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Goals for the year, 2016
January 6, 2016

Dear Me:

It's a new year and a new focus. You wrote one of these letters last year and then you kind of drifted away from the goals. Although you made strides and progress (writing a whopping 55 stories/fiction/flash stories) last year, you didn’t really make any progress towards getting published. This year let’s put more focus on that.

You’ve made your goals for January for "Monthly Writing Accountability Challenge [13+] and you didn’t put any editing on it. That’s okay, January didn’t start out too well and you’ve been feeling kind of down, but starting in February, you are going to edit!

Things you’d like to finish and accomplish for 2016
(both writing wise and other wise)

1. Finish the stories on your fiction list  
2. Finish laying out and publish the two children’s books I’ve written.
3. Edit and self-e-publish Blood Oath through smashwords and/or publish other stories.
4. Research and look into colleges.
5. Enter at least one contest every other month on WDC.
6. Try to blog at least once a month; starting in March I’d like to up it to twice a month.  

7. Included in the finishing up stories, finish up the crossover with Leverage/Angel because that needs to be done. It's languished long enough.
8. Redo and revamp the Empath verse as original fic.
9. Begin editing finished stories and finish up missing parts of series.

Ways to accomplish this:

1. You set the goal of 200 words per 20 a month. Even with 14 stories left on the list, it shouldn’t take all year to finish them. So try to finish 1-2 stories a month. This will leave plenty of time for those plot bunnies AND for the contests.
2. You keep putting off the children’s stories. You’ve got them both written, all you need to do is the layout, have your illustrator doing the pictures, and then scan and upload them. So stop procrastinating. Your part should be done no later than the middle of February (the layout). If the illustrator gets them done and back to you, the scan and upload should finish shouldn’t take more than a weekend. So get to it.
3. You’ve been wanting to publish Blood Oath since you finished it, but it’s going to take a lot of work. So once you have your part of the children’s book done, start slowly working on Oath a chapter at a time. Shoot for getting it edited by the end of the year. Meanwhile, work on other things and get some stories put together. Aim for having something published by August. If it doesn’t happen, don’t get discouraged.
4. You’ve got a pretty good idea what you want to study, now you have to find a program that fits. Start searching through local colleges. You need to have a program found or an option by June.
5. Enter "The LGBT Writing Contest: 1 Dec - 31 Jan [18+] for January (if you can figure out an idea), then find another one for March. And so on. If you can’t find one you like, find a picture prompt and write for that.
6. You’ve got a ton of books on your Kindle, you’ve got picture prompts, you can figure out “flash” fiction pieces, but you need to post on the blog. The point of it was to put your name out there so when you start publishing you have a following. So get it out there. At LEAST once a month, but pick it up if you can come March, just so there isn’t so long between posts. Or pick a specific day during the month to post so it’s a regular day.
7. This should be finished by March or April. You've got the ideas, it just needs to be written up.
8. You have all the parts, just go back through, start world building better from the beginning, and make your decisions about the characters. This will probably take the longest of all the things you want to work on, but shoot for having the world building done by July and begin writing then. You don't have to finish it this year, but get somewhere on it
9. Make your list by February 1st and begin with editing on story each month. Remember you are going to do a chapter of Blood Oath a month or a bit more. So that will help with your editing.

Don’t forget to continue posting in "Weekly Goals [13+] (I know you’ve missed the last couple of weeks, but get back into that) and also "Monthly Writing Accountability Challenge [13+]. These both seem to keep you on track really well.

Make a decision before May about May WriMo and Mini-NaNo in November. You participated in both the past few years, but it hasn’t gone so well (totally your fault.) You weren’t quite as happy with how you did this past year (since you forgot all on your own to submit one day and even though you wrote, that caused you to fail). So you need to decide if you’re going to do something different. Although you really felt a sense of accomplishment that kind of tarnished it so maybe you should do something a bit different this coming year.

And remember that even though writing is a solitary occupation, you are not alone. You have a support system. You have friends who will help you, even if it’s just to cheer you along. You’ve got not only your friends on site, but also irishjeeper.

You can lean on other people and ask for help when you're feeling pressured, you don't HAVE to do it alone!

You CAN do this!


Word Count: 786
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