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Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy continue the messy trend going around Ponyville *SCAT WARNING*
Fluttershy nervously sat on the bed, kicking her feet in a vain attempt to calm down. She was waiting for Pinkie Pie to return with something or other, she couldn't quiet remember what. Scanning the room she noticed pictures of the Pie family and some of her and her friends on their past adventures, this was Pinkie's room after all. The shades were drawn but light still permeated the room as if the sun itself watched the goings on in the tiny one room apartment atop the bakery. The calm of the room was disturbed as Pinkie Pie burst into the room with the force of a small explosion as streamers jetted out in her wake. "Are you ready Fluttershy? I've got Twilight's for you and I'll use yours", Pinkie Pie said brandishing a pair of lavender panties emblazoned with a purple gem. Fluttershy shied away from the undergarments with a small eep, still a little uncomfortable with the whole concept. Pinkie noticing her friend's reaction continued,"well if you don't want Twilight's, I did happen to snare a pair from a certain rainbow pegasus who crashed into your chicken coop yesterday." Pinkie smiled waving around a light blue pair of underwear with a rainbow strip. Fluttershy stirred for a moment remembering all the trouble Rainbow had caused that day and that she had never apologized for it. Fluttershy then slowly reached for the panties. "You did say this was a sign of friendship Pinkie and I consider you a good friend. I've read some animals have a similar practice to spread goodwill." "Oh you're gonna have such a fun time Fluttershy, I do this all the time and it's loads and fun, get it? Anyway with you taking those I get to use Twilight's, oh boy!" Pinkie Pie hopped from foot to foot with pure excitement as she tossed her clothes off in a frenzy to change into her friends underwear. “I wonder what she's doing with mine?” Pinkie wondered aloud to herself. Not being as big of an exhibitionist, Fluttershy let herself into the small adjoining bathroom to change. As she dropped her own panties she looked in the mirror and reminded herself this was for friendship. Re-entering the room wearing her friend's blue underwear she saw Pinkie Pie rolling around on the floor, stripped down to just the purple skivvies. "I'm so excited about this Fluttershy, I've never been so excited, I just can't Believe I get to do this with you." Pinkie happily chattered out. The constant rolling mixing her stomach contents up like a blender. "Oh oh OH! Let's pretend we're Twilight and Dash while we do this! Here I'll go first." Pinkie Pie stopped on her back with her legs up in the air, her butt pointing towards Fluttershy. "I'm such an egghead, Spike, take a letter," she said in a perfect imitation of her friend before releasing a huge, bubbly fart. *FFFRRrfRFrBBBBrFrT* Fluttershy yipped in surprise at the sound. Not the smell though. She lived in a house of animals, the smell was entirely normal if not comforting for it's normalcy. Pinkie Pie sat giggling on the floor," come on Fluttershy, now you try." Fluttershy cautiously moved to sit on the bed still feeling out of place wearing so little in her friend's bedroom. She tried to focus on Rainbow Dash and how nonchalant her friend was with her bodily emissions. "What makes the elements of a good fart?" she quietly mumbled under her breath. "Loss of control, straining and grunting, and most importantly, passion," she continued slowly getting louder much to Pinkie's delight. "Now let's hear one," Pinkie Pie happily shouted somehow knowing the original exchange. Fluttershy braced up lifting her knees to her chest and pushed. *frt* Was that it? "You're gonna fart for me like that Flutters, let me show you how it's really done," Fluttershy said trying her best to imitate her friend Dash as she slowly grew confidence in the strange situation. Rolling onto her back, she pointed her panty-clad rear at Pinkie and with a massive *HHHHHRRRGGGGG* released a bomb. *BBBRRRRAAAAPPPPPPPPPPP* It continued on for almost 15 seconds before sputtering out. "That was fantastic Fluttershy, I knew you had it in you" Pinkie quickly rose from the floor, her mane blown back by the expulsion. "Oh my," Fluttershy squeaked out, her cheeks reddening at the embarrassing situation. "I'm so sorry for farting in your face Pinkie Pie, you must hate me, and I did it on top of your bed too, that smell will never come out," Fluttershy apologized profusely. Pinkie laughed a little to herself for all the smell already on her bed from past... experiences and then joined her friend on the bed. "Aww it's nothing among friends, here let me show you" *BBBBRRRTTTTT* *BRRAAAPPP* *FFRRRRTTTT* *FRARARPP* A low bassy tone rumbled through the sheets followed by another few blasts of varying tone. Fluttershy seemed somewhat comforted by the actions of her friend and still un-phased by the rank