelly. Did you forget to mention you had guests?" She looked around, blue eyes dancing with laughter.

I blushed. In the six weeks since Foxy walked into my life, I had been preoccupied with keeping her litter in check. All thirteen of them! Not an easy task, mind you.

"Gina, I'd like you to meet the new members of my family. This is Foxy, the mom, and these are her children." I waved my hand around my legs.

"They're awfully attached to you, aren't they?" Even for her, who loved animals, this looked too much to handle.

As we sat down to drink coffee, the kittens cried, scratched, jumped around, turned over the sugar bowl, intentionally nibbled on the milk, and wouldn't back away no matter what. Gina and I tried to calm them down to no avail. In the end, we carried them all into the spare bedroom where I kept all their toys and left them there behind the closed doors.

"Is it always like that? They don't seem to stand still for a single second." She sighed in exasperation.

"No, but then again you're the first person they've met, other than me." I said. If the kittens continued like this I'd have to either give them all up or do something about it.

~ * ~

Two weeks later, the furry little creatures didn't budge an inch. If anything, their bad behavior escalated. I was determined to find a solution for it!

After another week, I came home from work with a big, heavy, brown box in my arms. Placing it on the floor, I called for the kittens and they ran up to me to see what's going on.

"Look what I have here!" A little nervous, I flipped the top open and out popped a Husky, same tuxedo color as Foxy.

"Meet Hot Shot!" As if on cue, he barked, and the whole litter ran away. Everyone except Foxy. She looked at him, meowed, then jumped inside the box with him.

"Ohhhh, no! I do not want to see that kind of litter!" I said, but they both ignored me.

Word count: 775
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