smell. "See? No problem at all. Heh heh. Don't forget you're wearing Rainbow's panties and can do whatever you want in them after what she did to your chickens," Pinkie Pie giggled out ,"be assertive." Fluttershy remembered how long it had taken to find and stare all her chickens back and wait to have a new coop built. Iron Will's training crept back into her brain,"Don't be sorry, Be Assertive," She said slowly gaining steam. Pinkie Pie saw what was happening and she liked it, "what else did Iron Will teach you Fluttershy?" "Treat me like a pushover and you'll get the once over!" Fluttershy's rage had hit the boiling point and now she was in control of the situation. "Now just pretend I'm Rainbow Dash, what should we do next?" Pinkie implored, grinning over this new element she had to interact with during her 'play time'. "On the floor now!" Fluttershy shouted as Pinkie moved back to her position on on the floor excited for what would come next. "Yah know what I'm gonna do to your bed?" Fluttershy continued shimmying up until her butt lay on the pillow. A grin grew across her face, more of a smirk really as her guts unleashed a windstorm of wet farts. *ffrTP* *FRPRTPFTR* *fprtpbptpr* "You'll be smelling those for weeks," she said with a satisfied smile, jumping off the bed and moving towards Pinkie. As usual Pinkie giggled in her usual upbeat manner uttering out between laughs," gosh I hope so." Placing her foot at the small of Pinkie's back Fluttershy commanded "You will not laugh at me. I demand you mess your panties as punishment!" Pinkie rolled around a bit before lifting her tail up revealing Twilight's currently clean purple panties. "Heh heh, okay," she said excited how well this play time was working out. Pinkie Pie's stomach gurgled as it messily tried to digest it's suite of candies and cakes. A single dirty fart started the flow of mess. Between her diet high in sugary sweets and the fact that she did this normally, Pinkie barely even needed to push. *BBBLLLARRRRPPPP* Pinkie giggled at the sound. The semi-solid masses oozed out of her butt with a serious of plorps and pops. Her farts as bubbly as her personality. "Oofhhh, party cannon has a blockage" Pinkie Pie grimaced as a pain hit her stomach stopping the flow. Fluttershy pushed her foot down into Pinkie's back,"Is that all you've got for me?" she angrily cooed. Man, dom Fluttershy is weird. That force was just enough to unclog her stomach as a particularly noisy *PPLLLLLOOOOORRRPPPP* heralded in a fresh wave of diarrhea. Pinkie's tongue lolled out of her mouth and she panted with the pleasure of it all. "Twilight will really think I'm a party pooper now, heheheheheh," Pinkie's infectious giggle filled the room. "You laugh at me, I wrath at you," Fluttershy growled getting in Pinkie's face. Iron Will's training lessons had been returning to poor Flutters brain. "Is that the best you can do?", Fluttershy angrily continued. "I'd like to see you do better, I've been doing this for years," countered Pinkie. "I'm a year older than you," Fluttershy slyly responded," but when some pony tries to block, I show them I rock, On Your Back!" Pinkie Pie turned over producing an audible and messy squelch as Twilight's poop filled panties were smashed into the floor. Fluttershy kneeled around her friend on the floor with her butt directly above Pinkie's face. "You break my code I drop my load!" Fluttershy shouted before bracing down on her bowels. Now Fluttershy's diet contrasted wildly with Pinkies. Where Pinkie consumed lots of sugar, Fluttershy ate simple bread and vegetables greatly changing the consistency of her poop. The first of many firm turds snaked its way out tenting back the cyan panties towards Pinkie's face. It seemed to stretch on for almost a foot breaking off just as it began to tickle Pinkie Pie's nose. "There's many more where that came from HNNGGG *BRAP* Ahhhh." The air was starting to get hot and stale in the small apartment but to open the window would allow the heavy miasma to escape and terrorize the citizens of Ponyville. Each log sagged the blue panties out further and further to the point where Fluttershy had to hold them up just to stop them from falling off. Underneath the scatological stalactite Pinkie was still having a great time poking a prodding the mess around like play-doh through the fabric. Fluttershy panted with angry exertion has her stomach emptied the last of its contents, a total of 4 and a half long and heavy loaves. The smell coming off them a dry, hay-like stink that while not being that powerful sat in the room like a fog. With her tank now on empty, Fluttershy wavered for a moment snapping out of her rage induced messing rampage. "Oh Pinkie Pie I'm so sorry, what have I done?" she asked with nervous alarm to her giggling friend on the ground. "What are you apologizing for silly? I'm having a great time and Rainbow Dash won't be able to get the stains or the smell," Pinkie playfully fanned her hand in front of her nose," out of those bad boys after the number you dropped on them." Fluttershy went to sit on the bed but didn't want mess to explode everywhere and instead stood awkwardly on the brink of tears. "Look at all this," she motioned to her packed undies the bulge about the size of a small watermelon," you must think I'm disgusting." "That's nothing Fluttershy," Pinkie Pie said reassuringly patting her chubby stomach," let an old pro show you how much is a lot." "But Pinkie Pie, you already went earlier." "Oh please the party cannon," Pinkie Pie slapped her plot," is always loaded." For a moment the sun grew brighter through the curtains as if trying to get a clearer look. Pinkie Pie walked over to Fluttershy and placed her hands on her shoulders to both calm Fluttershy and brace herself. Pinkie Pie said cheerfully "Quit with the shaking, it's time to get baking, tee hee." A look of concentration then crossed her face. Her first time that day had been nothing, a mere warm-up for what was to come next. *BBBRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP* *FFFRRRTttrrttr* *PLLLLLPPPRPRPRPRL* *FFPLRPRLTRTRPRFPRBBBPL* A storm of farts of all sounds and smells erupted from Pinkie's ass as if it were singing a song. Then her bladder emptied soaking the undergarments in a torrent of steaming piss. Finally the messing began. Poop of every imaginable type flowed from the pink one's plot. Twilight's purple panties ballooned but never sagged, lifted by the sheer force of flow. It was clear Pinkie Pie was getting into it with practiced ease, and had far surpassed Fluttershy's bulge. "You rock Pinkie Pie, Woo Hoo," Fluttershy cheered. But then out of nowhere it stopped. "Whew, I don't think Twilight's ever gonna be able to get these panties back in a wearable state," Pinkie cheerfully declared clearly proud of her hard work. “Where did all that come from Pinkie Pie? You already went before and I thought that was a lot then,” remarked Fluttershy. The purple underwear was soaked and stained a very dark shade of brown, and the bulge had been upgraded to a mound about the size of whole bouquet of fully inflated balloons. "I'm not really sure Shy, wow, Twilight must have enchanted these because I'm surprised it held it a-," Pinkie stopped mid sentence as her knees began to wobble, her ears flapped wildly, and her tail twitched greatly. "Twitch-a Twitch Twitch-a Twitch, there's still something big coming!" Pinkie Pie shouted before pushing Fluttershy away. Loosing balance, Fluttershy landed on the bed not with a squish but a padded landing like a pillow. She sheepishly grinned, oddly enjoying the feeling but her attention was brought back to Pinkie Pie who stood shaking in the center of the room. She clutched her stomach, crouched down, and with a feminine “umph” forcefully expelled a two foot long log that burst through the rear of the panties. With a weakness created in the fabric, the weight of the heavy poop bore down and split the back open entirely dropping the massive contents of Pinkie's mess onto floor with a loud and sloppy *THUD*. The sun grew very bright before flickering back down behind a cloud. “Wowie Zowie that was a big one!” Pinkie Pie shouted in excitement, part of the turd still clinging to her butt and completely unphased by the massive mess on her floor or the smell. Fluttershy sat in awe, her jaw wide open. “That was impressive Pinkie but what are you gonna do with the mess?” she questioned. “Well first I gonna finish this one off silly,” Pinkie motioned to the poop still sticking out of her butt, “do you want it Shy?” This afternoon certainly had been a wild one for Fluttershy and I think if you would have asked her at the start of the day if she would ever let one of her friends poop in her panties while she was still wearing them, she probably would have given a very different answer and ran away screaming. Fluttershy hopped off the bed and presented her poop smashed and underweared rear to Pinkie Pie who pulled back the waist band, stuck her butt up to it, and finished her business. Despite all she had pooped out before, it was still a noticeable amount. “Wow Pinkie Pie you must have endless bowels, I'm not sure Rainbow Dash will want these back either. Serves her right for terrorizing my chickens,” Fluttershy said as she sat back on the bed mashing the new foreign mess into the old. Pinkie Pie gave one last *HHHNNNNGGGG* *BBRRRRRAPPPPPPPPP*. “So now that you're done, how are we gonna clean up your mess?” Fluttershy questioned. Pinkie Pie motioned to her closet, “go grab the shovel from my closet, you think this is the first time I've had to deal with a mess like this?” Pinkie Pie replied giggling a little. The sun set that day on Ponyville with an odd motion as if someone who wasn't familiar with it was at the reins. Fluttershy's panties still lay clean on the floor of the bathroom, untouched by the messy adventures on the other side of the door. Today had certainly been an interesting day.
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